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Defenders of the Light

Submitted by ThinhHo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Current Version: 0.41

1) Download the campaign
2) Place the file into your Warcraft III/Campaigns folder, or My Documents/Warcraft 3/Campaigns for patch 1.28.
2) Don't rename the campaign file or the map transition may not work.
3) Play the campaign, yay!

Inspired by The Founding of Durotar Campaign, yet unsatisfied by how short but fascinating the campaign was, this campaign aims to create a bigger world with more areas and various styles of gameplay. Note that the campaign follows none of the Warcraft or World of Warcraft lore. It takes place at a different world despite using the names of some of the same characters in Warcraft.
This campaign was first developed based on the idea of gameplay and exploration. Even though the Rexxar Campaign was amazing, it was kinda short for my taste. For the longest time, I have always wanted to create a campaign like that but bigger and more diverse in term of gameplay. My first thoughts were to make as many maps as possible. Therefore, more play-styles can be implemented such as regular RTS games, defense games, arena games, puzzles, MOBA, mini-games and many more, into only one single campaign. And here it is, this RPG campaign is the result of that.

- Campaign in the style of The Founding of Durotar with many unique elements.
- An original storyline.
- More than 16 playable maps (for Act I).
- Custom units and custom AI.
- Many unique boss fights.
- Map transition system - Most maps can be traveled back and forth.


Screenshots 1


Screenshots 2


Models Credits Icons Credits Skins Credits Miscellaneous Credits
HeroGlow by assasin_lord
Elder Shaman Thrall by Rubellu Sidus
Animated Grass by Sunchips
MagHar Barracks by Forgotten_Warlord
Juggernaut by HappyTauren
Leech (Yellow) by Fingolfin
Sunken by killst4r
Orb of Dragons by General Frank
RuneGem by RightField
NucExplosion (no missile) by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
Red Helmet by Remixer
Simple Tree by Grey Knight
Goblin Steamboat by kellym0,MiniMage
AnimatedFlowerBV.088 by kellym0
AnimatedCatTailBv.025 by kellym0
Grassie by HappyTauren
Bulky Human by Skipper
Barbarian Villager by Sin'dorei300
Wall by Shadow_killer
Branch by RightField
Mammoth Hurler by Skipper
Blood by SantoRayo[iP]
Birch and variations by Fingolfin
Oak and variations by Fingolfin
Pine and variations by Fingolfin
Inquisitor by FerSZ
Chaos Golem by MasterHaosis
Crate by Deolrin
Nether Ray by GhostThruster
Naga_Shield_Item by eubz
Web by Lender
Nerubian Devourer by Tarrasque
FemaleDrider by garfield
Demon Ziggurat by Ujimasa Hojo
Ice Spider by Kitabatake
Roar Caster by JetFangInferno
Blue Velvet Blossom by Remixer
Devil Pearl Rose by Remixer
Queen's Throne by Remixer
Governor's Crown by Remixer
Spear Head Mushroom by Remixer
Wooden Archway by eubz
TrollChild by ChevronSeven
TrollWitch by Uncle Fester
CastIronGolem by CryoniC
EvilWave Effect by sPy
Rune Golem by Alpain
Brigitte Abbendis by kangyun
Monk Statue by Kino
Desert Walls by Felipe Gormadoc
Desert Columns by Felipe Gormadoc
Desert Roof by Felipe Gormadoc
Medivh by Ujimasa Hojo
Templar Catapult by Direfury
HFMRock_Vale by Talavaj
RPG Villager by Tenebrae
Necrolyte by Kam, Xaran Alamas, Rommel
King's Guardian by Stefan.K
Mansion Wall by Kitabatake
Anduin Lothar by Tauer
Crystal by eubz
Bandit Champion by Sweet Oblivion
Villager Man by Aquis
Bandit Leader by Stefan.K
Maul of Strength by Thrikodius
Battleship by Illidan(Evil)X
GrommashHellscream by Tauer
Villager Orcs by Plunders
Grunt Female by Cavman
OrcChild by ChevronSeven
Watcher by frostwolf
Candlesticks by The_Silent
Gothic Window by Tranquil
Carpet 02 by Tranquil
BigPlantPot OnStand by imforfun
Piano by Eleandor
Chair1 by HappyCockroach
Fireplace by Blood Raven
Dojo Doodads by Blood Raven
Red Curtain by Ket
Stone Brick Variants by InfernalTater
FLoating fountain by Horn
Archmagi by Direfury
Paladin Judgment_Armor by Stefan.K
Orcish Berserker by supertoinkz
Sporling by Maxwell
King by Tranquil
Templar by Callahan
Watcher by Ujimasa Hojo
Orc Wolf Rider by Stefan.K
Mammoth Ravager by Skipper
Rifleman Lordaeron by Asssssvi
Orcish Spearthrower by General Frank
Villager Kid Female by Alethos
Serpent Knight by Gluma
Void Missiles by Mythic
Royal Captain by Tranquil
Parasite Worm by -Grendel
Banshee Queen by Sellenisko
Orc Warlock Hero by Dojo
Ancient Explosion SFX by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
Thrall by Lord_T
Shining Flare by Mythic
BTNWoWThrall by Sin'dorei300
BTNRedGuillotineVlll2 by San
BTNAutoRepairBots by Infinitynexus
BTNMoltenGiant by chr2
BTNSanctuary2 by Darkfang
BTNAntiMagicShell by Darkfang
BTNManaOrb by -Kobas-
BTNChaosGolem by MasterHaosis
BTNDemonZigguratby Ujimasa Hojo
BTNDemonZigguratUpgrade by Ujimasa Hojo
BTNBoarCharger by Mr.Goblin
BTNRing by ~Nightmare
BTNFlower3 by exN
BTNDragonstone by Skypsi
BTNTheOneRing by Mc !
BTNTrollWitch by Uncle Fester
BTNPT1Shield by Heinvers
BTNEmptyAmulet by PeeKay
BTNSphereOfDarkness by PeeKay
BTNRPGHeroEmblemCleric by Apheraz Lucent
BTNRPGHeroEmblemRanger by Apheraz Lucent
BTNRPGHeroEmblemDruid by Apheraz Lucent
BTNSultanCharmV2 by Apheraz Lucent
BTNRunestonePike by Blood Raven
BTNIceWand by NFWar
BTNBoots by Blaxor
BTNSpikedArmor by PeeKay
BTNGauntlet by darkdeathknight
BTNYellowCrystalBlade by NFWar
BTNScythe by Destructor [DoR]
BTNDualCutlass by Flute
BTNTItansteelShield by Hadeis
BTNAmulet by -Berz-
BTNPatrol by MortAr
BTNBouldersling by Eagle XI
BTNEntaglingSpikes by Don Valentino
BTNCarbotZergling by Carbot Animation
BTNSandOrb by Darkfang
BTNEnchantedOldAxe by Heinvers
BTNicon005 by FViral
BTNDuelistsGauntlets by NFWar
BTNCWRuneBlade by CloudWolf
BTNEssenceDrain4 by San
BTNGrapes by Big Dub
BTNStop by viiva
BTNWex by Legal_Ease
BTNPowerHammer by NFWar
BTNPotion2 by Mr.Goblin
BTNDeath_Staff_Stave by Gwen Stefani
BTNIcyArrows by maxor_gan
BTNMaskOfSilence2 by D.ee
BTNIvoryMammoth by Stanakin
BTNVolatileWaters by Darkfang
BTNTaliaLothian by Joey Julian
BTNSkullMask by Solu9
BTNMap by The Panda
BTNSpellHover by JollyD
BTNFreedom by PeeKay
BTNCameraReset by darkdeathknight
BTNCrimsonEdge by San
BTNPlagueBell2 by Pyramidhe@d
BTNLobsterCrabBounty by Kimbo
BTNArisingLightStrike by Darkfang
BTNWarCry by PeeKay
BTNSeerStaff by PeeKay
BTNOrbVar4 by Big Dub
BTNRoyalArmor by NFWar
BTNOrcShield by Midnighters
BTNSpiderArmor by Mc !
BTNPlateArmor02 by NFWar
BTNPlateArmor by NFWar
BTNBattlemagesGuard by NFWar
BTNThunderStorm by The Panda
BTNFerealInstinct by PeeKay
BTNToxicDagger by NFWar
BTNTenebriousArmor by PrinceYaser
BTNPandaPower by NFWar
BTNserpentknight by Gluma
BTNFirekingCrown by Darkfang
BTNoverload.blp by Murlocologist
MountainGiant.blp by chr2
RazormaneChief.blp by Mr.Goblin
Magmasaur.blp by Daenar7
DarkProphet.blp by b17rider
ForestTrollChild.blp by ChevronSeven
VillagerMale.blp by Mr.Goblin
DarkSylvanas_by67chrome.blp by 67chrome
"Elwynn Forest" by Jason Hayes
"Laurence, the First Vicar" by Tsukasa Saitoh
"Don't Turn Back" by CO.AG Music
"Far Horizons" by Jeremy Soule
"The Ancient Dragon" by Motoi Sakuraba
"Gothic Dolls" by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
"2Volt" by Hiroyuki Sawano
"Come On!" by Yoko Shimomura
"Firelink Shrine" by Motoi Sakuraba
Arceus Battle Theme Remix by Luigigigas
Jaina Theme by Neal Acree & Russell Brower
"Darklurker" by Motoi Sakuraba
"Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower" by Yuka Kitamura, etc.
"Dalaran Halls" by Neal Acree & Russell Brower
"Holy Warriors Oath" by Neal Acree & Russell Brower
"ət'æk 0N tάɪtn" by Hiroyuki Sawano
"Nashandra" by Motoi Sakuraba
"Haunted" by Tales Of The Forgotten & Steph Kowal
"Oblivion" by Baptiste Thiry
"Dependent Weakling" by Keiichi Okabe
"XL-TT" - Hiroyuki Sawano
"Gehrman, The First Hunter" by Ryan Amon, etc.
"偽書ト世界" by Keiichi Okabe
"鏖殺ノ予感" by Keiichi Okabe
"Mourning" by Keiichi Okabe
"False Knight" by Christopher Larkin
"The Sound of the End" by Keiichi Okabe
"Gods Bounded by Rules" by Keiichi Okabe
"Dispossession (Piano)" by Keiichi Okabe
"Sir Alonne" by Yuka Kitamura
"Faltering Prayer" by Keiichi Okabe
SFX Boing2 from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
SFX Monster Growl by thecheeseman
SFX NotEnoughMineral from Starcraft II
SFX Toxic Goo by Mike Koenig
SFX GehrmanAttack01 from Bloodborne

