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Dragon Ball Z Infinite Light

Submitted by Dregonx
This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
NOTE: This game was made years ago before Warcraft III Reforged, for details of why it took so long to release, check this thread out here: My Megathread of Multiple Warcraft III Games I've made (Primarily Third Person Action Games)

NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: Dregonx ( Dregonx ) - StreamerLinks will lead you to all of them, this includes YouTube, Twitch, Twitter etc.

(NOTE: This game was made when Dragon Ball GT was the end of the series, so characters will reflect the strength of that time period)

Engage in an epic battle of MASSIVE Scale in this Third Person Action based Game! If you are a Z Fighter you will need to stick together and train, and team up against villains, as they naturally have many advantages, so you need to outsmart them as well as defend earth! If you are a Villain you have to take anything and everything out in order to win. (Multiple Game Modes apply, but this is the overall consensus)

-Up to 8 Player(Online or with AI)
-Epic Fast Gameplay: So you will dash around, teleport around, and get from one place to another QUICK, as well as having access to basic things like Ki Blasts, Powering Up(getting your Ki recharged) recognizable moves used by the characters like Kamehameha, Ultimates, and Transformations!
-Dragon Balls: Dragon Balls are items scattered all over the map, with no way of seeing them on the Mini Map(Unless you get a Dragon Radar at the shop) once obtaining one you will never drop it unless defeated, or enter a Martial Arts World Tournament(See Below), if you obtain all 7 you can wish for
many things from a selection!
-Scoreboard for Keeping Track of Power Levels(If its at 0, that means they have been defeated) the
Power Level actually matters and is a legitimate way to know if someone is stronger than you.
-Some Characters have Sense Ki, which allows them to detect the location of characters on the map, which is normally not possible.
-Martial Arts World Tournaments: Randomly they will occur, but once they do all Dragon Balls are deposited in an invincible box for those that register, and whoever gets 2nd place and first, receives Zenny(money). First place gets all deposited Dragon Balls. You can be knocked out of the ring or defeated during a match.
-The World is Alive System: Enemy Creeps to train against can actually go extinct, so can Civilians, and anything else that isn't a player character! One of the Wishes used by the Dragon Balls allows for Reviving everything.
-Fusion System: For Goten and Trunks, you control one character and the AI controls the other for you, but if you fuse, you control the Fusion. For Goku/Vegeta, you must use Fusion next to eachother, at the same Level, and same Transformation(More detailed explanation In-Game) and BOTH PLAYERS can control Gogeta, so you become overpowered at the cost of needing to learn to synergize!
-Vehicle Unlocked with enough Zenny, that is super fast and can help to level you up quick as a great reward incentive for whoever wins Tournaments!

Play as a Z Fighter!

Or Play as a Villain!

Defend the Earth!

Power Up into Epic Transformations!

Unleash Devastating Ultimates!

Battle in the Martial Arts World Tournament!


Dragon Ball Z Infinite Light (Map)

A credits list in the map description with the names of the authors whose resources you've used is mandatory. That includes models, skins, icons, custom spells, systems. Also, sounds, music and everything outside this site. This helps you with the...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    A credits list in the map description with the names of the authors whose resources you've used is mandatory. That includes models, skins, icons, custom spells, systems. Also, sounds, music and everything outside this site.
    This helps you with the models, skins and icons from Hiveworkshop: Resources in Use by Dragon Ball Z Infinite Light | HIVE

    You should use some spoiler/hidden tags on the images to avoid long scrolling.

    Awaiting Update.

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