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Destiny Battle v0.22

Submitted by AdamMighty
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
3/22/20 - Hello fellow Destiny Battle Enthusiasts! I am truly humbled at the response from the community and those who have reached out to me in the past decade about Destiny Battle. After a decade, I am flattered that folks are still enjoying my map so much. With the launch of Reforged and a bit of more free time, I figured the least I could do was spend some time cleaning up the map after a brief 10 year hiatus. ;)

It has taken quite a bit of time to reacclimate myself to the map, as well as figure out what I was thinking a decade ago with triggers and such, but slowly I am working towards getting Destiny Battle in a much better place. In addition to fixing many of the crashes and memory leaks, I have been working at making the game all around better from a gameplay standpoint. In the months going forward, I hope to deliver the best, most stable version of Destiny Battle for everyone to enjoy.

Special Thanks to Setokaiva who has kept the map alive with his own discord community ( Join the Destiny Battle Discord Server! ). If you are interested in following development, feel free to join our little community. Thanks again for your interest, and I hope to see you in game sometime!
- Adam (Arathil)

v0.22 Change Notes located at the bottom of this description


Destiny Battle is a Hero Siege map oriented around teamwork and skill. Unlike the others however, Destiny Battle incorporates many RPG-like features and randomization to make each game different. Version v0.20j Includes..

- 30 Heroes, custom designed, all with custom spells and abilities. Each features their own strengths and weaknesses which must be carefully used with your teammates.

- Several Feats, which can be trained to make your hero more suited to your play style.

- Hundreds of custom items, all carefully designed, many with scripted effects. The Rarity Tier system ensures that each rare item drop is exciting and unique. Also includes rare sets, that can be gathered to further increase the power with set bonuses.

- Scrolls which drop during the game which teach your hero new skills and spells, making your hero your own creation.

- Currently, v0.22 includes thirty rounds, many with custom objectives and devious traps to test your mettle.

- A unique bonus system which rewards good cooperation and good play. Saved an ally by healing them with a clutch heal? That's a bonus!

- A custom weather system that can either bolster or hinder you. Beware the rainstorms that make you suffer miss chances, but welcome the Healing Winds that grants bonus regeneration. Over 20 different weathers!

- A few various soundtracks make important moments even more exciting.

- Auto-balancing difficulty that adjusts to the amount of players you have. Only four people? No problem! Got a whole crew? The game will adjust itself.


So you think you have what it takes to defeat Lord Adomach? Go ahead, take a few of your closest companions and challenge him and his enemy hordes.


I hope you enjoy my creation as much as I have enjoyed making it. If you have any comments, concerns, or pesky bug reports, I welcome any comments/criticism on the official discord at Join the Destiny Battle Discord Server! .

*!* Important: Destiny Battle is Open Source, meaning the map is not protected, and you can look/learn from it. HOWEVER, please do not take this as an open invitation to delete my name and claim it as your own. I worked hard on this map for your enjoyment, and I take plagerism seriously. Thanks! *!*






Author Note: For being the first hero designed, the Cleric of Order was still surprisingly useful, though this came mostly from his Mystic Renewal Spell bouncing all over the map in the late game. I rebalanced Mystic Renewal to be a more useful tool in the early game while neutering the bounce capability of the late game slightly. The cleric's old ultimate on the other hand was a laggy, buggy mess which, while interesting, did not usually help the heroes very much. I created a new ultimate that should work well with his invulnerability/healing kit to provide some interesting synergy opportunities while having a more immediate impact on dangerous waves or bosses.

Power Word Binding:
- Now Lasts 20/30/40/60 seconds, down from 40/45/50/60 seconds. Now inflicts 5 damage per second of duration.
- Mana Cost increased to 40.
- Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds. (2.5 at Rank 5)
- Duration reduced to .5 seconds on bosses.
- Damage scales with Magic Power. (1 damage/sec per 10 Magic Power)

Mark of Order:
- Now Lasts 5/8/10/12/15 seconds, down from 8/10/12/14/15 seconds.
- Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, down from 60 seconds.
- Mana Cost reduced at lower ranks to 50/75/100, down from 100/100/100.

