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Dawn of the Twilight's Hammer

Submitted by Warseeker
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

V 1.0.2

"Seduced by the promises of power and the destructive intentions of the twisted Aspect of Death, the Twilight's Hammer clan join this latter in his quest to unmake Azeroth"

Dawn of the Twilight's Hammer is a singleplayer custom campaign that follows the story of World of Warcraft after Wrath of the Lich King as Deathwing makes his return to Azeroth. The gameplay is to complete quests while revealing the story similar to Blizzard's original campaigns.

How to play

1 - Download the campaign.
2 - For patch 1.27 or older : Move the campaign to : /Warcraft III/Campaign folder.
For patch 1.28 or newer : Move the campaign to : Documents/Warcraft III/Campaign folder.
For Mac users : Move the campaign to : /Library/Application/Support/Blizzard/Warcraft III/Campaign Folder.
3 - Play the campaign

-- Requirements --

- Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne (Classic)
- Patch 1.27 or newer

Note : The campaign may work on older patches but it's not recommended to play on them.



- 25 maps, including 15 chapters + 4 sub-maps (8 Macro Mission + 11 Micro Missions), 5 interludes, 1 secret mission.
- A storyline based on World of Warcraft : Cataclysm.
- Puzzles, Riddles and Boss Fights.
- Available in two languages : English and French.
- Three new custom techtrees : Trolls, Taurens and Goblins.
- Variable Difficulty Level : Easy, Normal, Hard.
- New custom units, items, abilities.

Main Characters

[​IMG] Thrall : Son of Durotan, Thrall was the Warchief of the Horde and ruler of Durotar in Kalimdor. After the Cataclysm, he temporarily gave leadership to Garrosh Hellscream in order to lead the Earthen Ring's effort against the Twilight's Hammer cult and elemental unrest afflicting Azeroth.
[​IMG] Garrosh : Son of Grommash Hellscream, Garrosh was a great Mag'har warrior and one of Garadar's leaders of Nagrand in Outland, until Thrall met him and invited him to join the Horde in Azeroth.
[​IMG] Vol'jin : Son of Sen'jin and current leader of the Darkspear tribe, Vol'jin has become one of the pillars of the Horde. Present at the founding of Orgrimmar, Vol'jin lived there for many years offering strategic advice to Thrall.
[​IMG] Cairne : High Chieftain of the Bloodhoof Taurens and the final wielder of the Bloodhoof Runespear. Allying with the Horde upon its arrival on the shores of Kalimdor, Cairne stood as one of its wisest and most venerated leaders.
[​IMG] Gazlowe : The chief engineer of Durotar, Gazlowe held great respect towards the Horde as shown multiple times through his efforts in founding Orgrimmar.
[​IMG] Garona : An assassin and a spymistress half-orc half-draenei. Garona was an emissary of the Horde during the first invasion of Azeroth, and was the reluctant murderer of King Llane Wrynn. She later joined the battle against the Twilight's Hammer clan.


After Gul'dun's defeat in the Tomb of Sargeras, Cho'gall, the chieftain of the Twilight Hammer clan, somehow managed to survive with some of his cultists. He traveled to the ancient Temple of Ahn'Qiraj where he took shelter. Years laters, Cho'gall became servant of the old gods and was able to recreate his clan. Allying with Deathwing, they helped him break free from Deepholm which sadly caused the Elemental Unreset. Troubled by this latter, Thrall decides to lead an investigation in order to stop the elemental imbalance and the Twilight's Hammer.


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9


Credits List

Campaign Designer


Story Developer

Blizzard Entertainement

Resources In Use


Slim Shady
Ujimasa Hojo
Eagle XI
General Frank


The Panda





Special Thanks

Blizzard Entertainement
Fort Boyard
Bethesda Softworks
Tango Gameworks


Version 1.0


French - v 1.0.1 (32.4 MB) - Direct Download

Riddles & Puzzles Solution

Dotth Riddles & Puzzles Solution | HIVE

Known Issues

- Some ambient sounds may not work properly on patch 1.30+
- Gazlowe's abilities will reset at the start of each chapter due to a bug caused by Enginering Upgrade.

