Direct Strike Reforged

This map is out of the beta stage. Further updates will be posted here

This is a recreation of a very popular map on StarCraft 2 called Direct Strike (yet again, I'm remaking a map from SC2). It's a 'tug of war' type of map with units from the melee game that are being sent in waves from each player. The goal is to destroy the opponents base.

This map is directly based on my other "Desert Strike" map which can be found here: Desert Strike
I literally copy/pasted it and made some modifications to it; the major difference being that players can choose their own unit formation and heroes have also been added.


The above screenshot was taken very early in the making when I was still experimenting. What I found was WC3 does not like diagonal pathfinding, and since this map needs square perfect unit formation I decided to make the map horizontal instead. That worked a lot better, thankfully.


This is what the first iteration of the map looks like.


As expected, the map has serious performance issues on first online test (mainly A.I. triggers), so I will need to make a lot of adjustments.


Required features before version 1.0:


In Progress:

  • Testing
  • Add tavern heroes
  • A.I. ability toggle option for ALL actively used abilites
  • Skin system
  • Save/load feature
  • A.I. performance improvements
  • Pretty up terrain
  • Scoreboard
  • Bug fixes
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