Crimson Expedition

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Crimson Expedition 0.84

Crimson Expedition is a true action combat arena map with AI!

Crimson Expedition features 4 different game modes with different objectives.
Before each match every player select their own equipment.

Massacre: Round based deathmatch. Team with the last man standing wins the round.

Capture the Flag: Bring the enemy flag to your flag base while preventing enemy from taking your flag.

Ascension: In this game mode teams fight over the control of an orb that is moving near the middle of the arena.

Dominion: Teams must hold control points to prevent their points from draining.

  • Custom AI
    - Don't have anyone to play with? No problem.
  • True Action Combat System
    - No auto-attacks nor RNG. Just pure skill (or luck).
  • Custom Hotkeys
    - Logically placed hotkeys for your pleasure
  • Custom Camera System
    - Zoom in or out, your choice
  • Custom Loading Screen and Minimap
  • Versatile Character Customization System
    - 9000+ possible combinations
  • Dual Weapon System
    - Twice the fun
  • Weather System
    - Do the rain dance on top of your enemy's corpse
  • 4 Different Game Modes
    - Something for everyone
  • Combat Rating System
    - An easy way to compare your performance
  • Anti-Leaver System
    - AI takes over leavers
  • Visible Equipment
    - Kill with style
  • Instant action
    - Less slacking, more slaying!

Equipment selection



Massacre at mid!

A Match ends

A CTF game in progress


-First public beta release

-Added new armor: Skull Armor
-Added game mode names to Massacre and Orb Hunter stats multiboards
-Added item numbering
-Removed some unused UI elements
-Minor bug fixes

-Added new armor: Royal Pauldrons
-Removed unused variables
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added Anti-Leaver system
-Added more stuff to the terrain
-Fixed minor bugs

-Fixed a couple of CTF related bugs
-Fixed a crucial Greatsword related bug
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added camera angle option
-All camera options now visible in ability UI
-Some tweaks
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added some sounds and music
-Minor changes to combat rating calculation
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Minor AI adjustments

Known issues: Sometimes when playing with AI some ability effects appear where they shouldn't.

-Minor tweaks
-Some bug fixes
-AI adjustments

-Clarified some tooltips
-Fixed Earthshaker effect bug
-Fixed a camera bug
-Minor tweaks
-AI adjustments

-Added some missing credits
-Default camera distance changed to farthest
-Increased item selection time by 5 seconds
-Fixed some typos
-Map filesize slightly reduced
-Fixed a bunch of bugs
-Minor tweaks
-AI adjustements

-Added new melee weapon: Sword & Board
-Added more details to the info menu (F9)
-Added more stuff to the terrain
-fixed some bugs
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added weapon indicators to scoreboard
-Added color to some texts
-Fixed a couple of bugs
-Minor tweaks

-Added Weather System
-Added new command -w: enable/disable weather (host only)
-Predator's Pelt gives now +10% movement and health regen
-Increased range of some melee abilities slightly
-Fixed a couple of weapon related bugs
-AI adjustments

-Added new ranged weapon: Bomb Bag
-Added color to some texts
-Buffed Assassin's Hood slightly
-Buffed Crossbow Slightly
-Buffed Shortbow slightly
-Buffed Nightwatch Torches slightly
-Minor tweaks

-Added new command -r: Restart the match (host only)(only after a match)
-Added more sounds to CTF
-Buffed Flesh Scythe slightly
-Buffed Lightning Rod slightly
-Increased base regeneration slightly
-Reduced the initial respawn time in CTF and Orb Hunter slightly
-Fixed the Bomb Bag ultimate bug
-Fixed a Skull Armor related bug
-Minor tweaks

-Added new armor: Unbreakable Chestplate
-Weather is now enabled by default
-Stealth reduces movement speed by 10% now
-Buffed Ultravision Goggles slightly
-Nerfed Mail Armor slightly
-Toned down some high power weapons slightly
-Flag carrier is now slowed in CTF
-Fixed some critical bugs with the '-r' command
-Minor tweaks
-Minor AI adjustments