Special Thanks
They were this campaign's testers. I learned that campaign testing is not only about bug finding and bug fixing. They have done a lot more than that. They contributed a lot of suggestions and ideas to develop the campaign greatly. The scripts of the campaign were also rewritten and improved greatly by them. If you see the version of this campaign when it first came out in the Map Developement section in 2017, you may be surprised of the big difference between that version and the version you have now. All I'm saying is that without their help and you guys' support, this campaign may not have happened. I could never have done this by myself. Thanks to all, it is finally here. Thank you very much.

v0.10 July 26th 2017
- Act I BETA released

v0.11 July 27th 2017
- Heroes revive instantly for cinematic sequences if they are dead.
- The humming-lady events now work properly in the Dark Wood maps.
- The Barrows is now accessible from the start except from the main quest.
- Fixed Den of the Murlocs map-transition issue, players can now go back to where they came from.

v0.14 August 2nd 2017

Major Changes
- Fixed Hero couldn't gain XP after cinematics for all maps. (caused by the last update)
- Fixed over-spawn issue for all maps.
- Added loading screen description for all maps.
- Created a basic quest-sync system for the main quest.
- Added quest logs to several maps.
- Improved terrain for maps: Home, Shimmer Wood and Dark Wood (1).
- Fixed several dialog/cinematic mistakes.
- Added a new mini-boss, quests, a grand puzzle and a mini-game to Lonely Island.
- Changed the name of the campaign to 'Defenders of the Light' (was 'Breath of the Light').

Minor Changes
- Improved the wraith event in Dark Wood.
- Increased the hit points of Dungeon Gates in Den of the Murlocs.
- Fixed the uncontrollable stash in Edenvale City.
- Preplace some villagers and increase the number of villagers in Edenvale City.
- Added some hints, lore and decorations to Edenvale Dungeon.
- Fixed the unopenable side-quest door in Edenvale Dungeon.
- New SFX boing2 and the song Come On! from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga was added to the game.
- Fixed the walkable trees in Longpass Valley, players shouldn't be able to walk on top of the trees anymore.
- Fixed production buildings not given to player in Stormhaul.
- Adjusted enemy level-scaling across all maps.

Unit Changes
- Adjusted the size of Centaur Outrunner, Impaler, Firecallers and their derivatives.
- Increase the difficulty of the final boss of Edenvale Dungeon.
- Nazca Warlocks' Holy Light now heals for 1200 hit points (from 200).
- Added proper shadow to Makrura Abominations.
- Increased the damage of Faceless One Terror in Glowing Cave.
- Increased the ability cooldown of Unholy Titan Controller from 5s to 8s.
- Added new upgrades to Advance Gryphon Riders and Super Demolishers in Stormhaul.

Item Changes
- Lower the price of Shimmerglaze Roast to 65 (from 100).
- Change name of Boots of Speed (3) to Boots of Speed +3.
- New item: Rune of War Stomp.
- New item: Ring of the Necromancer.
- Reduce cooldown of Tome of Experience to 10s (from 30s).

v0.16 August 12th 2017

Major Fixes/Changes
- The Reliving History event in Edenvale City no longer destroys player's Stash and gold.
- Before this update The Abyss and Glowing Cave lose their 'darkness' after a game is loaded, not anymore.
- Traversing through the portal in Shimmer Wood should no longer send the player to the campaign menu screen.
- Fixed many cinematic bugs in Edenvale City.
- Recreated the whole intro sequence of the first map with a new intro quest.
- Recreated the quest system for Little Village, Shimmer Wood, Edenvale City. Bringing all of them to Blizzard standard.

Minor Fixes/Changes
- Re-organized all import files of the campaign, made it easier to look up a particular file in the imported resources.
- Glowing Cave now plays its ambient sound as music instead.
- Improve the terrain of Little Village.
- Add a new optional quest to Little Village and Edenvale City.
- Unholy Titan should continue spawning after reinforcment, until you finish the later map.
- Changed food cost of Thunder Lizard Beta in Edenvale City to 1 (from 5).
- Recreated the targeting system of Fel Orc Warlock in Lonely Island.
- Fixed some typos in the puzzle of Fel Orc Warlock in Lonely Island.

v0.28 July 15th 2018
- Act I Closed-Testing Phase B Released

v0.29 July 16th 2018

General Fixes/Changes
- Map1 Don't set Healing Wave as a pre-learned skill
- Map1 Set Tents Vulnerable
- Map9 Set Tents Vulnerable
- Map1 Don't set map black after emissary
- Map2/4 Fix Hint about exploration/boat
- Map3 Implement Buri into bandit/wizard cine
- Map3 Add Resistant Skin to Solaire
- Map3 Solaire costs 1 food to 0 food
- Map9 Added Portrait for Burma
- Map9 Destructibles are no longer invulnerable
- Map9 Stash disappears after departure cinematic, need check (Found Nothing)
- Map14 Fix Resurrection Stone belongs to Hostile Player
- Fix Buri transition activation at every transitioning zone

