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Curse of the Forsaken v3.0.1

Submitted by tomoraider
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
1) This campaign was made on Warcraft III patch 1.30.2. Make sure your Warcraft III is
patched as well. The campaign WILL NOT WORK properly without the most recent patch.
2) Download the campaign and place into your My Documents/Warcraft 3/Campaigns folder.
3) Play the campaign!


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Models Credits
Skins Credits
Icons Credits
Miscellanous Credits
Campaign menu by Sellenisko
Undead buildings with human birth animation by Mister_Hadrauf
Vrykul models by Sellenisko
Forsaken buildings and worker by Ujimasa Hoso
Wretched units by Ujimasa Hoso
Blood elf Buildings by SinisterX
Alexstrazsa by 67chrome, Sellenisko
Arthas by Kwaliti
Lich King by Kwaliti
Inferno Knight by Tarrasque
Baron Dark/Iceclaw by Fan & xXm0RpH3usXx
Val'kyr models by Sellenisko
Campaign menu by Sellenisko
Dullahan Omega by -Grendel
Fir by Fingolfin
Hero Drider by Garfield
OrbOfFire by UgoUgo
Garrosh by takakenji
HeroGlow by assasin_lord
The Grim Reaper by The Grim Reaper
Banisher by -Grendel
Demoness by Gottfrei
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Hero Dark Kael by Sephiroth_VII
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InquisitorMalendis by Sellenisko
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PeeKay's PunishMissle Model by PeeKay
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Projectiles by sPy
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WaterElemental by alfredx_sotn
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Gan'arg Engineer by Mephestrial
GarithosPaladin by Stefan.K
Garrosh by Tauer
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Ancient Explosion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
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Heart by republicola
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Inquisitor by FerSZ
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Blood Elven Upgrades by Zephyrius2412
Curse of the Forsaken: Combination of Warcraft 3 cinematics, WoW cinematics (Wrathgate, Battle for
Azeroth CGI, Stormheim Cinematic, Lament of the Highborne) and Warcraft 3 ingame cutscenes from the
Wrath of the Lich King: WoW WotLK CGI
Invasion of Northrend: Combination of WoW cinematics (5.1 Alliance and Horde Landfall, Broken Shore
Cinematic, Lament of the Highborne)
The Wrathgate: The Wrathgate cinematic

WoW: Anduin
WoW: Arthas, My Son
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WoW: Broken Shore
WoW: Dalaran
WoW: Darnassus
WoW: Demon Invasion
WoW: Ebon Hold
WoW: Evil Forest music
WoW: Fate of the Horde
WoW: Icecrown
WoW: Icecrown Citadel
WoW: Invincible
WoW: Lament of the Highborne
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WoW: The Wrathgate
WoW: Tirisfal Glades
WoW: Silverpine Forest (Cataclysm)
WoW: Undercity
WoW: Xaxas
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Abattoir
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Ancient Ruins of Dholmour
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Battlegrounds of Eternity
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Blood for Blood
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Crusader
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Full Circle
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Paths of the Drowned
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Runes
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Sartor, Grodoloth, Kordoroth
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: The Guise of Man
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Urzael
Dragon Age Inquisition: Adamant Fortress
Dragon Age Inquisition: Calling the Inquisition
Dragon Age Inquisition: Dark Solas
Dragon Age Inquisition: Death on the Bridge
Dragon Age Inquisition: Lost Elf
Dragon Age Inquisition: Siege of Adamant
Dragon Age Inquisition: The Fall
Dragon Age Inquisition: The Inquisition Marches
Dragon Age Inquisition: The Well of Sorrows
Two Steps From Hell: Black Blade
Two Steps From Hell: Dark Ages
Two Steps From Hell: Master of Shadows
Two Steps From Hell: Power of Darkness
Adrian von Ziegler: Angel of Death
Mass Effect 3: An End Once and For All
Resident Evil Remake: Macabre Hallway
Within Temptation: The Silent Force Intro

Sound effects from Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft
Voice lines from Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft
Tracer voice line from Overwatch

Some lines written by ericwu102

Old Changelogs
v1.0 January 2013
- Released.

- Fixed the gold mine bug in chapter one.
- The fountain of health in chapter two is no longer flying.
- Changed the side quest name in chapter two to ''The Cleansing''.
- Renamed mur'guls to murlocs in chapter two.
- Ghosts of Dark Rangers no longer cost food.
- Orc Warlocks have unarmored armor now.
- Darkclaw is dead in chapter four, he won't stay alive.
- Selection on units is removed in all cinematics.

- Side quest in Chapter Three is available almost immediately.
- Difficulty of Chapter Seven has been reduced. The gold mines also have more gold.
- Alexstrasza's line won't trigger before the quest.
- Sindragosa drops a different item.
- Marrowgar will no longer spam his line after his death.

- If you skip the intro cinematic in Chapter Four, Darkclaw's items won't teleport to Sylvanas.
- Phaelynne doesn't teleport with Varimathras in chapter four.
- If a hero dies during the Frostmourne part of the Lich King fight, they won't stay transparent later.