Mystic Renewal:
- Now Heals 200/300/400/450/500 damage, up from 100/175/225/300/350.
- Now bounces to a maximum of three units.
- Mana Cost Increased to 100/150/200/225/250, up from 100 at all ranks.
- Healing scales with Healing Power. (10 extra healing to primary target per 1 healing power.)

Ultimate (Lv6) - Inversion has been changed.
OLD: Inversion - Return all enemies to their starting portals and slow them by a percentage.

NEW: Balance - The Cleric of Order realigns the cosmos, damaging all nearby enemies by a percentage.
Rank 1 - Nearby Enemies in a radius lose a percentage of health equal to half the difference between the Cleric's current health and their current health. Maximum Health loss of 25%. The enemies are slowed by 40% for 6 seconds.
Rank 2 - Maximum Health loss of 33%. The enemies are slowed by 60% for 6 seconds.
Rank 3 - Maximum Health loss of 50%. The enemies are slowed by 80% for 6 seconds.



Author Note: The Cleric of the Small Folk was a pretty well rounded hero that suffered from having an almost entirely useless ultimate. The old ultimate could trigger only once or twice a game if the player was unlucky, and didn't have much of a very engaging series of choices. I liked the mechanic of "luck" though, so I decided to keep the general ability and turn it into a guarenteed chance of happening. Additionally, I removed a few useless luck effects (Kill a single unit, burn enemy mana, etc) and replaced them with some more interesting variants. (Summon a bunch of temporary Smallfolk Warriors, Turn the Cleric into a Wrecking Ball for a few seconds, etc.)

Flurry of Slingstones:
- Damage increased to 70/90/110/130/150 damage, up from 30/60/80/100/100 damage.
- Now has a maximum amount of targets that increases with higher ranks. (3/4/5/6/7)
- Mana cost increased to 100 at later ranks, up from 80.
- Damage scales with Attack Power. (+1 damage per Attack Power)

- Now heals 200/300/400/500/600 health, up from 90/160/230/300/360.
- Mana cost increased to 70, up from 50.
- Cooldown increased to 8, up from 6.
- Healing scales with Healing Power. (+10 healing per Healing Power)

Unexpected Hero:
Rebalanced. In general, the ability now has lower flat damage scaling, but now includes a 5% chance to evade attacks.

Luck (Lv6) - Luck has been changed.
OLD: Luck - Very rarely causes a luck effect ranging from randomly recovering full health and other similar random effects.
NEW: Flip a Coin - When activated, causes a random lucky effect to occur. 120 Second Cooldown.
(The Old Luck had a paltry 10% chance to occur every 3 minutes of game time. This meant that a player could learn the ability and go an entire game without seeing it payoff. By guarenteeing this effect to occur, it gives the player an immediate effect.

Call On Fortune (Lv20) - Has been Changed.
OLD: Call On Fortune - Immediately triggers a lucky event.
NEW: Divine Luck - Unlocks the most powerful beneficial effects for the Cleric's Flip a Coin ability.


Dwarven Axemaster:

Author Note: The Dwarven Axemaster's problem was that he was a strength hero who relied heavily upon his abilities dealing damage, so people were forced to take intelligence or mana boosting items to allow him to do it more often. This meant that his damage against bosses was pitiful, and his health/STR suffered as a result. I decided the best course of action for now was to lower the mana cost of his spells so folks didn't feel as though they had to focus on intelligence exclusively. This hero will have another pass coming, but I'm not entirely sure how I want to fix him up yet.

Axe Hurl:
- Mana Cost reduced to 50, down from 100.
- Now Scales with Attack Power.

Axe Rain:
- Mana Cost reduced to 75, down from 125.
- Now has a maximum of 10 targets.
- Now Scales with Attack Power.


Monk of the Ebony Fist:

Author Note: The Monk of the Ebony Fist's kit wasn't particularly bad, just ineffective and in need of a buff. All of his abilities across the board were buffed, and I also removed his Return ability which didn't really fit well with him, as the monk should be avoiding taking damage. It has been replaced with a damage dealing passive that should lead to some fun explosive moments with Flurry of Blows.

