Defense the Humans

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Are you ready to face the biggest horde of enemies ever seen?

Here you will be the hero of the story if you are strong enough. The undead have returned from the tombs and are hungry for hunger. You will be the hero who will help to defend the villages being attacked. The more space the undead take from humans, the stronger they will be. So resist until the end, do not give up even the smallest village.

On this map you can choose one of the heroes to defend from evil. You will have access to the best goods available in the city however it will not be free.

The undead will attack where it will be easier to wipe out humans. Then go south and defend the village. Don't let them knock you down. If this happens, they will join more forces and attack the next village, until they reach the castle.

Be brave and embark on this journey.

This is a simple castle defense map, however it can be a lot of fun when played with your friends.
If you find any bugs or problems that end the fun a little, please report.

Defense the Humans (Map)

It's a nice map to play with others, however it is really basic and too old school based on original Warcraft III material (object data). You could add hero glow to those who don't have: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling Sylvanas cannot use all...
Level 8
Dec 31, 2016
We tried the map today. It's an awesome map actually and we enjoed it. However there are a few major issues that need to be addressed.

Firstly, when your human hero dies he respawns in the bottom right corner just next to a bunch of high level creeps that instakill the hero as it spawns. Only the strong heroes of the empire itself are able to beat it and we also were able to kill them with nukes to make time for an escape as our heroes respawned.

Secondly, there is a huge location in the top left corner with golems. They are fairly strong for heroes in the beggining, but once you kill one you get like 50 levels if you have a level 1 hero. And you can get there by blinking with your chicken over the river in the top. This ruins all the fun, because you quickly become too overpowered and can finish the game in like 10 mins by destroying the undead base.

The third issue we came accross are the chickens. They are invulnerable so they can block units from passing through. Maybe make them passable, for example add an ability "ghost (visible)" to them or something like that.

Otherwise the game is a good one and we will definiately play more if you fix the second issue, bceause it's just too broken. :D
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Level 8
Dec 31, 2016
and a few other minor things I just remembered :D

The map says it's for 6 players, but in reality it's for 8 players.

The player that controls the whole city should be in a different player group in the lobby, so that it is clear he has a different gameplay even though he is allied to others.

The ingame multiboard shows only the first four players and not all of them.

I played as Rexxar and 3 his spells have the same order id, so they are cast at once, just when you click on either of them. It's the wolfs, the bears and the pig spell which he has from the beginning.
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Level 9
Mar 4, 2014
Tested the map a few times, here are my thoughts:
-First off i played solo, on hard with the Kid Arthas hero, didn't test the other heroes, but from what i have seen this one must be the strongest hero, his evolutions are pretty strong, especially his last one, i liked the way you did this hero.
After 3 tries i managed to beat the map solo on hard as well, like i said kid arthas is pretty good :gg:
The replay is in the attached files.

-It is a fun map, i liked it, the terrain is not anything special but it works.

-I liked all the human cities, they were done nicely. i also liked how each townhall gets a rescue team each time they get low hp.

-I like that creeps respawn, even tho not all do that, sometimes some don't respawn, i also liked how some of them dropped items (the boss type ones). My suggestion for the item drops is that for example, the satyrs do not have a boss and the last satyr unit dropped the item, i think there should be a boss type unit that drops the items similar to the bandits and the lizards.

~Negatives and bugs:

- The map name should be called "The defense of humanity" or "Defend the Humans" since "Defense the humans" sounds weird and kinda wrong.

- The starting loading picture looks distorted
image looks bad lol.png

- Cleave doesn't work with incinerate, they do not stack (from Arthas last evolution hero)

- I feel like there should be some time between the waves, like 1 min cooldown, so players have some more time to explore, if they want to.

  • talking about the waves, it seems there are some bosses that come from time to time, but they are very weak, they should have more of an impact, they should be more dangerous and also they should have some sort of signal when they come to attack the base.
  • Also those Ogres mini bosses that come in the early stages of the game have too much armor, they were stronger than any boss i fought pretty much.

- There should be a bigger focus on the wave bosses, like i said, make them stronger, give them items and a signal when they come and attack, otherwise the map can get boring with just the normal waves.

- The game should give more tips to the player to make him know that he has:
1. A backpack unit (the chicken)
2. And the Arcane vault
in my first games i didn't even know i had those 2.

- about the recipes:

The recipe tooltip for the third armor upgrade is wrong, it should say at the recipe items that it requires the previous armor not the weapon
armor tooltip.png

Also the staff upgrades is bugged, when i try to upgrade the 2nd staff into the 3rd one, it gives me the first staff instead of the 3rd staff.

And the recipe shop looks sloppy, the second armor recipe should be in the place of the boots of quelthals recipe (to be honest those boots look really out of place there anyway, they are too weak and have no extra upgrades, kinda weird)

- After i finished all the waves the game tells the player to enter that cave to get "stronger" or something, and i did, but after that there are no more tips of what to do, i think there should be another signal of where to go next aka what the next objective is ( in this case the portal from south east that goes into the undead base)

- Those golems in the cave (on the left side of the map) give toooooooo much gold and xp, is ridiculous, i got 1kk gold and 500+ levels from killing them for just 1 minute! since they respawn as well, in my last play test i actually got to them before the last wave as well using the chicken to teleport there, so the thing to do here is to reduce the gold and xp those golems give.

Talking about the undead base, it seems that all the creeps, bosses and buildings respawn after i destroy them similar to the normal creeps on the map, soo yea that was weird, because of that i didn't really know what to do so i just left the game.

It seems the "undead base" is in a really bad condition also, all the mobs, bosses and buildings are just in random positions, there is no order or anything, it looks very sloppy!

Also another important thing, the spells should have the q w e r t system to them, makes the gameplay much better.


  • human defense.w3g
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Map Reviewer
Level 63
Jun 4, 2009
It's a nice map to play with others, however it is really basic and too old school based on original Warcraft III material (object data).
You could add hero glow to those who don't have: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
Sylvanas cannot use all the arrows so it's kind of useless since they have to be used at choice while other heroes can make use of their skills much better.
The enemy's minimap colour is too close to that of the villages/allied AI.
Abilities have chaotic icon places. Some don't have tooltips or titles.

The concept is OK but the execution isn't too good. There are plenty of survival maps to learn from but I'm afraid this one would be hard to improve without much rehash.


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