Defenders of Nature

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A PvP/Arena/RPG map, in which the cooperation, and the discussion, between the players, is necessary and inevitable (how ?, I do not know, really). You must ally yourself with your enemies, fight side by side to make your way through formidable enemies to improve your hero, and kill fearsome bosses, then betray your allies and steal all the spoils!

Screenshots: Later

-Betray your allies, and ally your killers. A complete Alliance System.
-Kill Bosses, to take a lot of Powerful Arctifacts, each one with a spell!
-Complete Quests to gain Quest ID, and change your hero for a better one, with the new Hero Selection System, using items as base! Beware, alll Sasquatch look same, so other player can take credits for your efforts
-Explore Azeroth, with a very fundamented story, Chord of Warcraft Lore
-Discover the Secret of the Closed Door (coming soon)
-Kill everyone, monster, undead, demon or Sasquatch that opposes your rise in power, to be the Great Leader of the Secret Society

Heroes: Every player starts with a Little Sasquatch. By making quests (or just stealing the credit of others, like a good parasite) you can win Quest ID, that can be used to improve your Hero, and change it from another better.
Little Sasquatch:
Enrage: Make this unit attack faster (30/50/70%) and move faster (20/30/40%), but receive more damage (60/40/20%)
Stomp: Strike the earth, dealing 4/7/13 of damage to all enemies, and stun him for 2/3/4 seconds.
Stun: Give a chance (20/30/40%) to stun the enemy for 2/2.5/3.5 seconds, and make 4/6/10 extra damage
Destroy: Liberate all the natural rage of the Sasquatch, moving instantly to the enemy, making 50 of damage to the objective, and 20 to all nearby enemies, stuning him for 5 seconds.

Newcomer Sasquatch:
Lineal Strike: A powerful srike in a very narrow line, but extremely powerful, that cause 100/150/200 of damage.
Roots Shield: Create spines around the caster, dealing 7/14/21 of damage to attacking enemies for 5/6/7 seconds.
Energy eagle: Sends a bird of nature energy that cause 35/65/95 of damage, stuns for 1.5 seconds in a very little area, and start attacking the enemy for 3 seconds. You can´t send orders to the bird, but he is unstopabble.
Treant Lord: Use a little zone of trees to create a Giant Treant with 500 hit points and 35 damage, for 45 seconds.

Sasquatch Destroyer:
Scream: The enemies in a 400/600/800 ratio will be obligated to attack you.
Charge: Makes the unit move very fast for 6/9/12 seconds. If you hit an enemy in this mode, you will stun him for 2 seconds.
Defense Aura: Give 3/5/7 defense points to the alllies in a 450 range.
Destroyer Earthquake: Hit the earth, stun nearby enemies, cause 200 damage, and generate a earthquake that deals 35 damage per second to nearby structures, for 10 seconds. Have an area of 500.

Sasquatch Oracle:
Destroyer Roots: Make roots attack to all selected enemies, stoping, disarming and damaging them for 8/12/16 damage per second, for 5/8/11 seconds. Requires a roots zone to be used.
Nature vengeance: Use trees to create 6/9/12 treants for 10 seconds. The treants have 200 life points and 5 of damage.
Healer Wisp:Call a Wisp, who starts to heal the objective, healing 5 hitpoints per second, and have 200 hitpoints. You can´t have more than 4/6/8. A corpse is needed for the nature transformation into Wisp.
Nature Aura: Activate to heal by 5 hitpoints nearby allies, and damage by 8 hitpoints nearby enemies, in a 900 ratio zone.

Coming soon: Secret behind the door, music and sound. Maybe a good respawn system.

