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DotCa V. 1.02a

Submitted by T. D. W.
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
DotCa V. 1.02a
Defense of the Corrupted ancients

Play in an exciting team match with 5 vs 5; every player gets a hero between 47 heroes and play with it all over the game, he can aquire items between 155 items
Each team has a base situated in the bottom left corner, The Sentinels and in the top right corner, The Scourges. From the Bases goes 3 lanes where creeps spawn every 30 seconds, each lane contains 3 towers for each team.
The Main Objective of the Game is to destroy the principal structure of the other team The Corrupted World Tree belongs to The Sentinels and The Frozen Throne belongs to The Scourges

Heroes - 47 Heroes

Heroes List
Aurrius the Pure the Holy Avenger
Bradwaren the Centaur Warchief
Sir Gregory the Dragon Knight
Toni the Builder
Vegi the Corrupted Treant Protector
Jah'Rakal the Troll Warlord
Katsu the Hero Hunter
Mortred the Phantom Assasin
Rhosté Marlin the Sniper
Anub'Seaker the Speed Breaker
Furion the Nature's Prophet
Hope the Charmcaster
Lina the Slayer
Zeus the Lord of Olympia
Rhasta the Shadow Shaman
Gish Eagle Eye the Ancient Roshan
Drago the Red Dragon
Elemair the Elite Marine
Shandris the Drow Ranger
Abaddon the Death Knight
Axe the Mogul Khan
Lucifer the Doom Ravager
Scorka the Sand King
Tiny the Stone Giant
Arnulfo the Energy Vampire
Chupacabra the Alien Monster
Nevermore the Shadow Fiend
Sylvanas the Frozen Revenant
Akama the Bounty Hunter
Atropos the Bane Elemental
Krobelus the Death Prophet
Leshrac the Tormented Soul
Pugna the Oblivion
Nazgrel the Demon Witch
Astra the Dream Weaver
Dracula the Legendary Vampire
Kel'Thuzad the Lich
Shadow Illidan the Ghost Revenant
Torros the Lord of Chaos
Frost Elemental the 76th Dimension Guardien
Fire Elemental the 62nd Dimension Guardien
Lightning Elemental the 52nd Dimension Guardien
Water Elemental the 48th Dimension Guardien
Wind Elemental the 23rd Dimension Guardien
Earth Elemental the 1st Dimension Guardien
Mizeriel the High Lands Angel
Huntik the Searcher

In DotCa there are 5 kinds of Heroes:
  1. Normal Heroes: They have 3 normal abilities (4 levels each), 1 Ultimate (3 levels, Unlocked at lvl 6) and attribute Bonus (10 levels), they cost 250 gold and are available to choose after 10 seconds
  2. Special Heroes: They have 4 normal abilities (5 levels each), 1 Ultimate (5 levels, Unlocked at lvl 5), they cost 500 gold and are available to choose after 15 seconds
  3. Elemental Beings: They have 4 normal abilities (5 levels each), 1 Ultimate (5 levels, Unlocked at lvl 5), they cost 1000 gold and are available to choose after 20 seconds
  4. Exeptional Heroes: "Huntik" has 4 base abilities which are automaticaly learned at certain levels, attribute bonus (15 levels), 1 Ultimate (10 levels, Unlocked at lvl 5), he cost 2000 gold and are available to choose after 25 seconds
  5. Ultra-Special Heroes: "Mizeriel" has 4 normal abilities (6 levels each), 1 Ultimate (1 level, Unlocked at lvl 25), he cost 2000 gold and are available to choose after 25 seconds
There are some exceptions like heroes having 1 base ability or Hope the Charmcaster who has 1 spell book ability (3 levels, Unlocked at lvl 3) and an attribute bonus ability

Items - 155 items

There is no much to say here :p

Game Modes
Default Mode
Enemy heroes are unable to be chosen, player get 200 gold refund when choosing heroes
All Pick
All Heroes are available to be chosen
All Random
All Players will be given a random hero and loose 300 gold for the hero
Death Match
Only Available if Game is a 1 Vs 1
All Pick Mode enabled, Only Middle enabled, Players will get 7500 Gold Balance, 500 Gold Refund when choosing a hero, Heroes Start at Level 10
Crazy Mode
All Random Mode Enabled, Creates explosions and meteors coming from the sky and damaging units dynamicly, units can be killed at any time, units can be teleported to a random location at any time, Heroes' Level is Fixed at Level 16, Players get 25000 Gold at first and lose 1 gold every 0.1 second After 10 *5 in speed game* minutes of play, all heroes are removed, all units are killed, gold grants to 25000 and All random is Triggered
Special Commands (Only for this mode):
*Speed Game: Shows between the ** in Crazy Mode's Description
*Stop Lag: Stops all Explosions and Meteors

Additional Modes:
All Lanes: Creeps will Spawn in all lanes
Only Middle-Top-Bottom: Creeps will only spawn in the Middle/Top/Bottom Lane
No Middle-Top-Bottom: Creeps will not spawn in the Middle/Top/Bottom Lane
Gold Balance: All Players will start with 4200 gold
No Repick: Disables "Repick" Command
No Randoming: Disables "Random" Command

