DotA1: Zeus (Lord of Olympus)

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
This is a requested model i made - hopefully can be used as a fitting replacement for zeus in DotA maps.

Model value fields suggestion:

Art - Animation - Cast Backswing0.470
Art - Animation - Cast Point0.425
Art - Animation - Run/Walk Speed375
Art - Projectile Launch - Z143
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Backswing Point0.350
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Damage Point0.450
Movement - Height/Minimum20.00


- crown model changed and added a sparkling to it
- added an aegis to his left hand
- added some lightning effects to the weapon
- changed a few materials and geosets

- updated the screenshots of the model


Lightning Bolt (Model)

Zeus Lord of Olympus (Model)

ZeusMissile (Model)

A fascinating hero model with impressive details and lighting effects! Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!
Wonderful! ⚡ Although there's some clipping in animations, they are quite creative and vibrant: it takes a lot of effort to create nice looking moving textures and other visual effects that complement each other. The mesh and textures are tastefully done and look amazing, and let this model stand out from the general style of Warcraft because it must be that Zeus comes from another universe. Now we have another great god created by Jab1z 👏 Looking forward for the rest Pantheon gods 👍
perfection. more gods please!!!!!!!! you're awesome
maybe poseidon? ares? atena? haha 5/5
Totaly agree. Would love to make a map with seveal gods in the middle as ultimate powerfull heroes, thats just so OP, that if you manage to effort one, you could just be like 'get wrect weaklings!' to the other player. Being insanely but not unposipol expensiv though. Lol