Author's Note

You are free to edit the campaign as long as it is personal. If you want to use my maps' terrains, ideas or triggers for your project, go ahead but give me credit. If you want to translate the campaign, do so, but DO NOT change anything without my permission !

Dawn of the Twilight's Hammer (Campaign)

[spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler] A long campaign with shallow narrative and no character development. The gameplay...
  1. Rafcio123


    Jul 5, 2020
    Chapter 5 (The Gordunni Treat) is impossible to pass on a hard difficulty level because ogres are to strong and goblins units are incredible weak ....
  2. Ricoslaw


    Jul 2, 2020
    You don't need to destroy the bases, you just need to kill those Ogre Lords in each base, they drop key and then you run to the cages. Fortify your base, train Shooters and try to pull single ogres to your line of fire. From what I saw, only 2 bases send ogres to you, you can train 2 flying machine to spy on incoming attacks. Town portal scrolls are you biggest friend. You only need to destroy top right base. If you really want to destroy everything, train 2-3 tanks and when the expertly pulled ogres die from your line of guns, go to town with them on enemy training buildings (ogres take some time to appear).

    On the other hand, "the mount hyjal" esque map on hard is just impossible. Enemy heroes are just so over the top... Shaman who summons 4 elementals with range bash? Blademaster with 400dmg crits? You have only 4 heroes without Thrall who provides SOOOOO much health regen and mana regen with his totems. Garona dies like a fly, 4 elementals always FOCUS 1 hero, who gets stun locked, and dies and 1 minute after the wave with shaman and his elementals (who you still fight btw, because there is so much units) there comes next wave with GOD DAMN DRAGONS with Chaos DMG... not to mention the "Swole" Infernals who drop by periodicly. You can't build units, your allies are useless and only 2/2, and you can buy only so many goblin land mines. Periodic attacks on Thrall are so annoing... If red ally could move his ass to defend him, but for the sake of fun (I'm not mad :D) gameplay they do absolutly nothing... 30min to hold is FAR to long.

    BTW, 5min respawn of your heroes doesn't work. At least it doesn't work for me.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2020
  3. MogulKahn


    Sep 24, 2009
  4. Rafcio123


    Jul 5, 2020

    Well finally i have done this thanks :D
  5. Ricoslaw


    Jul 2, 2020
    BTW, if by some off chance someone can't figure out the Mission 7 riddles, PM me.
  6. MogulKahn


    Sep 24, 2009
    Map 7:

    - Couldn't open those gates with purple rune in front of it, and because of that, couldn't activate optional quest (I guess with those Night Elven Statues and those Guardian Statues)
    - What is that Golden or Sun Key for? It is left in my inventory

    Overall, really impressed with this map. Great job on it!
  7. Verb8im


    Mar 29, 2015
    You have to stand on every color rune to open the door. And if I remember correctly, the sun key opens the invulnerable gate to get the crown of kings
  8. Баз6к9


    Jul 8, 2020
    Hello everyone, I can not pass the fifth Chapter, when we go into the dungeon to the ogres, I entered two caves and went forward to the stones, but I do not know how to destroy these stones. How do I get further to the Ogre King?
  9. Dead man

    Dead man

    Jul 9, 2020
    You need Gazlowe's missile skill.

    And yes, you have to restart that mission get the skill back if you redistributed the skill points. Don't worry you can destroy the rocks with one level of the skill.

    Edit: How can anyone do the silithus desert mission without cheating? I only got like 7000 gold and even that gets drained by tentacle attacks.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2020
  10. fengyun7791


    Jul 10, 2020
    Anyone knows Riddle answer from chapter 4?
  11. Ricoslaw


    Jul 2, 2020
    Guys, if u want riddle answers please PM me. Preferably with the riddle writen in the message.


    Mar 28, 2015
    The continuation of my review

    Chapter Three
    --Loading Screen: "Meanwhile Vol'jin and his troops..."
    --Opening Cinematic: "...find her her somewhere."
    --First Main Quest: "...Kulratha, you must first find..."
    --Kulratha says "sandfury" instead of "Sandfury" twice
    --"... in exchange for our loyalty!"

