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Custom Hero Defense[TSH].28

Submitted by TheSilverhand
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Custom Hero Defense[TSH]
Created by: TheSilverHand
Map Team: GenoHacker & TheSilverHand

[Map Info]
  • Defend the center from endless creeps for 10 waves. To end the map you must take on the final boss. Which can be summoned early by Killing the bosses around the map and doing the First quest which involves the Barracks.

[Map Features]
  • A co-op map where players can aim to defend the castle which can not be destroyed by allied heroes or allies in general. Many unique items and unique recipes to get and over 100 different ability combinations. Every item has some kind of purpose. And over 10 different heroes who have mostly unique "Special Stackings" which is based on the hero. Check the Quest log for info involving the Stack of the Hero. Different game commands and 2 difficulties which one can be harsher than the other. a unique enraged system which on creep spawn are enraged and want to destroy your castle sooner!
Would you like to help with map feedback and help develop the map more? Join the discord, it also has the list of heroes info and talent specs! Join my Discord, It's free!
[Creep Types for Waves: *Regular Creep* / *Strong Creep* / *Elite Creep* / *Boss*]

[Creep Types for Classic: *Regular creep, Spawn rate: 15 seconds* / *Elite Creep, Spawn rate: 45 seconds* / *Boss creep, Spawn Rate: 70 seconds* / *Super Boss creep, Spawn rate: 130 seconds* / *Enraged Creep, Spawn Rate: 15 seconds, only spawns with regular creeps. has a 15% chance to turn a regular creep to a enraged.* / * Legendary Creep Boss, Spawn Rate: 400 - 700*]

[Important] - There are bosses at the start of a wave. There is a boss spawn.
Wave 1 Bosses:
- Kel'Thuzad: (MaxHealth = Player's Active x 1000)
( 85%: Pudge, 950xPlayers Active HP & 67 Base Dmg, Summons a Circle of Power "CoP" which deals 30% of the target's health in the circle. )
( 55%: Summons 5 Elite Zombies who have Players Active x 100 Health. CoPx1 )
( 25%: 9 Skeletons and 1 Elite Skeleton, Players Active x 250 Health. CoPx2 )
( 05%: 4 Necromancers and 1 Elite Necromancer, Player's Active x 400 Health. CoPx3 )
- Wolf Rider: (MaxHealth = Player's Active x 1000)
( 85%: 2 Grunts and an Elite Grunt, Player's active x 750 Health. 45 Base Damage. CoPx1 )
( 55%: 5 Elite Raiders, Player's active x 100 Health. )
( 25%: 9 Stormreavers Warlocks and 1 Elite Stormreaver Warlock. Player's Active x 250 Health. CoPx2 )
Wave 2 Bosses:
- Grom Hellscream: (MaxHealth = 2,000xPlayerCount))
Losing 80% Health: Spawns in 5 Fel Grunts.
Losing 60% Health: Spawns in 5 Fel Grunts & 1 Fire Bladestorm that moves around.
Losing 40% Health: Spawns in 3 Fel Grunts, 2 Fel Warlocks, & 2 Fire Bladestorms.
Losing 20% Health: Spawns in 3 Fire Bladestorms.
Losing 5% Health: Spawns in 4 Fire Bladestorms.
Apon Dying: Spawns in Thrall to help the team.
Wave 3 Bosses:
- Lady Vashj: (Spawns in Right lane) (MaxHealth = 3,000xPlayerCount)
Losing 80% Health: Summons 2 Naga Mymidons + Attack speed set to .90 )
Losing 50% Health: Summons a Naga Royal Guard (maxhealth = Playercountx4500) + Attack Speed set to .75 )
Losing 25% Health: Summons a Sea Giant Behemoth (Maxhealth = Playercountx8500) + Attack Speed set to .45 )
Losing 5% Health: set's attack speed to .15 )
- Kael'thas: Has high health and casts "Hell Fire" Which is a flame strike but its way more powerful.
Wave 4 Bosses:
- Ghost: (MaxHealth = 4,000xPlayerCount)
Losing 80% Health: Summons 1 Corrupted Treant (1200 Health) for Every enemy within 700 AoE.
Losing 50% Health: Summons 2 Corrupted Treants ^ For every enemy within 875 AoE.
Losing 25% Health: Creates 4 Corrupted Treants for every enemy within 1000 AoE. Creates 2 Corrupted Ancient Protectors(2,200 HP: 100 siege dmg. 1.0 DPS) on each lane but bottom. Spawns Ancient of War at the bottom (MaxHealth=22,000). The Health of Boss is set to 50%. (Starts phase 2)
Losing 25% Health (Phase 2): Same above but minus the Ancient of War.
Wave 5 Bosses:
- Azgolar:(MaxHealth = 5,000xPlayerCount)
Losing 80% Health: Summons 3 random Fel stalkers, & 2 Fel Guards at random.
Losing 45% Health: Summons Same as above.
Losing 10% Health: Summons the same as above.
Losing 5% Health: Gains +100 Dmg.
------------------------------------------------------------- (I know, not a lot of effort put into him)
Wave 6 Bosses:
- Archimonde: (MaxHealth = 6,000xPlayerCount)
Losing 80% Health: Summons 5 random Infernals.
Losing 50% Health: Summons 5 random Infernals. (Gains dmg buff)
*Important* Losing 25% Health: Summons 5 random Infernals. (Gains more dmg buff) & Archimonde is then forced to attack the castle. (Prevent him otherwise it'll be a fast gg.)
Wave 7 Bosses:
- Antonidas: (Spawns in left lane) (MaxHealth = 7,500xPlayerCount))
Losing 80% Health: Summons 4 Extremely powerful water elementals with 8,500 Health.
Losing 40% Health: Summons 4 Extremely powerful water elementals with 8,500 Health.
Losing 15% Health: Summons 4 Extremely powerful water elementals with 8,500 Health.
Wave 8 Bosses:
- Tyrande: (Spawns in Left lane) (MaxHealth = 8,500xPlayerCount)
Losing 80% Health: Summons 5 random treants to attack random players.
Losing 40% Health: Dmg per second is set to .25 , & Summons 12 random treants.
Losing 10% Health: Gains +100 Dmg & Summons 16 random treants.
Wave 9 Bosses:
Lord Garithos, Players Activex15,000 Health. 300 - 450 Base Dmg.
Sylvanas, Players Activex12,500, 300 - 450 Base Dmg.
Varimathras, Players Activex13,500, 300 - 450 Base Dmg.
Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan, Players Activex11,000, 300 - 450 Base Dmg.
Wave 10 Final Boss(es) <Maybe 1 day>
Mannoroth: Players Activex40,000. 750 Base Dmg. Max level Evasion, Thunder Clap.
<Can be summoned even sooner by Killing the bosses around the map and the first quest for the barracks.>