- Overall difficulty of some maps reduced a little.
- The ''bug'' in chapter eleven where all units freeze is no longer present.
- It is now more clear where to go in chapter nine as the blood elven base is visible from the start.
- Some other minor bugs fixed.

- Some small changes happened in Chapter One and Two.
- Most of the quests now get pinged on the minimap so that it's more clear where to go.

- Vereesa now has her voice from WoW: Mists of Pandaria
- The Lich King fight intro cinematic has been changed a little,
now both Sylvanas and Jaina have their lines voiced from WoW.

v2.0 August 2014
- Revamp of the Forsaken race and tecthree.
- New building - Royal Laboratory - 10 new upgrades within it.
- Apothecary has a new spell, replaced Alchemic Decay.
- New maps added - Chapter Eight, Part One, all new interludes.
- Chapter Five and Six changed places.
- Chapter Six and Nine revamped.
- All other chapters improved and tweaked.
- All AIs improved.
- Lots of new cinematics that replace the old ones.
- Improved, expanded storyline - most of dialogues changed and improved.
- Some heroes' story has been expanded. There are also new heroes present in the story.
- Most heroes have new spells.
- All hero spells now hotkeyed to QWER.
- New characters added.
- New ''exotic'' items added.
- Cliff slopes fixed in all maps.
- Skip level cheat now works in all maps.
- LOTS of other minor stuff that are not noted here.

- Garrosh collision size reduced to same like all heroes.
- Choosing Lor'themar no longer grants 12 extra food in Chapter Eleven. (The Forsaken farms get killed
if you choose him, making you lose 12 food while his building still gives 12)
- Garrosh is no longer called Jaina in Chapter Eight.
- There should now be enough space at the gold mine in Chapter Seven to expand.
- Dalaran units should now stay neutral in Chapter Four.
- Cinematics in Chapter Five and Nine should no longer run at the same time.
- Chapter Five should now be a little easier.
- Gargoyles should no longer be able to leave the playable area in Chapter Six.
- Shaman can now use Bloodlust again in Chapter Eleven.
- Varimathras now drops his item in Chapter Eleven upon death.
- You can't build any orc buildings anymore in Chapter Three.
- There is now more gold in the gold mine in Chapter Six.

- A cinematic in Chapter One now skips properly.
- Malefaction fixed, it no longer works on heroes and Phaelynne won't bug herself.
- Two Raymonds bug fixed in Epilogue.

- Chapter Ten ending cinematic can now be properly skipped
and you can now choose heroes properly if you skip it.
- Vereesa will no longer say her line in Chapter Nine before
she actually appears.
- Finale has been renamed to Edge of Night from Edge of the Night.

- Removed mention of Shadow of Blood in the Epilogue.
- Couple of dialogues rewritten, most notably in Chapter Two.

- Some dialogues in most of the chapters have been updated.
- Sylvanas' voice has been changed to her WoW/Heroes of the Storm voice.
- Cold damage area in Chapter Ten removed,
- Undead in Chapter Five now has less upgrades.
- Few other minor fixes/changes.

v3.0 June 10th 2018
- The campaign now contains four optional CGI cinematics. You can choose in the first map to instead view ingame versions of them.
- The campaign now has three difficulties: easy, normal and hard.
- New chapter: Chapter Four – Devil’s Deal.
- Four completely revamped chapters, while all others have received updates of varying sizes.
- Two new interludes.
- Massively updated storyline and almost all dialogues rewritten.
- New background music, taken from World of Warcraft.
- Lots of new soundtracks throughout the campaign in cinematics and boss fights.
- New major characters: Bolvar Fordragon, Grand Apothecary Putress.
- Several characters have reduced roles in the storyline, while few have increased roles.
- Apothecary Phaelynne’s role in the story has been taken over by Grand Apothecary Putress.

Major Chapter Changes

- All chapters have received storyline and dialogue updates. Most of the dialogues have been completely rewritten, all cinematics have been improved in some way.
- Revamped maps have the same or similar storyline as their old versions, but have completely new terrain, cinematics and gameplay.
- Chapter Two: Aiding the Cursed has been removed.
- Lots of other minor updates; only bigger updates are listed here.

NEW: Cinematic: Curse of the Forsaken

Introductory cinematic for the campaign, detailing the Forsaken’s past and their current goal. You will also choose whether you want CGI or ingame cinematics in this map as well as the campaign difficulty (easy, normal or hard).

Chapter One: A Necessary Intervention

- Renamed from Unnecessary Intervention to A Necessary Intervention.
- New intro cinematic.
- Second cinematic (in the Scarlet Crusade base) removed.

Chapter Two: Icy Menace

- All non-orc units have been replaced with orc units.
- Terrain changes, more pathways to the final orc base.

NEW: Interlude: Purpose

While Varimathras advanced through the Alterac Mountains, Sylvanas and her forces travel through the Silverpine Forest.

