Decisive Night v12.3

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Decisive Night
Ver. 12.3
This is defensive / survival type map where you must protect the main building while groups of enemy units are attacking your base. Also you can select the difficulty level you would like to face.

Every single time, demonic force called themselves - Sajkats, are trying to devastate Dalaran by destroying nearby located camps. Royal Arrow warriors are ready to clash with Sajkats in this deadly confrontation this night. Enemies are grouping their demonic legions near Sijn camp walls and they are ready to strike any moment. The dark magic of Sajkats shows no mercy to the flesh of human.

Gameplay Modes

Easy Mode
(11 Waves)


Easy mode gameplay is for the beginners. This is really easy presentation of Decisive Night gameplay. Playing this mode, you can easily get to know map well, to evaluate your possibilities and strategies.

Normal Mode
(12 Waves)


Normal mode gameplay is for players who are not foreign to the map. Players should know basic ways of playing the game in order to deal with this mode.

Hard Mode
(13 Waves)


Hard mode gameplay is for quite skilled players who can deal with various unpleasant situations of the game. In order to complate this mode, you will need to know the gameplay very well and know way how to deal with enemies in different situations.

Insane Mode
(14 Waves)


Insane mode gameplay is for advanced and skillful players who can deal with Hard mode with ease. This mode is exceptional with its difficulty, it is way more harder than Hard mode gameplay. To deal with this mode, you will need to know great strategies in order to deal with annihilating power approaching every wave at your base. Ending is different from previous modes of gameplay, it is exceptional with final wave and boss unit system.






This map was made for Single Player gameplay.
Map is not protected.
Resource was made with 1.24e version of Warcraft III The Frozen Throne

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Tip No.1: Unit position Setup
First thing you have to do is to set your forces in the right positions. Not suprising, that big amount of forces of yours would be able to hold the attacks way better. You don't want your units to be separated or randomly set all over the place. You have to keep your forces close to each other, with this, more damage will be produced in shorter period of time.

Tip No.2: Use the right Strategy

Using the right stretegy could decide everything. For now, I have discovered two types of major strategies. One of them is not so effective, and another one is for perfect gameplay.

1. The most basic and common strategy below:

2. Advanced and more effective strategy below:

By using Strategy No.Two you will be able to deal with enemy way more easily, because units in one spot do more damage than separated ones. (According to Tip No.1)

Tip No.3: Manipulate your hero as much as possible
Easy as that. Use your hero. Don't leave everything to your forces, this would be a failure.
Abilities: TLP Jump ability is very useful, it helps you to manipulate hero as well as possible. By jumping into the middle of bunch of enemy and using Thunder Blast and then rapidly jumping out from there is the key for proper damage dealing, with this, your Thunder Blast will deal more damage in area of effect. Use Lightening Fall as much as you can, this is the main massive destruction spell of your hero. With this, you are able to annihilate massive amount of enemies in seconds by targeting as much enemies as you can. Spirales of Holyness is one of the most important ability, umm, every ability is important, hehe. Use it as much as you can, no matter if your hero is not low in health, just use it to heal your forces or hero itself. In Hard or Insane modes, I don't really use Priests to heal my forces, I just count on my Spirales only :) And it works well. Invulnerable Spirits is risky ability to use. Because once it is activated, enemies cannot hit your forces, this makes enemies to overcome your forces and strike the castle directly. I don't really recommend to use it, unless using this strategy: Construct Towers of Shattering --> Wait unitil Grand Tower regenerated 100 mana points --> Begin researching It's time to take a Break research at the Castle --> Immediately use Invulnerable Spirits --> Wait until enemies gather at the centre as much as possible --> Use Self-Destruct ability of Grand Tower of Shattering. This is risky, however, I don't recommned to use it, because you lose more than you get. Its the best solution to use this kind of strategy at the final waves.
Items: Without Items your hero is useless. First thing you have to do in order not to fail - ensure yourself that mana of your hero won't end. If you use abilities often, and you should use it often, mana runs out rapidly. First items you buy should be Stone of Magic or Scepter of Divinity or even both if playing on harder gameplay level.
Another important point of items are combat items. Using items that produce damage to enemies is the great way to success and not to fail.