Flurry of Blows:
- Duration increased to 4.5/6/7.5/9/10 seconds, up from 3.5/4/5/6/6.
- Mana Cost reduced to 60, down from 100.

Chakra Burst:
- Healing increased to 200/350/500/650/800, up from 100/200/300/400/400.
- Cooldown reduced to 90 seconds, down from 120 seconds.
- Healing boosted by Healing Power (+10 per Healing Power)

Return (Lv1) - Has been changed.
OLD: Return - Retaliate when struck for a flat damage amount.
NEW: Crescendo of Blows - Every 25th Attack will result in an explosion of power, dealing damage to everything around the monk equal to double his agility.


Rogue of the Dark:

Author Note: The Rogue of the Dark has undergone some pretty substantial changes, as his old kit simply didn't do enough to make him worthwhile. I wanted to promote the playstyle of a stealth rogue running around the battlefield picking his targets, so I gave him a huge damage multiplier the longer he remains stalthed. Ideally, I want players to pop into a small amount of units and be able to dispatch them before retreating to safety. His new Dagger in the Dark Ultimate should allow him to also contribute meaningfully to a boss fight as well with some nasty burst damage.

Crippling Blow (Lv1) - Has been changed.
OLD: Crippling Blow - Deal damage to an enemy and stun them.
NEW: Murder - Kill a normal enemy instantly if it is not within 400 range of one of its allies. Otherwise, deal damage and stun the enemy for a few seconds.

- Duration reduced to 10 seconds, down from 15 seconds.

Stealth (Lv1) - Has been changed.
OLD: Becomes Stealthed while not attacking.
NEW: Becomes stealthed while not attacking. Every two seconds the rogue remains stealthed, his next attack deals additional damage equal to his agility, stacking up to 5/10/15/20/25 times.

Assassinate (Lv6) - Has been changed.
OLD: Assassinate - Instantly kill a target under 10% HP when dealing damage.
NEW: Dagger in the Dark - Hurl a dagger at an enemy, dealing high damage, instantly resetting the cooldown on Murder, and immediately bringing the rogue to a full stack of Stealth stacks.


Feral Archon:

Author Note: I wanted the Feral Archon to fill a role as a disruptive presence that could bounce around the map as needed to help struggling lanes. Savage Strike was a good primary, but wasn't nearly disruptive enough with only a 2 second stun. I also felt like the old Dimension Door simply didn't really have much use until it was able to to be used anywhere, so I added that to all ranks. I also wanted a teleporting Feral Archon Player to have an immediate tool to use when teleporting, so I added the Savage Strike cooldown reset to it. Finally, the old Ferocity was a boring and tired talent that didn't do much reliably. Building on the disruption archetype, I replaced it with trample which should allow for some fun "wrecking ball" moments for the Feral Archon.

Savage Strike:
- Mana Cost has been reduced to 75, down from 100.
- Stun Duration has been increased to 4 seconds, up from 2 seconds. (1 vs Bosses)
- Damage increased to 100/140/180/220/270, Up from 60/100/130/160/200.
- Damage Increases with Attack Power. (+1 Damage per Attack Power)

Dimension Door:
- Mana Cost reduced to 25, down from 50.
- Now has unlimited range at all ranks.
- Now resets the cooldown on Savage Strike when used.

Ferocity (Lv1) - Has been changed.
OLD: Gives the Feral Archon a chance to deal extra damage every attack.
NEW: Trample - Sends the Feral Archon into a frenzy, dealing damage to nearby enemies every second equal to the Archon's Strength and pushing them away from the Feral Archon. The Feral Archon has no collision while active.

Tantrum (Lv6) - Has been changed.
OLD: Deals damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for a duration.
NEW: The Archon throws a Battle Tantrum, growing in size


Human Engineer:

Author Note: Ah the engineer... many a game has been won by abusing his limitless building capability. This hero has been a challenge to get right, and I have often thought about simply removing him from the game. However, he is consistently one of the most popular heroes played, so in the end, I kept him and thought long about how I could keep his core gameplay while ensuring his towers don't get out of control. I decided to limit how many buildings he can make while simultaneously allowing him to upgrade towers as he levels up. Additionally, I wanted to give the hero a variety of different towers for different situations in order to make him more interesting to play.