-Increased player cap from 8 to 10
-Respawn message lasts now as long as you're dead
-Minor tweaks & fixes
-Minor AI adjustments

-Adjusted AoE CC abilities to be more consistent
-Buffed Witch Hunter's Hat slightly
-Improved terrain a little
-Minor tweaks
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added new head gear: Warhelm
-Minor tweaks & fixes
-AI adjustments

-Added new armor: Thorns
-Buffed Mail Armor slightly
-Changed Eviscerate of Ripper Claws stun mechanic
-Tweaks & fixes
-Minor AI adjustments

-Buffed Warspear slightly
-Buffed Longbow slightly
-Fixed the item selection system bug (hopefully)
-Fixed an Anti-Leaver System bug
-Fixed a critical Massacre related bug
-Fixed the CTF multiboard bug
-Minor tweaks & fixes
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added new melee weapon: Wrecker
-Reduced the cooldown of Stealth slightly
-Changed Unbreakable Chestplate proc FX
-Minor tweaks and fixes
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added a taunt effect to Sword & Board's E
-Nerfed Sword & Board's Q damage
-Nerfed Wrecker's E duration
-Camera is now unlocked when player dies
-Camera is now properly locked after respawn
-Fixed a bug where Ripper Claws' E stun lasted too long
-Fixed a bug where CTF flag bases weren't removed after -r
-Minor tweaks and fixes

-Added new ranged weapon: Throwing Knives
-Added item hotkeys
-Changed Sword & Board's E FX
-Fixed a bug that caused units to duplicate
-Tweaks and fixes
-AI adjustments

-Added more camera zoom options
-Added more camera angle options
-Added more combat text directions to reduce cluttering
-Added color to item tooltips
-Added sneaking animation
-Changed energy tooltip icon
-Buffed Throwing Knives slightly
-Shortened lobby description
-Minor tweaks and fixes
-Minor AI adjustments

-Added new game mode: Dominion
-Added orb drain stat to Orb Hunter scoreboard
-Respawn time is now capped at 15 seconds
-Buffed Greatsword W range slightly
-Buffed Ultravision Goggles slightly
-Buffed Royal Pauldrons slightly
-Nerfed Warhelm slightly
-Fixed a couple of CTF related bugs
-Fixed a bug with the Throwing Knives that caused them to instakill
-Fixed a Stealth animation bug
-Tweaks and fixes
-AI adjustments

-Added new weapon: Shining Lance
-Sword and Board provides now Health instead of Melee Power
-Buffed Throwing Axes slightly
-Buffed Ripper Claws slightly
-Fixed a bug that caused some players to not have a character
-Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk outside the arena
-Fixed a bug That caused anti-leaver AI game stats to disappear
-Tweaks and fixes
-AI adjustments

-Added new weapon: Repeater
-Added Sudden Death to Massacre game mode
-Added team boots for both teams
-The game will now start automatically after 60 seconds
-Many weapons have their energy costs reduced
-Increased all projectile speeds slightly
-Reduced Dual Glaives W max damage but added base damage to it
-Removed bonus Health from Bandit's Armor and added Energy to it
-Renamed Giant's Belt to Commander's Belt and buffed it slightly
-Buffed Throwing Knives E slightly
-Buffed Greatsword Special slightly
-Buffed Thorns slightly
-Buffed Leatherface Mask slightly
-Buffed Royal Pauldrons slightly
-Fixed a bug with the Sword and Board E taunt
-Tweaks and fixes
-AI adjustments

-Added new weapon: Steel Splitters
-Reorganized weapons in weapon selection
-Fixed a couple of Repeater related bugs
-Minor fixes and adjustments