    --A Troll Conjurer having Frost Armor. That sounds weird to me.
    --It is weird that the Raptor Rider has Medium Armor, but the Axe Thrower has Heavy Armor.
    --We can complete the First Main Quest without destroying all buildings. My base started being built and there were still one Troll Hut and two Watch Towers left
    --Both the buildings and upgrades don't follow the QWER hotkeys
    --Kulratha's model not only is very small for a troll, but it doesn't fit a Sandfury Troll. She is clearly a Jungle Troll

    Zul'Farrak Map
    --"...Vol'jin enters..."
    --Conjurer's 3rd ability, Voodoo's Shield, is pretty OP. It lasts 30 seconds, it only costs 50 mana and has a very short cooldown. It should be nerfed.
    --Perhaps giving to all enemy Shadow Hunters various items, because they have the same stats and abilities.
    -Since this is all about the Elemental Unrest, perhaps we should face some Elementals in order to vary the foes we face
  13. stein123


    Sep 17, 2010
    tbf the raptor rider model is pretty naked, and the axethrower model actually has armor :p


    Mar 28, 2015
    Well ok, but it is still weird, right?

    A melee cavalry unit has a lower-quality armor than a ranged unit.
  15. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. -Spear Throwers seem like a Rifleman copy
    2. -is Chain Lightning necessary from the beginning? I'd start with some other spell; also could have been nice to be customizable like the following two abilities
    3. -think it'd be more intuitive to see the hotkey letters before the spell tittle not after
    4. -regenerates mana would sound better than heal mana for the mana totem
    5. -Healing Stream Totem's icon could be different than that of a night elven upgrade's
    6. -no more Reincarnation for the Centaur Khan?
    7. -ward timer text could just say ward
    8. -the centaur camp looks more like an orc camp
    9. -pretty linear map
    10. -maybe Thrall should banish the elementals instead of committing genocide?
    11. -for three weeks they've been attacked and no word to Thrall?
    12. -maybe find a custom model for the riddle stone
    13. -looks like the centaurs weren't bothered by the elementals; gets me thinking maybe the orcs are schizophrenic
    14. -pigs are also safe from the elemental
    15. -could make some visual difference between Enraged and Berserk elementals
    16. -the elemental portal could look more, elemental; think a Shimmering Portal reskin would be more fitting
    17. -they did not send a message in 3 weeks but Thrall goes to inform them on the same day
    18. -no elementals spawning during the attack on the portal?
    19. -Thrall got duped? Were there more portals?
    20. -ugh, the remove the trees/blockade thing to pass further; would be more welcoming as an open world map type
    21. -"the world is dying!" "you are mad!" "a pity you don't understand"
    22. -no elemental powerful unit near the portal?

    1. -learn in Outland about something happening on Azeroth
    2. -funny they had to send a wolf rider with a zeppelin
    3. -elementals wreak havoc? Who cares about war between races; elementals are more important smash the elves! Why even try reason? It's a waste of time.
    4. -I'm pretty sure the elves realized there were orcs or something spying on them if that protector shot at it. Or do they have something against zeppelins in general?
    5. -yet again we cannot choose the starting spells but they are forced upon us
    6. -Garrosh's abilities are usual Warcraft III ones. Bladestorm even mentions the character as being a Blademaster when the title is actually Warrior
    7. -seems like the centaurs only attack your base once when you get the quest. After that it's only three colours of night elves
    8. -terrain utterly flat?
    9. -I think destroying the other two nelven bases would have been a much more rewarding optional quest, in the sense of it at least being a challenge; no Reincarnation for the centaur?
    10. -the big bones doodad needs some pathing blockers not to pass through it
    11. -the centaurs were defending a cave entrance?