7/8 2019: Uploaded
8/21 2019: Updated, to fix most bugs mentioned here: Abelhawk's Mini-Mapping Contest #15 - Results. If there is something else, it is because or i don't know how to fix it, or it is simply intentional (as in the case of the Arctifact items, if they cannot be released, the players will fight for them).
Most important changes: A third part of the secret, some bugs fixed, and two places to use your gold.
9/2 2019: Map updated, some important bugs solved (I hope) and, now, to promove PvP, kill other players Sasquatch will give you gold and Quest ID, depending of the Hero killed.

Grey Knight: Tree
Lender: Web
Born²Modificate: Lords_Rock
alfredx_sotn: Spider
-Grendel: Satyr Headhunter
FerSZ: Nathrezim Team Coloured, Infernal, Doomguard, Felguard
Hearthstone: Blizzard Entertainment
HeroAbomination: SuPa-
Alliance Handler v1.5: Faith.
Supertoinkz/assasin_lord: Hero glow
Special Thanks to Hiveworkshop and Blizzard, for making all this possible.
PM if i miss someone. Also, there are a los of other downloaded resources, but, being they aren't used, i don't added credit for this. If a Moderator is not agree, tell me, and I'll change it (treeazha, I think)

Author note: This is for the 15th Mini-Mapping Contest. I really hope this can be considerated as "mini".
It started as a pvp map with some quest, but it just... Evolved.
Note: the map can be played by a max of 10 Players, and each one will be necessary if you want to kill any boss.

Please, don't look the triggers to know the secret. I really want to mantain it as... secret.

Sasquatch Secret Society (Map)

Sasquatch Secret Society (SSS) Submitted by Leods Here's my short review: First A sasquatch using centaur tents is not a good combination. - There are so many trigger leaks here. Please refer to Basic Memory Leaks - The camera is fixed at the center...
Yeah, why is the thread name Defenders of Nature and the map's Secret Sasquatch Society? You should rename Fuerza to Force. Changes made, Approved. (previous comments: Defenders of Nature)
Sasquatch Secret Society (SSS)
Submitted by Leods
Here's my short review:
First A sasquatch using centaur tents is not a good combination.
- There are so many trigger leaks here. Please refer to Basic Memory Leaks
- The camera is fixed at the center of the map where the hero is not located. Position the camera where the hero is.
- I don't know what to do in game. There are just too many text blocking the screen. These should be cleared out after a minute or two.
- Terrain is too simple, do something more about this.
For now, I think this must be in AWAITING UPDATE
Level 11
Dec 16, 2018
- I don't know what to do in game. There are just too many text blocking the screen. These should be cleared out after a minute or two.
The same as in many other RPG. I explained everything about quests in the principal quests section. The text is cleared out after to minutes, if i don't remember bad. The time is large, beacuse they are the game characters, and it can explain you how to play the game.

First A sasquatch using centaur tents is not a good combination.
The adventages of using Sasquatch: There are not any information about them. The name of the house in WE means nothing.

About the other things, I will see it I can change them, being it's a contest entry.
Also, I can't do anything for a week: I am on vacations.

Well, maybe for the memory leaks, but, also using all the map functions, there is no Lag, and obviously there is no crushing game, so this leaks cant be considerated as a breaker of
- No game breaking bugs / mostly leakless triggers.
this rule, being that, if there are to much leak triggers, There will be lag.
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Jun 4, 2009
Based on contest reviews: Abelhawk's Mini-Mapping Contest #15 - Results

This needs more work, fixes and even more content if possible.

Awaiting Update.