Construct Barricade (Lv1) - Has been changed.
OLD: Create a barricade with HP that can block enemies.
NEW: Construction - Each Rank unlocks new buildings that can be built.

Construct Blade Tower (Lv1) - Has been changed.
OLD: Create a tower that attacks nearby enemies.
NEW: Schematics - Allows the engineer to support additional buildings built at a time.

- Amount restored increased to 150/300/450/600/750, up from 100/200/300/400/500.

Construct Mystic Tower (Lv6) - Has been changed.
OLD: Create a mystical tower that casts various spells.
NEW: Marvel of Engineering - Lets the engineer upgrade his buildings to the next tier.


New Building: Auction House
- Can be built on any Building Plot in Vern. Every 3 minutes, will have a stock of two random rare set items and a random epic set item. Can be upgraded to carry higher level set items. Building multiple auction houses of the same level at different plots will increase the number of set items sold at EACH Auction House.

Building Changes: Artificier Post
- You no longer need to extract stones at the Artificier Post. Dropped stones will now simply be consumables to be clicked. You will still need to build an artificier post in order to have Artificer Stones to drop. In the future, you will be able to upgrade the artificier post further in order to have rarer stones drop.

Building Changed: Guard Post
- Guard Posts are now invulnerable and no longer attack.
- When Constructed, Guard Posts will cause allied units to spawn and garrison at different points in the city.
- Constructing additional Guard Posts will increase the amount of garrisoned units created each round.
- Up to Two Guard Posts are supported. (The second will spawn supporting archers instead of melee units.)

Building Changed: Dojo
- Dojos no longer sell skills. The skills the Dojo sold have been moved to the scroll 0 Table.
- You can purchase training at the Dojo. Training modifies all heroes stats by a certain amount. For example, Reflex training increases all heroes agility by 10.
- Only one training may be active at a time. If a new training is selected, the previous training boost goes away.
- Players may only purchase a single dojo.


- Lammas Root (Flower Seller) - Cost reduced to 25 gold, down from 75. Heals 135 HP, up from 80. Charges increased to 3, up from 1.
- Manastalks (Flower Seller) - Cost reduced to 25 gold, down from 75. Mana restored increased to 100, up from 50.
- Meingryn Herbs (Flower Seller) - Cost reduced to 50 gold, down from 75. Heals 150 HP, up from 75. Charges increased to 3, up from 1.
- Tigerleaf (Flower Seller) - Heals 200 HP, Up from 75. Charges increased to 4, up from 1.
- Furystem (Flower Seller) - Damage increased to +15, up from +5. Duration increased to 60 seconds, up from 45 seconds.
- Father Katzakis is a new NPC who sells free blessings for temporary stat increases.
- Miller the Sailor is a new NPC who sells a ship players can use to cross Vern Seas.
- Gnasher (Lv20 Boss) - Now drops items and scrolls.


Lesser Fountains of Replenishment are now upgradable into Fountains of Replenishment. (2000 Gold)


- Simple Report has been removed.
- Supply Stocking now organizes items by quality tier when pulling them. (Uncommon / Rare / Epic + Artifact / Other
- Supply Stocking also unlocks the "Retrieve" ability for personal storages, allowing heroes to move items directly to their storage area.
- Improved Auctioneer has been removed, as the auction house has been reworked into a building.

NEW RESEARCH: Caravaneers (Level 2 Upgrade) - Creates an NPC that will automatically sell all items of a particular rarity, distributing the gold evenly amongst all teammates.



Combat Mastery:
OLD: Has a 10% chance to deal 25% additional damage on attacks.
NEW: Has a 15% chance to deal 40% additional damage on attacks.

Extra Fast / Extra Smart / Extra Strong
OLD: Boosts AGI / INT / STR by 4.
NEW: Boosts AGI / INT / STR by an extra 2 each time the hero gains a level.

OLD: Gives the Hero an extra 150 HP.
NEW: Gives the hero an extra 50 Max HP every time they level up.