Tip No.4: Pick the right Upgrades
Don't waste your gold on every upgrade at start. First thing you should to in order to play successfully - get Construct Towers of Shattering research completed as soon as possible. This would produce massive additional damage, great way to manipulate it. As I mentioned earlier, best way to use Self-Destruct is in the final wave, keep it for the last battle.
Also, research unit trainings. Basically, don't use Agility swordmans or Sorcerers, they're actually useless (Except when Sorcerer has its life regeneration aura). Try to get use all your gold at the beginning just for upgrades, because at start, enemies don't attack so hard, you can easily survive that. Try to upgrades all upgrades, except damage / armor ones, leave it for the end. And only at early middle of waves you should feel it, your units should be dying only then, if you are successful player enough.

Map has been updated by spell changes, unit attack damage fixes, some triggers fixes, unit renaming and rechanging almost all units' models into imported ones.

Map has been updated by global changing all units' damage points, health points, mana points into much lower numbers(decent ones). Triggers changings, adding 3 new Upgrades at the main building, spells' fixing into right description and into right damage equal units' possibility requests. Global secret items remake. Advanced Gameplay changings.

Hopefully all Hotkeys fixes. Adding few new upgrades at the main building. Global upgrades system changing. Adding new spells. Adding spells upgrade requiraments. Some spells changings. Reducing damage points of Explosion of Depths spell that uses enemy. And some other trifles.

Created item shop, changed model of main Building(Castle), fixed upgrades' button positions, increased game motion difficulty, added new powerful unit, changed gold earning system and few other trifles.
Here can be some problems with new unit I've made it the cheap way, didn't pay attention much so it can look little bit weird and don't fit to your other forces.

Inceased game's difficulty, changed some triggers and other almost not important stuff.

Optimized, fixed & edited the bigger part of triggers. Improved terrain. Reduced the the file's size. And other trifles.

- New Preview image.
- New description.
- Global spells fixes and changes.
- From maximum hero level 5, changed to maximum hero level 10.
- Global enemy attacks system change.
- Big terrain and enviroment improvement.
- Added 3 new additional trainable units.
- Added one new item that can be sold by shop.
- Added few new-type enemy units and boss unit that spawns at the end.
- Fixed bigger part of grammar and spellings.
- Optimized some of triggers.
- Reduced the bigger part of memory leak, but not all.
- Changed extra friendly boss' model.
- Created an upgrade that increases maximum food limit.
That's it, I guess. I'm sure I didn't mention all, but these are main changes, others almost not noticeable.
- Improved diffuculty levels. (Easy mode contains with 11 waves, new boss and two new-type enemy units. Normal mode's difficulty has been increased. Hard mode contains with 13 waves, new boss and two new-type enemy units.
- Balanced difficulty levels. Also fixed a mistake maden there.
- Changed into better system of hero leveling. Also inceased damage done by destruction spells.
- Changed the icon of upgrade named 'Improve Archer'.
- Changed the buff of ability named 'Shield of Will'.
- Inceased the power of bosses. Their spells will make bigger amount of damage and their life points are increased.

- Added credit list to the thread of this map.
- Increased main building's collision size and added pathing blackers to it in order to do not be able to go through it with units.
- Eddited some of spells' tooltips.
- Added the gates to the entrances.

- Typo fix in some tooltips of Upgrades.
- New map preview image.

- Increased the difficulty level of Easy gameplay mode.
- Increased the difficulty level of Normal gameplay mode.
- Reduced the difficulty level of Hard gameplay mode.
- Reduced the costs of upgrades.
- Added brand new unit, the Tower of Shattering, which can be summoned the same way as Yarkan.