    1. -Shamans and Warlocks don't start with full mana
    2. -not sure why others would try entering the cave through another place. What would the point of having to go through the guardians be then?
    3. -you should use the fixed version of the Corrupted buildings. I think you even linked me that when I asked about it: Rooted Corrupted Ancients attack animation bug
    4. -Ring of the Archmagi=Circlet of Nobility. It however can be sold for more gold
    5. -generally I see the terrains are flat in maps
    6. -some rock chunks are invulnerable; a bit immersion breaking since they look the same
    7. -Theradras is basically a non-magic immune Granite Golem with normal armour
    8. -got a crash (1.30 patch) pressing Continue on the Victory message; upon loading the game it didn't happen anymore
    9. -you don't have time to compare items. It's either take what the boss drops or leave it

    1. -Vol'jin et his troops
    2. -Abolish Magic and Frost Armour with different icons...
    3. -did they come with those human ships?
    4. -Vol'jin has Rokhan's abilities
    5. -crates lying about everywhere; is NATO sending help to neutral hostiles?
    6. -the Sandfury turtle can swallow a raptor with its rider whole?
    7. -not quite fun to have to raze those Sandfury buildings in the beginning with only a few units
    8. -if Darkspear use similar buildings, they should just be converted instead
    9. -Raptor Raiders need a better icon, something that shows the Raptor
    10. -there are also useless items found on creeps that would be useful if sold but since troops don't have backpacks, using the hero for map wide travels is not advised
    11. -the scene that showed the troll hydromancer escape stopped one mine worker in my main base
    12. -there seem to be minor differences between some troll troops between factions; for example head hunters and turtles seem exactly the same; Raptors also have poison, the difference being the enemy has Siege Attack type
    13. -stopping Gah'zilla was for nothing? In Zul'Farrak it appears...
    14. -this map seems rather desolate
    15. -not sure how those Darkspear troops got there in the first place to get locked. I doubt they were scouting ahead in full enemy territory and there was no mention they had been in captivity way before Vol'jin came to this place
    16. -Theka le Martyr
    17. -so basically Flamecallers are just Troll Priests. Not sure what's with the fire thing except for Inner Fire which is obviously related to the Light not fire per se
    18. -not sure if intended but Vol'jin's Serpent Ward and Locust Swarm have more levels in the description than the other ones, informing the player that the hero might be able to surpass level 10 or leave out some ability levels
    19. -this submap follows the exact same pattern as Maraudon; gets tiresome quickly killing units on the map; too old fashioned
    20. -Conjurer's model doesn't have a mask like in the icon
    21. -Axe Throwers aren't purple (Dark Trolls) like in the icon
    22. -Kulretha is so much weaker than the boss Garrosh faced and Vol'jin's party had plenty of healing

    1. -Warriors have a spell called Berserk. Nothing familiar.
    2. -taurens are too rustic to have mining caps
    3. -"where is the alliance base?" "well it's somewhere there but to reach it we have to pass through one of two alliance bases" "so, you're telling me there are actually three bases?" "no, just one"; I think you understand that there can't be just one main target since they didn't know who attacked and why
    4. -all playable factions have Ensnare; bit more creativity
    5. -Warriors should have another cast and buff FX for their spell not to be the same as Roar since they only cast it on themselves
    6. -Hunters are Head Hunter copies with the exception of Ensnare
    7. -the tower's R hotkey doesn't work
    8. -none of the factions have any tower upgrades and they are similar
    9. -feels weird that Cairne and other heroes have to relearn their spells when they mastered them in the original campaigns since this happens after
    10. -at last a Centaur Khan with Reincarnation
    11. -Hunters and Warriors have a bigger selection scale than Defenders
    12. -again, troops out of nowhere held captive
    13. -Riflemen attack through the walls where these are thin
    14. -we got these quests to kill these characters we never heard of before; who are they? Do the taurens even know of them? Meeting the fire elementals fighting the dwarves lead to a quest update of some ambassador which isn't even included in the narrative; Cairne talks about the elementals invading the dwarves, nothing more
    15. -Thordrin is just another Mountain King
    16. -I thought Flamelash was also gonna be a dwarf but it's actually a Naga