-Model Credits:
Credits List

JetFangInferno, NFWar
eXciTe, nightelfbuilder
Assasin_lord, Daenar7
Sliph-M, Justicebringer
Mc !,
Redsteel1, stein123
CloudWolf, Scias
Direfury, The Panda
Weep, Nugamentum

Amigurumi, Metal_Sonic
diosilva16, .KC
Thehive, Stefan.K

GreyArchon, Ujimasa Hojo
-Berz-, Mister_Haudrauf
13lackdeath, -Grendel
Chen, Mythic
The_Warchief, Don Valentino
NFWar, Sin'dorei300
Mythic, Blood Raven
Kitabatake, perfjert
PROXY, HerrDave, Asssssvi, Shunpomaster.

Updates / Log

Credits for 18.8C

- Post on Hive workshop.
- Update:
O - When a Role'd unit such as Tank/Dps/Healer gets a Kill:
O - Tank - Gains 1 Armor, & +50 Health
O - Dps - Gains Faster attack, & Deals more DMG
O - Healer - +25 Mana & More DMG.
These only counts towards enemy mobs, not heroes.
O - When the Boss Teleports, the units around the Boss will actually take % Dmg when teleports. (All units)
O - Boss also has a TERRIFYING CLEAVE, that deals 300% Dmg to enemies beside him. So if you're tanking, you might want him to face the opposite direction of the attacks.
O - Boss Teleport only targets people within 1,000 Range.

Credits for 18.8D

O - Unprotected
O - Fixed Taunting Ward
O - Couldn't solve the issue with the Multishot
O - Semi-Fixed the error where units would not run for the center
O - Could not fix the error where units get [Elite] put in their name. (Can't figure out what caused the bug in the first place).

Credits for 18.8G

O - Added a random Boss ability
O - Added More health to Bosses
O - Added boss-type: Half-Boss meaning that 2 bosses spawn but with Half the Health of normal Bosses and deal 15xWave instead of 25xWave.
O - Added Sparta Boss round. Spawns 40 units with 1 HP but with normal Dmg to attack center.
O - Made Rescue Strike have 1 Charge and costs 5K Gold. Still can be used once only.
O - Replaced Necromancer's Quest with Abomination Quest. (Boss)

O - Fixed the Lethal Strike
O - Added "-Stuck" rewards the player 100G + 5 Lumber for having the bug. Used when your Hero gets stuck in the Tavern area.

Credits for 18.8H

O - Added Heroic Mode
O - Added 2 New Custom Spells
O - Added a 100 Gold Fee on "-Debug"
O - Fixed the Hotkey Error with Manual of Health

Heroic Mode: Tired of playing normally and winning so easily? (If you do)
Then feel stressed no more! for now, you can get screwed in matter of seconds!! :D
Good luck! <3

Credits for 18.8I

O - Fixed the Retrain Bug (Hopefully)
O - Removed the Stuck command.
O - After the game starts, units will be picked and moved to the Spawn area (If bugged).
O - Made Heroic Mode a bigger threat
O - Added a new spell
O - Removed certain areas blocking the Rock area to allow fewer bug issues with the Huge mob spawn.
O - Heroic Mode Update
-- Creeps have a 20% chance to deal Critical Damage based on Damage they deal.
-- Creeps have a 5% chance to heal based on Damage / Armor.

Credits for 18.9

O - Added Boss System.
O - Added new Damage system.
O - Added 20% chance for the Shaman to have a Totem.
O - 25% chance for the Dark Ranger to resummon minion.
O - 20% chance for the Necromancer to have a Ghoul Minion.
O - Added special effects on all Hero units.
O - Removed slots 16 - 20. (They where bugged and unused)
O - Removed 2 Boss units from the MTF squad.