Spell Resistant
OLD: Blocks a harmful spell cast against the user every 2 minutes.
NEW: Spell Eater - Blocks a harmful spell cast against the user every 20 seconds, and spells blocked in this way restore 25% HP and Mana.

Troll Blood
OLD: The hero gains 2 HP/Sec Regeneration.
NEW: The hero gains 5 HP/Sec Regeneration.

Iron Will
OLD: The hero gains +90 Max Mana.
NEW: Mana Mastery - The hero gains +50 Max Mana per every time they level up.

OLD: The hero gains 10% Evasion.
NEW: The hero gains 15% Evasion.

First Aid
OLD: Restore 10 + Double the Hero's Int to an allied hero. 40 second cooldown.
NEW: Restores a percentage of an allied hero's health equal to your intelligence. Minimum of 25% Health restored. 60 second cooldown.

Power Attack:
OLD: Grant's the hero's attacks a 10% chance to stun for 2 seconds.
NEW: Doubles the amount of time in between attacks for a hero, but permanantly increases the damage they deal by 100%.

Snake Blooded:
OLD: Causes 10% damage back to attackers.
NEW: Causes 25% damage back to attackers.

Weapon Finesse:
OLD: Increases the hero's attack speed by 10%.
NEW: Both Agility and Strength will now contribute to a hero's total attack damage. (Only STR and AGI heroes are eligible for this feat.)

Jack of All Trades:
OLD: Boosts the hero's STR/DEX/AGI by 2.
NEW: Boosts the hero's starting STR/DEX/AGI by 8 each.

Iron Skin:
OLD: Boosts a hero's Armor by 3.
NEW: Tough - The hero gains 1 armor every time they level up.

OLD: Grants the hero a random invulnerable allied familiar.
All Familiars have been dramatically buffed:


OLD DOG - Had a 15% damage roar, and a +1 armor aura. Could carry items.
NEW DOG - The new Dog is now a combat unit. It has modest attack stacks and gains more health/damage when the master hero levels up. The dog has a permanant reincarnation that will automatically resurrect the dog after 60 seconds have passed since death.

OLD FROG - Had a 10% slow spell, and a +25% health regen aura. Could carry items.
NEW FROG - The frog gains an ability that allows the hero to teleport to the frog when cast. The slow spell has been buffed to 50% slowing effect. The health regeneration aura has been boosted to +50% health regen. It can carry and sell items.

OLD RAT - Had a 10% damage reduction spell, and a 1 hp/sec DoT plague aura. Could carry items.
NEW RAT - The rat now has an ability that will cause it to randomly find items periodically. Chitter damage reduction increased to 25%. Plague DoT boosted to 3 HP/sec. Can still carry and sell items.


OLD: Grants a hero a 10% chance to automatically resurrect after dying.
NEW: The hero who dies will automatically be resurrected next to Princess Silmeria after a brief delay with half health and mana. Can only occur once per round.

Brute Force:
OLD: Grants a hero +10 damage. (Requires 20 STR.)
NEW: Grants the hero an additional 3 damage every time the hero levels up. (No longer has a stat requirement.)

OLD: The hero does not lose gold when dying.
NEW: The hero does not lose gold when dying. Additionally, the hero gains an extra 100 gold at the end of every level.

Natural Balance
OLD: The hero only takes 75% damage from ranged attacks.
NEW: The hero only takes 50% damage from ranged attacks.

Defensive Posture
OLD: The hero temporarily gains 10 armor whenever his health drops to 50% or less.
NEW: The hero becomes temporarily invulnerable for 6 seconds whenever his health drops to 25% or less. This effect has a 60 second cooldown.

OLD: The hero has a 3% chance to increase attack speed by 50% for 8 seconds.
NEW: The hero has a 10% chance when attacking to attack an extra time, a 4% chance to attack an extra 2 times, and a 1% chance to attack an extra 5 times.

Improvisational Combat
OLD: Your attacks reduce temporarily reduce enemy armor by 3.
NEW: Combat Veteran - You are a well rounded combatant, boosting all stats by 2, increasing your damage by 3, boosting your armor by 2, and increasing your attack speed by 10%.