    1. -the Guardian and Defender are basically the Rifleman and Footman
    2. -Guard Towers=Orc Watch Towers
    3. -higher tier weapon and armour upgrades would be a good idea against those high HP ogres; well didn't know Shredders had such high DPS and they also can be repaired; and you could sacrifice some Sappers since that's their role; for buildings, tanks of course
    4. -not sure what the improved lumber upgrade does. They still bring 10 lumber
    5. -Acid Blast=Flame Strike
    6. -the Guardian icon shows a helmet but the model hasn't any
    7. -Puits de lune corrompu
    8. -the screen darkened after meeting Zorbin (scene) and remained so; weirdly enough it stays that way even if I load a file before going to Zorbin; going to the scene again in a previous savefile fixes the issue for a slight second after the cinematic scene ends but quickly the darkness comes in again; creepy, just got the screen in my base and moved it around a bit and the colour came back...
    9. -Ogres take 1 food? The converted magi did anyway
    10. -the visual glitch happened again after the ogre transformation but strangely enough moving the screen in the main base fixes it
    11. -so.. the logic is turning a smart two headed creature into a one headed slave?
    12. -Gazlowe gets moved to Zorbin if you send an ogre magi there while you're somewhere else on the map; also 4 of the mine workers were sent idle near the main building
    13. -Zorbin has no inventory. I mean you could trigger the items to appear later on the ground if the character is not meant to come with you later
    14. -the graphics error might be caused by a model, maybe some buildings or something
    15. -Prison Keys just require an inventory slot and since they're found near each cell, you could either remove them or make them variables (rune type item)
    16. -ogre buildings are orc buildings
    17. -not sure what Air Barrage could be used on in this map
    18. -entrer inside the Dire Maul on the loading screen
    19. -in Dire Maul, the Alchemist doesn't start with full mana
    20. -to make cave transitions not annoying when you have a lot of troops, you could just make some Way Gate type circles of power
    21. -Elementaire de vent
    22. -the quest about the elemental boss should be given once you reach him not before when the characters have no clue about that
    23. -where could air elementals come from than from thin air? I thought Gazlowe was supposed to be smart
    24. -it's counterintuitive to use Cluster Rockets on invulnerable Rock Chunks since the spell only affects ground units and was not hinted to work on doodads before
    25. -too linear
    26. -all of the elementals have the same name
    27. -the elemental prince is much weaker than Gordok and gives a better reward

    1. -Thrall knew Azeroth's places like he made the world
    2. -did they actually even know of Deathwing's existence, especially the Draenei?
    3. -so he just went there to have a picnic with his buddies and then returned enlightened
    4. -why is Thrall using Warlocks?
    5. -the Twilight faction doesn't have too many different units
    6. -from the Centaur Khan's place you can see the snow on the ramps and the falling FX which aren't properly connected to the Barrens part
    7. -what's a chronic dragon?
    8. -the dragon portraits don't move all the time
    9. -some silithids levitate without it being possible for them
    10. -enemy blue dragons?
    11. -scepter shards should not look like chests since they're variable items (rune types?)
    12. -the tome of intel that the blue dragon gives is automatically absorbed without needing to click?
    13. -there was a bug when I cast the healing stream totem that I also got a mana one; happened in the green dragon's quest zone
    14. -the three tasks are a waste of time; basically you kill units on the map; nothing special
    15. -there's a night elf base for some reason that doesn't do anything but attack you if you get close
    16. -Chronic Dragons quest does not complete after speaking to all of them
    17. -the scepter could have been a variable too; had to lose an item...

    1. -crates, crates everywhere in this world; the silithid use them too!
    2. -Thrall can't control the raging elements but he can summon others
    3. -the description of the elemental abilities is the same; is there no difference between them at all?
    4. -no air elemental?
    5. -one of the murloc huts was in the air but could be attacked
    6. -apparently stepping on the two purple runes at the same time doesn't open the gates
    7. -the War Golems don't activate
    8. -k, had to step on all runes at once to open that gate
    9. -the War Golems moonwalk
    10. -no idea how to open the gate to take the Crown of Kings +5 in the sea giants zone
    11. -this chapter seems to be unnecessarily long; gets repetitive
    12. -keep generator outside protection; good strategy
    13. -astuce: passage secret debloquee
    14. -the elevators zone is a horrible experience if you play with many units
    15. -Thrall speaks tol'varian
    16. -Maitre-lame du Crepuscule
    17. -so yeah, the twilight orcs are copies of the player's
    18. -no idea where the secret passage is or what the sun key does
    19. -this story makes more sense than I thought, Garona appearing out of nowhere, not even being part of the story until now; best part is, everybody knows each other
    20. -Fan of Knives with a different icon; same with Blink
    21. -the end timer is annoyingly short

