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Defence of the Ancients Allstars

Discussion in 'Recycle Bin' started by Wardota2 Gamer, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Wardota2 Gamer

    Wardota2 Gamer

    Jan 7, 2017
    DotA Allstars have change since the release of Dota2 and IceFrog has abbandoned warcraft 3 and moved to Valve to produce Dota2! Defence of the Ancients 2.
    Since then only 2 guys is left working behind DotA 1....DracoL1ch and Santy Keller...


    DotA Allstars - an upgraded and updated version of the original Warcraft 3 DotA. It's not a secret - IceFrog has been busy with DotA2 and for many years now, he doesn't care about Warcraft 3 at all. Of course, we understand his motivation to focus on Dota2 and the associated time-management issues. Why should we be forced to play without any updates for years? So we thought: Nobody can do it better than yourself, right? So we did it. Better. Clearer. More powerful and shiny than ever. And we're strictly following DotaA 2 - the game with almost 8.000.000 monthly players. To ensure distance between IceFrog's original creation and our branch we called it Allstars, like DotA was originally called years ago. DotA Allstars features a compilation of tweaks and changes, which rejuvenates WC3's and DotA's old mechanics and engine. It also stays up-to-date with DotA2.

    We were in contact with IceFrog for a long time, back when WC3 was still important to him. But since over a year, contact broke off completely. IceFrog made it clear - he doesn't need any kind of help. And - since it's about the same answer as "go develop yourself", I did.


    DracoL1ch - main programmer, screenwriter and project Founder. Maybe you heard about his work Legends of Dota (ex-OMG DotA), which also has a successor - Ability Draft (DotA2).

    Santy Keller - modeller, artist and project co-founder. He kept DotA Promode alive for a long time since Unexpect3D left. When it comes to models, he's always nearby.

    Community - loyal players, who actively test and promote DotA Allstars on different platforms. Zloy_xex and LeTruck - the most eminent of them. We wouldn't finish it without your and everyone else's help.

    Special thanks goes to Kuarinofu aka Nobody knows my movies.

    Exceptional mention for all.love.coca, the best designer I've known, for help in days of the past and for his help on this project.

    Because we can. Because we enjoy development almost as much as playing. And it's always fun to try to overcome Warcraft's (and IceFrog's as well) limits.

    View attachment 290666
    New Features!
    Fixes (bugs,issues,imparities!)


    • Every hero now has a glowing effect.
    • Fixed attack and armor sounds for a couple of heroes.
    • Fixed differences between hero naming on picking and repicking.
    • Suicides no longer grant gold and experience to the enemies around.
    • Allies can now see the imespan of Observer & Sentry Wards
    • Gold earned for assists is now shown at the kill string (in the brackets).
    • Trees now individually regrow 5 minutes after they were destroyed, instead of trees globally regrowing every 5 minutes.
    • Heroes under the effect of Hex or hidden from the map now receive experience normally.
    • Fixed a bug with very limited sight range in case of fast respawn (under 5 seconds) or Reincarnation.
    • Player nicknames no longer affect the coloring of kill strings.
    • Trees no longer affect the flying height of projectiles and/or abilities (Elune's Arrow, Meat Hook, etc.)
    • Flying units (Batrider, Wyvern) now correctly iteract with items and abilities.
    • Damage amplification (e.g. Soul Catcher) now show red numbers overhead, displaying exact bonus damage received.
    • Every illusion and summon now automatically adds to the current selected group (to disable or enable this option use chat commands -es/-ds).
    • Fixed a bug with leaver heroes where items became untouchable (if the leaver used -disablehelp)
    • Every healing item in the game now provides smooth healing, effectively healing the same amount of HP as before and over the same duration, but with shorter intervals.
    Heroes and abilities:

    • All sources of "paused" unit state were removed, as this method is outdated and buggy.
    • All sources of Bloodlust were recoded and now stack correctly.
    • Enchanted units (Chen, Enchantress) now have collision model.
    • Abilities with charges now display the amount of charges left.
    • Fixed a bug with ability effects lasting even after the death.
    • Hookshot and Ensnare are no longer restricted if you're in Ethereal state.
    • Lone Druid, Troll and Medusa now respawn in the same form they were before dying.
    • Soul and Int projectiles of the SF and the Silenser were increased to instant.
    • Overpower and Focus Fire now have 500 IAS cap instead of 400 IAS.
    • Fixed multiboard cooldown timer issue with Alchemist, Lycanthrope, Dragon Knight and Undying.
    • Fixed messy interactions between Nether Ward and Unrefined Fireblast, Ball Lightning, Chakram, Voodoo Restoration, Pulse Nova and Morph abilities.
    • Fixed bugged interaction between -disablehelp and Force Staff, Recall, Snowball, Supernova, Toss and X Marks the Spot (these abilities no longer affect the target with -disablehelp).
    • All Purge sources fixed:
      • Removes Positive buffs when casted on the enemy and negative effects when casted on the ally (Dota 2);
      • Removes Dust of appearance if used by ally;
      • Still removes some hardcoded debuffs (like Hex) from any target, no matter if ally or enemy.
    Shops and couriers:

    • Shop cooldowns reduced from 1s to 0.1s.
    • Side shops and secret shops no longer provide bonus vision.
    • Side shops now have hotkeys for every item. Altered hotkeys for: Broadsword, Stout Shield, Blades of Attack & Magic Stick.
    • If the courier drops any of your items on the ground outside of the fountain, you'll be notified about it.
    • Circle of Power now has a "Where's Courier" button, which pings the courier's location or death point.

    • Items can now be dropped while the cooldown is still running (with a few exceptions).
    • Buying items puts them into the Circle of Power, unless better targets exists nearby (hero, courier)
    • Toggling Radiance, Power Tread, Monkey King Bar, Ring of Basilius and Ring of Aquila no longer interrupts the hero.
    • You can't double click Scroll of Teleportation or Boots of Travel while standing at the fountain area. You still can do that manually if really needed.

    • Increased model sizes of every rune.
    • First Bounty Rune: now gives proper amount of gold and experience even if taken in the bottle.
    • Fixed bugs when Illusion or Regeneration runes didn't work if the caster was invulnerable.
    • Double Damage rune no longer dispells with Spell Immunity.
    • Double Damage rune now adapts to the current damage of the hero.
    • Haste rune now provides 1000% bonus movespeed instead of 100% (Hex no longer slows the hero with Haste effect).

    • Auras no longer have visual effects
    • Fixed a bug with itemchests being visible for a second when the fog of war disappears.
    • Buyback penalty now has a debuff on heroes that are affected by the buyback gold penalty.

    • Roshan respawning is no longer visible on the minimap.
    • Roshan no longer dies instantly when affected by some abilities.
    • Roshan now has a real Linken's Sphere.

    • Fixed the very small parameters of creeps.
    • Creeps no longer stand still forever if they're stopped with spells (Sprout / Power Cogs / Toss).

    • Neutrals no longer sleep at night.
    • Satir Trickster's manapool increased from 400 to 500.
    • Neutrals now always look at the exit of their camp instead of the east side.
    • Neutrals with manapool now have full mana when they spawn.
    • Bonus damage aura from Alpha Wolf now stacks with Command Aura.
    • Ogre's Frost Armor can now be used on spell immune allies (same for Frost Armor acquired through Doom's Devour).
    • Increased attack range of some neutrals:
      • Dark Troll - to 500;
      • Harpy Storm - to 450;
      • Gnoll Assassin - to 500;
      • Troll Berserker - to 500;
      • Troll High Priest - to 600;
      • Dark Troll Warlord - to 400.

