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"Let's see if we can find any clues." - Drek'Thar
Drek'Thar is here to join Thrall in battle. :grin:
Inspired by the Reforged Drek'Thar.
Used Ujimasa Hojo's Far Seer and Derivatives as the base model.
Note: I tried to change the head but failed.

Hello everyone! I want to thank and give credits to Rubellu Sidus for giving me the permission to edit his Far Seer on Foot model so that I can create an on foot version of Drek'Thar.:grin::smile:

I attached the Blindfolded Drek'Thar versions here Blindfolded Drek'Thar. :smile:
Update 1
- Added Drek'Thar Dismounted and Alternate versions

Drek'Thar (Model)

Drek'Thar Alternate (Model)

Drek'Thar Alternate A (Dual Staff) (Model)

Drek'Thar Alternate B (Dual Sword) (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate A (Dual Staff) (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate A Portrait (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate B (Dual Sword) (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate B Portrait (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Alternate Portrait (Model)

Drek'Thar Dismounted Portrait (Model)

Nice amount of variations that suit the user's needs. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 10
Nov 12, 2016
I quit, you just rock at this point. would be nice to do a regular Far Seer but looking better too.
But man, this, this is like you arriving from heaven to my lowly self providing exactly what i needed.
Level 15
Feb 14, 2018
Nice! But I think if you follow the reference , and try to make the head like this , it will be much better and unique ~
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I tried to, but I can't figure out how to make the head like that. :smile:
Edit: Here are the versions with the blindfold. :smile:
Edit 2: Added a version without the eye glow.


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  • DrektharDismountedAlternateBFNGBV2_Portrait.mdx
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  • DrektharDismountedAlternateBFNGV2_Portrait.mdx
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  • DrektharDismountedBFNGV2_Portrait.mdx
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Level 14
Nov 19, 2008
Add blindfold are much better , and I think if you wanna make the DrekThar farseer version unique , and have many diferences with origin one , you just need to change the hood into white hair with ponytail and braids . Then change the face texture with other orcs' cause this will remove the shadow on the face , or the face will looks wired .
I tried to, but I can't figure out how to make the head like that. :smile:
Edit: Here are the versions with the blindfold. :smile:
Edit 2: Added a version without the eye glow.
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