Chapter Three: Disdain

- Renamed from Forsaken Incursion to Disdain
- New intro cinematic, other cinematics vastly changed.
- Two new side quests.
- Apothecaries can now be trained from the beginning of the map.
- Significant terrain changes to the map.

NEW: Chapter Four: Devil’s Deal

Lead the assault on the Scarlet Monastery, the final battle with the Scarlet Crusade, while commanding a new Forsaken ally, the vampire bats.

Cinematic: Wrath of the Lich King

- Renamed from The Awakening to Wrath of the Lich King.
- World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King opening cinematic available instead of the ingame cinematic.

Interlude: A Royal Coup

- Renamed from The Demon Within to A Royal Coup.
- First part of the cinematic altered.

REVAMPED: Chapter Five: A Rallying Point

Chapter Six: Battle for the Undercity

- Intro part altered, a demon inside the first base must now be killed in order to gain control of it.
- Three enemy Forsaken bases replaced with demon bases.

Interlude: Memories

- New intro part.
- References to Malygos removed.

NEW: Cinematic: Invasion of Northrend

After gathering their forces, the Horde and the Alliance set sail for Northrend.

Chapter Seven: Into the Frozen Heart of Northrend

- Map expanded, whole new part added to the left side of the map.
- The blood elves and Lor’themar are now playable in this map, separately from the Forsaken. The blood elves must destroy Scourge Spires in order to allow the Forsaken forces to advance further.
- The enemy AI will now attack by loading their units into zeppelins and landing outside the Forsaken base, instead of teleporting.
- Enemy vrykul AI added.
- Darkfallen units added to the Undead Scourge AIs.
- New cinematics.
- Second cinematic removed.

NEW: Interlude: Crossroads

While the Forsaken battle against the Scourge at the east of Northrend, the Horde and the Alliance find themselves before an unavoidable hurdle, the nerubian kingdom of Azjol-Nerub.

REVAMPED: Chapter Eight: Azjol-Nerub

Chapter Nine: Hearts in Ice

- Renamed from Echoes of the Past to Hearts in Ice.
- Lor’themar is no longer playable in this map.
- Blue dragons and references to Malygos removed.
- New intro cinematic and an Alexstrasza cinematic added.

Bonus Interlude: Journey to the Sunwell

- Jaina and Lor’themar no longer appear in the cinematic. Aethas now appears in the cinematic.
- Lady Liadrin has a new model.
- More dialogue added.

Chapter Ten: Hour of the Forsaken

- Altered terrain at the part where the Alliance and the Horde fight against the undead.
- The Alliance and Horde bases can no longer be destroyed. Likewise, the undead base they are fighting against cannot be destroyed.
- First part of the intro cinematic changed.
- New side quest.

NEW: Cinematic: The Wrathgate

Bolvar Fordragon and a Horde general finally lead a successful assault against the undead forces at Angrathar the Wrathgate.

REVAMPED: Chapter Eleven: Trial of Monsters

Interlude: Deliverance

- Renamed from Lost to Deliverance.
- Sound from the World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.0: Fall of the Lich King Trailer added.

REVAMPED: Chapter Twelve: Fall of the Lich King

Finale: In Damnation

- Renamed from Edge of Night to In Damnation.
- Split into this new finale and the new epilogue. The old epilogue has been removed. The new finale only contains the beginning part with Sylvanas.
- The part with Jaina, Vereesa and Varian has been removed.

Epilogue: Edge of Night

- The third part of the old finale.
- New ending part added.

Techtree Changes

- Structures that previously used the undead birth animation now use a more human looking one: Graveyard, Temple of the Damned, Slaughterhouse, Boneyard and Tomb of Relics.
- Creature Attack Upgrade and Unholy Attack Upgrade have been consolidated into a single upgrade.
- Royal Laboratory no longer requires Dark Castle to be built. Instead, some upgrades now have certain building requirements.

NEW UNIT: Vampire Bat

- Replaces the Gargoyle unit.
- Can use Blood Plague: Infects a target ground enemy unit's blood which deals 5 damage per second for 15 seconds. If the infected unit dies while under the effect of Blood Plague and if there are any enemies nearby, the Vampire Bat will cause its corpse to explode, causing additional 50 damage to nearby enemy units.
- Can use Vampiric Bite: Converts 50% of attack damage done back to life.
- Can use the upgrade Blood Circulation: Increases Vampire Bats' health by 150 and allows them to use the Blood Plague ability, which deals damage over time to enemy units and causes their corpses to explode.


- Has a new voice.
- Multiple Workers can now construct a single building at the same time (like human Peasants).


- Shadow Claw has a new sound effect. It also no longer makes Ghouls have a visual effect when researched.

Dark Ranger

- Poison Arrow has a new special effect.


- Has a new voice.
- Attack has been lowered.
- Dreadguards now begin with Drain Life, but must research Spell Runes to use Spell Immunity.
- Dark Arts has been removed.
- New ability: Siphon Life: replaces Drain Life and causes Dreadguards to heal for 50% of attack damage done.


