Divided States of America: Pandemic Requests

Level 9
Jun 28, 2008

I have two requests for now side project map, a trigger request and skinning request.

First the triggers, I need the triggers for planes system, like one featured in World War I and World War II maps. The plane trigger that makes so the plane loses mana every second and then after that the plane is destoryed. Please no jass please whatever that is...

The skinning request is simple, I need someone to resize this skin. The permission is given by the author to resize it any times we want.

Flesh Giant - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

Credit, and +rep to anyone who helps me, and please support my map.
Level 22
Jun 23, 2007
here you go, about 1/10 of its original size, 128x128. it'll probably look abit blurry or undefined ingame, but thats the cost for filesize.
If you think its too blurry, i can resize it to 256x256, and it might be better, and the filesize would be around 100 kb i think.

I'll try to create your plane system, give me a minute.

I ran into a little problem. What are your airplanes classified as? I would assume youre using tanks aswell correct? You'll need to classify the tanks and airplanes differently, unless you want them to be affected by the same mana system.

Edit: do you want the unit with 0 mana to die, or turn neutral passive and then it can be restored to operations if it regains it s mana?


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