Unit Fixes/Changes
- Hero Adias Adjust Mana Cost of Ultimate 200/350/500 to 250/350/460
- Hero Darak Adjust Mana Cost of Ultimate 200/350/500 to 200/310/430
- Hero Chen Adjust Mana Cost of Ultimate 200/400/600 to 200/280/360
- Hero Adias Fix misleading tooltip the number of times Healing Wave bounces
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust Mana Cost of Mana Shield 50 to 180/290/405
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Fix Tooltip for Mana Shield
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust HalfDamage of Judgement 60/120/240 to 20/40/80
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust HalfDamageInterval of Judgement 1s to 0.33s
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Adjust HeroDuration of Judgement 4s to 0.33s
- Hero Buri New icon for Flame Strike
- Hero Buri's Flame Strike should no longer work on trees. Change color to blue flame.
- Hero Musko Change Frost Armor to Frost Armor (Autocast)
- Hero Musko Adjust ArmorBonus of Frost Armor 3/5/7 to 12/20/28/36
- Hero Musko Adjust ArmorBonus of Devotion Aura 1.5/3/4.5 to 6/12/18/24
- Hero Arthas Adjust ArmorBonus of Devotion Aura 1.5/3/4.5 to 6/12/18/24
- Hero Arthas Adjust AmountHealed/Dmged of Holy Light 200/400/600 to 200/400/600/800

Item Fixes/Changes
- Item Added tooltip for Blood Ring
- Item Fixed Spelling "Sceptor" to "Scepter"

v0.30 July 21st 2018

General Fixes/Changes
- GAME Reduced enemy scaling at Adias lv1/8/17/30/48 from x1/x2/x4/x6/x8 to x1/x2/x2.9/x4.2/x6.1
- GAME Reduced enemy scaling at Adias lv1/17/30/50 with x2/x4/x6/x8 to lv1/28/36/44 with x2.8/x3.7/x4.4/x5.0
- Map0 The path to the Resurrection Stone is more visible
- Map0 Add difficulty concept
- Map3 Replace Fountain of Mana with Fountain of Restoration in the town
- Map3 Create shortcut after defeating the Biggest Murloc
- Map4 Make the trees/Rocks tighter so that players cannot get through to Tojara
- Map5 Make destructibles vulnerable
- Map5 The path right below the death knight that we have to kill for the optional quest should be expanded
- Map6 Fix Item made with potion, potion doesn't go away but turn infinite use
- Map7 Murloc Huntsman now can cast Ensnare on heroes
- Map9 Give Chen Delicious Seafood after teleport in Friend quest
- Map11 Make destructibles vulnerable
- Map11 Replace Fountain of Mana with Fountain of Restoration
- Map12 Fix Mana Enhancer now provides 30 armor and 5 bonus damage on Arthas
- Map13 Improve Kaleo AI, HP, Damage
- Map13 Heroes should be revived at the correct point now
- Map14 Remove some trees around the Fountain of Health
- Map14 Make it that you would be able to buy boats without having heroes nearby shipyards.
- Map15 Increase creep respawn time to 170 (from 110)
- Map15 Replace Taurens with Berserkers
- Map15 Make destructibles vulnerable
- Map15 Make Shamans/Witch Doctors recruitable
- Map21 Remove Night Elves
- Map22 Add portals on the other side of the map
- Map22 After reinforcement, teleport heroes to ReturnSpots
- Map23 Centralize (kinda) the arena
- Map26 Greater Thunder Phoenix Increase Spell Damage Reduction to 45% (from 35%)

Unit Fixes/Changes
- Hero Darak abilities now show mana cost
- Hero Chen abilities now show mana cost
- Hero Chen Add Hotkey in Tooltip of Ultimate
- Hero Darak Fix misleading tooltip for the number of times Chain Lightning bounces
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Set Judgement ability so that it doesn't damage allies
- Hero Darak Fix tooltip for Acid Bomb
- Hero Darak Adjust Damage of Ultimate 50/100/200 to 100/175/300
- Hero Darak Adjust AreofEffect of Ultimate 1000/1100/1100 to 900/900/900
- Unit Change title of Akiba to Guardian (from The Guardian)
- Unit Change title of Kaleo to Guardian
- Unit Change title of Sira to Guardian

Item Fixes/Changes
- Item New Item Royal Armor
- Item New Item Orc Shield
- Item New Item Footman Shield
- Item New Item Seer Staff
- Item New Item Light Bullet
- Item Add detail to Imbued Chain Lightning description
- Item Reduce cost of Mana Stone to 600 (from 800) and mana regen to 15% (from 25%)
- Item Greater Kochura Incense now decrease to 400 mana (from 500)
- Item Add detail to Thunderlizard Diamond

Known Issues
- Map4A Circle of Power disappears after game load
- GAME Game crashes if transitioning when at least one hero is reviving

v0.31 August 19th 2018

General Changes/Fixes
- Improved all dialogues in the campaign
- Distributed Kaleo Quest for Act I and its Quest Sync
- Distributed Kaleo Quest Progress for Act I Export/Import
- MapC1 Added
- Credits map added
- Map3 Reterrained
- Map3 Created final Buri event
- Map3 Made Rock Chunks near the Force Wall invulnerable
- Map3 Fixed ToCity cinematic
- Map3 Added critters
- Map3 Created a small area of visibility at Barracks when Hinting at it
- Map4 Fixed opens between trees which heroes can pass through
- Map4 Rewards are created at heroes locations after killing the Colossal Turtles instead
- Map4 Fixed Darkwood Totem keeps showing up even though the map is unlocked
- Map4 Colossal Sea Turtle now drops Circlet of Nobility instead of Claws of Attack +9
- Map4 Added critters
- Map4 Added Pack13
- Map6 Fixed Heroes go through buildings
- Map6 Paused the other heroes while one hero is in Dark Souls battle
- Map6 Fixed Talky Effects for quest givers
- Map6 Changed Achievement into legit quest with quest reqs
- Map8 Changed enemies' models and names
- Map9 Reterrained
- Map9 New Quest Precious Information
- Map9 Remade Info Man event
- Map9 Fixed Buri not in cinematics
- Map9 Removed Koron after the fight so that he doesn't show up in cine
- Map9 history event fixed quest completion message. Give them Quest Reqs as well
- Map11 Improved Terrain
- Map13 Fixed lighting
- Map13 Disabled Shade of the Deep event
- Map14 Disabled Staff of Teleportation
- Map14 Blocked certain pathways
- Map14 Increased password drop rate
- Map15 Reterrained
- Map15 Fel Orc Warlocks now only drop tomes +1
- Map15 Removed exceeding Murlocs
- Map15 Added critters
- Map23 Fixed game crash upon losing