- Reduced costs of upgrades -
- Increased leveling up speed of hero system -
- Improved gold growing system: with harder gameplay mode, gold will regenerate faster -
- Changed requirements of Yarkan Flamingfeather and Tower of Shattering, now it will be easier to summon it -
- Upgrade Frist Weapons now adds more attack points -
- Added the requirements of levels to some of hero's abilities, gained by leveling up -
- Increased amount of healing done by Priest's spell: Heal -
- Reduced the costs of items, being sold at the Tower of Eternity -
- Reduced the damage done by Hardscale Reavent (Hard gameplay mode) -
- Increased the damage done by Void Stalker (Normal gameplay mode) -
- Increased the damage done by Spiderspinner (Easy gameplay mode) -
- Increased the damage done by Archer of Sijn, trained at the Sijn Far Combat Barracks -
- Changed special effects of hero ability: TLP Jump -
- Added an additional special effect to Lightning Fall ability -
- Changed icons of Lightning Fall, Thunder Blast and TLP Jump abilities -
- Modified Yarkan Flamingfeather, reduced health points and size scale -
- Invulnerable Spirits ability's effect duration had been reduced to 10 / 15 seconds -
- Spider Overseer's ability Arcane Explosion's damage had been massively increased -
- Added unit transmissions after the summons of special units -

- Added another camera view to the cinematic -
- Imported music track, which hopefully will give the right atmosphere to the game, this massively increased map's size (by 1.66 MB) -
- Implented rain and lightening weather system -

- Fixed the issue with lightening sound, now there is a sound once lightening occurs -
- Changed model of Hardscale Reavent (Hard mode gameplay) due to problematic texturing, few reavants in a spot creates some kind of errors that ruins the screen, with new model there will no such things -
- Changed Shout of Wrath ability's animations into more decent ones, also ability was strenghtened -
- Increased gold regeneration time for each gold coin by 0.005 second for Hard mode gameplay -
- Now time will not be set by triggers, 20 minutes will take around 6 hours in a game -
- Sijn'ara now have less defense points -
- Now each building has same sound -
- Now Royal Death Knight produces twice less gold after its death -
- Changed the system that prevents from leaving the base, now units that are leaving base and running forwards to the other side of map will be killed -
- Normal mode gameplay now is exceptional with sudden attacks, fifth and tenth waves are hardened, enemies randomly appears in the area of stronghold and heads forward to the Castle of Oblivion. Due to this, those waves contains less of enemy units -
- Added brand new research, which plants five at each entrance of stronghold deadly mines that blows up the enemies once they step on it. It can be used three times only -
- Hard mode gameplay is now exceptional with a strike of one special unit that appears while under the pressure of tenth wave. It massively strikes down your units doing small damage to each, but if it will not be destroyed, your units might be wiped out instantly -

- Cinematic's cameras now do not mess up after skipping it at the right moment -
- Tower of Shattering's ability Self Destruct now also damages flying units, not ground only -
- Hard Mode gameplay's gold will grow slower by 0.015 second for each gold coin -
- Normal Mode gameplay's gold will grow faster by 0.01 second for each gold coin -
- Demonic Footman's model have been changed to a simple skeleton's one, reducing map's size by 175 KBs -
- Dark Sorceress's name have been changed into Dark Mage and its model have been changed into Skeletal Mage, reducing map's size by 195 KBs -
- Dark Bat's gold bounty award have been reduced by 13 gold coins for each -
- Dark Bat's hit points have been reduced by 60 -
- Brand new unit have joined the enemy, The Groundbreaker is marked with massive amount of hit points and its strength. It also has 125 gold bounty award. This unit have healing ability that heals up nearby allies, so make sure to kill it fast -
- Aegis the Doombringer's hit points have been inscreased by 150 (Hard Mode gameplay) -
- A part of enemy units have their damage points balanced -
- Added a special effect to the Castle of Oblivion, imitating the energies of Dalaran shield, that enemies are trying to destroy -
- Environment improvement -
- Marked the line, which kills friendly units once they cross it, with Energy Fields -
- The gates now have twice reduced hit points -
- Now ability Stun cannot bash heroes and now bashes enemy units for 1.5 second instead of 3 -