- Now plays a voice line when trained.
- Noxious Cloud has been removed.
- New ability: Cleansing Toxin: Consumes all magical buffs from units in an area. Each unit that is cleansed costs 15 mana.
- Healing Flasks no longer heals enemy units as well.


- Vengeance has a new sound effect.

Meat Wagon

- Exhume Corpses has been removed.
- New ability: Defile: creates an area of Blight around the Meat Wagon.


- Disease Cloud has been removed.
- New ability: Gorge: Consumes an enemy land unit, slowly digesting it and dealing 5 damage per second to it.

Val’kyr Battlemaiden

- Has a new voice.
- Named changed from Val’kyr to Val’kyr Battlemaiden.
- Increased health and attack.
- Increased gold and lumber cost.
- Raise Dead, Animate Dead and Spirit Sacrifice have been removed.
- New ability: Revive: Brings back to life the corpse of a nearby friendly unit.
- New ability: Unholy Protection: Increases all nearby friendly units' armor by 10 for 10 seconds and restores 150 hit points.
- New ability: Icy Grip: Decreases nearby enemy units' movement and attack speed.
- New upgrade: Runic Attunement: Increases Val'kyr Battlemaidens' mana regeneration rate and allows them to use the Icy Grip ability.

Hero Changes


- Silence, Black Arrow and Call of the Queen have new icons.
- Banshee’s (Call of the Queen) abilities renamed to Terrify and Scream of Terror. Both abilities have new icons and sound effects.
- One of the Call of the Queen Banshees should now automatically cast Scream of Terror when used.
- Has a new model from Chapter Five onward.

Phaelynne (Putress)

- Replaced by Putress: new model, new voice, new stats.
- Virulence and Malefaction have been removed.
- New ability: Summon Volatile Ooze [E]: Summons a volatile ooze that explodes upon reaching an enemy, dealing area damage to enemy units in the area.
- New ability: Blinding Cloud [R]: Poisons enemy units with a plague, causing their movement and attack speed to be heavily reduced, and causing them to miss their attacks for 15 seconds.


- Has a new voice.
- Has a new skin and a new attack projectile.
- Telekinesis, Brilliance Aura and Pyroblast have been removed.
- New (old) ability: Blizzard [Q]: Calls down waves of freezing ice shards that damage units in a target area. Fires less waves than default, but deals more damage and has a higher area of effect at higher levels. Has a new icon.
- Updated ability: Summon Water Elemental [W]: has a new icon. Can use Frost Attack at level 2, and Frost Attack and Frost Armor at level 3.
- New ability: Frostbolt [E]: Fires a frostbolt at an enemy target unit, slowing its attack rate and movement speed.
- New ability: Ring of Frost [R]: After a 1 second delay, creates a Ring of Frost in an area that deals 250 damage to ground units and stuns them for 10 seconds.


- Bloodbath [R] has been removed.
- Updated ability: Enraged Regeneration [Q]: has a new sound effect.
- New ability: Taunt [R]: The closest 10 enemies are forced to attack this unit.


- Has a new model.
- Has a new voice.
- New hero classification: Marksman.
- Updated stats: now attacks slower than most ranged heroes, but deals more damage and has a higher range.
- Summon Hawk, Cold Arrows, Trueshot Aura and Vengeance have been removed.
- New ability: Aimed Shot [Q]: A powerful aimed shot that deals damage to an enemy unit.
- New ability: Vulnerability [W]: Reduces a target enemy unit's armor and gives vision of that unit.
- New ability: Piercing Shot [E]: Fires a shot that damages all enemies in a line.
- New ability: Sniper Aim [R]: Increases the Marksman's attack rate by 125% for 30 seconds, but heavily decreases her movement speed.


- Updated ability: Totem Mastery [W]: Earthbind Totem now also reduces enemy attack speed.
- Windwalk Totem now increases mana regeneration rate of nearby friendly units. Both totems have reduced mana cost.
- New ability: War Banner [R]: Summons an immobile banner that increases nearby friendly units' attack rate and movement speed by 25% for 60 seconds. Has a new sound effect.


- Has a new model and a new icon.
- Dashing Winds has been removed.
- Updated ability: Flames of Retribution [Q]: no longer does friendly fire.
- Updated ability: Blood Cry [W] now affects a larger area.
- New ability: Living Bomb [E]: adds extra damage on each attack and causes units that die while under the effect to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemy units.

v3.0.1 December 9th 2018 (TFT v1.30.2)

- All maps now have new loading screen art.
- CGI cinematics have been removed, they are replaced by their ingame counterparts. (CGI cinematics didn't seem to work for a lot of people before, and patch 1.30 broke them completely for me. Ingame cinematics, however, work for everyone. I will re-add CGI cinematics in the future if I figure out a way to make them work.)
- Most maps have received balance updates to normal and hard difficulty. Normal should overall be easier while hard should be harder. (Normal and hard were very close in difficulty in v3.0. Normal should no longer feel like you're playing on hard, but some maps will remain challenging as they were intended to be. Hard should now feel much harder than normal.)
- Friendly AI Heroes will no longer drop items.
- Aimed Shot, Arcane Barrage, Blood Plague, Blood Plague Corpse Explosion, Consecration, Divine Storm, Divine Purpose, Enraged Regeneration, Frostbolt, Piercing Shot, Revive, Ring of Frost, Sniper Aim, Taunt, Unholy Protection and War Banner sound effects can no longer be heard globally. (Varian's mapwide AAAAAaaaaaGgggHHHHHH is gone, rejoice!)
- Lots of minor changes, such as fixing typos, changing tooltips, bug fixes, etc.