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Hero Avatar of Judgement increased Mana Transfer ratio to 1.8 from 1.5
- Hero Avatar of Judgement increased mana regen rate to 4/5/6 (from 4/4/4)
- Hero Avatar of Judgement decreased mana cost for Mana Shield to 40/40/40 (from 180/290/405)
- Hero Avatar of Judgement Mana Shield lasts 20s with each cast and has 25s cooldown
- Hero Avatar of Judgement increased ManaPerHitpoint to 3/5/7 (from 3/3/3)
- Hero Avatar of Judgement now starts with mana 25/50/75
- Hero Adias Storm Bolt lv8 can no longer target allies
- Hero Adias Increased ultimate cooldown to 220 (from 180)
- Hero Chen Increased Cooldown of Ultimate to 220 (from 180)
- Hero Chen Increased Armor of Earth to 20 (from 5)
- Hero Chen Increased Armor of Storm & Fire to 12 (from 2)
- Hero Chen Decreased Mana Cost of Ultimate to 160/220/280 (from 200/280/360)
- Hero Darak created new model for ultimate
- Hero Darak decreased DamageInterval of Ultimate to 0.5/0.5/0.5 from 1.5/1.3/1.3
- Hero Darak decreased DamageDealt of Ultimate to 48/83/140 (from 100/175/300)
- Hero Darak decreased Duration of Ultimate to 20 (from 30)
- Hero Darak decreased AreaOfEffect of Ultimate to 760 (from 900)
- Hero Darak increased Cooldown of Ultimate to 210 (from 180)
- Unit Feral Spirit Decreased MovementSpeed to 280 (from 350)
- Unit Feral Spirit Decreased ArmorBase to 0 (from 0-10)
- Unit Feral Spirit Removed Critical Strike
- Unit Feral Spirit Added new abilities: Fury Dash, Feral Predator, Feral Fury
- Hero Musko fixed tooltip number of healing bounces
- Hero Buri Flame Strike buff now has the right icon
- Map3 Changed the name of Elven Towers to Magical Guard Towers
- Map3 The Biggest Murloc got a new skin
- Map7 Replaced Murloc Emperor with Murloc Emperor
- Map9 Thrall should be lv15 with items
- Map10 Arthas and Musko's Devotion Aura now have been fixed across all maps
- Map13 Astral Arachnathids no longer scale
- Map14 Reduced Sight Range of Shipyard to 500 (from 900)
- Map14 Spider Crab Behemoth now scale with heroes' lv
- Map14 Spider Crab Leviathan now scale with heroes' lv
- Map15 Adjusted damage of Thunder Lizards
- Map15 Replaced Troll Headhunter with Troll Berserker in shops
- Map15 Improve AI of Fel Orc Warlock (South)
- Map15 Changed Berserker tooltip
- Map17 Makrura Socerers now have Feedback
- Map22 Increased Unholy Titan 08's Bloodlust to 100% atkSpd (from 75%)
- Map22 Changed Unholy Titan 07's Armor Type to Medium (from Normal)
- Map22 Increased Unholy Titan 07's cleaving damage to 50% (from 40%)
- Map22 Stormhaul Towers improve model
- Map23 Akiba improve model
- Map23 Increased HP of titans, ghouls

Item Changes/Fixes
- Critical Stone +2 Fixed tooltip
- Primal Essence Reduced mana and HP increment of to 150 (from 200)
- New Item Defense Charm
- New Item Armor of Agility
- New Item Piercing Armor
- New Item Tough Armor
- New Item Battlemage Armor
- New Item Cleansing Shield

v0.32 August 23rd 2018

- Public Release

General Changes/Fixes
- Map2 Quest givers now have exclamation mark on their heads
- Map2 Empty Vial can be removed from any hero's inventory for quest
- Map3 Replaced a Rune of Lesser Resurrection with Rune of Spirit Link
- Map3 Removed some boulders for shortcut
- Map7 Removed occlusion from some tree
- Map13 Added Hint about Lever Keepers
- Map15 Shamans are now recruitable during Quillboar Quest
- Map15 Added a new cinematic
- Map22 Removed Castle requirement for Gryphon Rider Upgrades
- Map23 Use no bleed models for Adias, Darak, Chen

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Map1 Changed name of Gnoll Hut to Forest Troll Hut
- Map3 Made 2 Bears (Level 1) Can Raise, Does Decay
- Map3 Almost all Murlocs now can swim (Done)
- Map3 Reduced Centaur Firecaller's Slow Aura MoveSpdFactor to -0.4 (from -0.6)
- Map9 Reduced Centaur Firecaller's Slow Aura MoveSpdFactor to -0.4 (from -0.6)
- Map9 Alad and Maranda are now invulnerable
- Map21 Jimmy now drops something
- Map22 Priests are now fully upgraded
- Map22 Increased Arthas and Musko's health
- Hero Chen Fix Ultimate Tooltip
- Hero Chen Fix Breath of Fire Tooltip

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item Claws of Attack now reduces mana while equipped
- Item Boots of Speed now reduces 8 armor while equipped
- Item Gloves of Haste now reduces attack damage by 3
- Item Greater Kochura Incense now reduces mana cap by 350 (from 400)
- Item Frost Wyrm Skull Shield reduces Spell Damage Reduction to 20% (from 33%)
- Item Frost Wyrm Skull Shield Hero takes extra 8 damage from melee attacks
- Item Ankh of Reincarnation now revives heroes with 1200 hp
- Item Frozen Core reduced price to 1700 (from 1900)
- Item Frozen Core now reduces wearer armor by 5
- Item New Item Noxious Dagger

Known Issues
- Sometimes you'll notice unit's shadows on some maps, ignore them.
- Sometimes enemies spawn behind trees
Patch 1.30 Known Issues
- Although some cinematics are not meant to be skipped, skipping some skippable cinematics may not work properly or may break the game.
- Some tooltips are not fully displayed.

v0.33 October 26th 2018

General Changes/Fixes
- Heroes gain only 25% experience from kills after one of them reaches lv22.
- Buri’s Banish ability has been replaced by Holy Heal – a self-heal ability which works like Clarity Potion.
- The terrain of Longpass Valley has been improved. It looks prettier now.

Detailed Changes/Fixes
- Map1 Sellers, Paul and Reiner are now invulnerable
- Map2 Buri and other heroes should be able to give the Vial
- Map4 Grunt no longer decays when he dies in cinematic
- Map5 Disable Chen dialogues if he's not there
- Map6 Cairne now has Reincarnation
- Map6 Thrall now can summon wolves
- Map6 Increased creep respawn time to 200s (from 110s)
- Map7 Disabled Invisible Bridge
- Map9 Make Sheep invulnerable
- Map9 Fix Buri bug in Unit Testing System
- Map9 Increased the difficulty of Bandit Quest
- Map9 Delicious Meat is now stored as variables instead of item
- Map9 Chamber Key and Musical Core are now stored as variables instead of items
- Map9 The game now clears text messages for Spider Crab meat updates
- Map9 Extended the time Ghostly Archmage appears till 10:00PM (was 9:00PM)
- Map9 Make Neutral heroes invulnerable
- Map11 Fixed Karim+Boss Door bug
- Map11 Double doors to secret item are now invulnerable
- Map14 Increased rate of password drop
- Map14 Decreased minigame upgrade cost to 300/300/300/200 (from 600/600/600/400)
- Map14 Gargantuan Sea Turtle in middle of map can now cast Frost Armor
- Map14 Lock camera during Egg Minigame
- Map14 Make the whole room visible during Egg Minigame
- Map14 Expanded reward roster for Phoenix Egg Minigame to 46 (from 25)
- Map15 Blocked walkable paths
- Map15 Increased creep respawn time to 240s (from 170s)
- Map21 A Stash will be available at the end of the map
- Map21 The Undead base now treat Neutral Hostiles as Neutral
- Map22 Unrelenting Towers now give 150 gold each
- Map22 Gryphon Riders no longer require Castle
- Map22 Gryphon Riders increased max hp to 1600 (from 1300)
- Map22 Gryphon Riders increased gold cost to 280 (from 250)
- Map23 Artilleries can no longer hit Obelisks
- Act II Improved final boss fight - final phase
- Rum for Friend and Broken Music no longer appear in every map

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Hero Buri Reduced Flame Strike's FullDmgDealt to 15/22.5/30 (from 15/26.67/36.67)
- Hero Buri Reduced Flame Strike's AOE to 160 (from 200)
- Hero Buri Reduced Mana Siphon's ManaDrained to 20/30/40 (from 25/50/75)
- Hero Buri Reduced Mana Siphon's ManaTransferredPerSec to 30/60/90 (from 45/90/120)
- Hero Buri Increased Mana Transfer's ManaTransferRatio to 1.0/1.3/1.6 (from 1.0/1.2/1.4)
- Hero Buri Replaced Banish with Holy Heal
- Hero Adias has a new icon
- Map3 Remove Alpha/Beta after Mercs' name