- Many upgrades and researches now cost less gold -
- A part of trainable units got their gold cost slightly reduced -
- Increased gold regeneration time for Hard Mode gameplay by 0.01 second for each gold coin -
- Yarkan Flamingfeather is now being summoned twice faster than it was before -
- View distance have been slightly increased -
- Death Knight of Ancient Horror and Hardscale Reavant have been slightly strengthtened -
- The last waves of all three difficulty gameplays now are a little bit harder to carry -
- Item's Marskman Signature cost have been reduced by 70 gold, it also now cost 50 mana less to activate it -
- Brand new item now can be acquired in the Tower of Eternity, with which you will be able to damage enemies -
- Item Scepter of Divinity is now fixed and works fine, now it restores mana only, heals no more -
- Tower's of Shattering ability Frost Touch missile model have been changed and its Arc have been reduced, damage aswell. Unit itself is now smaller scale, have less hit points and also have its model changed. Reseach will summon three of these towers instead of one, but only one of them will have Self Destruct ability -
- Some enemy units have their attack speed increased -
- Dark Sorcerer's damage have been increased -
- New research is now available at the Caste of Obvlivion. With it you will be able to turn the caste invulnerable to all attacks for limited time -
- New screenshots at The Hiveworkshop thread -
- Yarkan Flamingfeather's attack type is now Magic, instead of Chaos -

- Aegis the Doombringer's (Hard Mode gameplay) passive ability have been fixed, both its abilities have its range increased -
- Sijn'ara now have 5 slots in her Inventory, instead of 4 -
- Now two Towers of Shattering will be placed on the cliff, so it will be harder to destroy for enemies -
- Three last waves of Easy & Normal Mode gameplay and Hard Mode gameplay's final & tenth wave have been hardened slightly -
- Towers of Shattering research cost have been increased by 75 gold -
- Improve Archer, Improve Knight and Improve Spellcasters upgrades have its cost balanced -
- Research It's time to take a Break now turn the castle invulnerable for 5 seconds longer, from 15 seconds to 20 seconds -
- Now Sijn'ara and Castle of Oblivion are Purple colored, instead of Yellowish. This will give better look, separating hero from the forces and structure fitting well to the design of terrain -

- Towers of Shattering research now summons two towers instead of three, due to overpowerness. Towers were strenghtened -
- Icon of research It's time to take a Break have been changed -
- Aegis the Doombringer's (Hard Mode gameplay) ability have been improved -
- Sijn'ara now have 4 item slots again, instead of 5 -
- Items were set in the shop starting with the most expensive and ending with the cheapest -
- Items have their description improved -
- Items now are balanced and have their abilities slightly changed -
- Sijn'ara is now yellowish color again -
- Added brand new item to the Tower of Eternity, which changes Sijn'ara's color to purple and attach some armor to the model by increasing hero stats and allowing hero to resurrect dead allies. -
- Grand Tower's of Shattering damaging ability have been strenghtened -
- Items Sijn Armor of Eternal Light and Core of the Frozen Sights now have requirements to acquire -
- Defense bonus per agility point have been reduced by 1/3 -
- Item's Marksman Signature target special effect have been changed -