NOTE: Type "-commands" or "-definedcommands" in game to show the commands
-roll (Roll a Number): Generates a random number from 1 to 100 for you [Rolled number can not be changed]
-ms (Movement speed): Displays your hero's movement speed from dotca's regard
-realms (Real Movement speed): Displays your hero's movement speed as it is without dotca's changes
-sc X Y (Speed Calculation): Calculates the speed of your hero after X seconds in Y seconds (DotCa's regard)
-rsc X Y (Real Speed Calculation): Calculates the speed of your hero after X seconds in Y seconds (Normal Speed)
-ps (Player Status): Displays all player's status in the game
-ma (Undefinied): Displays your enemies and wich hero are they controlling
-ic (Icons Check): Refreshs the icons in the multiboard
-hc (Hero Cam): Focuses your camera on your hero
-clear (Clear): Clears all the log on your screen and removes Hero Cam (-hc)
-leaderboard (leaderboard): Shows your scores in the leaderboard
-votekick XX (Vote to kick):

*Type "-votekick XX" to vote to kick a player out from the game
*All players (except the targeted player) must vote also to kick the player
*Command is disabled if there is one or less than one player in one of the two forces (Sent/Scou)
*To refer to the player you wish to kick replace the "XX" by the player number of the player:

2/3/4/5/6 for the 5 players of the Sentinels​
8/9/10/11/12 for the 5 players of the Scourges​
*You can not vote to kick yourself

Single Player Commands
Only Available when ONLY Player (Blue) is Playing
-lvlup XX: Increases the level of your hero by "XX"
-lvl XX: Sets the level of your hero to "XX"
-gold +/-XXXX: Increases your gold by "XXXX"
-killsent: Kills all of The Sentinels' units
-killscou: Kills all of The Scourges' units
-killall: Kills all of The Sentinels' and The Scourges' units
-respawn: Revives your hero instantly
-refresh: Refills the health and mana of your hero and rests all cooldowns
-dummy: Creates a Centaur Warchief Hero at level 10 at center of the map
-dummy XX: Creates a Heroat level 10 at center of the map, XX refers to the number of a hero XX goes from 1 to 46
-ndummy XX: Creates "XX" Centaur Warchiefs Heroes at level 10 at center of the map
-roshan: Respawns Roshan Instantly
-alwaysrepick: Enables repicking several times

Special Thanks for Daffa the Mage for his assist
None Helped me in the creation of my map but,
there is still the credits for the models but the problem is that i can not cite all of the model makers, so I wrote all of the models names.
So Thx for whomever made the following models:

Sniper Target[Red], Air Elemental, Altillery, Blood Tornado, Blue Pentagon, Earth Elemental, FireStarter, Frost Fury, Grudge Aura, Gun Missile, Janggo Aura, Japsword, HeadHunter, Orange Pentagon, PeeKay's Blackwing Fiend, Plasma Missile, Laser, Fire Consume, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Teleportation, Aura Nuke, Black Hole, Blizzard Erruption, Boots of Speed, Breath of Fire, Concetration, Crystal Impale, Dark Malice, Dark Lightning, Darkness Low, Dark Nova, EMP Bomb, Earth Buff, Fire Ball, Firework Dragon, Frost Ball, Frost Aura, Ghost Strike, Golden Light, Great Lightning, Harvest Life, Healing Water, Hell Fire, Hero Dark Hunter (Angel), High Speed Projectile, Holy Aura, Holy Blessing, Holy Smite, Ice Incinerate Buff, Inferno Armor, Ion Cannon, Lightning Aura, Lightning Tornado, Lightning Wrath, Naked Lightning, Dirt Explosion, New Ground Explosion, Nuclear Explosion3, Orb of Fire, Orb of Lightning, Punishment Missile, Purple Ziggurat Missile, Rain of Crystal, Rep New, Repair Key, Runic Shield, Sand Tornado, Sea Aura, Shadow Golem, Shadow Trap, Shiva's Wrath, Shockwave, Soul Armor, Soulfire Missile, Spin FX2, Spirit Arrow (Epsilon), Staff of Decay, Staff of Silence, Sun, Warp Death Caster, Water Orb, Wild Growth

DotCa V. 1.02a
*Added one hero, Astra the Dreamweaver

*Bug Fixes
*Lag Fixes

*Hero Changes:
-Berserker's Call Blood Tornado Health bonus decreased from 50 to 30
-Berserker's Call Lightning Tornado Spin damage decreased fom 100 to 80
-Electric Fire Chance to die rescaled from 45/35/25/15/5 to 5/10/15/20/25
-Myzeriel's Ultimate is now unlockable at level 15 and reworked
-Assasinate bug fixed; not fireing the shot at the end of the channel
-Void description bug fixed and auto-cast removed
-Freezing Blow damage multiplier by MS missing increased from 10/20/30/40/50% to 12/24/36/48/60%
-Sprout Trees changed from Summer Tree Wall to Snowy Tree Wall
-Fire Elemental Attack damage reduced by 50 and attack speed increased by 0.75 s
-Create Sun fix, It gived bonus AS and MS instead of decreasing them at levels 2/3/4