    1. -Tol'vir with Tauren Chieftain spells; at least unlinke Zorbin, this one has an inventory
    2. -again, the same units... why not some Tol'vir techtree or something?
    3. -not all Neferest are black; likewise, not all of the other dudes are yellow-orange-brown
    4. -the terrain is pretty empty; dunes could have been made prettier
    5. -best part is wood, lots of it
    6. -the "cave" Tol'vire captives go through is like a portal when that wall is so thin none would fit in
    7. -don't think Al'akir's message spam is necessary
    8. -Al'Akir's thunderstorm cannot be stunned/stopped and without high damage, not even third level healing ward is enough; the boss fully regenerates during this time as you mainly have to stay away; the storm lasts minutes
    9. -right because the pharaoh knew exactly where Thrall's companions were; and they were not separated either

    1. -why is Dal'rend red? The unit also stops instead of gong away from Cho'gall
    2. -all these places, we don't know anything about in relation to the story; now these guys are suddenly in the Burning Steppes somehow they all talked about being there at the same time but no info about Carine was given before they met and those two acted like it was something normal. Thrall basically had to realize for himself that something was amiss
    3. -stick to what plan? Baine just got there
    4. -it really feels like I'm playing separate stories in each map
    5. -Dal'rend is still red for some reason
    6. -the Blackrock orcs have the same orc units as the Horde
    7. -Chromatic Drakes are just smaller sized Chromatic Dragons, visually
    8. -lame; Thunderstorm is just Thunder Clap
    9. -some Blackrock orcs are also orange like the taurens...
    10. -Rend does not revive?
    11. -the allied AI has little to no defense against dragons; mostly taurens
    12. -even the last Burrow has to be destroyed...

    1. -the emperor dwarf acted as a guard?
    2. -Baine is a Tauren Chieftain replacement
    3. -Mortar Teams aren't dark; same with Priests. I guess they shouldn't have priests but something more evil?
    4. -so there are three parts for chapter 10 but the third part is chapter 12 third part?
    5. -part three is a nuisance considering it's timed and there are numerous traps and especially elevators to go through
    6. -it was dangerous for them because of the quakes but not to a big dragon which could get trapped as well? Or because it was big, the pressure from the falling rubble was not that high?

    1. -why is Garona having Horde entourage? Didn't she left alone?
    2. -Poisoned Thrust=Shadow Strike
    3. -not sure how're you supposed to fight Gronn with low HP and Statis Traps that are being destroyed in 1-2 hits by him; those mines can only do so little; succeeded by running around in stealth and regenerating then using Shadow Strike from time to time as well as the ultimate
    4. -before anyone notices her; as if they didn't lock her with the beast

    1. -Twilight of the Gods rip
    2. -insane; Thrall being attacked, bases being attacked, all at the same time; no means to teleport unless you buy a scroll from Thrall's base and use one inventory slot
    3. -rather imbalanced; also Garona seemed to have died during the scene when the tauren base was destroyed
    4. -would be a good idea to have a multiboard with the time left for hero revivals
    5. -the enemy doesn't give any bounty; how're you supposed to gain gold for those special items?
    6. -whole base area Death and Decay!? At this rate not even the third and last base will stand
    7. -haha, the Darkspear rebuilt a Barracks that the purples couldn't destroy because it was being built too fast; then the worker started attacking their workers
    8. -Dragon's Horn item doesn't look like a horn
    9. -Cho'gall could just come to Thrall from the start because no one can kill him since he's immune to magic
    10. -luck for last minute Pocket Factory save otherwise Cho'gall would have been all over Thrall before the whole army reached him during the last 10s
    11. -a Twilight Infernal remained right on the Twilight Orb during the end scene; it rampageously tried to save its master but to no avail, it was stuck