Credits for 19.0

O - Fixed Ability Bug: Defend, (Now gives the ability)
O - Nerfed Dmg Heroes take from mobs (A bit)
O - Added a new boss for the Quest Giver.
O - Fixed Maim to make the unit bleed properly

Update for 19.1

O - Fixed Spelling Error in F9
O - Set the Bosses can be spammed, However, only one boss at a time now.
O - Added Reward System
O - Neutral Hostile gets stronger when Heroic Mode is enabled.
O - Captain now has 2 Footmen who spawn with him
O - Damage Indicators changed for Neutral Hostile & Monsters
O - Price for Summoned Dmg / Health upgrades has been changed. :)

Update for 19.2

O - Picking a Random Hero will now give you an option to pick a Ring or Randomize it.
O - Added a new item
O - Added back Shop Names
O - Added a Stats Exchange shop where you can sell your stats.
O - made mobs stronger
O - Made upgrades for mobs more expensive to make it worth more to upgrade.

Update for 19.3

Removed trigger command for Heroic Mode
Added delay for picking Heroes
Added Classic mode back to the List
Removed where u get gold for picking random medallion.
-- Now costs 150 Gold for that, Also you're able to get 400 Gold in replacement for not picking the Ring.
Upgrades are more expensive.

Update for 19.4

- Fixed a few tooltip errors
- Fixed Tome of Agility & Intelligence that gives +5 stats instead of 2 to actually give 5 stats.
- Selling stats now gives 250 Gold instead of 300. (So it has a negative side)
- When you click classic, at the end of the map, mobs will no longer spawn automatically.
- Changed message on load up for the map. Added Quest Log for Updates.
- When a Player selects Random Hero, you're going to auto-select your Hero so when you select your Ring or Necklace, you'll see what your Heroes main Stat is.
- Added a timer, if player 1 does not select a game mode in 10 seconds, the map will randomize everything. To prevent player 1 (if he ever goes AFK) from causing the game to have issues.
- When Randomizing your Hero, A message will tell you what you got. and what others got. When you select your hero, everyone will also get the message and know what you selected.
- Added "-unallyall" command to unally all players at once, same with "-allyall" which allies all players instead.
- Changes to the TK, You can attack allied heroes and units, however, you can not kill structures.
- Mobs on Classic will actually get harder now.
- Fixed a bug that units would get the wrong dmg set when spawning.
- New Command for all players. "-AFK". Doing this command will auto-share all control of your units. Which you can take back full control when you select "Yes".
- If a player does not select a Hero, they will be given a random hero. With no Ring or Necklace, and the "AFK" Detection will kick in and share control of your units.

Update for 19.6

- Removed "Mobile Task Force" and "Swarm" mobs from the Boss list
- Reworked items, Going to, later on, add more and work on more stuff
- Added reward Grade system. The longer it takes you to beat waves on 50 waves. The less gold you'll receive at the end of the round.
- Added an option for the host/hostess to turn off weather cycles at the start of the game.

Update for 19.7

- Talent Specs for Holy Light and Feral Spirit.
- Added Neutral Hostile mobs to roam around to add more to the map.
- Added mob behavior for Neutral Hostile creeps.
- Removed the spam from grade level.

Update for 19.8

- Added Enchantress Hero, who has a 5% chance to reset all CDs.
- Added Runes to the Castle.
- Removed abilities from harming allies.
- Added 2 new Host commands.
-- "-Kick" Gives the host the ability to kick players. (if they are trolls)
-- "-EndGame" Gives the host the ability to end the map. (If they so desire)

Enchantress also has a passive to slow enemies speed/attack speed. Also added in a punishment. When player keep dying will increase the time for their deaths

Update for 20.1

- Mobs have slower attack speed (all of them)
- Removed Random Game mode option.
- Reset the dmg the mobs do and everything to default for the mobs.
- Heroes get more stats from items.
- Barbarian Rework: Every level up will give that hero +3 to a random stats. He has 25 Strength, 15 Int, 15 Agi. He will heal for strength x 4.25
-- Works on Less leaks. (Which is pretty important :> )
- Added Super Boss back, With less spawn rate. This boss has more health, bigger, and does more damage. However, he is slower. Each Big Boss guy is slower than the others. Elites have faster attack speed, Bosses have slower, and Super boss has even slower.
- Removed randomize medallion. I think it is useless. so I've removed it entirely.
- Removed Courier from the game (it was useless)
- When you get a hero you get a free 15 charge potion of healing
-- Taking suggestions right now. in the Discord.