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Daffa the Mage
Level 11
Dec 16, 2018
Not sure what has been updated
  1. The camera doesn't start where your hero is but in the dark middle of the map. Solved
  2. Quests are linear. They are leveling quests. The principal point is the PvP
  3. Mostly Warcraft III usual spells, some renamed, like Berserk->Enraged. I tryed to reinvent them, now, knowing that doesn't work, I an thinking in other spells
  4. Hearthstone says it teleports the Sasquatch home not somewhere of choice. Solved
  5. I'm fine thanks=home!? This is confusing. I thought it meant, cancel. Solved
  6. Forest Trolls quest spammed three times in the quest log and one of the was completed. Here, i don't understand what is happening. I moved the "turn off" to the upside of the trigger, but it still happening. But, being that it can be finished only one time, i think it's a minor bug
  7. The Sasquatch Mother scrolls shouldn't have cooldown or at least a faster one. Waiting for it takes time and isn't fun. Solved
  8. When you teleport, the camera should pan on the hero's position. Solved
  9. You should be able to teleport back going to the flower circle of the region you are in instead of always using the Hearthstone. The latter should be for emergencies. It's intentional. If you can just teleport in any moment, you could use that to take bosses to the Sasquatch base.
  10. You get messages for killing units that you've completed quests for. I'm not sure about that
  11. Spider Sword has no active ability. If you click on it nothing happens. And, it doesn't provide attack against air units. Well, i think i solved that
  12. You can complete the Spider Queen two times if you go to the quest giver again quickly. I think i solved that too
  13. Sometimes when taking quests or going to NPCs you get the message "little spider killed".
  14. Ah, I think I know why it appeared because little spiders appear in the Sasquatch base to the north and they are killed by the 7th level Sasquatch Oracle. They are for the same, i think it isn't bad.
  15. The Abomination you spawn with the scepter cannot use the abilities because it needs the upgrades. Solved
  16. Honestly, the Destroyer's abilities aren't that good. Previous Sasquatch classes had better ones. Not solved at all, but i gived them better statistics. That should help
  17. You have to turn triggers off when reaching an NPC to finish a quest. Your triggers turn off only after their transmission ends which means you can trigger the reward multiple times until then. Solved
  18. When the scepter Abomination expires or is killed, the message "Abomination killed" appears. I'm not sure about that. I have a theory
  19. The unally thing is pretty annoying, you'd be better off playing the game alone. You shouldn't. Without help, you cant fight with any boss
  20. The problem with the demon artifacts is that you can't drop them. Intentional. It promotes the PvP
  21. The Abomination scepter creates cooldown for all demonic items. Did you use the same cooldown group and/or order ID? Sane with the other demon items. Intentional. If you can use all the arctifacts at same time, you will be very OP
  22. Bash should be hidden when using Charge so abilities won't move positions. Or at least, make it appear above Scream. I don't remember if I solved that or don't
  23. 10 minutes as the lord? What if you kill every ally by then? As I sayed, they will just respawn

  1. The problem with the name is that you're giving away the Easter Egg. It isn't for the name of the map, but for the same nature of it. I must say it is impossible to fix
  2. Fuerza instead of Force or anything else in English, preferably. I'm not sure about where this happen, so I can't solve that
  3. Hero units could benefit from glow: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling Solved
  4. The terrain is nice but could be better. It's pretty much old school but a lot of it is flat. I tryed to make it less flat, hope that works
  5. Some spells like Enraged don't have a visible hotkey in the title. "Enraged (E)"
  6. You get a message that you've killed a sort of unit but don't get the number and total of killed units. Yeah, the Player must remember the number of kills
  7. Defense Aura should look passive. You can make it so with this: Button Manager v1.8.2 About that, i can't found the In-Game files, to change it
  8. You should not use hero models for units because they have no decay animation and their bodies remain on the ground for long periods of time. Well, not solved.
22/31 solved problems. The other things aren't so bad, i must say.
Also, i added a lot of new content. The players start in the same team because, if they didn't, there would be a great slaughter at the beginning of the game, something that would not help the new ones. If you want to make an enemy of a player, it's as simple as attacking him

The map cant be open on multiplayer? It just don't open? That's really strange. I will see that soon.
So far, I guess this is fine where it is.
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Level 11
Dec 16, 2018
They aren't. I specifically changed that.
Maybe, I forgot to upload the correct file. I will see it in a few hours.
Edit: Correctly map added. Every force has 2 players, who can see each other.
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