- Dark Ranger - Black Arrows and Poison Arrows now also increase Dark Rangers' attack range by 75. Dark Rangers can now have a maximum of 650 Attack Range. (From 500) (Dark Rangers become too frail in later chapters, this change gives them some additional survivability.)
- Dreadguard – Now has 500 Hit Points (From 600). Siphon Life now converts 35% of damage done back to life. (from 50%) (Dreadguards are too durable with all their upgrades, these changes will make them less so.)
- Banshee – Using Possession on worker units now once again allows you to construct their buildings.
- Meat Wagon - Forsaken Plague no longer deals friendly fire. Also changes Meat Wagons' missile to a cloudy green projectile. (Forsaken Plague is a fun ability, but was not worth using due to its friendly fire.)
- Abomination Outbreak now allows Abominations to afflict a target enemy unit with a deadly plague that festers inside the target, dealing 5 damage per second for 30 seconds. If the afflicted unit dies while under the effect of Outbreak, four Maggots will spawn from its corpse. Also stores maggots inside the Abomination's body that crawl out to fight after its death. Now unlocks in Chapter Ten.
- Royal Laboratory – New upgrade available: Fortified Defenses (50 gold/250 lumber, requires Dark Castle), which upgrades Guard Towers, Coil Towers and Virulent Towers so that they have fortified armor. Unlocked in Chapter Ten.
- Vampire Bats, Black Spiders and Maggots are now classified as undead. (This change is so these units can also be healed by Putress' Elixir of Death.)
- Vrykul units and buildings have new icons.
- Unholy Aura now once again affects mechanical units.
- Gan'arg Engineer's selection circle should no longer fly above his head.
- Dreadlord Jaina has a new model.

CHAPTER ONE – A Necessary Intervention

- The Scarlet Crusade Keep from the first base now drops a Tiny Shadowhall.
- Main Scarlet Crusade AI will now attack when trees fall down.


- An additional gold mine has been added to the south of Sylvanas' base.

CHAPTER FIVE – A Rallying Point

- Garrosh and his forces now use the maroon team color.
- An additional shallow water way across the river in Orgrimmar has been added to reduce units from getting stuck on the bridge.

CHAPTER SEVEN – Into the Frozen Heart of Northrend

- Blood Elves now have a gold mine and a shipyard.
- Blood Elf units now require upgrades to unlock all of their abilities.
- Tiny Shadowhall, Tiny Crypt and Tiny Graveyard are now dropped by the buildings in the first Scourge base.
- Enemy AI should no longer bug and stop attacking.
- Orange AI can now also attack Blood Elves.
- Purple AI can now attack you if you expand to the Orange AI's goldmine. Purple AI will also attack Blood Elves if all Forsaken bases are destroyed.


- Azjol-Nerub terrain updated, certain paths have been closed off and the way up to Anub'arak is now linear. There are some new encounters and traps and Anub'arak can no longer be reached earlier than intended. Fire traps before Anub'arak are no longer deadly.
- Side Quest revamped. You now have to find three parts of a key to open the way gate. The way gate has also been moved to a new location.
- Signet of the Traitor King is now acquired from the side quest.
- Nerubian burrow attacks in Azjol-Nerub now happen a little less often.
- Ice Rocks now have less health.

CHAPTER TEN – Hour of the Forsaken

- Not doing the side quest should no longer bug the Blood Elf AI, they will destroy the gate leading there themselves.

CHAPTER ELEVEN – Trial of Monsters

- Lich King respawn timer has been increased and is shorter depending on difficulty.

CHAPTER TWELVE – Fall of the Lich King

- All Obelisks should now get disabled properly.
- Twin Val'kyr no longer fly around, instead the additional val'kyr units simply spawn, so the fight no longer bugs.
- Sindragosa boss fight should no longer bug.
- Alexstrasza can now die during the Sindragosa and Lich King boss fights.
- Alexstrasza now resurrects all Heroes before the Lich King boss fight.

Known Issues
- If Quel'Delar is moved to a different spot in the inventory, its abilities
disappear. Drop it and pick it up again to fix the issue.
- Targeting circles fly above the ground in Chapter Six.
- A few sound effects can be heard mapwide.
- Sound effects that are ripped directly from WoW videos sometimes
may not be completely synced with the cinematic.
- Bolvar's Wave of Light special effect is invisible in Chapter Eight.