Update for 20.3

- Changes to Penguin: Heals you based on: Strength + Intelligence + Agility + (Max life of Hero x .60) x .40 (And) Restores 20% of your total mana. Has a 30 second cool down
- I've added a lot more creeps to the list. your welcome.
- Defenders who spawn now get the following: Captain - Defend (Level up per wave) + Devotion Aura (Level up per wave) Footman - Defend (Level up per wave) Archer - Multishot (level up per wave)
((Best way to even out the Footmen and make them a better defense group)
-O - Enraged Creeps. (normal spawn creeps): 15% chance to become enraged. Increased attack speed, Max Life + (Max Life * .45), Color is different with a bit or red, slower movement speed. Enraged creeps will reward players within a 975 Radius w/ 10 gold x hero level.
O - Elite groups now reward players on Kill. Creep Level x (15+HeroLevel) O - Boss groups now reward players on Kill. Creep Level x (25+HeroLevel) O - Super Boss groups now reward players on Kill. Creep Level x (35+HeroLevel) O - Legendary groups now reward players on Kill. Creep Level x (100+HeroLevel)
O - You will be given 1 Gold every 10 seconds. You can give 100 Gold to increase the income overtime if you wish. O - You will be given 1 Lumber every 60 seconds. You can give 1000 Gold to increase this by 1 overtime if you wish.
(Can buy this from the Gambler, which roams around. Command put in "-gamble" to ping the whereabout of the Gambler.
O - Defense Towers are now invul at the start (same with all units owned by brown in the center) They become vul at the start of the game.
O - When players type -income, it will show everyone their income for gold / lumber for 15 seconds.(edited)
You can type -Incomep (Income Private) to have it only show you your income. (if u want to keep it private.)
O - Every minute the Death timer will increase overtime. (To make it where death has a horrid penalty. Every 2 deaths will increase the death timer by 50 milliseconds.
O - 7+ new items: (Only works on enemies) [Swords & Weapons]
O - Sword of Greater Cleaving: On attack the Hero has a chance to deal damage to enemies within 175 of the attacked unit.
O - Paladin's Mace of Righteous: On hit has a 25% chance to heal the paladin for Max health of attacked unit x .05.
O - Call for Help (Legendary whistle) On attack has a 10% Chance to spawn a Footman, which has stats based on your heroes strength and agility. (Currency Items) [Fountain (by the enemy spawn area surrounded by villagers) has a 5% chance of spawning an item.]
O - Gold Coin, Can be used to purchase Heavy legendary items. O - Silver Coin, Can be used to purchase Medium legendary Items.
O - Copper Coin, Can be used to purchase Light legendary Items.
O - Pouch of Gold, When used will give the hero Random 1 - 200 Gold. (25 second cool down & Uses 150 Mana)
O - XP range has been decreased to 1500. (Help people who are actually holding their own to earn more rewards than those who are being AFK or not doing anything.
O - When Uther dies, Arthas will spawn corrupted evil and wanting to take out his revenge on the castle. It is up to the players to kick his ass. When the paladin dies in the corner a Death Knight spawns in his spot angry same as Arthas but not as strong.
O - When a zombie kills someone, they will respawn as a zombie with the health of the fallen.
O - Heroes have Alignment that is random.
(When Lawful neutral & Lawful Good Heroes kill an Chaotic Evil person, They are rewarded xp.(These only work on enemies, not allies)(edited)
If Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil, & Neutral Evil heroes kill a Lawful Good unit. they are rewarded XP. (These only work on enemies, not allies)
If Neutral Kills Lawful Good / Chaotic Evil they are rewarded.

updates for 20.4

O - Bosses now have special stuff.
O - New Hero Randomization
O - Added storage area(Temporarily)
O - When Uther dies, Arthas spawns. When the other paladin dies, a Death Knight replaces him. When the second boss dies, You get thrall to assist you in combat.
O - Uther Command: "-gohomeuther" will force Uther to return to the center when going too far.
-- that is all for this patch

updates for 20.4.1

O - There will be no more updates to this map, Blizzard's ToS has made me mad. G'day, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

updates for 20.6

O - Removed useless shop
O - Fixed the Spell Retrain

updates for 20.7

O - Hopefully fewer desync possibilities
O - Removed 20 Neutral Hostile spawn. The timer has been set to every 65 seconds to move them.
O - Removed some useless coding
O - Changed boss spawn locations. (they're random now)
O - Changed Arthas to doing more damage but boss cleave isn't there anymore.
O - Lowered Abomination from necromancer Kelthuzad.
O - Added a timer for the Sell stats to prevent people from scamming the repick.
O - At the end of the game, Every 30 seconds the respawn timer will be force set to 10 seconds so players can still have a timed penalty.
O - Fixed the defeat for actually turning off all triggers.
O -- First-ever upgradeable item shall be the Pouch of Gold. It'll upgrade Twice! First pouch 1 - 200 Gold. Level 2, 100 - 350. Level 3, 200 - 500.
O -- Fixed boss Spawn O -- 50 Waves now despawn allied troops
O -- Nerfed creep spawn for endless
O -- Mana pots now have no cool down.
O -- & Damage/armor of minions has been increased price.
O -- Updated my Description, Updated the Loading Screen, And Updated the Discord Link to be more clear.
O - Made Kel'thuzad more of a threat than normal when losing health.
When his second phase hits he will summon elite zombies. which have increased dmg and health.
The third phase, he will summon a pack of skeletons and a Skeletron Elite (BIgger than the others)
In the fourth phase, he will summon 5 necromancers and one of them will be an elite head necromancer.
O -- *Important* Added command -revive, so you can respawn yourself with a cost of 35xLevel gold. :)

updates for 20.8

O -
O - Mask of Death is now upgradeable.
O - Claws of attack +9 can be merged. 9, 18, 36, 72.
O - Ring of Protection can be upgraded up to +20 armor. Which can be merged for +40 armor. Which then can be altered with a Khadgar gem or Pendant of Mana.
O - Some creeps have slow projectile speed and can be dodged.
O - New Items: Clock of Time Freezing (Dropped by the first boss and can not be dropped / can not be dropped and when carrier dies, it drops.)
- - Hero Annihilator Which does critical damage versus Heroes.
- - Stone of the Summoner which a-pon use will increase all allied summoned units attack speed by 100%.
O - Summoned units now increase damage and health as intended but raise dead.
O - Claws of attack when at 72 bonus damage can be enchanted with an orb of lightning which will make it into a new weapon.
O - Maxxed out tier items can be bought from the Premade Merchant.
--- More coming soon.
O - Added 15 player slots
O - Removed Darious / Arthas boss fights
O - Added more pauses for the bosses on raging.
--- More coming soon.
O - Now the revive system is working. AFTER SO LONG It's finally working.
O - Circle of power. Apon Defeating the Terran Guards now can summon the Titan of Rocks. Which is based on your health x 3. Dmg x 5.
-- Defeat of the Titan will increase neutral hostile health by 10%.
O - Terrain colorations have been increased
O - All bosses pause before attacking.
O - Nerfed Guard Tower Range
O - Increase the dmg/health of minion upgrades
O - Background sound has been changed to Psychotic
O - Ents on Tyranda are much harder now.
O - Added more items
O - Added a quest log for explaining how to use: Upgrade / Merger