    • Black Dragon model size has been reduced.
    • Increased turn rate of Black Drake and Black Dragon from 0.1 to 1.0.
    • Ancient Lizard no longer casts Stomp automatically.
    • Ancient Granite Golem now grants HP bonus aura.


    Map's landscape properly updated
    The terrain now completely matches DotA 2's terrain. Getting stuck or not being able to use common paths from DotA2 should be a thing of the past.

    Powered Circles of Power
    Circle of power now automatically selects when you die. This allows you to buyback faster. And that's only one of the many improvements:

    • Circle of power now grants access to various settings:
    1. Camera setup configuration;
    2. Direct items selling from it's inventory;
    3. Toggling "right click deny" option;
    4. Option to share your draft on the "Single Draft" mode with allies;
    5. Option "Wheres courier" which displays the courier's location or the location where it has been killed.
    • Additional info is now displayed above the Circle of Power:
    1. Net worth (the sum of current gold and items worth in your inventory). The Numbers become red if the player cannot afford buyback.
    2. Courier respawn timer.
    No lags or delay
    • Improved gameflow perfomance.
    • Reworked most abilities or effects which normally caused a drop in performance
    • Every Warcraft 3 map has "Random delay" option, which randomly delays every given attack order by 0-0.25 seconds. Originally DotA didn't change it, but we did. Every given command now perfomes as fast as possible.
    Testing: Made easier
    • We introduced many new chat commands which allows you to test everything by yourself, in single player.
    • All damage instances are now displayed with float numbers to precisely test for number errors.
    • If you're playing Single Player, you're automatically granted access to the Secret Shop and Flying Courier recipe.
    Even more statistics!
    Observers now have the access to additional data (these fields are also available at the final game table):

    1. Gold and Exp per minute metrics (GPM & XPM);
    2. Total damage done to the heroes and towers;
    3. Detailed info about multikills, including Ultra kills and Rampages;
    4. Final table now displays net worth instead of final gold.
    Observers can now see the gold amount player earned for killing the creeps.

    Visual improvements
    • Everybody can now adjust camera height however he wants to, without being forced to use third-party tools.
    • Improved visual effects of many abilities, including Amplify Damage, Death Pact, Eclipse, Frozen Sigil, Power cogs, Shukuchi, Skeleton Walk, Tombstone, Trueshot, Blademail, Glimmer Cape, Guardian Greaves, Janggo, Solar Crest.
    • Many icons are also replaced, including Death Pact, Doom, Global Silence, Guardian Greaves, Hook, Moonshard, Octarine Core, Poison Attack, Psi Blades, Requiem of Souls, Skeleton walk, Solar Crest, Spin Web, Moon Shard.
    • Added visual effects for runes, some Aghanim Scepters, Corrosive Breath, Stone Gaze, X Marks the Spot, Moonlight Shadow & Shallow Grave (last two are only visible to allies).
    Modes and commands
    • Modes -xl/-lm have been deleted (outdated).
    • Easy Mode no longer affects the game in any fashion.
    • WTF now supports charged abilities.
    • Normal Mode (default mode if blue does not select any mode) has been deleted and replaced with -AP mode.
    • Removed commands "recreate" & "quote" (useless).
    • Added -cam chat option, allowing players to manipulate the camera's height.
    • ESC button can now be used as an alias for the -clear chat command.
    • Added chat command -names, which changes all players nicknames. 3 types supported for now:
      • Type 0: No changes.
      • Type 1: Players have their player number instead of their nickname (1-5, 7-11).
      • Type 2: Players are called by their hero names (Centaur, Storm, ...)
      • Using -names without any parameters switches the state to the next option.
      • Using -names 0/1/2 directly switches to the desired option.
    • Added chat command -gg.
      • It can be used in order to fast finish the game you won't win anyway. (also known as forfeit or concede)
      • Since you've voted, you cannot change your mind for another 60 seconds.
      • Once whole team called -gg, the main structure will be destroyed in the next few seconds.
      • Command -gg is only available after 15 minutes.
      • Using -switch nullifies a player's vote.
      • Leavers are automatically counted as forfeited players.
    • Chat command -terrain from older versions is now available. It's effects are unclear and could affect your perfomance. Use them on your risk.
      • -terrain default - switch to the default landscape;
      • -terrain city1;
      • -terrain city2;
      • -terrain snow;
      • -terrain jungle;
      • -terrain highlands;
      • -terrain reddungeon;
      • -terrain bluedungeon.
    • Fountains are now invincible.
    • Fountain zone now provides healing as soon as unit enters it, without any kind of delay.
    Glyph of Fortification
    • Activating Glyph now displays a message to your team.
    • Glyph of Fortification no longer lets any damage through.
    • Sentinel's towers now have proper sight angle.
    • Every secondary buildings placed on the base (Ziggurats and Moon wells and others) are now exactly the same.
    • First towers are now vulnerable from the start of the game.
    Phase Boots
    No longer causes critical strike and bashes to malfunction. Be aware that red numbers with critical strike damage could be lower than usual, but they deal normal amount of damage.

    Bottle recharging now happens 3 times faster than before. Runes are now placed into the bottle automatically on pickup. Using a stored rune no longer interrupts the hero. You can also share a bottle charge with an ally, by dropping the Bottle directly on him. He will be healed and the Bottle will be returned automatically. Be aware that he needs at least 1 empty item slot in order for this to work.

    Smart courier
    You no longer need to drop items on the ground to get proper item combination. Courier will combine every possible thing you could achieve with given items. Just press "Deliver" and enjoy - this even works with full inventory!

    Every item is now droppable
    Using items no longer causes them to be stuck on the hero while they're on cooldown. You can now freely change position of your Dagger or Boots of Travel, or any other items. Reduced the amount of undroppable Aghanims. The few items which still immovable can be swapped with a new command -swapitem (or -si).

    Easy disassembling
    You can disassemble any item which states that it is disassemblable in the description within your inventory. Do it with 4 right clicks over the item. Free inventory slots are required for this to work. Be aware that Tranquil Boots can only be disassembled on the Circle of Power.

    Full price selling
    Last bought item could be sold back for 100% of it's price. This doesn't work for items which has been completed or could be consumed. Doesn't work for Ring of Health as well. You have 10 seconds to sell the item.

    Fast buy
    You can now buy the entire item by just clicking on it's icon in the shop, if you have the gold. If the item has a recipe you need to click twice on the bought recipe in your inventory. Recipes that can be doubleclicked to buy the components now have a purple tint in your inventory. The game checks for every item held by you, your courier and items which lay on the ground in the fountain area.

    Rubick, son of Aghanim
    Rubick can now steal Morph, Shapeshift, Chemical Rage, Firefly & Elder Dragon Form. Moreover, he's also able to steal Spirits, Trueshot Aura & Refraction. We want him to be able to steal whatever he wants - just like in DotA2.

    Morph now activates the autocast when you press the hotkey, it no longer uses it just once.



