Dark Priestess (Reforged)

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"Even I served the humans, you better watch your back."

These demonesses still served the human forces of the Republic, but they are powerful spellcasters that can dispel magic to any negations to your allies or bring a curse to your enemies. Armed with a sword and a staff that can balance both might and magic.

This is a Vile Tormentor variant. You better change the race from Demon to Human.

Perfect for custom campaigns.

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Change Log on 05/05/21: Version 2, human/demon form.

Before the Outland Invasion, Lilith of the Painbearers Legion and her fellow Succubi have been betrayed and left in exile by the vile Demon Lord Marezdon. The Demon Lord thinks that Lilith will consort with the human forces in search of taking Outland for themselves. Lilith formed her defected demonesses into Dark Priestesses, these can cast Curse to miss their attacks, as well as Dispel Magic and Silencing enemy casters. When they arrived into the human lands, the Reclusiarch Paloma Mahja greeted Lilith and her Dark Priestesses as a friend and an ally to the Painbearers Legion. Later on, these vile priestesses were responsible for capturing the Imperial Guard's Commissar Martel Ir-Kassun by seducing to find Korman's right-hand man.

Dark Priestess (Model)

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