- Demonica Shadowfeather (Hard mode gameplay) now is targeted as an Air unit, instead of Ground -
- Defense of Bow ability now have mojor requirements to use -
- Improve Knight upgrade have changed completely, it makes Knights immunite to spells no more, now it allow Knights to steal life from the enemies -
- Defense of Arms ability have its caster special effect changed -
- Yarkan Flamingfeather now cost 3 Food, instead of 4 -
- Few units have its starting positions changed -
- Dark Bat's ability have been improved -
- Added two new items, mainly allowing hero to damage enemy units with massive damage -
- New difficulty system is now available, the Insane Mode gameplay that contains 14 waves is for skilled players who finish Hard Mode with ease -
- Hard mode gameplay's enemy handicap have been increased by 3% -
- Objectives log have minor changes, also credits now are given in the game itself -
- Now items are droppable and can be sold to the Tower of Eternity for half of its buying price -
- New enemy units coming on Insane Mode gameplay: Lycurgus the Calamituous; Lycurgus the Fire Dominator; Tremor Reavant; Gul; Magma Leech; Whelp of Demonica -
- Stunned buff have been reset to default special effects -
- Last three waves of Hard Mode gameplay now contain Dark Bats that has twice smaller gold bounty award -
- Music track have been removed, due to too high size of map -
- Marksman Signature item now have its special effect changed -
- Core of the Frozen Sights item have its cost reduced -
- Item tooltips fixes -
- Stone of Magic item now is perishable, it disappears once used -
- Yarkan Flamingfeather now have its hit points increased by 1500, also now it have health regeneration rate -
- Ability Lightening Fall now have its damage increased by 20 per second per each level -
- Spirales of Holyness ability have its healing damage increased -
- Explosion of Depths ability have its damage overtime reduced -
- Caster special effects of Lightening Fall and Thunder Blast abilities have been changed -
- Ability Stun now stuns units for 1 second, instead of 1.5 seconds, also its chance to stun is reduced by 5% -
- Shout of Wrath ability now do 50 damage more to each target and deals damage to two additional targets -
- Phoenix Flame ability now deals 140 damage more to every target in its area of effect -
- The Groundbreaker now cost 2 Food for enemies, instead of 3 -
- Research Summon Yarkan Flamingfeather have its cost increased by 220 gold -
- Shout of Wrath and Phoenix Flame abilities' X; Y positions now do not confuse -
- Added new ability to Yarkan Flamingfeather allowing it to become invulnerable for limited time -
- Few new screenshots at The Hiveworkshop thread of map -
- Credits have been given in map itself, it can be checked through Trigger Editor -
- Normal and Hard gameplay modes now regenerate gold slower by 0.01 second for each gold coin -

- Loading screen text corrections -
- Unkeep is not displayed anymore -
- Abilities' Phoenix Flame and Essence of Wrath hotkeys do not confuse anymore -
- Hard mode gameplay's difficulty have been slightly increased -
- Dark Bats at the last waves of Hard mode gameplay have its bounty award reduced -
- Explosion of Depths have higher requirements, its mana cost have been increased and damage dealt have been nerfed -
- Lycurgus the Fire Dominator have have its health and damage points massively increased -
- At the final wave of Insane mode Leeches spawns faster -
- AntiCheat trigger have been removed from the map -

- Magma Leech have been strenghtened -
- Lycurgus the Fire Dominator have its defense and health points increased -
- Lycurgus the Calamitious have its health points increased massively -

- Quest objective correction -
- Now units may leave the base without getting killed -

Defense, Defend, Invasion, Legions, Dalaran, Survivor, Survive, Decisive, Night, Humans, Blood, Elfs, Elves, Undead, Demonic, Survival, Limit, Time, S

Decisive Night v12.3 (Map)

17:43, 29th Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2: Proper resource crediting X (Please mention each person by name.) Proper description √ Proper author name √ Doesn't crash √ + Two approval votes Firstly, I urge you to post the resource...
Level 31
Jun 27, 2008

The gameplay have minor, but pretty much useful changes, as like some animations, error fixes, models and an additional parts of game difficulty, as like appearing enemies in the centre of stronghold. Now Normal and Hard modes are exceptional and have some differences between it, making it not so boring to play.

This version brings some environment improvements, forces balancing and a brand new unit of the enemy. Also map's size have been slightly reduced by removing some imported materials. Basically, Hard mode in v.11.3 was easier than Normal mode, now it is way opposite.

I would really appreciate to receive useful feedback and reviews.
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Level 31
Jun 27, 2008
How's this different from the other versions?:eekani::goblin_wtf::vw_love:

Please read the Changelog / Updates hidden tag in the map description of The Hiveworkshop for further information about every version.