    • Aphotic Shield can now be applied on Doomed units.​

    • Kunkka's spell backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.0.​
    • Torrent no longer procs Linken's Sphere.​
    • Torrent now makes enemies flying, allowing to walk underneath them.​
    • X Marks the Spot can now target spell immune allies and won't return spell immune enemies or hidden units.​
    • Ghost Ship's debuff now disappears if affected units die.​

    • Fixed Unstable Concoction's projectile issues when thrown at dying illusions.​
    • Bonus gold for Goblin's Greed is now combined with normal bounty gold.​

    Ancient Apparition
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.75 to 0.0.​
    • Ice Blast's targeting projectile is no longer visible even under True Sight.​

    Arc Warden
    • Tempest Double no longer steals experience.​
    • Tempest Double no longer copies couriers.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.5 (sic).​
    • Berserker's Call now affects units which are already affected by Shackle.​
    • Counter Helix now correctly interacts with orb-attacks.​
    • Bonus move & attack speed from Culling Blade kills no longer vanish on when transforming and now continue correctly.​

    • Sticky Napalm now affects illusions.​
    • Sticky Napalm counter now correctly reset on dispel.​
    • Sticky Napalm no longer appears over invisible untis.​
    • Firefly now correctly works if the hero dies (it won't continue to create firetrail).​
    • Flaming Lasso no longer cancels Nether Swap's effect (the link breaks just fine).​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.5 to 0.0.​

    Death Prophet
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.83 to 0.77.​
    • Exorcism ghosts no longer disappear if your hero goes too far away from them​
    • Attack type of Exorcism ghosts altered from ranged to melee to avoid bug when enemy death is counted as suicide instead of being killed by Death Prophet.​

    • Charge of Darkness now stops if Spiritbreaker has been Force Staffed.​
    • Spiritbreaker can no longer use Charge of Darkness if he is bound anyhow.​
    • Spiritbreaker no longer bashes the primary target of the Charge of Darkness unless he actually reached it.​
    • Charge of Darkness now correctly interacts with Linkin's Sphere.​
    • Greater Bash now triggers on attack land instead of attack swing, respecting evasion rules.​
    • Fixed a bug with Greater Bash' bonus movespeed being removed earlier than it should.​
    • Greater Bash can now trigger on Roshan but won't stun or push him.​

    • Nasal Goo no longer dispels default healing abilities.​
    • Quill Spray no longer interrupts the hero.​

    • Improved Bloodseeker's Thirst perfomance.​
    • Fixed Bloodseeker's Thirst bonus vision flickering way too often.​
    • Bloodseeker's Thirst now places correct visual effects over the visible units.​

    • Fixed a bug where Searing Arrow could be used right out of Skeleton Walk.​

    Bounty Hunter
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.43.​
    • Jinada's effect no longer vanishes if the target morphs.​
    • Track now displays the target's current gold in the score table.​
    • Fixed a bug whereTrack still gave bonus gold even if it has been dispelled.​

    • Drunken Haze is now an instant projectile.​
    • Relocate no longer interrupts Primal Split.​
    • Primal Split panda collision sizes reduced to 8.​
    • Primal Split now always selects Earth - Storm - Fire Spirits.​

    • Improved Broodmother's control under the web.​

    Centaur Warchief
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.3.​
    • Double Edge now leaves 1 HP instead of 7.5 HP.​
    • Return now correctly interacts with orb-attacks.​
    • Stampede now destroys trees around affected units.​

    Chaos Knight
    • Reality Rift now properly interacts with Linken's Sphere.​

    • Fixed a bug where Penitence was only partially purgable.​
    • Test of Faith now properly teleports Phase Shifted Puck.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.0.​
    • Killing Power Cog no longer counts as a kill for Necromastery, Sadist or Battle Hunger.​
    • Fixed a bug where Power Cog's shock didn't count as a disable.​

    Crystal Maiden
    • Cast backswing reduced from 2.4 to 0.6.​

    Dark Seer
    • Fixed a bug where Vacuum didn't count as a disable.​
    • Ion Shell can now be attached to spell immune units.​
    • Surge no longer has autocast.​
    • Wall of Replica no longer interacts with Linken's Sphere.​

    • Fixed a bug where Poison Touch debuff was always counted as a stun, even if it only slowed.​
    • Weave now affects illusions.​
    • Weave can now stack with itself and is now less laggy.​

    • Fixed Static Storm with Aghanim's Scepter disabled passive abilitites.​

    • Devour can now be learned while another creep is already devoured (Customkeys ID: A35D)​
    • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to deny a Doomed unit.​
    • Doom can no longer target ancients, except for Spirit Bear.​
    • Fixed a bug where Doom morphed units back to their original form (only affected timed morphs)​

    Dragon Knight
    • Corrosive Breath now has debuff icon.​
    • Eldger Dragon Form no longer stops if Manta Style has been used.​

    Drow Ranger
    • Gust no longer pushes units if the debuff has been dispelled.​
    • Gust no longer prevents pushed units from using dagger.​

    Earth Spirit
    • Stone Remnants no longer have a health bar.​
    • Stone counter is now combined with the Stone caller ability.​

    • Double damage rune now stacks with Enchant Totem.​

    • Fixed Enigma's model.​
    • Eidolons no longer stop when 6 hits were made, they keep working just fine while they're splitting.​
    • Black Hole no longer allows any interactions at all (i.e. enemy can no longer use Eul while they're affected by Black Hole).​

    Faceless Void
    • Cast backswing increased from 0.51 to 0.7.​
    • Fixed a bug where Timewalk allowed to traveling way too far.​

    • Using Rocket Barrage no longer interrupts the hero (6.84 change).​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 2.4 to 0.5.​
    • Berserker's Blood now recounts spell resistance with every damage instance received.​
    • Berserker's Blood no longer interrupts skill menu if HP changed.​

    • Chat command -invokelist now gives more info about abilities.​
    • Invoker's illusions now have spheres.​
    • Fixed various issues with Chaos Meteor.​
    • Sun Stike now affects spell immune enemies.​
    • Forged Spirits can now benefit from any allied buffs and will no longer instantly die if they're affected by some debuffs.​
    • Tornado now affects invisible units as well.​
    • If Tornado cannot get the unit to the air it will put him asleep instead.​

    • Healing Ward's regeneration now properly stacks with Heart of Tarrasque or Fountain heal.​
    • Healing Ward can now target an ally unit which will cause it to follow the target by default.​
    • Omnislash now stops if the caster dies.​

    Keeper of the Light
    • Cast backswing reduced from 2.4 to 1.0.​
    • Fixed model scaling if you respawn while in Aghanim Spirit Form.​
    • Illuminate now works even if you target a cliff.​
    • Illuminate now properly starts from the hero's position instead of cast point position (if it was casted while not in Spirit Form)​
    • Mana Leak now dispells if the target becomes spell immune or invulnerable.​
    • Improved Spirit Form's description.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 1.1 to 0.93.​
    • Dark Ritual now properly restores MP even if it's full.​
    • Chain Frost can now jump on fogged units.​
    • Chain Frost no longer provides any vision after 60 jumps.​
    • Chain Frost no longer provides invulnerability for 0.1 seconds.​

    Legion Commander
    • Press the Attack bonuses are no longer removed if the target morphs.​
    • Press the Attack now heals in smooth intervalls.​
    • Moment of Courage now properly works with orb-attacks.​
    • Fixed a bug when Moment of Courage could grant more than 1 bonus attack.​
    • Duel stats are now available with -st.​
    • Bonus damage provided by Duels is no longer capped at 511.​

    • Turn speed improved to match most other heroes.​
    • Split Earth can now be targeted on everything (even cliffs).​
    • Diabolic Edict is no longer wasted on invulnerable targets.​
    • Fixed a bug where Pulse Nova turned off after being silenced.​

    • Light Strike Array can now be targeted on everything (even cliffs).​

    • Finger of Death improved by Aghanim's Scepter is not a chain ligntning anymore, it is now a proper AoE nuke.​