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item Cloak of Flames/Cloak of Fire no longer deal damage to neutral units
- Item New Item Tenebrious Armor
- Item New Item Spiky Plate

v0.34 April 12th 2019

General Changes/Fixes
- Revamped Level Cap system
- Map1 Removed awkward long pause in cinematic
- Map2 Fixed Buri can't activate quests
- Map3 Ancient Sasquatch now drops Tome of Agility instead of Tome of Knowledge
- Map4A Now can skip long cinematic
- Map9 Fixed Buri not activate some minigames
- Map11 Removed awkward long pause in cinematic
- Map11 Added some more rewards into Memory Circles minigame
- Map14 Fixed Buri can't activate contraptions
- Map14 Makrura Abomination's ability now works on Buri
- Map23 Now can skip long cinematic
- MapC1 Added Spiky Plate, Tenerious Armor and Noxious Blade to Item Shop

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Hero Chen Earth's Spell Immunity is replaced with Hardened Skin with IgnoredDmg: 12/22/30
- Hero Chen now has a new ability Bererk - boosting attack speed but Chen takes more damage
- Hero Chen Drunken Brawler now only has 8 levels

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item Frozen Core now reduces wearer armor by 10

v0.39 December 23rd 2019

ACT I and General
General Changes/Fixes
- MapIntro Fixed some grammar mistakes
- Map3 Removed Lots of Tomes of Intelligence/Strength/Agility
- Map3 Solaire now drops any items he carries after completing the quest
- Map4 Add stash into Shimmer Coastal for purchase and use
- Map5 Removed some Tomes of Intelligence/Strength/Agility
- Map9 Make Ghostmage invulnerable
- Map11 Chen uses Breath of Fire when his hp is less than 40% instead of 30%
- Map11 Mini Bosses and Voidwalkers no longer respawn
- Map11 FlameStrike areas are off after unlocking the final doors
- Map14 Remove summons for Staff of Teleportation exploit
- Map15 Remove victory cinemtic if the quillboar defense game is replayed
- Map15 Kodo beast cost no gold
- MapC1 Button is now visible after activation

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Adias' Judgement Strike buff now has the right icon
- Chen Changed name of Berserk to Drunken Furry
- Chen Drunken Furry reduced base mana to 65-100 (from 85-130)
- Unit Fel Stalker removed Mana Burn ability and change attack type to Normal (from Chaos)
- Insurgent Changed model

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item Primal Essence can only be obtained twice in Act I and once in Act II now
- Item Vindicator Belt can only be obtained once in Act I now
- Item Cloak of Fire can only be obtained once in Act I now
- Item New Items Small/Medium/Large Health Elixir
- Item Scroll of the Beast now increases Attack Damage by 50% and lasts 30s, AOE Area is 400 (from 500)
- Item New Item Scroll of the Monster
- Item New Items Small/Medium/Large Mana Elixir
- Item Blood Ring has a new icon
- Item Piercing Armor fixed description
- Item Spear of Crystal Rain Increased Mana Cost to 110 (from 65)
- Item Murloc Staff now costs 85 mana (from 0) to cast

General Changes/Fixes
- Map16 Fixed An Uninvited Guest quest with questreq and discover
- Map16 Fixed Demon run somewhere else in cinematic
- Map16 Change Items Sold from Reiner's Shop
- Map17 Add Stash as reward after completing Thrall's quests
- Map17 Reduce number of Stalkers in the initial packs
- Map17 Adjust allied heroes' stats, item and hp
- Map17 Remove rock chunks blocking way to Mold Valley
- Map17 Turn on Mold Valley transitioning
- Map17 Choose the right items for Camp Shop
- Map17 Reduced hit points and damage of Quest Rescue's unit
- Map17 Added Shaman, Footman, Knight and Priest into Barracks with better description
- Map19 Earth, Storm, Fire now disabled and enabled properly for quest
- Map19 Mammoth 2nd and 3rd fight has no more unrelated cinematic
- Map26 Remove Optional quest rescued unit going into Sira's session
- Map26 Designate custom respawn for supporting units in Adias' session
- Map28 Removed Tome of Intelligence and Tomes of Strength
- Map29 Fixed platform puzzle bug
- Map29 Fixed some pathing issues
- Map31 Replaced Light Strike effect with Mythic's one
- Map34 New Map Added
- Map40 Added Cloak of Blaze crafting quest
- Map40 Fix boss loses color after restart
- Map40 Make player treat creeps as neutral during cinematic

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Unit Giant Magnataur increased base health to 22000 (from 18000)
- Map28 Increased Magnataur Normal War Stomp to 650 (from 400)
- Map28 Increased Magnataur Hook War Stomp to 450 (from 150)
- Map28 Increased Reika's Surrounding Wave to 500/620/740 (from 500/580/660)

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item Cloak of Flames can only be obtained once in each shop in Act II, but can be dropped from enemies
- Item Changed Life Sucker's description
- Item New Item Magic Ivory
- Item New Item Life Sucker
- Item New Item Belt of Power
- Item New Item Blue Tearstone Ring
- Item New Item Kaleo's Magic Shield
- Item Enchanted War Axe changed name to Seimos' War Axe
- Item Medallion of Darkhaven decreased life bonus to 400 (from 500)
- Item Belt of Power Change stats 6% (from 5%) and 1000hp random dmg (from 450hp)
- Item Cloak of Flames can only be obtained once in each shop in Act II, but can be dropped from enemies

v0.41 January 8th 2020

General Changes/Fixes
- Act II Intro Map is available
- Increased time before creeps respawn on most maps
- Implemented Novels
- Map25 Decreased Help Room Chance
- Map28 Edit Terenas Cinematic
- Map31 Increased Blink mana cost to 35 (from 25)
- Map31 Updated Credits

Unit Changes/Fixes
- Adias Reduced Avatar of Judgement base damage to 47/81/121 (from 78/135/202)
- Sira model no longer has long ears
- Map26 Create appropriate colors for Power Generators Green/Yellow

Item Changes/Fixes
- Item New Item Phoenix's Blue Feather
- Item New Item Sundering Glaive
- Item New Item Novel: Seimos
- Item New Item Sacred Rune Blade
- Item New Item Stout Shield
- Item Reduced Wraith Band, Warrior's Bracer, Null Talisman's bonus stats to 3 and 5 (from 3 and 7)
- Item Removed Health Booth from Zheidland Armory
- Item Replaced Crown of Kings from Moka Quest with Stout Shield

General Issues
- Transitioning to another map with at least one of your hero being revived will crash the game.
- Sometimes enemies spawn behind trees and rocks. Not all of them can be fixed but many of them can be. Just let me know where the spawns specifically are so that I can fix them in future updates.
- Sometimes you would see units' shadows on the map without any unit there. They are the unintended by-products from the spawn system. Just ignore them.

Map Specific Issues
- In Blood Feather, the Circle of Power may disappear (visually) after a game is loaded.
- In Glaring Shore, the game may crash if all of your heroes die. I'm not sure if this bug is caused by patch 1.30 or not.
- In King of Edenvale, the opponent hero sometimes just freezes and does nothing.
- In Fallen Lords, one of the bosses sometimes just freezes and does nothing.
- In Zheidland, bugs may occur due to how much contents the map has. Events may overlap on one another which causes bugs. I'd recommend not to rush and activate too many quests/events at once when you are in this map to prevent bugs from occurring

Patch Issues
Due to the instability of the newer patches, there are a lot of bugs caused by the patches which I'm not all aware of. If possible, I would suggest you to play the campaign with patch 1.29 and below. The campaign is most compatible with patch 1.26 and 1.27.

I'd appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and tips!