update for 20.9

O - Fixed more leaks
O - Added a proper message when your hero dies
O - Fixed Peasant to not attack for no reason
O - Added minions who spawn on the boss waves for 50 waves.
O - Added quests that can help make your hero stronger every time you turn it in via Quest Giver located at the Hunter's Camp.
-- You can type "-Kills Elite/Super Boss/Boss/Archers/Murlocs" (exactly the command. Ignore the / between them, they are separated.) To find out how many kills you have that can be used to gain Gold / XP. Must be your kills ONLY.

update for 20.9[DD]

"What does [DD] stand for?"
DD stands for Damage Detection. I am trying to see how well the map can hold under heavy fire. For example, I want to make it where the map has a backstab dmg. Using the Damage Detection system made by Bribe. I want to see how well I can use it and how well the map can hold it. (If you know anyone who can help out with Damage Dealing and etc.. let me know!)
In this version of the game, you'll find fewer leaks, fewer lag spikes, but you'll take quite the beating from huge mobs when turning your back. (DO NOT turn your back to them..)
"Why does everyone keep stabbing me in the back!?"
"Because it's easy... and it does a lotta damage."
-- 10 new items and 6 newly modified items.
- Obsidian Ring: Stacks dmg based on negative buffs on the attacked enemy.
- Trident of Armor Breaking: 20% chance to deal 2x the armor of the attacked enemy.
- Warsong Battle Drums (Moded): When summoning units, 30 mana each will increase dmg of the summon by 1.
- Gloves of the Magician (Moded): Increase the health of summoned units by 1% for every 50 health the caster has.
- Slippers of Agility (Moded): Reduces the attack speed of the summons by 1% for every 6 agility. (Does not go past 40%)
- Shield of the protector: +4 Armor, +500 Health, 20% of all damage taken will be reflected by the attacking enemy.
- Gem of Mana Restoration (Moded): Upon taking lethal damage, sacrifice nearby summoned unit and restore 20% of its health.
- Gloves of spell mastery (Moded): Deal between 50% - 200% spell damage every time you deal damage with a spell.
- Berserker Spear: Gain an additional 2% attack damage for every 1% health missing up to 200%.
- Spear of the Night Guard: Basic attacks deal 3% of the heroes' maximum Health as damage.
- Spear of the Skeleton King (Moded): When getting a final blow. The dead will raise as a skeleton and serve the Skeleton King once more.
- Grom Hellscream's Axe: Modified Night Guard's Spear. However, it does more dmg and gives +30 Str, +20 Agi, and -15 int.
- Orb of the Righteous: Deal 1% bonus attack damage for every 1 armor the hero has.
- Hammer of Eternities End: Gain +10 Str, +15 Dmg, When attacking enemies every 5th blow will deal 250% of your damage.
- Heart of Ever Lasting Harmony: Increases mana regeneration by 120%. Every 6th spell cast will heal a nearby ally for 75% of your total mana.
-- 5 new spells, Kamehameha, Tesla Coil, Meat Hook, Grapple Hook, Wandering Souls.
O - Backstab only works for Heroes who are allied with Brown.
O - Added a DPS Meter.

update for 21.0

Talent Spec: Starfall, Rejuvenate, & Big Bad Voodoo
Updated Wand of Illusion, it is now calle Mirage Axe - Apon summoning a unit it has a 50% chance to summon and illusion with half health. The axe also allows you to create an illusion and gives +35 damage.
O - Removed the Backstab system, Removed Announcements, & Removed the annoying DPS meter that would kind of get in the way.
O - Reset all basic hero stats. (Nerfed Chaos Dmg)
O - Added Big Bad Voodoo to the spells. (With a talent spec that reduces its CD by 100 and requires 100 mana.
O - Removed the FFA at the end and added a 25 second relax period before closing or victory condition.

Update for 21.0B

O - Infernal Stone now lowers the CD of Rain of Chaos by 100 seconds.
O - Gauntlets of Strength now lowers the CD of Thunder Clap, Mana cost, and increases the dmg it deals by 60.
O - New Talent: Animate Dead, Summons a powerful zombie when you bring back the dead which lasts for 3 minutes.
O - New Talent: Shockwave, Decreases the Cool Down, Mana cost, and Increases the damage.
O - New Talent: Flame Strike, Decreases the Cool Down and mana cost and Increases the damage it deals by 60.
O - Changes have come to the Enchantress, she now only has a 5% chance to reset the spell she casts and finishes casting. otherwise, it will not count if she cuts it.
O - new item: Book of Evelas, Gives the hero a 30% chance to reset their last fully finished spell. (Does not work if you move before done channeling or casting)
O - updated Holy Light talent to reduce cd, mana cost, and increase healing dmg.
O - Added new item: Ring of Mana Siphoning. Much like the Mask of Death, this item will give you Mana based on your Base Dmg (exclude bonuses) times .15 and gives it to the hero in mana. This item also has a spec bonus to blizzard reducing mana cost / Spell CD
O - Mantle of Intelligence +10 now specs for Chain Lightning

Update for 21.1

New Talent Specs: War Stomp, Avatar, Crushing Wave, & Summoner's Aspect.
O - Removed the following: Background sounds, Gamble Upgrade/Item.
O - Added the following: Gamble VimpGreed/WtiiGreed/TheSilverHandGreed/Roullete
O - Changes to monsters and level 1 creeps.
O - Auras have been buffed once more.
O - Gaunlet of Strength +6 will boost Stun Bolt.

