Drek'thar Dismounted

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We made a dismounted Drek'thar with grunt animations, anyone could find this useful perhaps. Model has two variations: Blade for melee attacks and Scythe for ranged magical attacks.

Base model is Drek'thar, with lower body and animations from Grunt, and then some body leash from the Enforcer.

Here's how he looks like in game:



Regardless of the preview, this model is supposed to be for heroes.

I will make a 2.0 in the future where he would have morph animations to switch between weapon, and probably a dissipate animation.

But other than that, any suggestions and/or criticisms are welcome.

Made in Retera Model Studio
Basic geoset assembly and disassembly by Ardenaso and Darious
Animation configurations by Darious

Drek'thar Dismounted (Model)

Drek'thar Dismounted portrait (Model)

Drek'thar Dismounted scythe (Model)

Drek'thar Dismounted scythe portrait (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Pretty useful, can't wait to see the version 2.0
Level 7
Sep 28, 2020
Not bad. Drek'tar is old enough to walk on his own, but after looking at your model, he gained fortitude and literally walked.