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A total conversion of Blizzard's Warchasers. featuring:

- new enemies to bash on.
- 8 new and unique Heroes.
- max level is now 20.
- each hero has 4 Hero skills with
each 7 levels and 1 unit skill.
- new item system.
- new monster spawn points.
- new areas, enter the the forsaken cathedral
and purify the remaining cathedral ruines.
- map modified look and small
changes here and there.
- more shops.
- difficulty- and experience system
(both based on the amount of players).
- new item drops.
- new effects.
- a far more deadly boss.

This map is open source and must stay open source.
You may use this map in any way as long if you give me Credits and Credits to the following list:

Credits (also in Quest log)
17rider for Abomination
EvilYardGnome for Warden
FlaminG-HunteR for Mountain King
Hueter for Blademaster
13LUR for EredarRed
HappyTauren for Lich
General Frank for Orc Crossbowman
General Frank for Felhound Rider
+ many thanks for all the Splendid Icons!
++ for the handy item editor made by PatruX

Please comment: give usefull comments, critic and ideas and I will update the map.

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DarknessChasersV1.8 (Map)

14:12, 4th Feb 2009 Septimus: Approve
Level 15
Aug 19, 2007
Change Log

New update contains:
- items sold at the Potion Shop cost less gold to purchase.
- Meat Wagons do now attack, to compensate this, Cold Bashers are made a little stronger and have a new passive ability.

Old updates contain:
- new experience system which is based on the amount of players.
- new enemy unit.
- Coldbasher has sound fixed and attack anim looks better now.
- buff from Bloodrage fixed.
- + some other minor things.
- map changes (terrain and paths) here and there.
- new monster spawn points.
- elixer of spectralform bug fixed.
- some map changes here and there.
- added a new enemy units.
- increased the life regeneration of all player hero's by 0,5.
- changed a creep unit.
- fixed a bug with the pirate ships.
- explore the cathedral north-West.
- disease wards no longer can be destroyed
and they are stronger and only effect
non-skeletan and non-ghost monsters.
- few balances and small changes made.
- all hero skills have now 7 levels.
(the seventh level of hero skills
gives the normal increasing bonus and
something extra (like higher cast range).
- new extra area.
- items cost more gold, shadows weaker,
some descriptions fixed, hero's regenerate
+1 hit point and some enemies changed.
- terrain improved and changed more.
- bug fixed.
- new extra area.
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Level 12
Mar 14, 2008

Alright, it's time for a simple review of the map

Good Points :
+The map is stable and doesn't crash wc3
+The map has triggered abilities
+Creeps are challenging
Neutral Points :
Bad Points :
-The terrain is taken from War Chasers, nothing original
-The creep spots and everything is copied from War Chasers, just with new creeps

This is another War Chasers version with much harder gameplay but practically nothing new . My rating - 3/6 (Useful)




I tried the map. I don't like it

You need to work on your grammar. Also, spell and item descriptions are horrible. I understood almost nothing while reading the hero skills or the recipes.

The heroes are super slow. The skills are basic, but you made them complicated both in icons and text without a reason.

IMO, this is a worse version of warchasers. You made it complicated without a reason..

To each their own, someone might like this. I don't