Drop The Beat (Music Visualizer)

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
I just wanted to try animating the music visualizer wave effect you see on Lucio's ult.
I didn't do much beyond that, only adding a simple birth and death animation.

So it is meant to be used with triggered spells, or whatever you wanna do with it.

If you want to edit it, or use it into other models,
do whatever you want, no credits or asking me needed.
(I probably won't reply anyway)

Stand loops so the time doesnt matter.
Birth: 0.3s
Death: 0.4s

Added a white version that uses ingame texture.

Drop The Beat (Music Visualizer) (Model)

Drop The Beat White (Model)

General Frank
A nice and interesting effect. Works in-game. Good job. Maybe add a few more colours to it will be a good idea.