Many changes have been made. Gold reducement of trainable units, upgrades and researches. New item, Scepter of Divinity fix and total change of Tower of Shattering research. New research at the Castle of Oblivion. Just read the changelog for further information. By the way, new screenshots were added at THW in the hidden tag, first post.
I hope this is now quite pretty well balanced, because all the time I was fighting with it, balance was a mafor problem, but still it could be better.

Basic fixes and balancing have been improved. There was misunderstanding with the passive ability of Aegis the Doombringer, now it is fixed and balanced. Also some upgrades have its cost slightly changed. Now Sijn'ara and Castle of Oblivion will be colored in Purple, instead of Yellow. And some other trifles, mentioned in the changelog.

Reviews and feedback, rating and people opinions are appreciated and welcome.
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Level 31
Jun 27, 2008
This minor version brings some balancing of gameplay and a major change of items, items have been slightly changed and balanced. As in addition, new item is available at the Tower of Eternity, which is exceptional with its possibility to change hero's look completely, changing color, attaching some armor, plus it adds stats and allows hero to resurrect allies from the dead. Towers of Shattering have been changed aswell, now there are two, instead of three, due to inbalance, because by using one exceptional tactic, hard mode becomes easier than an easy mode gameplay. Check changelog for further information.

Real nice map.
Thank you for your opinion, but I would like to receive rating and more expanded review.

Massive and global improvements have been done. New difficulty system have been added - Insane Mode. Balancing have taken big part in this update aswell. New description at THW, three more screenshots have been added too.
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Level 3
Jun 25, 2006
1.Think it is to hard even on easy mode i cant go trough it they overcome me in fifth wave

2.Castle is to weak been destroyed just in couple of seconds!

3.Its boring to click on unit produce all the time!
Level 31
Jun 27, 2008
1.Think it is to hard even on easy mode i cant go trough it they overcome me in fifth wave

2.Castle is to weak been destroyed just in couple of seconds!

3.Its boring to click on unit produce all the time!
1) Hmm, weird.. In my opinion, easy mode is more easy than it should be, because without any effort poured into game I manage to finish it easily, no effort at all. Seems like you were just standing and watching the fight, if enemy manage to overcome you. I don't want to be rude or something, but you must act, not to watch the fight between your forces and enemies. I can only make easy mode harder, not easier, sorry..

People complain: 'Easy mode is too easy'; 'Easy mode is too hard'
This confuses me sometimes.

2) It is absolutely balanced. Castle is strong enough, if you let 30 enemies hit it, then no wonder it is being destroyed quickly.
Simple example: If there are no forces of yours, every enemy will strike the building killing it fast, but if there will be few of your units, they'll attack them. Seems like field was totally empty and you wanted your castle to hold all attacks.. The purpose is not to let them attack, remember this.

And again, don't accept it as negative reply.

3) I'm sorry, I couldn't manage to get your point here. You mean training your units? Or something else? It would be nice if you could expand your statement.
Level 3
Jun 25, 2006
3) I'm sorry, I couldn't manage to get your point here. You mean training your units? Or something else? It would be nice if you could expand your statement.

Yes i mean training units from both sides barracks i spent every gold and still get overcome to mabs you should put some tips for players!I got to final wave of mabs and still didnt managed to kill them all ,spent all my gold every time i had good upgrades and i used mines that butcher unit have some imba regeneration or something!
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Level 31
Jun 27, 2008
Yes i mean training units from both sides barracks i spent every gold and still get overcome to mabs you should put some tips for players!I got to final wave of mabs and still didnt managed to kill them all ,spent all my gold every time i had good upgrades and i used mines that butcher unit have some imba regeneration or something!

Gameplay Guilde hidden tag at the bottom of map's description at the Hive have been added, it contains 4 major tips, read it and good luck. ;)
Well, you see, you did better than 5 waves. Practise makes perfect.