    1. -Curse of the Forsaken/Shadows of Hatred last level
    2. -so, I don't get it; Cho'gall summons infinite troops while being invulnerable; OK, not infinite but a lot; good thing they don't all come to you and stack near him
    3. -well, not being magic immune anymore made it pretty easy

    A long campaign with shallow narrative and no character development. The gameplay saves it with varied techtrees, puzzles and other few tricks but that after the first many chapters that are pretty much the same.


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  16. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    It would make more sense if Warseeker adds a bonus Chapter to tell the background story of Garona.
  17. Warseeker


    Feb 18, 2014
    Thanks for the review and the approval, @deepstrasz. I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.
    Only on hard difficulty.
    I did that before then I removed it because I found it quite hard to deal with.
    In the lore, Thrall goes to Outland to study the elementals.
    I don't know what you want me to do with the terrain, add hills or mountains? It looks fine for me.
    Yes, why? Because that's where their mistress is.
    Same way with different exit.
    Yeah, if you didn't kill her on the main map then you will have to kill her in the submap and vice versa. The purpose of stopping the summoning on the main map is to gain an item as a reward.
    Tanaris is almost desolate even in wow.
    Think as if they captured them during the attack.
    They are like wow dungeons.
    He meant their MAIN base.
    It's a new campaign, of course, They'll relearn everything.
    If you're talking about the four bosses you fight in the submaps, they are part of the Elemental Invasion (see the lore), as for the mountain king, he's responsible for the attack on the tauren village.
    I didn't find a model that fits for him.
    It only works on the Shredder.
    Never happend to me.
    I thought he had one head the last time I checked.
    I don't want to go into details since anyone can just read the lore.
    Why not?
    Chronicle, related to time.
    Someone already answered this question in the comments.
    I don't think the Tol'vir have a specific language.
    If you read carefully the ending cinematic, you will notice that Garona said "I've been tracking Cho'gall for years, and here I am" so she didn't just appear out of nowhere.
    It was intentional, you have to focus him down quickly at that time.
    They went to confront the initial forces of the Twilight's Hammer, like I said, I can't explain everything in this campaign if there is already lore about it.
    Stasis ward + Ultimate.
    No, here you only control heroes.
    By completing the side quests of chp 10+11+12.
    I wouldn't say that, since even the last mission of the Blood Elf campaign of the Frozen throne is the same.
    Why do you mean by that?


    I know that some people here are confused with the events of this campaign, especially those who never played World of Warcraft since this whole campaign is based on it. But honestly, I can't go into further details, because not only it would be a pain in the ass but also a waste of time since anybody can just go to wowpedia or read the novels to understand the story better.
  18. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    I think Warseeker wanted too much in one campaign and the result was an obvious mash that required you to know external material.
    WoW never ceases to "surprise" me.
    Well, take a look at Blizzard's campaign and melee maps. You'll get the picture.
    Oh, that's their goddess? Didn't know.
    Sure but I guess the landscape shapes and all help with it there.
    No reason not to vary the gameplay.
    Right and the other bases would have just ran away if the main base would fall?
    I know that. It's that the characters are indifferent or unconnected to any of this except for that dwarf. And the player is even more confused. There's no mentioning of many characters, especially elemental ones in the game. Quests spawn about them without any real connection to what the characters are doing at the time. It's like you're in a forest hunting bears and suddenly when you reach a pond you get a quest that there's a hawk somewhere that has to be captured with no explanation why or any insight from the characters hunting bears or someone else talking to them about it.
    Ah, excuse me.
    What lore? You mean the WoW wiki? You realize that's bad writing when you expect someone to know things before they play your stuff? It's not a math exercise book. It's the reason why the Warcraft movie was a story hodgepodge.
    I don't know, Reign of Chaos maybe? What kind of question is that?
    But why did Thrall even know her or the other way around? I have no recollection of that. If you expect me to play all WoW games until your campaign to get the picture, then that's bad. A story shouldn't expect you to know things from before unless it's supposed to be a continuation and you did not make any other campaign before this one related to these characters/events.
    So, while this campaign might appeal to WoW players, Warcraft III fans will find it confusing and lacking in terms of storytelling.
    Well, it was your bad decision that you mixed too many things in one go instead of making a progression based series. There are many things that could just be skipped that are of minor or no importance like Gazlowe's ogre chapter and others. You could have focused on Thrall's endeavour and the Horde's political corruption, for instance.
    Still, it's the same thing. The original actually helped you more that you could build some defenses.
    I did and did not have more than 3000 gold and besides I've used some of it before realizing there was a shop out there. I needed orbs to attack air and scrolls of town portal to get to Thrall in time while being attacked everywhere at the same time.
    Ah yes, you're right. Forgot about that one mainly because it's a tad more complex.
    I mean, characters don't properly engage with each other, they just say a few lines and then we're up to playing. I can't sense emotion, feelings, anger, pain, regret, you name it. They don't talk to each others like people would. It all feels like quest information to me.
    Yeah, this is the actual problem of it all.