Defenders of the Light (Campaign)

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  1. Ryan26


    Sep 11, 2018
    ThinhHo, I created a profile just so I could comment. I've been playing Defenders of the Light for a couple weeks now, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I love this campaign. I've tried about 10+ different custom campaigns now, but they're all missing what I really craved, which is to focus solely on hero/unit play. The Founding of Durotar was a masterpiece, and I can never find a campaign that lives up to it. Yours is very well done. OH, and on a side note, that cinematic that plays showing the Blood Feather clan fighting the demon? That shit was EPIC, dude. lol After hearing classical music during the whole game up to that point, then hearing the techno/rock song queue up and the dialogue that ensued?! Craftfully done! I was grinning the whole time. Excellent work all around, and thanks for the hard work.
  2. DamascoAe


    Sep 12, 2018
    Im stuck in the main quest Water of Purity.....The collecting of 20 spider crab meat☹️☹️☹️heeeelp
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2018
  3. witchdoctor


    Apr 14, 2015
    The mage in Adenvale city need Staff of Renavant to give more infomation but I already sold it, sadly. May I can have it again, or have to replay campaign :(:(
  4. felixng2012


    Jan 21, 2012
    Make sure to turn off iseedeadpeople cheat as the crabs wont respawn if its active. Go along the coast and farm the crabs there :)
  5. felixng2012


    Jan 21, 2012
    Sadly thats my only complaint about this campaign is the inventory problem.

    I would love to just dump any item i find into stash in case it is useful but since we have very limited space we have to either drop a useful item to make room for an item that isnt too useful or leave it there.

    And it would be very annoying to transfer back to old map to get it. Sometimes I dropped items in random spot too so I don't remember where it is if i find out its useful later lol.
  6. witchdoctor


    Apr 14, 2015
    So I replayed the campaign just to find the Staff for him, and guest what, he need " Mana Stone" this time, What the .....!!!
  7. felixng2012


    Jan 21, 2012
    You can find that on the murloc map in the top left, you have to use flame strike staff to destroy the trees to get it. Let me know the reward for all of this. Feels like its not worth the effort lol
  8. sunabokori


    Sep 28, 2014
    Exeptionnaly well made campaign for what i have played,i didn't get captivated at such for a long time by a Warcraft3 Custom map or campaign since Tomoraider's Curse of the Forsaken and Rise of The Blood Elves, i have finished the main story with heroes at level 34+ but i haven't done every map (not the most hidden at least).
    @ThinhHo thank you for giving us this Masterpiece ,it is quite inspiring ,even if is not exempt of kind of errors or bugs of sort.
    Waiting with impatience The Second Act

  9. ThinhHo


    May 13, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    Ever since this campaign was uploaded, I haven't got time to open the World Editor to work on the campaign. My time is really tight at the moment. It's hard to find time to even reply to your messages. Though I have read all of your amazing comments. I thank you greatly for playing this campaign. I'm happy to have created something that you guys can enjoy.

    The hidden text below is my reply to @deepstrasz's review on the campaign. If you haven't completed the campaign or if you don't want to be spoiled by even the little things in this campaign, I suggest you not reading the text.
    SPOILER, Reply to deepstrasz's review

    My Reply
    Beginning Scene
    - That's the nice trick you found there.

    - Yes Hao Hao is a product names for noodels.
    - Having the other model without the hammer is a small detailed touch that I spent time on making. There is not much significance in doing so but I did it anyway. Losing your hero control group is also a small thing.
    - If you are not aware, the reason I don't do complicated abilities with triggers is because of potential bugs. The more complicated the triggers are, the more bugs the campaign has. W3 has its limit. Adding more triggers like these may break the limit of the campaign. So I decided to create just simple abilities which your heroes can use them in synergy with one another. As you have seen, those abilities work quite well in this campaign in many circumstances.
    - There's no Blood Mage in the world of DOTL, so having a Blood Mage's abilities won't make him a Blood Mage. Buri's main purpose in term of gameplay is to support Adias as a mana hero in the beginning of the game. Without him, the game would be hard and tedious in the beginning. The Transfer Mana ability makes him unique. Siphon Mana is quite essential for the kind of hero that he is. If I am to change his abilities, Banish is the ability I would change. It's not that useful. However, I couldn't thought of anything better to replace it. Flame Strike maybe too good for him as a support hero. He's not meant to be an full-on AOE in my opinion, while his Flame Strike can decimate the Murlocs in Den of the Murlocs. Chen should be the one who is capable of that. This is not the world of Warcraft so not many things would be the same as you've known. Paladins in this world aren't always Light-oriented and equipped with Light-abilities.
    - Yeah you completed quest Dave Munshi. Quests in this campaign is not like the original ones. Not all of them are meant to be completed nor discovered. Dave Munshi is only one of the hidden quests you'd find. When players miss any quest in this campaign, they shouldn't expect to sweat over it. Quests in this campaign are not to-do list like other campaigns. It may only frustrate you if you treat the quests like one big to-do-list.
    - I think it also depends on culture to call pop as a father or not.
    - Permanent Immolation kills things even Paul! Wow, thanks for pointing that out.

    Little Village
    - It is intentional to leave Buri with only 3 lvs for his abilities. And you got it right, he is meant to only played for only a while.
    - Buri should be able to give the Vial as well in the next version.
    - The Doggy Exterminator quest is totally optional. You don't have to do it. It's even hidden. I made this quest because I felt like making it for fun. I wanted to see how many people would be able to find this quest, or complete it. Every playthrough is different and hidden things like this should bring different experiences to different players. You don't have to like it and you don't have to do it.

    Dark Wood
    - Like any other maps, I noted all of the bugs that you mentioned. They will be fixed in the next update.
    - The statue doesn't protect you actually. Adias just basically told players to avoid the houses and stay close to the statue so that players don't aggro the zombies. It seems like I didn't make it clear enough for you.
    - Orbs doesn't work on Darak sometimes when he already carries other orbs with other effects. This is the limitation of the engine and I can't do much about it.
    - I'm not a fan of Starcraft. It's just the game I spent the most time with when I was younger. It is also made by Blizzard so may as well give it some credits here.
    - You're right about the Circle Gateways. It would require some triggering but it's definitely doable to make them like ones in the dungeon.
    - Yeah Undead can be hurt in this campaign. The physical pain they experience is significantly lesser than the livings experience though.
    - If players use too many herbs and there are not enough for the quest, then it's their fault. The quests are not all designed to be completed anyway. Depending on how you play it you may have to abandon some quests in the game.
    - I could have made heroes to be fully after the ghost battles. However, I didn't want players to abuse the system too much by using the same hero again and again.
    - The AI of the Dark Souls are entirely the orignal game's basic AIs. I didn't trigger their AI in this case. This is an optional thing and I didn't want to spend to much time on it programming what abilities heroes should use at what time.
    - The Dark Souls heroes are totally random each time and yes it's only for experience.
    - I have all music playing through music channel. None of them is played through sound channel. I don't know where and how you got this info from.
    - Yeah, the shades are annoying. Some optional maps are annoying too and they are meant to be difficult, annoying and frustrating. They are not meant for casual players who just want to run pass everything. I made maps like this with the Dark Souls mentality in mind. They maps are meant to be hard and tedious just like the Dark Souls series. They are meant for gaming masochists like me.
    - About the horizontal ! on the living tree, I tried but couldn't fix it.
    - Living Tree quest completed! Yes, it's a hidden quest.
    - Yeah, the Maiden of Pain attacking back is a nice touch. I'll consider it. The unit's purpose is only for the tomes.

    Glowing Cave
    - There might be a bug with the spawning system in this map. I'll take a look into it. The spawning system always has a limit of how many units to spawn in certain areas without over populate those areas.
    - The hereos were touching Kaleo during the cinematic? Haha. They must been on queue commands or something. I didn't get this during my playthrough. And yeah, the issue you mention can certain be fixed.
    - Yeah this is one of the tedious optional maps if you wonder. Frustration is expected.

    Lonely Island
    - I agree, the Turtle-dodging system is not perfect.
    - YEAH HAHAHA, Makrura Abominations, my favorite custom unit in the game. The stun is long but it's not overpowered. I believe you've found out the trick to fight those guys. Moving away before they cast the stunning spell is the best way to deal with them.
    - The switches are annoying and the map is meant to be that way anyway.
    - Gargantuan Turtles with mana? Was it intentional? I don't quite remember. Need to check that out.
    - Armor/Damage types are the same as the original, the only difference is the Damage Reduction.
    - You're right, the whole room should be visible.
    - I may reduce the cost of upgrades for the statues. I didn't test this as much so they, as you say, can be greatly overpriced.
    - Putting the camera back up... uhm, good idea.

