Enhanced Raise Dead (Different Corpse, Different Skeleton)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.

This map contains Multiple undead spells:

Enhanced Raise Dead

Enhanced Exhumed Corpses

Abomination Corpses

Commander of the Dead

Enchant Skeletons



To Be Added

Raised Skeleton will depend on the corpse. In other words, different corpses are raised from different skeletons. It can be both Auto cast or manual cast.

How to use:
  1. Copy Enhanced Raise Dead Spell.
  2. create your custom skeletons
  3. modify trigger to create proper skeleton for whatever unit you like.

The meat wagon diggs up random corpses, and is no loner limited to ghoul corpses/Crypt fiends type.

How to use:
  1. Make Multiple Levels of Exhume Corpses. Specify appropriate corpse to be found.
  2. Copy the second Trigger.

Once abomination Dies, it explodes and multiple skeleton types spawn from its body. It was sewn from different corpses after all ;)

Sets rally point for a newly spawned skeletons. Skeletons will attack move to the point after their birth animation is done.

Replaces skeletons of the area with stronger skeletons.
Skeleton archers are replaced with Burning archers or Marksman.
Other skeletons are also replaced, as user specifies.​

CorpsePiles: Defensive undead Regions where infinite corpses exists.​

  1. Added CorpsePiles triggers: Defensive undead Regions where infinite corpses exists.
  1. Added Abomination Corpses spell.
  2. Fixed minor bug with said spell that prevented AI from spawning aditional enchanted creep on hard difficulty.
  1. Now two versions exist: auto cast (based on Raise Dead) and manual cast (based on animate dead)
  2. Commander of the Dead no longr spawns a statis trap
  3. New Spell: Enchant skeletons
  4. Multiple Summons.
Spell is no longer based on animate dead and Can now Auto Cast.
Added Auto Control Skeletons
Ghouls and Crypt Fiends are now left as animate dead. Other units are still replaced with skeletons.

  1. Raise Dead Consumes Multiple corpses
  2. Corpse Piles: Defensive undead Regions where infinite corpses exists.

EnhancedRaiseDead v0.14b (Map)