    Also, forgot to upload two images:
    warseeker01.png warseeker02.png
  19. Power107


    Mar 16, 2018
    Can you please tell the author how can he vary the gameplay? Saying its 'too old fashioned' is not enough. The term 'old fashioned' is ambiguous...it has countless meanings. For example, some interpret 'old fashioned' gameplay as being complex and fun due to their experiences with wc3, ut99, and CNC.
    Now that's better, I can clearly see you want him to add more doodads and terrain brushes to his level.
    The official RoC campaign required you to know some events of novels 'Lord of the Clans' and 'The Last Guardian'. For example, we never learn how and why Thrall is the Orcish Warchief...And why he has Doomhammer's weapon. Macbeth by Shakespeare and his other plays requires you to know a lot of stuff. Without this, you cant understand his plays.
    Most critics aimed at cliched dialogues, rushed narrative (what's the setting? Stormwind? Dalaran? Karazhan?), and the simplicity of the story. For example, putting a child in the basket and that Humans vs hostile creatures tropes are repetitive. Many films have covered similar events.
    EDIT: The Warcraft movie is set in a completely different timeline so before watching it you are not expected to have any knowledge of warcraft lore as Khadgar of Warcraft movie is not = Khadgar of WoW. Yes, they are different characters from different timelines.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2020
  20. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    I can but he knows it quite well. He's a very good map maker. His previous campaign for instance has replayability value unlike this one. Also, I've already mentioned that his later chapters in the campaign are varied gameplay-wise.
    Old fashioned means exactly what it's supposed to. No ambiguity. Most older games have little to no gameplay variation, their levels being mostly centered around the same thing to do, especially in RTSs.
    No. We had the manual for that. Please. Also, Warcraft III was not meant to be treated as a direct continuity as Warcraft II. It was more supposed to be a fresh start and Thrall and the orcs have character development. It's not really necessary to know his past at all because the important part of the story in the orc campaigns is the orcs, their strifes etc. Also, you get loads of glimpses from the past from characters like Mannoroth, Archimonde, whatnot, thus things play out nicely, not forced, in a sudden manner.
    The Shakespeare example is out of context. Plays have a society satirical role, they are meant to criticize historical times, people etc. I'm pretty sure most people or at least the aristocrats in England knew the people and events being transposed into a play. If for instance, Warseeker would have made this campaign a parody of a certain WoW aspect, then yes, it would have been no problem that players would have had to know of the original things beforehand. That's the point of such works.
    But I'll give you a better example. Goethe's Faust. You don't have to know the original person's biography at all. The play tells you everything there is to know. Likewise, Reign of Chaos depicts Thrall as it should without the unnecessary details. Of course that if you don't consider the manual.
    Exactly my point... In this campaign all of these are there with no character development in the midst unlike in the Warcraft movie which has some.