*Item Changes:
-Nature's Dagon name changed to Nature's Dagger and Icon Changed
-Kelen's Dagger of Escape name changed to Dagger of Escape
-Wizards' Scepter mana regeneration bonus reduced from 200% to 100%
-Moon Key mana regeneration bonus reduced from 350% to 200%
-Sun Key mana regeneration bonus reduced from 500% to 300%
-Ultimate items description typing fix

*Multiboard, made small changes

HD Loading Screen and better Minimap image

DotCa V. 1.02
1. More Balance adjustments
-adjusted some Heroes
-reworked or changed some abilities

2. Added 6 new Heroes
-Vegi the Corrupted Treant Protector
-Anub'Seaker the Speed Breaker
-Rhasta the Shadow Shaman
-Tiny the Stone Giant
-Akama the Bounty Hunter
-Nazgrel the Demon Witch

3. Added more Stability in game [lags and leaks]

4. Bug Fixes
-Includes Aghanim's Scepter that when sold, gives 2100 gold but dropps from holder like nothing happened
-Aghanims's Scepter dropping from illusions when they disappear
-Aghanim's Scepter being created (another one) when using manta style
- lots and lots more

7. Now your hero does not attack enemies if allies nearby were attacked but only if he is attacked or an enemy is under his attack range

8. Changed the Game Mode Choosing System

9. Added a new Game Mode: Crazy

10. Added Votekick command, roll, speed calculations, leaderboard

11. New Items:
-Spider Silk Broach
-Force Staff
-Tormenting Horn
-Ultimate Sceptrum
-Golden Boots
-Troubling Blade
-Chains of Countering

DotCa V. 1.01
1. Improved Multiboard
-Hero icon recognition system
-added spree number
-improved aspect

2. Abilities Optimization: Effects Mechanisms etc..

3. Added a new Hero: Krobelus the Death Prophet

4.Roshan Changes
-Roshan now respawns several times if he dies
-Roshan ow begins weak and grows stronger every 5 mins

5. Bug Fixes:
-Includes massive bug when choosing a hero or when hero revives and he is transported to the Scourges' base

6. Improved Items' Description


Final Words
Hope you will like my map
Please do not say in your comments that you don't like it because it is similar to dota
If You have any sugestions, tell me
If you find any bugs, tell me

Defense, Amazing

DotCa V. 1.02a (Map)

» Vengeancekael:[c] 「Profile :: Hive Staff」 » Reasons: Credits to be posted in-game + in the Hive Description. (All authors) » Comment: 2 quests have their content text cut off. No in-game credits list. (Quest log) DOTA heroes are present....
  1. T. D. W.

    T. D. W.

    Jul 31, 2012
    This is the new hero:
    UndeadImmortal the Succubus

    Hero Type: Normal
    Agility Hero
    Melee Attack range, does not have the melee characteristics


    [​IMG]Fatal Blows
    Gains full attack speed for 2.5 seconds while gaining 100% crit chance for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8x damage

    [​IMG]Demonic Leap
    Jumps to the location of a target unit stunning him if he is an enemy for 1 sec. Range: 300/600/900/1200.

    [​IMG]Wounded Strike
    Slows enemy units on attack for 3/6/9/12% AS and 6/12/18/24% MS, AS stacks if Succubus is under the effect of fatal blows
    Lasts 2 seconds

    [​IMG]Dark Will
    Passivly gains stacks on attack, each stack lasts 4 seconds and adds 5/10/15 pure damage on attack
  2. DivineLight


    Jan 30, 2012
    i like that icon..
    succubus is out.. pony..., your hero is here :p
  3. T. D. W.

    T. D. W.

    Jul 31, 2012
    the icon is a recolor xD
    yh, i forgot to announce the hero xD
  4. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    Where's that pony
    Looser (JK)
  5. Alexen


    Map Reviewer

    Aug 6, 2015
    I have played it 4 times to make sure I am right of the feedback I give you now.
    Terrain - even though the name of your AoS is similar to DotA, that does not mean the terrain is the same. I personally do not like the terrain from DotA (really ugly, ugly grass tiles used for The Sentinel while there are better ones), your terrain though is beautiful and the map layout is, in my opinion, better than the one from DotA. (5/5 here, good job!)
    Heroes - I appreciate that you did not rush into making similar heroes from DotA. You managed to create good heroes with nice spells, but you still need to balance most of them. (4/5 here)
    Items - the items are, in my point of view, fine but you must work more to make items that fit the role of each hero (3/5 here)
    Gameplay - very good, I saw no bugs so far but you can speed it up a bit (just an opinion)... (5/5 here)
    Total rating for your AoS is 4.25/5 (nice job but I advise you to work on the next update more :) )
    Remember my words, no matter what people say to you, no matter how much they try to stop you from doing something, never listen to them! I understand that you like DotA and you see it as the primal source of inspiration. It is not a bad thing, but if you manage to fusion your ideas with the inspiration you get from another AoS/MOBA, and create something really beautiful, that's exactly what you must be proud of. I hope you'll listen to my advice and enjoy the rating :)