Dungeon Walls [Caves]

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A whole new varaition for my dungeon walls. Used for natural caves.

Does currently not contain doorways unique to the cave biome. Instead it contains two transition tiles that lets it be used with other biomes seemslessly.

Bookshels can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dungeon-walls-mine-bookshelfs-porticulus-and-columns.273921/

Cave/mine doorway can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dungeon-wall-entrance-mine.274483/



Dungeon Wall Cave Corner Outer (Model)

Dungeon Wall Cave Corner Inner (Model)

Dungeon Wall Cave Half (Model)

Dungeon Wall Cave Transition to Left (Model)

Dungeon Wall Cave Transition to Right (Model)

Dungeon Walls [Cave] (Model)

Very useful set of walls for dungeon maps! Works in-game. Approved!
Maybe a little more wall variation since they basically use the same texture.
Considered adding stalagmites to some of them, but decided against it. Users can just place their own and they would look even worse repeated ten thousand times. Might add some simple variations by moving some verticies around, so it is less monotone. If you have some good ideas, I'm open to trying them.

A tip for anyone wanting to use these, huge straight surfaces does not look natural, try making a lot of nooks and crannies using the corner pieces, and use the transition pieces to break up straight lines.