Extra Downloads
Curse of the Forsaken v1.0 - The very first version of the campaign, released in January 2013.
Curse of the Forsaken v2.0 - The second version of the campaign, released in August 2014
Voice Sets - Voice sets used in the campaign, you're free to use them in your own projects.

Chinese - v3.0.1, hosted on pan.baidu.com (提取码: bb2w), by nuck001.
Russian - v3.0, hosted on xgm.guru, by kirlandiya.

My Other Campaign

Please post any bugs, suggestions and tips!

Curse of the Forsaken v3.0.1 (Campaign)

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  1. Venombite


    Feb 3, 2019
    Bad choice of words, I apologize. The san'layn are indeed present more than enought. What I meant is the san'layn are a scourge race with scourge buildings and some scourge units and custom san'layn units. I meant it would be really awesome to have a nerubian race that way, scourge buildings, some scourge units and nerubian (custom) units. Nerubian race having no san'layn units of course.

    edit: Quick question just out of curiosity, every hero that has HotS voice uses it, except Thrall and Varian. Why don't they use it? (Again urge to post stronger than me, sorry)
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  2. Matt V.

    Matt V.

    Aug 3, 2019
    Hey Tomoraider, I haven't played much of your campaign yet, except for the first 2 missions. I'm definitely about to play more, but I gotta ask you a question: Have you considered making your game co-op playable as well? U know, like releasing another version of it. I know it's time consuming, but I'm just asking. Don't wanna speak for everyone, but I think most of us would appreciate playing this masterpiece with another person!

    Might update my message later, as well as add a review.
    Thanks for your reply,
    UPDATE: Alright, I have finished your entire campaign. (no spoilers, don't worry)
    And I must say, I'm stunned! Everything was done well. I enjoyed playing as more factions, so it doesn't get repetitive. Also, most of the missions felt unique to me, especially the final one!
    The custom units were also done well, except for the poison and dark arrows of rangers and towers.. it could be kept, but I think poison arrows need some buff for damage or something, so they are worth researching and using.
    Also, in the epilogue, there was a scene where I could only see a weird purple triangle, possibly some part of the forsaken flag.
    The difficulty was alright as well(finished on normal, because custom campaigns usually have impossibly hard difficulties). I will give your Rise of The Blood Elves a try as well, because I enjoyed playing this one!
    Thanks again,
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019


    Aug 19, 2019
    i cant play the icy menace
  4. Wilford736


    Oct 14, 2018
    My download speed is so slow, its usually 500kbps when downloading any map in hive, but in this specific map it goes down to 15kbps. It takes me about 4 hours then I get frustrated and start again
  5. Arthas-23


    Jun 21, 2017
    Should I play this or Rise of the blood elves first?
  6. Yuefang


    Apr 14, 2011
    That depends, Rotbe comes first but it's not like you won't understand CotF story if you haven't played Rotbe before :p.


    Sep 29, 2014
    Chronologically, RotBE first, then CotF.
  8. Xetanth87


    Apr 15, 2011
    One of the best campaigns I've played. Is Blizz-like and feels like a great continuation to the the Legacy of the Damned campaign. I like how you essentially remade WotLK into a campaign. I am really glad you made the story follow the canon WoW events instead of making that apothecary girl Lich Kings as I have seen in old playthroughs. I've just started replaying is, since last time I played I quit half-way through because a new patch came and messed up my saves. That being said I have 2 very small suggestions:
    1. Turn on Dark Minion buff on Life Drain, it's a new balance change, but for custom maps and campaigns it needs to be manually turned on. (I made sure to enable it before starting the campaign, for anyone wanting to play the campaign I recommend you enable it)
    2. Since Meat Wagons don't transport corpses and you are playing as the Forsaken, I think you should rename them Blight Spreaders, get them a new model and icon and change their missile to Chimaera green breath, but keep the same stats. (just like you did with Gargoyles and Vampire Bats, it gives more flavor to the race)
  9. Zubr


    Aug 29, 2019
    Well as one of players who loves wc3 lore and gameplay, have to say that this thing is awesome. Every level looks and plays very well and lore made totaly fine 10\10
  10. Zubr


    Aug 29, 2019
    It would be cool to see horde campaign with Garrosh's timeline.
  11. Dhov63


    Aug 29, 2019
    hi, i recently downloaded the campaign and i started to play but the conversations in-game do not appear to me just the animation of the characters talking without any text.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english i'm just learning to talk it ;)
  12. Zubr


    Aug 29, 2019
    Maybe you have older version of wc3 client?
  13. Yuefang


    Apr 14, 2011
    You need to activate the Subtitles in Options ;D
  14. Zubr


    Aug 29, 2019
    Or call to chuck norriss lol
  15. Warseeker


    Feb 18, 2014
    Alright, I replayed this campaign once again on Patch 1.30.4, going on Hard this time, here's my review :
    Chapter One :

    - Units can destroy the stone fences, dunno if that was intentional.
    - The main scarlet base AI doesn't seem to work properly, they rebuild some of their lost units and then they stop at some point.
    - You may want to find a better model/skin for the Sorceress cause the Blood Elf skin doesn't suit for it.