Update for 22

O - Creeps -> Super Bosses no longer get damage boosts.
O - Level 4 Bosses abilities are different now. They're based on the stats of their target. AND IF the hero has Crit / Bash their level of the ability is equal to their target. Meaning.. Crit is doomed
O - Level 5 fel guards / fel beasts will get random spell for: Cleaving, Bash, Critical, and Evasion and its level of ability is based on the creep level. Some with higher levels.
O - Boss deaths no longer say nonsense and you get rewarded more from them.
O - Heroic mode changes: Removed the creeps on kill increase dmg effect.
O - Allied spawn waves are random between 160 - 200 seconds (Improved their spawning system so it doesn't leak "as much", while changing the model of the Footmen Captain to the actual captain model. And did some changes to bosses and gave them a higher chance of being enraged.
O - Changes to bosses (Again)
O - Changed small things around the map
O - Removed useless Regions
O - Fixed Gambling Addiction to work properly now.
O - Renamed a Broken spell to fit with the broken spell.
O - All units do full damage to heroes now. But their attack damage will not be improved.
O - Uther's model has been reset to the default uther.
O - Uther has special boss moves
O - Added 2 new Heroes, Sniper & Flying Machine
O - Added 3 new items which are bosses items
O - Almost all heroes drop items as rewards
O - Added Talent spec for Fan of Knives
O - Buffed up rain of fire, does way more dmg now.
O - Nerfed Cleaving attack, max level does 60% instead of 120%.
O - Added "-gohomedarious" command
O - Removed random buildings around the castle and nerfed Uther and Darious
O - Sniper gains 25 range / acquisition per level
O - Flying machine drops land mine on level
O - Titan reward, upon spawning him he will reward the players on kill 2-5 random stats for all stats and +200 Gold. *Made him harder*, Added random titans who spawn on him now.
O - 3 New Talent Specs, Aspect of Frost, Champion's Will, & Healing Mastery Spec
O - Divine takes full hero dmg and spell dmg.
O - Gamble Addiction now rewards XP from winning
O - Uther no longer pauses and goes invul after he's triggered.
O - Fixed Poison and Breath of Frost being forever on the heroes.

Update for 22.D

O - Removed bonus Gold from elites, bosses, etc..
O - No Pouch of gold (in this version)
O - Removed extra gold you get for randomising.
O - Removed all the big gold rewards for selling your random'd ring.
O - Removed Allied income / Allied lumber / Lumber income
O - Removed a lot of the shops
O - 5 shops: Starting Items, Tanky Wares, Damage Wares, Support Wares, & Summoner Wares
O - Added the 4 defense towers close to the castle.
O - Renamed castle to Guardian's Castle
O - Castle has a guardian's essence which heals. (Upgrades when you upgrade allied troops)
O - Removed Damage Increase / Armor increase for your summons.
O - Changed models of all spell shops so it's a lot easier to understand. (Renamed em too)
O - Changed model for Gambler and made them on team brown so u can find them easier.
O - Heroes now get +5 lumber per level up instead of it being 10. (Makes it harder to get a max level spell right away)
O - Removed lumber income completely.

Update for 22.E

O - Firelord: Every 100 Stacks gain 1 Intelligence
O - Dreadlord: Every 60 Stacks gain 1 Agility
O - Ranger: Every 100 Stacks gain 1 Agility
O - Orc Shaman: Every 80 Stacks gain 5 Int (Killing and ressing a ward will reset the stack)
O - Necromancer: Every 75 Stacks gain 5 Int (Killing and ressing a ghoul will reset the stack)
O - Dark Ranger: Every 60 Stacks gain 5 Str (Killing and ressing a servant will reset the stack)
O - Warden: Every 90 Stacks gain 5 Agi (Killing and ressing a warden will reset the stack)
O - Elven Paladin: Every 90 Stacks gain +3 Str (Killing and ressing a archer will reset the stack)
O - Barbarian: Every 90 Stacks gain +2 Str.
O - Huntress: Every 100 Stacks gain +2 Agi
O - Flying machine: Every time the attack damage resets you'll gain +1 Agility.
O - Sniper: Every 60 Stacks gain +1 agility.
O - Gnoll Healer: Every 50 stacks gain +2 Intelligence
O - Added a command to hide reinforcements timer.
O - Fixed a bug were Warden and Elven paladin wouldn't spawn a dead unit properly.
O - Added a few recipes and fixed more bugs
O - Changed the creep wave timer stuff to work properly now instead of a few second delays

