Entaria - Centaur Crusade (v2.1)

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Entaria - Centaur Crusade (v2.1)

Campaign by: Sticky Sweater
Uploaded by: tuzec

Entaria - Centaur Crusade (v2.1) (Campaign)

Craka_J: Hope to see a more updated versions of this soon!




Craka_J: Hope to see a more updated versions of this soon!
Level 2
Oct 15, 2011
awesome campaign

Wow, this was one of the first campaigns i used to play long time ago. But Entaria always has been one of my favorit ones!

Well in fact i like almost everthig in this campaign, you did a great job!
Its been long since i played this campaign, but i remember that i played it at least 2 or 3 times, because i fall somehow in love with this campaign

The Story was really interesting, somehow different than the other ones (have you ever seen a campaign dealing about centauren?? ;)), and the Charakters (cant remember them anymore, too long ago when i played it the last time, i just remember Laradin, the guy from the Forest, the evlen lady and mean druid, whos gonna do some really mean things.)
I can also clearly remember that the terrain/map... It was great-awesome.

Its really sad that an amazing campaign like this simply gets forgotten. Im sure nooone will read what im writing here^^. But i assue you, you got at least one true fan here! :wink:

However, in my opinion this is a great campaign with an ordinary history, a special flaire and a good terrain.
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Level 2
Jun 12, 2011
As long as the comunite stands, the maps aren't compleately dead. I agree with you, it's a great campaign, a memorable one that deserved more attention.Although even with the second part, the story is much like incompleate, i think.


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
Most of the time, there's no need to explore the map to see if there are any interesting things (maps are explored but have fog of war; some optional quests are unexciting), thus the work on those parts remains unjustified.
There's almost no need to pass low upkeep except for the last level where basically the only challenge is.

-the use of the word "sir". Wasn't he a khan?
-Slave Builders have Chaos attack damage type
-the Centaur Hut's icons looks alike with that of the Razormane Hut
-idle worker icons are Acolytes'
-Pig Farm's description is broken and it can be placed anywhere
-the Barracks does not have Spike Barricades (at least they're not visible)
-there's a difference between the trained Centaur Archers and those that the player start with
-the hero summons Spirit Pigs not Wolves
-the map doesn't have the black mask enabled

-well cinematic scenes don't really count as chapters
-levels don't load consequently. Instead the campaign menu is shown

-now the UI is that of a night elf instead of undead as it was in Part One
-the map has fog of war not black mask
-units still spawn in some places where their Barracks were destroyed..
-this level was easier than its predecessor

-the starting Watch Towers differ from those available to build
-since there is no lumber mill, there should be an upgrade for bonus lumber gathering
-seems saving the Dryads liberates the forested path; I've built a Catapult especially for that...
-troops relatively near to the castle do not attack the player's units if not provoked or if in their range
-escaping (only destroying the castle) with enemy troops in the rest of the settlement doesn't feel real. It takes time to embark and by that time the enemy will have found out
-the Gold Mine hidden behind the trees, on the hill, is owned by the player (green selection circle)

-Poison Sting does not have a description
-Food Depot has can be placed anywhere, so does the Energy Tower
-Energy Tower does not have hotkey, at least not visible, Warriors Chamber and Food Depot the same
-the Enraged Wood upgrade is too powerful
-lumber mill building type needed
-some units like the Magi have hero glow and some heroes don't
-Magic Tree Servants can't attack trees...
-Animal War Training seriously does not need a second upgrade

-Neutral Hostile do not give xp if the hero's level is greater than/equal to 5
-it's not like the protector couldn't have helped the hero kill the troll boss...

-some cinematic scenes (in other chapters too) start right after the player can see the icons of the hero and workers
-the intro cinematic ended with the camera being set to the Warlock base instead of the Centaur's
-why would Wildkins carry Gold Coins? What gold and lumber in the south, there was nothing but that gold coin items that a Wildkin dropped...
-why would the warlocks have explosive barrels placed near their towers?
-why were Duncan and the other warlocks in the forest and not in the base?

-not sure how those Footmen ran with their armor almost as fast as a giant Panther (mounted though)
-the Gold Mine is considered enemy (red selection circle)
-worker icons look like Peasants'
-why not make it an optional quest instead of a hint to kill the reinforcements bringing dude
-the Wood Warlocks have the strongest troops mostly because they have attack speed upgrades (main building and Archers); treants are poisonous without having to upgrade to become so; they also have the Animal War Training
-sending level 1 heroes to attack is pointless
-she believed the humans ran out of forces...
-Animal War Training researches too fast
-how did a tower spawn in the enemy base? It's not one, it's two, one inside/over the other
-the druid's portrait isn't seen during the transmission where the first warlock reinforcements arrive
-they never attack on all sides at the same time

-Worker icons look like Wisps
-Watch Towers are very weak. They seem to have armor slots but there is no way to add to them
-Dryads don't train with full mana as other units
-after a while the green AI stops attacking. They do after their main building is kaput

-Duncan's portrait is blank while speaking to the first wave of humans
-Goliath couldn't wait for the Knight to get closer to him that he had to yell at him to report?
-I suggest making the enemy units give bounty as they are too strong in comparison with the centaur forces
-my ally's base was razed and the hero died but she said that troops are on their way...
-after the allied base is no more, the enemy troops heading that way stack in there
-not being immune to magic, Duncan is easy to kill with Entangling Roots and War Stomp

bonus map:
-the premise... they did not reach the battle in time... and he came with four warriors...
-centaur leader-elf leader conversation: hi I'm leader; hi me too; what are you doing here?; we are on a mission; ok bye!; don't you want to do it for us?; ok, sure stranger!
-well how are you supposed to buy troops? With what resources?
-the Centaur Archers may pass between some narrow tree places
-Master Laradin? since when?

What it actually needs is more variety of gameplay. In most levels you do the same thing.
Level 4
Nov 29, 2017
Really good campaign, but I found some bugs that made the gameplay a little confusing, it could have been fixed with some triggers because one can notice the lack of triggers in some maps, I was completing sidequests before they were given to me, good that the hive saved this campaign is good nevertheless