-Added new weapon: Avenging Matchlocks
-Added new UI
-Added Dynamic Skill System (under the hood)
-Added more detail to the terrain
-Added new model to Hand Cannon
-Added new icon to Throwing Axes' E
-Updated projectile systems'
-Updated knockback system
-Buffed Lightning Rod slightly
-Buffed Ripper Claws slightly
-Buffed Shining Lance slightly
-Buffed Repeater slightly
-Buffed Throwing Axes slightly
-Fixed item numbering
-AI adjustments
-Tweaks and fixes

-Added new UI elements
-Reworked Avenging Matchlocks' W to make it work properly
-Reduced Massacre sudden death timer from 6 to 5 minutes
-Only kills affect the respawn timers now
-Buffed Longbow slightly
-Buffed Lightning Rod slightly
-Buffed Warspear slightly
-Buffed Handcannon slightly
-Buffed Sword and Board slightly
-Nerfed Dual Daggers slightly
-Nerfed Executioner slightly
-Fixed a Shortbow W bug
-Fixed a couple of Stealth animation related bugs
-AI adjustments
-Minor tweaks and fixes

-Orb Hunter has been renamed to Ascension and new stuff has been added to it
-Added new icons to some items
-Buffed Skull Armor and renamed it to Bone Carapace
-Buffed Dual Glaives slightly
-Buffed Quarterstaff slightly
-Buffed Nightwatch Torches slightly
-Buffed Ripper Claws slightly
-Adjusted floating damage text to try to reduce cluttering
-Fixed a couple of bugs with disappearing items
-AI can now use all weapons
-Minor AI adjustments
-Minor tweaks and fixes

-Detargeting is no longer possible
-Switch Weapon no longer interrupts movement
-Added base owner markers to Dominion
- -r command can now be now used after a match starts in single player
-Buffed Bomb Bag slightly
-Buffed Crossbow slightly
-Buffed Shining Lance slightly
-Buffed Throwing Knives slightly
-Buffed Leatherface Mask slightly
-Nerfed Hand Cannon slightly
-Fixed Ascension buff attachments
-AI adjustments
-Minor tweaks and fixes

-Reworked Flesh Scythe's W and E
-Reworked Ripper Claws' E and weapon spec
-Reworked Shining Lance's E
-Reworked Steel Splitters' E
-Reworked Warspear's E
-Reworked Executioner's weapon spec
-Reworked Greatsword's weapon spec
-Reworked Warhelm
-Reworked Voodoo Mask
-Added a weapon spec to Nightwatch Torches
-Added a targeting indicator to Sledge's W
-Buffed Ultravision Goggles slightly
-First Aid cooldown slightly reduced
-Optimized many weapon triggers slightly
- -r command can no longer be used after a match starts in single player
-Fixed Ripper Claws' item hotkey
-AI adjustments
-Minor tweaks and fixes

Vermillion Edict
hell gate
[email protected]

Tell me if your name is missing!

This map is protected.
(PM me for an unproctected version)

Crimson Expedition, Sand ,Desert, Arena, PvP, Ancient, Ruins, Artifact, Orb Hunter, Capture the Flag, Massacre, KuWe

Crimson Expedition (Map)

Vengeancekael - Date: 2012/May/19 00:07:42 Reasons: Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object editor, overall...
Level 8
Nov 11, 2009
Kuwe, look into that bug I said, where I didn't have a character after game selection and my items were on the ground.

If you want to make runes global, I would suggest make this as an event. When it starts all runes respawn and affect all your teammates so everyone rushes to get as many as possible.

I think I found what cause that bug. It should be fixed by the next version.