Update for 24

O - Rework item recipes etc..
O - Removed 50 waves
O - Redone the name of heroes from random option
O - Added a way to end the map faster by Killing side bosses.
O - Removed runes from the Castle & Shop itself: Hardly EVER was used.
O - Added Cards: Adds more uses for your heroes.
O - Added 2 new items: Some bosses have items and some do not. This just adds more to the list. Also, the boss item drops have been set to a 3/10 chance to drop.
O - Worked on some of the items: Some items were useless, so I removed some useless items.
O - Added recipe requirement for the most powerful item: It's not fair for some people to get op items off the bat. so I've added a way to prevent it.
O - Added a memory leak checker and Destroyer: Late game will get very laggy. LIKE VERY LAGGY. And I just added a way to lower the chances of it being bad. (edited)
O - Removed the castle's ability on damage: It was buggy and caused lag sometimes.
O - Fixed the Doom Sake Skull EE: It was bugged and I found out what was wrong and fixed it.
O - Added a way to end the map sooner: If you kill the side bosses - "Rifle Sgt, Mountain King, Kel'Thuzad, Varimathras, Rokhan, Brewmaster, & Beast Master" the final boss will spawn with his default health, etc... and when he dies the map will end.
O - Brought back dmg/health upgrades for summons. Made all creeps have the dmg/health upgrade. The creeps for the attackers will gain 1 upgrade every 180 - 240 seconds randomly.
O - Removed the spawn limitation for everyone. they're not vulnerable on spawn and your hero can enter their spawn now.
O - Reworked some of the Hero classifications on the random hero.
O - Added a new Challenge, Militia Commander: - Shadow Strike: Deals 8.5% of the target's health every second for its duration - Toss: Deals 25% of the target's health and takes them to the Commander. - Special: When the commander is attacking an enemy he will gain 3 mana points. Every time he attacks an enemy and their health is below 25%. He'll deal 4.5% of the heroes max health in damage. Reward: 750 Gold and 250 XP. Oh, and every 10 seconds he summons a militia to help him.
O - Added events that occur at random.
- Militia swarm: Spawns players active # of Militia to attack the middle.
- Enraged Vampire: Spawns 8 Vampires who gain 100% damage back in health with a very fast attack.
- Zergling Boss: Spawns a powerful boss zergling with 27500 Health and deals 175 dmg.
- Zergling Swarm: Spawns 25 Zergling with 1 Boss zergling - Siege Assault: Spawns players active # of Demolishers, Elite Mortar Team, Siege Engines, & Refined Glaive Throwers to assault middle.
- Hero Graveyard Party: Teleports all heroes who're in the middle to the Graveyard were a boss spawns for 125 seconds.
- Gold Reward: Gives the players 1.27x their gold.
- Gold Reduction: Subtracts 300 gold from all players.
O - Added 2 other Cards to the card dealer, one that summons random skeletons on nearby enemies and one that summons corpses on allied heroes.
O - Fixed a bug were upgrades weren't working as intended.


Update for 25

O - Creep waves now have 4 minutes between
O - Made level cap 7,000 now
O - Made Tavern permanent now instead of it being Destroyed.
O - Added a Cinematic for dying or winning. (Not very good but maybe one day I'll improve it)
O - Removed Event 7 & 8
O - Fixed Legion Doomhorn which wasn't doing its promised effect.
O - Bosses now have the items they're gonna drop in their inventory which u can see. (Hopefully)
O - Mannoroth will get very intense as you fight him now. At 90% health he will gain 1 level, 80% - 10 levels, 70% - 20 levels, 60% - 40 levels, 50% - 80 levels, 40% - 160 levels, 30% - 320 levels, 20% - 640 levels, - 10% 1280 levels. It'll get very hard as he levels up. But its meant to be really annoying. you're fighting the end boss. you can also let the timer expire and it'll be a victory. so if u chain stun him or whatever you might live. (MIGHT)
O - Defense Towers on death will spawn 4 Clockwork "Secondary Defense" goblins.
O - Castle is now invulnerable, which breaks once all towers are destroyed.
O - Reorganized the trigger files.
O - More coming in the future, but please keep up2date.

Update for 26

O - Not all heroes have hero damage.
O - Some heroes have negatives and positives
O - Tanks now have Divine armor which is now considered a weaker form of Heroic Armor.
O - Many other changes and additions, Brought back the Pouch of Gold Perk, but instead of it being broken (It works.)
O - Check out the map for yourself to find out whatelse.

Update for 26

O - Exntended map
O - Added a few quests
O - Added Collision for the creeps
O - Added a new item
O - Terraining done by Exotuma (I observed while it was done)


Custom Hero Defense[TSH].20.9 (Map)

Custom Hero Defense[TSH].28 (Map)

Be sure to complete the credits list: Resources in Use by Custom Hero Defense[TSH].18.8C | HIVE Names are missing. Some heroes have a native ability, some don't? Mostly Warcraft III material was used. When learned, Critical Strike has an active...
  1. eubz


    Map Reviewer

    Mar 29, 2011
    Woah, my WE crashed because you have thousands or even more regions in your map. Why?
  2. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015
    No one has actually reported crashing. I think that is on your part.
  3. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015
    Also WE isn't suppose to open my map, The map is protected.
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Be sure to complete the credits list: Resources in Use by Custom Hero Defense[TSH].18.8C | HIVE Names are missing.