Applied Knowledge
OLD: You earn additional experience at the end of every round. (Requires 20 Intelligence)
NEW: You earn additional experience at the end of every round. (No Longer has a requirement.)

OLD: Your attacks have a 10% chance to deal your agility in damage. (Requires 20 Agility)
NEW: Your attacks have a 30% chance to deal your agility in damage. (No longer has a requirement.)

Aggressive Spellcaster
OLD: Your spellcasts grant you 20% increased damage for 5 seconds after casting a spell. Has a 15 second cooldown.
NEW: Your spellcasts grant you 40% increased damage for 5 seconds after casting a spell. Has a 10 second cooldown.

Trained Guardians:
OLD: Silmeria's Guards gain an extra 250 HP and learn Shield Block (50% chance to block 5 damage.)
NEW: All non-building, non-hero units controlled by Vern have 50% increased HP and have roughly 50% more damage and armor.

Hearty Morale:
OLD: Everyone heals for 50 HP/level at the end of each round, as long as you are alive.
NEW: Master of the Well - Doubles the capacity of all Wells of Replenishment, and the main Well of Replenishment recovers 50% of its mana at the end of each round.

OLD: Vern Buildings gain 20% extra HP and slowly regenerate.
NEW: Vern gains an additional Building Plot.

OLD: Auction House Items are reduced in cost by 25%.
NEW: General - Your food supply is increased by 15, allowing you to support larger armies of mercenaries.



Circle 0:

Draw Magic - Magic Regneration increased to 50%, up from 25%.
- Acid Ball - Damage dealt increased to 150, up from 80.
- Arcane Shield - Armor boost increased to 5, Up from 3.
- Challenge, Crushing Strike, Poisoned Weapons, Shield Block, and Sprint have been added to Circle 0 Scrolls from the old Dojo.

Circle 1:

- Acid Wave - Mana cost reduced to 80, down from 135.
- Blazing Palm - Manna Cost reduced to 50, down from 100.
- Bless - Duration increased to 4 minutes, up from 1 minute.

Circle 2:

- Acid Lance - Damage dealt increased to 300, up from 125. Mana cost reduced to 40, down from 100.
- Animate Water - Elemental health increased to 1000, up from 675.
- Breath of Life - Should work more reliably now. Healing increased to 600, up from 200.

New Bonuses have been added:
- First to Research an Upgrade - +100 Gold
- First to Construct a building - +100 Gold
- Some secrets have been added...
- Lairlord Razormaw (Lv30 Boss) - Has had his HP increased by roughly 25%.


Quality of Life Changes:
- Level 2 Treasure Chests have been added and will begin spawning after Round 10 is cleared.
- The old Auction House has been removed, as the auction house is now a purchasable building at building plots.
- When a level ends, it will now display time until the next wave as a timer.
- The -camera command now more quickly applies the camera, and will snap back to the player's hero.
- The Kingdom of Vern has slightly expanded.
- The Boss Ultimates for the Goblin King / Tidedweller have been removed. Reworks to these bosses are coming.
- Gnasher's (Lv 20 Boss) Blind spell will not begin casting until 30 seconds has elapsed.
- After 10 years or so, all music tracks have been updated. :)
- On Normal/Hard difficulties, you now begin with a belt of healing potions.
- The Engineer's passive buttons should no longer display, which should allow him to always have a spot to learn a spell scroll.
- The Heat Wave and Angelic Rainbow Weather Effects no longer flash the screen with color.


Bug Fixes:
- Removed the currently defunct "Purchase Level 3 Item" from the Thieves' Den.
- Fixed a bug where the "Near Defeat" music would cut out if players were down to one hero and then an enemy quickly entered Silmeria Keep.
- Feral Archon no longer has a useless pillage upgrade.
- Fixed a bug where Gnasher's blind spell could persist after his death.
- Fixed a bug where units killed by the ambidexterity feat would not reward gold.

