DotA 2 - THW group

How about focusing on hosting maps from hiveworkshop?..

This thread is dota 2 game related only, make new one and promote wc3 there :razz:

Btw guys I highly recommend you to see this game:
Maybe the best example how strong team leadership, and giving away your life for team can win game, against more powerful foe.
We started scattered all across map, 0 tolerance in team fights, bad coordinating, and fail support, until I got level 6. Damn I was so proud at the end. So please commend guys who supported me in this game.

Level 4
Aug 22, 2008
I could join and play a few games. (Assuming this is still active.)
Steam ID: zallar
Nick: Zallar
Its the one with a bear image.

I play quite a lot but many of my friends have stopped playing and solo matcmaking sucks. Ive played around 2000 games of HoN and 500 games of DotA 2 after that so I suppose Im ok at the game :p

(I also have 17 invites)
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Level 13
Jan 21, 2012
Ok, just to tell you guys that team is active! We are playing together almost every day! Not always winning but having a fun time! The guys I played most with are <3 Magtheridon96 <3, Hellgate, Vladadamm, Archange1, NFWar, Zallar and some others ^^
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I think we are overall gaining in skills and level. Also, we are starting to get knowing each other well better, now that we sometimes play while speaking on skype/raidcall/whatever (speaking to himself, for NFWar :D) We still lack some knowledge for picks and bans in Captain Mode, but we are learning from our errors. Also, our group of players is slowly growing.