    1. Some heroes have a native ability, some don't?
    2. Mostly Warcraft III material was used.
    3. When learned, Critical Strike has an active ability icon. Other spells in the shops even though passive should look active like when you learn them and look passive after they are learnt.
    4. Since everyone can choose whichever spells they want, there isn't that much diversity or uniqueness between heroes.
    5. Not sure if intended but the unselectable people are hunting neutral hostile units around the map.
    6. What does [T] mean before or in enemy names?
    7. Never heard of * for the temperature sign. Must be this map universe's scale.
    8. Not sure if spamming [Elite] multiple times in the murloc's name is a good idea.
    9. The gnoll boss came from the west and went somewhere to the north and then came from there. It didn't shoot any Shadow Strike.
    10. Not sure if it was necessary to replace the command card icons especially as they look passive now. Could make them active with: Button Manager v1.8.2
    11. Some times enemy waves don't come together. Some elites go over the map for some time before deciding to come to the center. Talking about the orange [Elite] [Elite] units or even more [Elite] [Elite] etc. units. They go to the northeastern camp where there are some tents and a small circle of power, try to get out of there passing the bridge but they return again to the circle multiple times. Because of that, they always get an additional [Elite] in their name until the whole name can't be read anymore. Same with bosses for some reason.
    12. The Sea Elemental boss has the same abilities as the gnoll boss?
    13. Then a harpy elite appeared and started doing the same only it came as soon as going once to the circle.
    14. The Sea Elemental boss came, attacked the castle two times, went a little towards the left and stopped.
    15. A gnoll elite went trough the north path and almost got killed by the Locust/unselectable allied units. One was killed in the southeast.

    Not sure how this will play out in 21 players, hopefully not lagging.

    So while this could be fun, it's buggy.


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  5. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015

    O - When it comes to 21 players, I have played it with a few people. The map didn't have any lag and no one got upset with it.
    O - I gave credits to the stuff I used, Not the ones that aren't used. And even if I missed some1, I will need to find out what I missed. ( A lot of the models also come from Blizzard entertainment, like 90% of the Icons. )
    O - I used button manager for the Intelligence / Strength / Agility Icons on players.
    O - Yeah... I'm not sure why but a few of the units are ordered to attack the Dwarven Hunter Camp, I fixed it when I last used WE, but I'm trying to figure out what is causing all the bugs...
    O - I use to give all heroes a special perk, but I removed most since it was kind of hard to find a good perk for them. The ones who still have it make them unique compared to others. Like for instance, Necromancer on Kill gets a ghoul, dark ranger gets a minion, and mage has spalsh.. etc... It's just for a more unique pick.
    O - [T] = Tank, = Support, [D] = Damage Dealer.
    As I have said above.
    O - I know there is a few more bugs such as the Barrage, And others. Idk how it got bugged since it was using standard abilities. Maybe it's just my luck?
    If you find any more bugs and etc.. Please alert me, I'm trying to fix the map, but damn these bugs are annoying af.
  6. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Mention that. Anything used that's not in the original game should be credited.
    That's like totally something unrelated, except for the program thing?
    Well, use your imagination. Also, the necromancer and dark ranger basically have the same trait.

    For bug fixing, you have to test, test and test.
  7. n3r0t


    Sep 8, 2019
    I didn't really liked spell shops. It is overwhelming and adds complexity where it's not needed. Any classes can picks up any spells making the game
    If a player with a large hitbox stays on top of a NPC, the NPC is not accessible any more.
    There is a typo in the command help menu, see screenshot.

    But the map is very cool to play.
  8. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015
    Thanks for that. I've fixed it already. :)
  9. SlumberTurtle


    May 26, 2017
    I found a few bugs:
    1. Crown of King is not in any shop (at least I didnt see..)
    2. some invulnerable unit comes to attack our base and he is also a healer....we can't even kill him
  10. pick-a-chew


    Jul 15, 2007

    Tome of Retraining is bugged. It gave me 250 lumber at the start of the game (had like 3 skills learnt all level 1).

    Highly reproducible. Definitely a bug.

  11. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015
    I'm done working on maps. I've spent years developing stuff, and now blizzard won't let me have fun making them. If anyone wants to work on the map feel free to continue it off where it was.

    (I've asked Geno if he can fix the map before I update the map. I've no longer got Battle.net launcher or the game installed. Anyways we'll see if anyone can fix the map.)

    (And I lied, I love wc3 too much to just leave it... even if blizzard is the gateway to the Abyss.)
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2020
  12. Macadamia


    Jan 30, 2020
    This map is really promising and enjoyable. Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. kidbanders


    Aug 25, 2020
    what game version are able to run this map?
  14. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
  15. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015
    The most recent patch is at the bottom, the top one is the past. If people prefer for it to be broken as can be and have no damage detection system involved they can use that patch.

    Edit: LOL, I just realize I messaged the wrong person, sorry. I meant to @ the person who asked the question.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2020
  16. Whiteagle


    Jun 8, 2018
    ?ice map with a lot of work, unfortunately I hate when having to pick my spell I prefer surprising heroes with abilities already put but I wil put a good rating.
  17. TheSilverhand


    Jun 2, 2015
    Appreciate it. Hope you had at least some fun playing it. otherwise, what's the point of leaving a positive review if you didn't really like it, ya know?
  18. Whiteagle


    Jun 8, 2018
    Great you appreciate my short review.
    Well I'm thinking "I should rate something for what it is not what I like or dislike", like food or books critic, they rate by the effort and talent, even if a judge don't like tomato and a cook did a surprising mix of tomato in a cake, he can put a good rating.
    So that's what I did :xxd:

    If you have maps in the same type optimized with solo don't hesitate to tell me :)