    Shimmer Wood
    - Aha, using Solaire to get the items in the back of Balaro is quite clever. You don't have to kill Balaro by doing this.
    - I'll make the items from Solaire drop next time when the unit changes ownership.
    - I thought I et the undead units to neutral with their level displayed. Will check that again.
    - It's normal for creeps just run somewhere during fights. It's part of the roaming system.
    - When a unit has alpha besides its name, it's two time stronger than the original version. All creeps in the campaign used to have Alpha, Beta, Delta behind their names but I removed them. Players should now notice the difference in creeps' power by their level.
    - You're right. It would be nice for all units to have QWER hotkeys for their spells. However, making QWER hotkeys for all units in the campaign requires time and effort. I don't have enough of those factors, so I only applied QWER to the most important units in the campaign.
    - Not gonna burn Buri's body? Hah, you're right! I forgot about that. I guess you can safely assume that Adias bring Buri's body to his family later.
    - I can see why Chen was teleported to the north of the map after finding Buri. I'll check the triggers and see if I can fix this.

    Murloc Caves
    Wow, you figured out the way to kill the Emperor! When I created this boss fight I know that it would be an annoying boss fight. That's why it's annoying and optional.

    Edenvale City
    - A packhorse is even more complicated than a static stash. Would it be invincible? If it dies, keeping all your items for map transfering is quite complicated. The stash system is just spiral up into oblivion. The best thing I can think of for the stash system is that I can add another stash. So now players would have 2 stashes to transfer items between maps instead of only one. It would require a lot of triggering but it's safe to do this.
    - Yes experience is shared. We can remove buggs and reset spells in the future version after an areana fight.
    - I think I haven't incorporate Buri into the Unit Testing minigame so the modes may not work with him proberly.
    - The Holy Order avatar shouldn't spawn with full mana. With the mana transfer ability, players can abuse it to restore Adias' mana every time the avatar get summoned.
    - All testing units should give you gold just like any creeps would do even after finishing the arena quest.
    - One of the sheep remained green after the 4th round? Wow, this must have happened because the game engine reaches its limit. Sometimes the game cannot go through all of the triggers proberly causing problems like this. It's unfortunate but I can't do nothing about it. The final reward of this quest are not the ankh and a potion of mana. The final reward can only obtained if you complete round 50 of this minigame. As I said, this quest is optional. It may not be for everyone as not everyone has the ability to do it. You may ask how the hell we can reach round 50. It's possible. One of my friends reach round 40 in his second try.
    - Yeah, I didn't notice that the sheeps were vulnerable. I'll make them vulnerable in the next update.
    - You're right, the bandits are really weak. Maybe we should replace with the alpha (x2) version.
    - Making the crab food and the musical core as variables are better than making them as items. Simple but effective, I like it. I'll do it in the next update.

    Edenvale Dungeon/King of Edenvale/Throne Room.
    - "The light is with us! I curse you!" Huh? I don't get it. Do we have this line in the campaign?
    - It's a game after all, so the boss may look like he/she is waiting for you.
    - The door opens after you finish round 4. Players can keep playing beyond that point if they want to.
    - Chen sometimes would use his mana when he's low on hp. He also uses a potion of healing when you fight him. It would be fun fighting him without item on Adias. I know I made this fight quite simple and it's intentional. The main fight is after him.
    - The doors which you destroyed at the start of the dungeon should be invulnerable. I'll fix it in the next version.
    - The elevators with magic barriers are not bugged. The pathing of the elevators are supposed to be reversed in someway. I know I changed the numbers in the triggers to "reverse" them but I stil don't know how they work exacty in practice.
    - Yes Arthas isn't really hard if you find a way to fight him. You figured it out. Congratulations! One of my friends use hit-and-run on Arthas.
    - I intentianlly painted a minimap that looks like the lion. Stormwind, yes, a preference. I did it mainly for artistic purpose haha.
    - You don't get anything out of game achiecement btw. The only thing you get out of it is the achievement itself.
    - The problem with multiple options of heroes to choose from is that you can't build a good story for them. Chen plays an important character in the story so we can't replace him with anone else.
    - The heroes which weren't present in the dungeon trial you can assume that they were already defeated.
    - I made the throne room map. It is one of the last maps that got reterrained before public release so it's quality is pretty high. My terraining skills definitely improved after terraining more than 2 dozens maps. When you see parts that look ugly in this campaign, you know when the terrain was made.
    - Hues for Cloak of flames and fire? Nice. Thank you. I'll do it.
    - I thought of putting info in the library as well. However, after putting everything I needed in there, I found out that there weren't much room left for info.
    - Fighting the heroes in the dungeon again after the trial was meant for gameplay purpose even though they are technically no longer in there.

    Shimmer Coastal
    - You're riht. The grunt should not decay during the scene. That's why the scene always seemed weird to me.
    - I'll use different names, color for the barrels which are invulnerable.
    - Tojara is a minor boss.
    - The Sunken Monster wasn't sent by team undead. I just classified it as an undead enemy.
    - Your wolves will gain an ability to increase attack speed when Darak's ability reaches level 8.
    - The Light bullets are powerful but they are limited in supply. You're right I can put a stronger creature there. I'll consider it.

    The Barrows
    - The number of lizards will throw people off at first. Targeting the strong ones in the clusters is the trick to deal with those lizards. When the strong ones are down, the rest are just pieces of cake.
    - I didn't set the respawn to be greater in number. I wonder if this was a bug.
    - The thunder lizard eggs should still drop after you've found on.
    - About the Warlock in the middle, I can't answer your question because I don't know either.
    - The Shimmerweed is really random. It also moves, yeah.
    - This map was reterrained right before public released so the pathing at some areas are not fully blocked. That's why units can just go through the doodads. I'll spend more time on blocking the pathing on this map.
    - You can get a lot more eggs and shimmerweed. The game will store them as variables so that you can create more potions in the future yes.
    - I thought of other fast traveling systems for the campaign as well but I like the slow pace of this genre and I wanted to stay true to that.

    Longpass Valley
    - Heroes have more than 9 levels but there's a limit of how many characters you can type in a box of tooltip. That's why I can only put 8 levels their. Venkolm also suggestted other ways to write the tooltips including the higher lv abilities. However, the power of the of the higher lv abilities are not solid as Act II's still in development and balancing still needs to be done. The power of heroes' abilities increases a lot less once they are above level 8. They are subject to change as Act II is developed. New tooltips for heroes' abilities will be re-implemented once Act II is completed.
    - 9k gold on the statues?! Wow, they need some nerfs.
    - Arthas Chain Lightning. Yeah, this is not Warcraft 3 you know. This is Defenders of the Light.
    - I need to take a look at the enemy hero in this map. He's kinda buggy I'd say.
    - You can go through a shortcut, as you did, leave the wagons behind, kill everything beforehand. That's a nice trick you found there. No complaint, I could have done the same thing.
    - Treants don't belong to the undead actually. However, that's the only way I could think of to make the undead not attack the Treants. Because the undead is hostile to Neutral Hostile, they will kill every neutral hostile in their vicinity. Another approach is to make the undead treat neutral hostile as neutral. By doing this, the treants and some other units can belong to neutral hostile.
    - Arthas and Musko will be revived just like the other heroes when they die.
    - Arthas did not leave all the artifacts you've put on him?! It's either the triggers that I need to take a look at or the game reached its limit again.
    - Now that I think of it. It would be better to have a stash in this map.

    - Rum for Friend and Broken Piano are universal quests. They require you to travel to other maps to complete the quest. That's why the quests appear in different maps as well. But you are right, they don't have to appear in every single map. I can remove this in the future.
    - I don't quite remember. Can building give gold? Now that you mentioned it, I'll see it I can make them give players gold. 200 each would be nice.
    - About Titans not giving out money after you complete the quest, that's really weird. They should continue giving you money. There's not even a trigger to stop them from giving you money. It must be something related to the engine.
    - Titans with another color seems like a good idea. I'll consider it.
    - Yeah you can just run through the undead base to reach Glaring Shore. You can make it a challenge by destroying all of the building if you want.