Destiny Battle, Hero Siege, Hero Defense, Custom, Other

Destiny Battle v0.22 (Map)

13:39, 30th Oct 2008 VGsatomi: very decent defense map. This genre of map is always fun to play with a group. This map doesn't tweak or balance its self to suit the number of players present, which i saw as a big minus. Terrain is decent, and hero...
  1. nhs325


    Nov 24, 2013
    Oh I remember the "Schematics" ability, I have been playing for 10 rounds and nothing dropped for me. What is that ability anyways?
  2. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
    What was supposed to happen, I think, was that he would be able to find 'schematics' for epic new defenses to build as drops from defeated enemies. But it was never finished, so it does nothing.

    Full disclosure: That thing is getting the axe. Hard. His whole ability list is changing, too; except maybe for Mystic Towers, since I like the idea of buff-casting artillery like that. I am still in flux on what to replace everything with, but it's a no-brainer to me that "Blade Tower" and "Barricade" -- which were just placeholder 'abilities' that unlocked new structures in his build menu -- are getting knocked out, too. Whether I stick with a traditional build system, or make a triggered batch that makes a dummy unit to build them, or what, I still don't fully know. But I'm gonna have fun giving him a full makeover.
  3. nhs325


    Nov 24, 2013
    Okay please bear with me on this one...... There are legitly abilities that doesn't work?
  4. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
    Correct. I checked the code for them... or the lack thereof. "Build Schematic" was never finished. Neither was the Illusionist's ultimate that was supposed to "create a new victory condition for the current level". Though considering the fact that most players in a decent-sized game don't get to see their Ultimate anyway, it'd be hard to notice this at first. There are far more ultimates that DO work than those that don't, though. I'm hoping that, by the time I'm done, everything will be in working order. I've had to basically rebuild the map from the ground up in some cases; namely, I couldn't load up v0.21i in the editor -- or I could, but when I did, all of the custom object editor data was GONE, except for one spell (that being "Gaia's Might"). This has been one heck of a ride. ;)
  5. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
    I am pleased to announce that Destiny Battle now has its very own Discord channel! If you like this game and want to see it updated, please come and join in! I am always, always looking for new ideas, and am eager to speak to fellow fans of the game.

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
  6. AdamMighty


    Sep 11, 2006
    I'm glad to see you are still working on my old map and I'm truly humbled that folks still have an interest in it after such a long time. Hope all is well with everyone who still enjoys the game - maybe I'll see you guys online someday with WC3 Reforged? ;)
  7. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
    Nothing would please me more. :) I heard Reforged is scheduled to drop sometime in December 2019. I'll no doubt be buying it, because it looks to be the closest thing to Warcraft 4 we'll ever get.

    As for my end...... heh. I admit... I've been really off-and-on with this whole thing. There's so much I want to do. So. Much. Plus I just got finished with another round of College finals... just got one more to go, but for now I have the whole holidays to work on DB. REALLY looking forward to that. XD I've already successfully implemented a new equipment system, based on another Hive user's work called "The_Witcher"; I intend to give him full credit for that, natch. I just had to finagle it to make it work outside of Jass NewGen, because third-party tools don't play nice with the new, updated World Editor.

    By the way, it's great to see you again, Arathil! Here is a fresh link to access my Discord server, in case you want to join in:
    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  8. PerfectlyFlawed


    Mar 4, 2018
    Hey there! Consider creating a non-expiring discord link please.
  9. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
  10. Dramlor


    Apr 23, 2019
    Hi. I'm Dramlor. Arathil, you're a bastard for naming that skill after me lol. I can't remember if I already knew you'd done that or not.
  11. Dramlor


    Apr 23, 2019
    because Arathil is a jerk and i used to quit games if i knew we werent gonna win instead of wasting my time.
  12. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
    Hahaha. Oh, wow. Yeah, that's grade-A trolling, there, my friend.
  13. Swan


    Jan 13, 2013
    Hey the links are expired, do you have a non-expiring one? I'd be glad to be in that discord.
  14. Setokaiva


    Sep 15, 2011
    Join the Destiny Battle Discord Server!

    Go figure... Discord update must've broken it. Here's a new one! Permanent too.
  15. Eat_Bacon_Daily


    Jan 4, 2014
    OMG! Are you still working on this project!?!?!?! This is one of my favorite maps. I love your hero design. I'm so excited!