    • Open Wounds now can be correctly dispelled.​
    • Fixed Open Wounds issues with invisible targets.​
    • Fixed a but where Lifestealer is unable to get out of Centaur or Wildkin due to hotkey overlaps.​
    • Fixed a bug where Infestation always kills units even although it is supposed not to kill allies.​

    Lone Druid
    • Spirit Bear now loses attack ability if he is too far away from his owner.​
    • Fixed a bug where a dead Spirit Bear's items worked near the fountain​
    • Using Return now stops the Spirit Bear, interrupting his last order.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.4 to 0.2.​

    • Fixed the hero's icon in the multiboard when morphed.​
    • Shapeshift no longer ends prematurely if Manta Style has been used.​

    • Mana Shield automatically turns on back if Manta Style has been used.​
    • Stone Gaze's effect now ends if Medusa dies.​
    • Stone Gaze now only increases physical damage.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.5 to 0.0.​
    • Fixed a bug with Meepo received no penalty for buying back.​
    • Boots of Teleportation now has max priority between any other boots.​
    • Poof no longer restricted with targeting issues.​
    • Meepo Clones now have independent Tranquil Boots.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.83 to 0.​

    Naga Siren
    • Rip Tide's effect no longer disappears if the target morphs.​
    • Fixed a bug which allowed to ignore Song of the Siren under some conditions.​

    Nature's Prophet
    • Cast backswing reduced from 1.17 to 0.97.​
    • Nature's Prophet no longer plays his backswing animation after Teleportation.​
    • Wrath of Nature no longer reveals Nature's Prophet in the fog of war.​
    • Mega Treants (Aghanim'd summons) now have a unique model.​

    • Heartstopper Aura now counts as an assistance.​
    • Fixed a bug with Sadist not triggering under some conditions​
    • Buyback disabling (with Aghanim's Scepter) now changes buyback's icon.​

    Obsidian Destroyer
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.4.​
    • Sanity's Eclipse now affects illusions.​

    Ogre Magi
    • Multicast's Fireblast now properly interacts with fogged units.​

    • Guardian Angel no longer allows affected units to receive any physical damage.​

    • Fixed a bug where Fortune's End didn't stop targets.​
    • Fortune's End is now a projectile with 1200 movespeed, and it can also be disjointed now.​
    • Fixed a bug where Fortune's End casting duration was 3 seconds instead of 2.5.​
    • Fixed Purifying Flames allowed teamkilling under some conditions.​

    Pit Lord
    • Pit Lord now available on -CM.​
    • Firestorm reworked:
      • Wave damage: 25/40/55/70 to 40/50/60/70.​
      • DPS: 5/10/15/20 to 10/20/30/40.​
      • Manacost: 100/110/120/130 to 80/95/110/125.​
      • Cooldown: 14 to 30/25/20/15.​
    • Fixed a bug where Pit of Malice didn't affect enemies under some conditions.​
    • Dark Rift's cooldown reduced from 130 to 130/110/90.​
    • Dark Rift now displays the target location on minimap when casted.​

    Phantom Lancer
    • Doppelganger now removes most debuffs from Phantom Lancer.​
    • Phantom Rush provides 800 movespeed and phase state instead of totally free moving.​
    • Phantom Edge no longer counts illusions which have been acquired via any other way rather than attacks (e.g. rune, Manta Style, etc.), which allowed Phantom Lancer to increase his illusions count even further​

    • Fire Spirits now affect illusions.​
    • Fire Spirits can now be leveled up even while they're circling you (ID for Customkeys: A35E).​
    • Phoenix can no longer target Fire Spirits if Sun Ray is enabled and the target is too far away from Phoenix's location.​
    • Improved Sun Ray's perfomance.​
    • Sun Ray no longer disables Gem on Phoenix.​
    • Fixed a bug where Supernova could be damaged twice by one attack.​

    • Phase Shift now properly interacts with invisibility.​
    • Fixed a bug where Puck didn't receive assist gold if he was under Phase Shift when the kill happened.​
    • Fixed a bug where Dream Coil upgraded by Aghanim's Scepter couldn't affect illusions or spell immune units.​

    • Meat Hook improved:
      • It is now cancelable.​
      • Stuns the target once dragged, unless it's an ally.​
      • Won't drag dead units.​
      • Travel speed increased from 1200 to 1600.​
      • No longer has target issues.​
      • Can no longer pull units from behind or next to Pudge (won't mess with nearby allies anymore).​
      • Won't drag the target if the distance between two links is bigger than 1200.​
    • Dismember now grants True Sight over the target.​
    • Dismember now affects non-heroes for 6 seconds.​

    • Fixed a bug where Pugna could attack Decrepified units under some conditions.​
    • Pugna can now use Decrepify on Nether Ward and Tombstone.​

    • Cast foreswing reduced from 0.5 to 0.3.​
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.125 to 0.0.​
    • Unstable Current now fully works on illusions.​
    • Eye of the Storm no longer affects invulnerable targets.​
    • Using Eye of the Storm no longer interrupts Razor.​
    • Eye of the Storm can now target Ziggurat and Moon Wells, if there are no better targets around.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.0.​
    • Invisibility now has a buff icon.​
    • Fixed a bug where Riki's illusions couldn't benefit from invisibility.​
    • Backstab now triggers on attack landing rather than attack start.​
    • Fixed Blink Strike's interaction with Linken's Sphere.​

    Goblin Shredder
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.6 to 0.0.​

    • Rubick can no longer steal 2 abilities at once.​
    • Stolen ability name is no longer shown to the enemies.​

    • Burning Spears aren't an orb-effect anymore (6.82 change).​

    Sand King
    • The first Epicenter pulse now triggers 0.35 seconds after channeling, which doesn't waste the first pulse if you're initiating with Dagger.​

    • Fixed interaction between Last Word and a few other abilities.​
    • Global Silence now disables sounds only for enemies.​

    Shadow Demon
    • Disruption now properly creates illusions of invisible enemies.​
    • Shadow Poison now dispels if the target dies.​

    Shadow Fiend
    • Improved Shadowrazes and Requiem of Souls perfomance.​

    Shadow Shaman
    • Shackles now provide True Sight over the target.​
    • Fixed a bug where Mass Serpent Ward lasted for 40 seconds instead of 45.​

    Skeleton King
    • Fixed a bug with Vampiric Aura granting double lifesteal under some conditions.​
    • Reincarnation aura with Aghanim's Scepter now has a buff icon.​
    • Fixed a bug where Reincarnation didn't work properly if the hero dies on unpathable terrain.​

    Skywrath Mage
    • Fixed a bug when dispeling Ancient Seal only removed the silence, but not the damage amplification.​

    • Cast backswing reduced to 0.0.​
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to jump further with Pounce than intended.​
    • Shadow Dance no longer alters Slark's model.​
    • Shadow Dance regeneration now stacks with Heart of Tarrasque and Healing Ward.​
    • Shadow Dance now properly interacts with AI.​
    • Shadow Dance now properly interacts with abilities which require a visible target.​

    • Cast backswing increased from 0.51 to 0.6.​
    • Amplify Damage duration on non-heroes reduced from 120 to 25.​

    • Spectral Dagger recoded and no longer uses shadows.​
    • Spectre is now considered as flying while under the Spectral Dagger's effect.​
    • Haunt's illusions can no longer be fooled with fog of war.​
    • Desolate now triggers on attack landing instead of attack's start.​

    Storm Spirit
    • Overload's buff now visible to the enemy.​
    • Fixed a bug with Overload didn't slow fogged enemies.​
    • Overload can now trigger even if charges in midair.​
    • Ball Lightning can now target very close to the caster.​
    • Ball Lightning no longer has backswing.​

