Custom Unit Sound Set

Level 8
Jan 12, 2010
This a rather simple question really, in Blizzard's map "Funny Bunny's Easter Egg Hunt" they added their own sound set and used it in place of the standard Furblog one, using it as a place holder for the Selected, Move, Attack and Pissed sound effects.

I have seen others do this as well and I am wondering how to it myself, and see if anyone can explain how to do it.

With my luck its probably a really simple solution I didn't see myself... lol :grin:

Thanks in advance,


Level 16
May 2, 2011
is there no way to make a custom set instead of replacing the internal sound?
e.g. if I want to use dragon hawk rider's sound set for dragon hawk with editing the ''ready'' sound only for dragon hawk(the high elf) but not for the dragon hawk rider(the blood elf)
(so that he say glory to high elf as in his set)
but other things he would say it as a dragon hawk rider
is that possible?
also adding some stuff to sylvanus windrunner sound set,and changing the warcry sound to be yes attack sound
is this possible?
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