    Chapter Two :

    - Level 8 Red Dragon with bloodlust? That must be a joke!
    - I feel like the Dark Rangers don't deal much damage to air units and they are easly killed by them, if only one of the forsaken units had Ensare or Web, maybe you want to consider giving the Dark Ranger's Spider the Web ability, just a suggestion.
    - The AI is quite harsh in this mission, they don't give you enough time to catch up your breath.
    - IMO, the light blue AI should start when you attack them first or when you rescue Putress.
    - I kinda agree with what the others said, there is already enough gold in this mission thus the optional quest seem pointless, perhaps you may want to replace it with something like : Kill Mug'Thol or some sort like that.

    Chapter Three :

    - Putress shouldn't be an intelligence base since he's a melee hero imo.
    - I think Vengeance should be seperated from Curse, like give it to another unit or replace it with Etheral Form since this latter isn't much useful imo.
    - Varimthras's base should normally also be attacked by the main Scarlet Crusade Base cause as of now they are only attacking Sylvanas, which makes it a 2v1 and 1v1.
    - After the betrayal, The enemy AI build extra structures which already exist, like 1 extra townhall, 1 extra keep and an extra castle, I know this is a commun bug with AI not regonizing the Forsaken Tech-Tree, this can be fixed by adding this condition to the Townhall in the AI :
    ((Total number of Shadowhall units) Equal to 0 and ((Total number of Haunted Keep units) Equal to (Total number of Shadowhall units) and (Total number of Dark Castle units) Equal to (Total number of Haunted Keep units))
    With this condition, the AI won't build a second tier units.
    - The optional quest of this mission feels kinda a plagiarism to the third mission of the FT undead campaign. I mean it's not bad to take ideas/inspirations from the original blizzard campaigns but it should not be too similar.

    Chapter Four :

    - The game crash when I load my saved game file.
    - I don't understand the point of destroying the Scarlet Crusade base if this latter will eventually be destroyed by the demons, also there was no explanation why those two, all of a sudden, turned against each others?
    - Well, it was a pretty fun and easy mission I'd say even on Hard difficulty, it's just those Scarlet Crusade waves at the beginning which are kinda annoying but then it all become much easier after they turn against the demons, the vampire bats also make good support units in distracting the enemy.

    Chapter Five :

    - There was a strange sound that plays during the intro cinematic, I think it was the undead obesidian statue's replanish ability if I'm not mistaken.
    - I think you should have kept Jaina's Brilliance Aura, it seems more useful than the one you replaced it. Same can be said for the her Mass Teleport Ability, I mean, the spell that freezes enemies is also good, but teleport seem more useful in this type of maps, especially if you want to teleport your heroes back to base in case of enemy attack while exploring the region.
    - It also was an easy mission than I expected, all heroes are just doing fine like nothing to worry about, there wasn't a big challenge I would say.
    - Drek'Thar's AI seem confused, they just keep going back and to forth to their base doing nothing.

    Chapter Six :

    - Well, nothing much to say about this level, it was pretty fun and entertaining, there were just a few freezes that happen during the battle for the Undercity which I think are caused by the music when it restart.
    - I think the battle in the undercity could use more work like there are a lot of empty space in it which cannot be explored.

    Chapter Seven :

    - There is techanically a bug that occur with the tiny Forsaken buildings, if you order Lor'themar to use them they will be controlled by to the Blood Elves instead of the Forsaken.
    - I think you should seperate the Scourge and the Undead Blood elves with two different bases.
    - It would have been better if the Blood Elves had their complete Techtree in this mission instead of merging everything inside one building.
    - Is it just me or are the enemy Heroes respawning too fast?
    - Enemy having zeppelins vs Player having ships seems unfair to me.
    - Well, this was a challenging map comparing to the other maps I played previously.

    Chapter Eight :

    - At some point of the game, Varian strangely became mute.
    - Bol'var could use a better soundset
    - Varian's ultimate isn't that great imo, maybe find him a better ultimate?
    - Lags/freezes that occur from time to time.
    - Normally, there should be a switch to turn off the Fire traps, or did I miss something?
    - No reward for killing Anub'arak?

    Chapter Nine :

    - Why do the Sorceresses have Arcane Affinity? I mean they are not Blood Elves, are they?

    Chapter Ten :

    - You do realise that Veressa's cage can be destroyed with air units without having to pass through Kel'Thuzard's base, right? Maybe add block pathers for air units so the player will be forced to battle the Scourge base first before getting to Veressa?