    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.0.​
    • Warcry no longer disappears on morphs.​

    Tauren Chieftan
    • Earth Splitter now has visual debuff for disarm effect.​

    Templar Assassin
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.51 to 0.0.​
    • Refraction now prevents Dagger from disabling if damage was sucessfully blocked.​
    • Refraction now properly interacts with multiple damage instances at once.​
    • Psi Blades now properly register Templar Assassin's attack.​
    • Psi Blades' damage type changes from pure to physical (still ignores armor)​

    • Gush now has proper projectile.​

    • Fixed a bug with Ghost Scepter not being prolonged if used again while already active.​
    • March of Machines now properly interacts with AI.​

    • Craggy Exterior now properly works with orb-attacks.​
    • Added visuals for Grow! learning.​

    • Landmines can now damage ground courier.​
    • Stasis Traps now shows animation if the enemy came close.​
    • Bloodstone's suicide will no longer give "Suicide Squad Attack!" respawn time bonus.​
    • Fixed a bug where Techies could die before Suicide Squad, Attack! actually deals it's damage.​
    • Added visual effects for Remote Mines.​
    • Landmines, Stasis Traps and Remote Mines now provide experience.​

    Troll Warlord
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.3 to 0.0.​
    • Fixed a bug where Berserker's Rage didn't provide bonus movespeed (v6.79 change).​
    • Battle Trance no longer disappears if affected ally morphs.​

    Treant Protector
    • Leech Seed's slow no longer disappear if the target morphs.​

    • Chance of getting stuck inside the Ice Shard was reduced.​
    • Ice Shards now use 7 shards instead of 5.​
    • Snowball no longer disables other abilities of the caster.​
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Snowball to pickup immovable units (wards, etc.).​
    • Snowball Rolling subability can no longer be silenced.​

    • Improved Dual Breath's perfomance.​
    • Dual Breath now properly stacks with other ice-based abilities.​
    • Fixed a bug where Ice Path didn't trigger on some targets.​
    • Liquid Fire can now be autocasted.​
    • Fixed a bug where Liquid Fire not affecting megacreeps or ancients.​
    • Fixed a bug where Liquid Fire triggered Unstable Current like a normal spell.​
    • Fixed a bug where Liquid Fire's effect stopped prematurely if it was used too quickly.​

    • Fury Swipes now adds bonus damage to the normal attack in the background (no longer gives bonus damage to cleaves or crits).​

    • Powershot no longer slows down when it collides with trees or creeps.​

    • Poison Sting now starts to deal damage instantly.​
    • Poison Sting from Plague Ward now properly stacks with Venomancer's own Poison Sting.​
    • Poison Sting is no longer treated as damage.​
    • Fixed a bug with Plague Wards caused enemy deaths to be counted as suicide.​
    • Plague Wards can no longer block a whole lane.​
    • Poison Nova can no longer kill units under normal conditions.​

    • Corrosive Skin can no longer trigger on 0 damage events.​

    • Improved Familiars positioning on summon.​

    • Upheaval's slow now affects invisible units.​

    • The Swarm can no longer damage structures.​
    • The Swarm no longer provides vision for 3 seconds after it dies.​
    • First attack started under Shukuchi's effect will now Geminate Attack.​
    • Desolator now works with Geminate Attack.​

    Winter Wyvern
    • Arctic Burn now affects illusions.​
    • Cold Embrace now freezes the target's animations.​
    • Cold Embrace can now be dispelled.​

    Witch Doctor
    • Cast backswing reduced from 0.52 to 0.37.​
    • Paralyzing Cask's animation now fits the real effect.​
    • Death Ward no longer has a HP bar.​

    • Tether's slow no longer disapears if the target morphs.​
    • Spirits can now be leveled up while spirits are spinning around.​
    • Overcharge's effects no longer disappears if the target morphs.​
    • Relocate's timer isn't visible to enemies any longer.​
    • Fixed a bug with Relocate could be interrupted with Cyclone.​

    Ember Spirit
    • Fixed a bug where Sleight of Fist had no cooldown.​
    • Fixed a bug where Sleight of Fist's first attack could miss under some conditions.​
    • Fire Remnants now have timers overhead.​

    • Visual effects now work on invisible units, even though they're not affected.​



    Assault Cuirass
    • New icon for Assault Cuirass debuff effect.​

    • Aghanim's Scepter shared with Alchemist gives white stats points instead of green.​

    Black King Bar
    • BKB can now be sold.​
    • Altered BKB animation effect.​
    • BKB now dispells debuffs just like allied Purge.​
    • Fixed BKB being lost on morphing (for instance, Troll + Manta + Berserker's Rage = missing BKB status).​
    • Using BKB again (via Refresher) now refreshes spell immunity duration instead of doing nothing.​

    Blink Dagger
    • Now shows the cooldown if broken by enemy's damage.​
    • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to disjoint projectiles by using Dagger.​
    • You can now blink wherever you want, including cliffs and unpathable areas.​
    • Double click will always lead you to the fountain zone, no matter where Dagger has been bought.​

    • Fixed Bloodstone bonuses not stacking.​

    • Fixed runes dropping on the ground under some conditions.​

    • Neutrals no longer attacks the courier.​
    • Animal Couriers now upgrade instantly when the Flying Courier recipe is bought, even if the courier isn't near the fountain.​
    • Armlet no longer affects couriers.​
    • Courier now properly drops Gem if killed.​
    • Fixed a bug when courier permanently dies in some cases.​
    • Transfer items operation now happens 350 units away instead of 100.​
    • Every possible item can now be combined without having to drop any items on the ground (see general fixes for smart couriers info).​
    • If the courier dies, you'll see where and who killed it.​
    • Courier respawn timer is now shown over the Circle of Power.​
    • Magic Stick no longer loses it's charges if it was combined inside the courier.​
    • Courier can now use Mango, Salve, Clarity and Smoke, but no other items.​
    • Enemies can no longer see the death point of couriers on the minimap.​
    • Fixed a few bugs where you could get more vision around the courier by using it's abilities​
    • Players can no longer own more than 2 couriers, including dead couriers.​
    • Courier respawn timer is no longer visible for players that do not have shared control over the courier.​
    • Chat command -ui disables the respawn timer window.​

    Flying Courier
    • Flying courier receipe now becomes available at the 3 minutes mark.​

    • Dagon now displays it's level on the icon.​

    Diffusal Blade
    • Can now be sold normally for 50% price instead of various prices, based on charges left.​

    Divine Rapier and Gem
    • Divine Rapier and Gem are now invulnerable if grounded and cannot be damaged whatsoever.​
    • Fixed a bug where Divine Rapier and Gem could be transfered to the owner's Circle of power.​
    • Divine Rapier and Gem no longer disappear if dropped if the holder dies on unpathable terrain.​

    Ethereal blade
    • Ethereal Blade now supports double click (makes you Ethereal).​
    • Ethereal Blade's effect now cancels if the target becomes spell immune.​

    Force Staff
    • Can no longer be used on Roshan.​
    • Force Staff can now target spell immune allies.​

    Hand of Midas
    • Can no longer be used on Necronomicon Warriors.​
    • Midas'd creeps now counts into the CS.​

    • Now affects ancients.​

    Janggo of Endurance
    • Can now be sold for 50% price instead of various prices, based on charges left.​