    Glaring Shore
    - The titans were summon by the boss. There can be many explanation for your point. Maybe the boss just wanted Arthas afterall. Maybe Arthas was unlucky when the titans' spawn locations were right next to him. Maybe we can skip through all of the reasoning I just accept that Arthas is meant to die.
    - The artillery units can hit the Akiba wards? Wow, that should not happen. Added into to-fix-list.
    - You can't go back at this point unless you have a save before this map.
    - Your 4 point about Starcraft II last level is not true haha. I thought of this level design from scratch actually, not inspired from anything else. I went through many improvement to reach the gameplay that it has right now. Epic final boss right? I'm curious of how many times you died from this boss.
    - Before entering the map, you was notified about this being the last map right? Maybe it wasn't clear enough. In the previous versions, you could return to other maps after the final boss.
    - Arthas doesn't believe in "destiny" stuffs. He's skeptical. The prophecy was vague so Arthas didn't know what will happen and deal with them accordingly.

    After this, I'll start replying to the rest of your messages. With the limited time that I have, short texts would be better from now on. Replies will be more responsive cause now I can use my phone to reply to messages. Ask me any questions that you have, I'll gladly answer.

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
  10. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    I wholeheartedly disagree. Bugs appear when you make stuff wrongly. You do them properly in one map and export-import them on the others.
    That's a cheeky way of getting out of the situation. The remark is not only for a hero rank but also for the almost copy paste of a hero ability roster from the game.
    Not if they are optional and you can ignore them if you want. Of course, hidden ones is a neat gameplay diversity.
    I'm not sure how an English word and it's sense could have a different meaning in another culture? You're saying the English word pop in other countries has other meanings?
    Hidden? I just got it when entering the map from the north without any notice. How does that make it hidden?
    Yeah, I might have misunderstood.
    No. They don't work even if it's the only orb on him.
    That shouldn't be because you could use the herbs before getting to know about the quest which makes it frustrating and it's a sort of laugh in your face from the author to the player.
    That forces player to replay which isn't a good way of creating replayability. Usually you do it by letting a player choose between something and something else but without having to know of it beforehand unless it won't work anymore.
    I play with music off so, I have no idea how it happened unless you trigger the volume for music on each chapter.
    Weird, maybe try another attachment point? Or use special FX on region, I don't know really... Another possibility might be to make the ! a flying unit with Locust ability so you can't select it.
    Maybe some seduction/deceit as well?
    Either make the horse invincible or make the stash item transaction range higher (map wide) but I think if you do this one it affects all item manipulation ranges from hero to hero, shop to hero etc. You could circumvent this by adding an ability to the stash which moves the items from a selected hero to it, say only from the first slot or something like that and the other way around.
    Should just mention that he is excluded or make the quest available after Buri is no more.
    Well, it has a cooldown but the thing is that the other spells become useless when you'll be using the summoned unit for mana transfer when it already has low mana.
    You can. Just reset the colour of the sheep every time, after every round.
    What about you as the creator? If you can't then... it's pretty weird. I don't expect other people to do something I can't in one of my maps.
    Yeah, it's funny, using the light and all that but he resorts to cursing :D like dark magic, you know? It's the unit's soundset.
    Hmm? What exactly do you mean? You could just simply stand next to the bookshelves and text would appear.
    Yeah, saw that but well I really didn't think the movement speed buff was useful.
    Or just use another player?
    On Normal? Not once. The titans were a bit problematic but I had the allied units so, it was really OK.
    You should be able to return to those maps afterwards to finish what there is to. That's how many JRPGs do it but not most I gather. Also, actually, the antepenultimate map is the last and you can't return once you start the mission.
  11. ThinhHo


    May 13, 2017
    That's a great question!
    It will take quite a while before the next chapter gets released. As for the next update, I haven't had enough time to work on it just yet. The next update only fixes some bugs in the campaign. No new content will be added.
    When receiving Cairne as the 4th hero in The Founding of Durotar, I noticed that the RPG formula starts to break from there. The game which focuses heavily on micro now become a macro-focused game. With 4 heroes, you can also spam their skills continuously. It is also hard to find synergy for all of their abilities when you have 4 heroes.
    So the maximum number of heroes you would get are only 3 heroes.
    A 4th hero can be temporarily added into your hero roster when the mission is a macro-focused one, just like some missions in Act I.
  12. ThinhHo


    May 13, 2017
    Thank you Ryan, this is one of the best comments that I have seen so far.
    I'm very happy to read these lines. My whole intention for that part was to nail the emotions of players, storytelling and character development to the max level. The part can be considered to be the best part of the campaign and I'm very proud of it. Thank you for giving it the recognition it deserves. I love to see how this cinematic has an emotional impact on people. I'm curious. Why was you grinning during the cinematic? Was it the anticipation? Was it the death? The music?

    A note on the song that I used: The song is Attack on Titan - Hiroyuki Sawano which is from the show itself. This is my favorite song of all time. I've listened to this song for more than 1500 times without getting bored of it. It's meaning is powerful and I want to put it into motion through that cinematic of the campaign. The song depicts a fight in which the fighters know that they may die. They fight for their family, their people and their country. The great thing about this song is that the fighters know that they may not make it out of there alive. The important thing is not to stay alive. The most important thing is that they fight whether they win or not. Many people carries this philosophy through life. This philosophy can make them monsters in what they do. They are undefeated because they don't fear death or failure. All they fear is not doing anything.

    I agree. That is also my complaint. I'm thinking of putting a second stash beside the one that players already have. This allows them to carry more items through the maps. The system is already there. I just need to add another layer to it. It just takes a lot of triggering to implement.
    I made the items random each time so that players can't easily cheese the system. They can't also spoil it for others if it's random like this.
  13. JakedaSnak33


    Sep 16, 2018
    is this map compatible with the latest patch release?
  14. ThinhHo


    May 13, 2017
    We haven’t officially tested the campaign with the newest patch. It only has some minor bugs from the previous 1.30 patches. If the newest patch hasn’t changed much. The campaign should work just fine.
  15. JakedaSnak33


    Sep 16, 2018
    Well i guess i will post if i find anything then! Thanks for the quick reply!
  16. Ryan26


    Sep 11, 2018
    I'm glad you enjoyed reading my comments regarding your campaign. Thank you for the background info for the cinematic I referred to, that was very interesting to read! The reason I was grinning while watching it I guess was just excitement. The song set it up excellently and it was just climactic to watch. I had hoped I could watch it again but alas, there's no link for it on the campaign list. I finally "finished" the act, kinda. I got to the level where the demon is in the center of the map, saved my game, but haven't gone back to play the battle, probably because I know that'll mark the end of the campaign for a while. It was a pleasure while it lasted though. Thank you, friend.
  17. WarsongWarchief


    Jul 26, 2018
    IS there ANY way of killing the murloc emperor without cheats? like a strategy to stop those broken venomtrashers spawnin... really helps ... till now it's good,but this one particular fight drives me mad.
  18. ThinhHo


    May 13, 2017
    You can buy Hunter's Net in The Barrows which can be used to immobilize the Emperor. Without the ability to flee, it goes down fast. You also need to be strong enough to take it down (About lv20+). I cannot guarantee that you will be able to defeat it using this method but it certainly makes the fight a lot easier.
  19. JakedaSnak33


    Sep 16, 2018
    Hey i wanted to report a crash bug i ran into. The NPC that gives the "Pick up all the weeds" quest, starting the quest causes a crash.
    Edit: wanted to say that i am playing this on 1.30
  20. ThinhHo


    May 13, 2017
    This must have been caused by the new patch. Nobody reported this bug before prior to the new patch.