    Chapter Elven :

    - I'm not really sure how the Enemy AI works in this map, I mean they just attack randomly, there is like 5 enemy bases in this mission and they all seem to attack the same opponent at the same time, specifically Sylvanas' base, which makes it very hard to deal with them, normally the 2 scourge bases in the east should go after Sylvanas' base, and the middle scourge base should go after the Horde base, while the 2 scourge bases in the west should go after the Alliance base.
    - I don't see why would you make the Lich King so powerful in this chapter, I know he's supposed to be a powerful tyrant and all that by this isn't like a boss fight mission.
    - Lich King spawning out of nowhere, maybe give him a small base somewhere where it cannot be reached by the Player and add a portal there so that he could teleport himself to the battlefield?
    - I don't understand why would we need to re-activate the obelisks when we already did that in the final mission of the Frozen Throne?

    Chapter Twleve :

    - Jaina's W doesn't work.
    - Lor'themar had the Essence of Death in his inventory at the beginning, was that intentional?
    - The three Essences and the two titanium keys should be saved inside a variable rather than the inventory.
    - In the quest it says disable the three obelisks while in reality only two were disabled.
    - Some bosses are just ridiculously and unnecessary OP.
    - Why do the Tormented Souls have mana if they don't have spells?

    Overrall, it's always been fun replaying this campaign again, I'll be replaying RotbE next and give another review for it when completed. Keep up the good work and have a nice day :)
  16. nuck001


    May 8, 2014
    As far as I know,some bugs including what you've listed above were caused by new patches (1.30.4, 1.31.0 and 1.31.1).Tomoraider updated CotF v3.0.1 with patch 1.30.2,which in my opinion was the last NORMAL patch updated by Blizzard...
  17. tomoraider


    Nov 5, 2010
    I didn't feel that they needed new voice sets, Sylvanas and Jaina have the HotS one because I wanted them to have the same voice actress.

    Oof, making co-op would be pretty tough. I can't say I would be really interested in working on that.

    And glad you liked the campaign!

    Glad you liked it!
    1. Oh I didn't even realise that got changed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
    2. Honestly, I left them the same because I couldn't find any other catapult model that I really liked.

    Glad you liked it!

    Thanks for mentioning all the issues you encountered, honestly this is the first time I'm hearing about many of them. Perhaps some of the recent pathes broke some stuff, as @nuck001 said? As for some of the other stuff you mentioned:
    • Chapter One: the sorceress is using one of the skins here from Hive that changes her ears into a crown, if I'm not wrong, I don't think it looks like a blood elf. And I made it so everyone can destroy the walls, just to simplify things.
    • Chapter Two: yeah, the side quest sucks here. The AI is probably a bit overtuned as well, even for hard difficulty.
    • Chapter Three: thanks for mentioning that trigger for the town halls, that honestly didn't even occur to me. Also, I wouldn't call it plagiarism, it's not that I couldn't come up with anything on my own, I deliberately wanted to make some things similar to the TFT campaign as a fun way to allude to it.
    • Chapter Four: the point of this map was to start in a position where it feels impossible, but the tides turn as more and more vampires bats attack, and I made the demons attack the humans cause it's honestly really fun. It would otherwise be just another "destroy the enemy base map", this way at least it has a twist.
    • Chapter Five: interesting that you didn't find it challenging, I always found this mission pretty tough on hard!
    • Chapter Seven: I wouldn't really call Lor'themar being able to construct Forsaken buildings a bug. It's similar to how you can possess workers with Banshess, it's a fun little feature that I didn't want to remove cause it doesn't really affect anything.
    • Chapter Eight: originally Anub'arak would drop the item you get from the side quest, but some people didn't manage to pick it up in time so it was gone forever, so I decided to move it to the side quest.
    • Chapter Nine: they are blood elves. You use Kirin Tor unit in this map, that's why they are all casters, and blood elves are a part of Kirin Tor.
    • Chapter Ten: I thought I fixed that, that's weird.
    • Chapter Eleven: I think the AI is somewhat random in this map so they aren't always attacking the same bases. As for the Lich King, I wanted to make it like Kerrigan in the final Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty mission. Whenever she spawned, you'd have to focus on stopping her cause she'd wreck your defenses.
    • Chapter Twelve: nope, no idea how Lor'themar got that. Which bosses did you find too hard?
  18. Warseeker


    Feb 18, 2014
    I don't remember their names exactly, but I do recall how they look like, like those two Val'kyrs that keeps healing each others constantly or those three Blood Mages that keeps reviving themselves, also I forgot to mention 2 more things about this level: Units seem useless to me because if you compare them to enemy units, you'll see that those latters deal 2 or 3 times more damage than normal. I soloed this whole mission using only my heroes while trying my best to keep them alive as long as possible. Not only that, but there is also another problem that bothers me the most about this chapter: why is there not enough gold ? You can barely find gold coins, there isn't enough gold to train units nor ressurect your heroes.
  19. Xetanth87


    Apr 15, 2011
    Check this one:
    Forsaken Catapult
  20. levantinh


    Nov 30, 2018
    I think Terenas need a model too.
    I've seen some maps using the crowned paladin model, looks pretty cool. Still better than a default paladin model IMO.