    Linken's Sphere
    • Fixed various spells breaking Linken's Sphere protection even they shouldn't.​
    • Fixed various spells penetrating spell block even if they shouldn't.​
    • Linken's Sphere can now be placed on illusions.​
    • Linken's Sphere now instantly provides it's spell protection buff when respawning.​
    • Fixed various spells not dispelling spell block buff.​
    • Fixed a bug where selling Linken's Sphere allowed players free spell protection buffs.​

    Maelstrom & Mjollnir
    • Maelstrom and Mjollnir are no longer orb-effects.​
    • Maelstrom and Mjollnir now stack multiplicatively.​
    • Mjollnir active can now be used on spell immune allies.​

    Manta Style
    • Illusions no longer die if the owner changes their attack type.​

    • Reduced True Strike switching cooldown.​
    • Added a warning about issues with Gyrocopter and Medusa.​

    • Altered Necronomicon Archer icon.​

    Eul Scepter
    • Eul now forcefully disables Dagger for the enemy.​
    • Eul can no longer be used on spell immune enemy.​

    Observer & Sentry
    • Placing Ward no longer requires mana.​
    • Sentry Ward no longer gives vision around it.​
    • Ward cannot be passed to ally without empty slots.​
    • Fixed Ward placing counted as proper ability use.​
    • Ward can no longer target unpathable terrain, fountain areas and Roshan's pit.​

    • Added an icon for disabled Radiance.​
    • Cooldown reduced from 3 to 1.​

    Ring of Basilius
    • Now disabled by default ("heroes only" version).​

    • Grants +3 HP/sec regeneration as is provided by it's components.​

    Scroll of Teleportation
    • Teleport no longer leaves a small effect on the ground.​
    • Teleport now shows a countdown over the caster (ally only).​

    Shiva`s Guard
    • Shiva's Guard now affects invisible units.​
    • Improved CPU perfomance.​
    • Shiva's Guard now affects every unit in the AoE instead of at the edges only.​
    • Fixed animation and effect not being synced.​

    • Smoke no longer gets dispelled by towers.​

    • Tango can no longer be passed to units that have no free inventory slots.​

    Tranquil boots
    • Tranquil Boots now properly interact with orb-attacks.​
    • Tranquil Boots now become disabled on attack landing instead of attack start.​

    Quelling Blade
    • Quelling Blade no longer modifies attack type and stacks with everything, including Kunkka (Tidebringer-hit does not gain damage through QB)​

    Urn of Shadow
    • Urn of Shadow can no longer be used on spell immune enemies.​

    • Now affects ancients.​


    DotA Allstars v6.88n-z beta-series changelog

    Older Updates

    • Fixed couple of spells didn't count as valid spell casts
    • Can no longer use empty Magic Stick / Wand / Urn of shadows (they didn't have any effect anyway)
    • Fixed -dch option issues with double-clicking on items
    • Fixed Silencer not stealing Int while hidden from the map
    • Fixed Soul Assumption granting bonus spell resistance under some circumstances
    • Fixed tooltips and gold cost of Headdress of Rejuvenation, Mekansm, Tranquil Boots, Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, Hood of Defiance, Ancient Janggo of Endurance, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Vladmir's Offering, Bloodstone, Guardian Greaves, Refresher Orb
    • Added chat command "-green" to toggle minimap's coloring (blue allies into green)
    • Improved -betterfps command effect a bit - periodic interface redraw routine launches every 0.5 seconds instead of 0.25
    • Fixed random fatal error from latest update
    • Fixed issues with Reincarnation and Strength stealing abilities
    • Fixed couple spells not benefiting from Spell Amplify
    • Fixed mode -dl starting gold and Healing Salve status
    • Fixed Tidebringer counting as valid spell cast
    • Fixed Soul Ring selling cost
    • Life Break can no longer target couriers
    • Improved cast animation for Purification
    • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin coulnd't use teleportation from items
    • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin not being moved with Dark Rift
    • Fixed burrowed Nerubian Assassin illusions behavior
    • Fixed Ursa's Fury Swipes abuse
    • Fixed various Blink issues (Queen of Pain and Anti-Mage)
    • Disabled the "crash" on leaving the game
    • Improved the way WC3 closes after the game (no more fatal error)
    • Fixed Ring of Regeneration goldcost not being updated to 325
    • Fixed (?) rare cases of stun immunity
    • Fixed invisible dummy in the middle of the map being visible
    • Fixed rare bug with Icepath causing permanent stun effect
    • Fixed rare fatal related to Earthshaker / Tuskarr
    • Fixed Breath Fire malfunctioning in some cases
    • Fixed Breath Fire didn't benefit of Lens's bonus range
    • Fixed Wave of Terror having bigger range than intended
    • Fixed Lense didn't affect Rolling Boulder, Boulder Smash, Illuminate, Sun Ray, Gush (Agh), Wave of Terror
    • Reworked the way Nerubian Assassin's Agh works. He can now turn around and properly interacts with other abilities as well. No longer has visual issues when casting spells.
    • Linken's Sphere no longer interacts with Urn of shadows
    • Fixed hero denying rules - it will only allow to deny Shadow Strike'd by QoP or Venomancer, as well as Doomed
    • Fixed Arcane Curse being undispellable
    • Fixed Arcane Curse issues when stacked multiple times
    • Fixed Arcane Curse tooltip
    • Fixed Courier not being healed up when upgraded
    • Fixed Sanity's Eclipse manaburn not being updated to 6.85 - now it burns mana basing on it's max amount instead of remaning
    • Fixed Repel stacking issues
    • Fixed Phantom Rush being levelable faster than intended
    • Fixed various issues with damage manipulations
    • Unstable Current, Fortune's End, Diffusal Blade's purge no longer dispell debuffs from enemies (like Silence or Hex)
    • Cyclone no longer dispell debuffs from enemies (like Silence or Hex)
    • Fixed issue with Wind Lace and Hexes
    • Fixed issue with Octarine Core visual effect on 0-damage instances
    • Geminate Attack now benefit of cooldown reduction
    • Fixed Spirit Bear could be re-summoned even if injured
    • Fortune's End now enroot enemies for proper duration instead of rounding to closes 0.5
    • Added visual animation for heroes while channeling teleportation
    • Improved TP progress bar visual on flying units
    • Fixed Last Word affecting spell immune units
    • Fixed desync related to Eye in the Forest
    • Recoded Life Drain, it now properly supports Lens
    • Fixed Life Drain mana steal ratio being outdated
    • Fixed Dual Breath various issues (AoE, visuals, DoT, added Lens support)
    • Toggling Wards no longer counts as an action (spell), it won't revel Windwalk, for example
    • Mana Drain now properly supports Lens
    • Fixed Spirit Bear sometimes missing it's link to the owner
    • Fixed Overpower being undispellable
    • Reduced chance of hero duplicating via -random & picking at the same time by different players
    • Fixed Blade fury animation interrupting for attack animation
    • Fixed Healing Ward couldn't target spell immune allies
    • Added chat command -bindissue which should fix any kind of issues regarding innate map's keybinding via config. Can be used up to 3 times with various effects. Should only be used if your keys stopped working midgame.
    • Improved -green command effect
    • Added chat command -plat (personal latency), allowing to change latency for your PC only (online testing required)
    Added config options:

    • Bottle can now be used on allies if you hold Ctrl key down when clicking it
    • You can now use Alt+Left click to announce your abilities state, items you're gonna buy or items enemy/ally has. These messages are normal chat messages and affected by all kinds of mute (squelch, etc)


    • Ctrl+Alt+Left click onto item in the shop/hero in the tavern to remind allies about what your team needs

