CTF: Hills of Fate

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Great tournaments of all kinds are held in the Hills of Fate. You have been chosen to take place in one of its legendary games of capture the flag. The outcome will determine if you truly deserve a place in the legends told of these unparalleled battles. Create your own destiny in this epic struggle for victory.

Keep your own flag under guard during your attempts to make off with the enemy's; you will need both in order to achieve victory.

*Fast paced combat
*Easy to learn, a bit more challenging to master
*A mix between an arena and a CTF, allowing more combat for those who want it
*Fairly balanced heroes, no single hero should be able to completely dominate
*Teamplay is stressed, the better you work together, the better off you are
*Spells/abilities are a focus on heroes, though not so much that they will completely win you the game
*3 abilities with 3 levels, 1 ultimate gained at level 5. The standard Blizzard way is the easiest to use with the ultimate lowered a level so it can actually be utilized.
*Strengths and weaknesses to all heroes, no hero having too many of either
*Compensation for leaving players. After each round, the number of players on each team is balanced with the other as best possible.
*6 heroes, allowing better balance and unique uses (more to be added)
*Triggered abilities that are easy to understand and use
*Little or no lag from the game itself, nearly everything is coded in JASS and all effects are preloaded before the game starts

I highly recommend playing the map with as many people as possible.

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CTF: Hills of Fate (Map)

PurplePoot: Played it before, really fun.