Draenei Rangari

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I've noticed that the site lacks draenei archers and thought maybe I could try to make one but not with bow but instead crossbow to have something new. :p
I'll just upload this in case someone needs it badly too. :)

Simple customization of sir Himperion's badass Farstrider Huntress model<3 using sir 67chrome's Draenei Huntress skin. I am able to make this, ALL THANKS TO THEM!!! :D:D:D

Please credit them too when using this model! Thanks, I hope you'll like it!

P.S I'm still a certified noob with modeling. Sorry if it's not really that good hehe:oops: Just tell me if you encounter some troubles with this :D

Draenei Rangari (Model)

General Frank
A fine model edit, that is based on an excellent skin and a good base model. Approved.
Level 4
Mar 23, 2017
Usefull. I hope moderators won't remove it if creators of the original resources didnt't gave you permission to use them.

Thanks! I hope so too sir MogulKahn. :(:oops:
Sir Himperion did gave me his approval, he’s such a nice guy! Although, I did asked sir 67chrome 4months ago but his account remains inactive. So I thought, it maybe okay to post it but still giving him all the credits he deserve. Besides, his skin is the only one I found fitting for it. Fantastic actually! But if ever the original authors wanted me to take this down, I’ll do it :)

Interesting model

she looks beautiful.

Thanks guyss!!! :D:D:D