    • Allies can no longer drop/attack item using your hero if you've shared control with them. You'll see notify about somebody is trying to control your hero, so you can decide to keep control shared or disable alliance with him.
    • Fixed Siege units taking too low damage from some spells
    • Improved buying system when shopping outside of range of Secret/Side shop
    • Fixed couriers could sell the item while hero was dead
    • Glimmer no longer stops the caster (still interrupt, but unit keep up with previous order if possible)
    • Fixed Neutrals behaviour against Radiance
    • Improved neutral creeps behavior yet again
    • Improved antihack a little
    • Fixed Sentry Wards self-stacking bug
    • Added notification about players who did the most damage to enemy heroes/towers and got the best experience per minute rate. It displayed right after destroying enemy's Ancient.
    • Fixed desync caused by new config options
    • Couriers won't drop items on the ground when delivering to heroes who reincarnates at this moment
    • Fixed Corrosive Breath, Liquid Fire and Nether Blast dealing only 35% of intended damage on structures
    • Fixed Blinks could be learned too early
    • Fixed bug with Burrowstrike distance
    • Fixed Skewer failed to work properly if hero has been Pounced by Slark
    • Fixed Flesh Heap didn't accumulating str from kills nearby
    • Fixed minor inner issue with Ice Wall
    • Fixed Overpower lasts forever until attacks are wasted
    • Greatly reduced the chance to become stun-immune on Alchemist / Lycan / Sven
    • Fixed teleportation while True Form'ed toggling unit's model to normal form visually
    • Fixed Drunken Brawler permanent evasion
    • Fixed control issues when hero dies on side-damage of Primal Roar
    • Fixed Stifling Dagger slow not being dispelable
    • Charge of Darkness won't allow to toggle wards while charging (known issue)
    • Fixed Charge of Darkness malfunctioning sometimes
    • Fixed Slithereen Crush not charging Magic Stick/Wand
    • Fixed Slithereen Crush description not being updated to proper stun duration
    • Fixed Magic Missile not charging Magic Stick/Wand
    • Psionic Trap blast (on Lanaya) button moved to prevent icon shifting on using Refraction
    • Fixed Echo Stomp learning tooltip
    • Fixed Requiem of Souls & Ghost Ship Aghanim upgrade not being recognized by Rubick
    • Spirit Bear's Entangle skill position moved to inline Savage Roar just like hero's version
    • Added chat cmd '-bind reset' to re-load all config-based hotkeys once again. Useful if you want to change layout ingame depending on your pick
    • Game window on the panel will flash once game is loaded or your hero is revived if game's window minimized
    • Fixed yet another stun immunity issue with Chronosphere and a few other spells
    • Courier hotkey-icon is now always visible for the owner, as well as hotkey F8 (~), even if courier is busy
    • Fixed mode -sh granting 250 more gold to the picker
    • Fixed double-click on teleport via binded hotkeys causing teleporting to incorrect point
    • Command -betterfps improved, now it should provide even better FPS while disabling water animation and foot traces
    • Fixed Glimmer Cape didn't reveal the target on spell casting
    • Fixed Glimmer Cape duration didn't stack
    • Linken no longer reacts on Silver Edge/Lothar's Edge buffed attacks from ranged enemies
    • Windwalk (Lothar's Edge / Silver Edge) no longer dispells when unit auto-morphs into his normal form (Alchemist / Lycan / etc)
    • Fixed Dragon Tail auto-learning when toggling Elder Dragon Form
    • Fixed Sadist didn't trigger on Reaper's Scythe level 2-3
    • Chat command -kickafk now requires player's slot number in the team (means 1-5 both for Sentinels and Scourges now instead of 1-11)
    • Chat command -lat is now the same as -plat (affects only your PC)
    • Fixed Sun Ray crashing the game if forced-attack ability is casted over the Phoenix
    • Fixed Sun Ray ignoring Savage Roar
    • Phase Shift no longer dispels if Puck is moved somehow while not interrupting the channeling
    • Savage Roar no longer manipulate player's selection
    • Fixed lags and possible crash related to Lycan Wolves attacking Roshan
    • Fixed invulnerable status after dying under effect of Astral Inprisonment
    • Fixed noclip-walking caused by Skewer and Pounce interaction
    • Fixed Walrus Punch not providing cleave unless auto-casted
    • Fixed Walrus Punch affecting allies on autocast
    • Fixed one more fatal error
    • Stifling Dagger now fully blocked by spell immunity
    • Fixed Fervor, Nethertoxin not working when attacking structures
    • Fixed intense Bottle usage interrupting the camera, but only for fountain areas
    • It's no longer possible to apply Linken's Sphere buff to an ally with another Linken's buff equipped (they didn't stack anyway)
    • Fixed Last Word description still mentioning removed slow effect
    • Added chat command -tips to disable on-death tips
    • Fixed -betterfps partially didn't work
    • Using -betterfps no longer disables ubersplats (burning trailing of Chaos Meteor, for instance)
    • Command -betterfps2 now toggles ubersplats off & on
    • Fixed Tome of Knowledge, Raindrop and Flying Courier first-available timing
    • Fixed clicking on Bottle while on cooldown caused camera to move onto the hero
    • Fixed Lens fatal errors
    • Fixed some on-attack passives malfunctioning
    • Fixed Relocate used to ignore Disable help rules
    • Fixed Gush (Agh) didn't benefit of Lens' bonus range
    • Fixed Gush (Agh) providing vision around the wave
    • Fixed Sonic Wave didn't benefit of Lens' bonus range
    • Fixed X Mark the Spot duration numbers being slightly off (althought still correct)
    • Fixed Mystic Snake damage & manasteal order - now it steal the mana, then deals the damage
    • Fixed Mystic Snake draining mana from illusions
    • Fixed Mystic Snake not ends after trigger Linken's Sphere
    • Fixed Mana drain could target an ally
    • Fixed MP regeneration bug
    • Fixed Blur, Drunken Brawler and item's evasion didn't work
    • Ban+Pick (-bp) mode is now default for AP
    • Hero names will no longer be included into hero feed
    • Fixed fatal error when playing other maps w/o restart
    • Fixed fatal error when using 2 windwalk abilities in a row
    • Fixed Janggo providing incorrect bonus stats and no bonus regeneration
    • Fixed fatal error when Reincarnation' Ghost and invulnerability from Eul's Scepter
    • Reincarnation (Agh) Ghosts now have 1 HP instead of full HP
    • Added chat commands -mute #/ -unmute # where # is slot number 1-5, 6-10. Muted player won't be seen on your chat screen.
    • Removed "Sell item" button from the Circle of power as any circle can now properly drop an item on the shop in order to sell
    • "Full item cost selling" now works for any amount and type of items bought in the past 10 seconds, including consumables. Ring of Health is still forbidden to sell back for 100% price.
    • Item bought tracking now supports quick buy, means every component is now properly sellable within 10 seconds time window.
    • Disabled all "Allied / Your town under attack" sounds
    • Fixed Observer wards respawn timing on RD mode
    • Fixed Raindrop become available later than 3 mins since creep spawn
    • Fixed stolen Doppelganger didn't move illusions properly
    • Fixed Dominated siege units still trying to attack structures instead of following player's orders
    • Fixed Reincarnation didn't check cooldown for Alt-click
    • Fixed Circle of Power consuming Tome of Knowledge
    • Fixed Bloodrage not providing heal for a killer whenever affected unit dies
    • Fixed Chain Frost slow Aghanim and normal values being swapped
    • Fixed Chain Frost slow being undispellable
    • Fixed rare bug with Chain Frost stopping on the middle of the map
    • Fixed Meat hook visuals
    • Fixed Dazzle's Aghanim always providing 1 armor per second
    • Fixed Teleportation on Rubick had no cast time
    • Fixed Teleportation cast animation
    • Manaleak no longer stacks on the same target
    • Removed extra ground visuals from Rocket Barrage
    • Fixed Guardian Angel affecting shops
    • Split Show level now updates when learned instead of when toggled
    • Fixed Battle Cry being undispellable
    • Fixed Jinada's slow being undispellable
    • Mana Shield no longer toggles off automatically
    • Leap can no longer break Pounce
    • Fixed Mjollnir's buff procing on structures
    • Fixed spell lifesteal procing from self- or friendly damage
    • Fixed QoP and AM Blink improperly charging Sticks
    • Fixed transfering consumables from courier didn't work if there were no free slots available
    • Fixed ward could be shared to illusion, effectively wasting it
    • Fixed couple of tooltips
    • Guardian Angel visuals changed to less blurry
    • Improved Nature's Attendants visuals
    • Improved Dual Breath animation to display it's real AoE
    Config updates:
    Added bind "SelectAllUnits" to "Hotkeys" section, same rules as any other hotkeys. By default no value assigned
    Added into "Visuals" section:

    • ShowTipsWhileDead=true
    • ShowItemsInMultiboard=false
    • UseAdvancedHUD=false
    • DisableAltTogglingHPBars=true
    • WaterColor=
    • IgnoreAllChat=false
    • HideHeroNames=false
    Added quickchat binds into a new QUICKCHAT section:

    • QuickChatText#=
    • QuickChatHotkey#=
    where # is a number from 1 up to 10

    • Fixed a crash on applying some special abilities to neutrals or dead units
    • Enabled Santa's Hats
    • Reverted sound change from v1
    • Removed banning phase from SH mode
    • Techies enabled back on all modes
    • Fixed Nature's Attendant healing 1 more second than intended to
    • Borrowed Time no longer interrupts channeling when casted automatically
    • Skeleton King's illusions can now provide Vampiric Aura around them
    • Improved Guardian Angel buff visual
    • Added portrait model to Secret shops
    Config update:
    [HOTKEYS] section now contains:

    Same rules as Dota2: only select units with Attack ability, "AllOther" group includes all units, including immovable (Wards), except for the hero. "AllUnits" includes all movable units.

    Latest Update

    • Fixed crash related to Linken's Sphere block/usage from v1/v2
    • Fixed incorrect selling cost of Ring of Regeneration, Headdress of Rejuvenation, Hood of Defiance, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Guardian Greaves (thanks to Heilagr for nitpicking item's prices)
    • Fixed Enchant Totem always being level 1
    • Fixed Requiem of Souls ignoring neutrals
    • Fixed Borrowed Time had no cooldown
    • Fixed The Swarm beetles could be controlled
    • The Swarm no longer dispels from Leap or Borrowed Time
    • Fixed Splinter Blast being reflected twice on Lotus Orb
    • Fixed reflected Splinter Blast missing proper damage amount
    • Fixed Ice Wall counting Wex level instead of Quas
    • Fixed Tempest Double clone always become selected when he dies
    • Fixed Tempest Double could benefit of enemy's Rapier
    • Fixed Vengeful Spirit could Aghanim's Spirit could benefit of Rapier or Gem
    • Improved Kelen's Dagger tooltip



    Currently you can find DotA Allstars in use on the following servers or platforms:

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    You can help the popularity of the map by playing with other players on the servers or platforms above, or by searching for issues and bugs in single player, by using the test commands. Report any bugs you encounter here.

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    DotA Allstars is a completely free project, made on pure enthusiasm. We all have families and paid work to do. We do not get paid in any fashion for making this map. If you want to do us a favor, you can help the project by
    donating, propagating the map, or testing and reporting bugs.

    Every second we can dedicate to developing DotA Allstars is a compromise between all other kinds of activities for us. We do not have any sponsor or official supporter, this project is completely done on our own time without any pay.

    If you want to support our movement, if you want to see DotA Allstars being developed continuously, if you want to see it become even better than it's successor Dota2, you can support us directly by donating. Any donation is welcome, and let me thank you in advance!

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    Yandex Money:

    If you are playing at a platform with an old, outdated map, you can point out to the administration that reborn DotA Allstars can provide much more pleasure to players. It contains all the same content as it's successor, DotA2. DotA Allstars got rid of most bugs that were in IceFrog's maps. Finally, it updates faster and provides more valuable content. Help us to grow stronger by telling others about the map!

    The map is constantly updated, changing many big and small things.. We are taking care about everything, starting from laggy abilities and finishing with user experience. For your knowledge, there are more than 100.000 lines of source code and only a few thousands less text lines. Nobody can test such project on his own. Thats where you can come in by testing and reporting bugs.
    Play the map and report discovered bugs. Report issues with any texts or tooltips as well - English isn't our native language, and grammar-nazing will never hurt. You can also test everything on your own, in single player, thanks to the implemented advanced test commands.

    You can report bugs in here Report bug < D1Stats

    Feel free to ask, discuss or complain about DotA Allstars or anything DotA-related at our forum.

    Open for suggestions
    You have an idea that you think should be implemented in DotA Allstars? Share it with us!

    Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

    You can download and read updates here About < D1Stats

    Also visit the official website of DotA Allstars!
    DotA Allstars - Main page

    Note for the Hiveworkshop Administrators: If this forum I created is not accepted here please don't delete it.Because I worked hard making this forum...If this is not the right place to post this, please move this to another place, I worked hard making this forum.Thank You Hiveworkshop!

    Wardota2 Gamer aka E Prince
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  2. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    I dunno, haven't heard much from Draco himself here. I also doubt much interest in the community, though that's me being ridiculous, as usual.
  3. MyPad


    Spell Reviewer

    May 9, 2014
    Shouldn't it be 2? :wink:

    I think that they might need to get another copy of the game; the updated version, that is, just for version control.
    I might see that as a burden, though.
  4. Dr Super Good

    Dr Super Good

    Spell Reviewer

    Jan 18, 2005
    Who on earth still plays DotA Allstars? I got bored with it after about 20 games.

    I am interested how the random delay was reduced. Where is such a setting?
  5. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004

    I don't feel that this would fit as news for Hive. However, if you upload your map to the database or to this thread, we can move it to the Map Development forum.
  6. Wardota2 Gamer

    Wardota2 Gamer

    Jan 7, 2017
    aOk ralle I will do that!
  7. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004
    Let me know when the map is uploaded and linked to the first post :)
  8. Wardota2 Gamer

    Wardota2 Gamer

    Jan 7, 2017
    ok ralle
  9. Wardota2 Gamer

    Wardota2 Gamer

    Jan 7, 2017
    Hey @Ralle,boss.....Ahmm I already put a link to where the map should be downloaded.

    Question: Can I put the map in the Map & Resources?

    And @Ralle,boss.....You can now move this thread to the Map Developement Forum

    Thank Y0u!
  10. lan nguyen

    lan nguyen

    Feb 14, 2018
    Who are u?are u a member of DotA develope team?
    U just copy and paste every thing in d1stats.ru
  11. Diegoit


    Apr 8, 2017
    Does this map still alive?
  12. pyf


    Mar 21, 2016
    Please visit the official website of DotA Allstars, and find out.

    For the record, you might also be interested in this thread:
    WC3 DOTA1