I may add some events, we'll see.
Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
takes arround 15minutes atleast for a 1o1 in massacremode, maybe nerf the mapsize. also hoping for more items/weapons for more variety =).
overall a really great and fun map i give it a 4.5/5 (mainly because the map is to big to kill someone if its a 2o1/1o1 if he is any decent in dodging and the lack of items =D ).
Level 11
Aug 23, 2010
Nice map =D makes me remember of the hunger games O.O
Some suggestions.
1. What about you add some kind of tileset selection? Each tileset will have different effects, like in snow, you have movement speed decreased but give some resistance to melee or range damage.
2. Add somekind of select potion. But don't make the potions charged, make them have cooldown instead.
3. Maybe a silly suggestion, but what about add somekind of select special talent? Like someone is picking the strong talent, their hp and hp regen is increased
Last edited:
Level 4
Aug 10, 2011
I found a bug in "Nightwatch Torches". W and E skills has to be used in specific range of target unit. As an example: I was having a basic melee fight and i used W & E skills, they didnt hit the target, then i used them from little bit more far away, still no dmg done...too hard to explain, if you didnt understand a shit, ill try to explain better.
Level 2
Jan 23, 2011
Nice map =D makes me remember of the hunger games O.O
Some suggestions.
1. What about you add some kind of tileset selection? Each tileset will have different effects, like in snow, you have movement speed decreased but give some resistance to melee or range damage.
2. Add somekind of select potion. But don't make the potions charged, make them have cooldown instead.
3. Maybe a silly suggestion, but what about add somekind of select special talent? Like someone is picking the strong talent, their hp and hp regen is increased

Awesome ideas, +1 from my behalf.
Level 8
Nov 11, 2009
The requirement of having all players ready and showing this by having them click a dialog isn't a good idea, in my opinion. This is because players who are afk will just end up stalling the game, and having to remake is an inconvenience.

Well what's the point of playing with afkers then?

In the next version the game will begin automatically after 60 seconds regardless of players being not ready.

E: It's out.
Last edited:
Level 8
Nov 11, 2009
Here's a little update. I've not been too active updating this map lately due to lack of time with WC3 and a lack of interest with this map.

I'm also making a new map which should be ready for release some time during the next month.
Level 8
Nov 11, 2009
Oh yeah updates! Too bad there in no new weapon.

Hey, you think you can add a few more weapons and armor before you leave this project?

Well the main reason for this update was to make the UI fully custom and to improve the CTF AI behavior.

I want to keep the starting selection nice and simple so no more items/weapons will be added there unless I remake some of them of course.

I actually have ideas for adding new weapons and stuff but they're not something you select at the start of the round. I will reveal more details about this later if it makes to the map.
Level 9
Dec 21, 2011
How about a new game mode?

Like : Heaven's Judgement

Each player will have a partner, if the players are odd, instantly add AI. The duo will have to face a eternal beams of light streaming from the sky and will try to dodge them, because they will deal great DPS if they got hit. While doing this, they must slaughter enemies to gain ' Favor '. Favor can do boosts for the pair, like a bigger life cap , faster movespeed, faster cooldowns or use ' Divine Skills '. Each Divine Skill will drain the ' Favor ' needed. First to get X favor wins.

Or a challenge feature: Gladiator Arena

It will entrap the challenger and challenged, forcing them into a smaller arena, making this a 1v1 showown. The players ( the challenged & others ) must vote ' Yes ' to do this. This command can only be entered before the 60 second timer ( the one that activates after a round ) expires.

-Da Fist-

P.S. Reputation + 1 and a 5/5 map rating :D
Level 8
Nov 11, 2009
Ok I've pretty much decided what I'm going to do with the next update.

Ok, I had to scrap the new weapons and some other stuff because they were increasing the map size by about 1MB and that was unacceptable for a multiplayer map like this.

Also this may be the last update of the year for this map. I'm maybe going to update it next year if I get some inspiration to do it but now I'll continue to work on my new project.
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Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
Id love to see some kinda deathmatch mode, a closed arena that aint too big designed for roundbased 1o1's so you can play with a few friends only, too.
Great map! Have lots of fun with my friends, too good! But more contents could be added. +rep

And also, the map had a catchy initial name. xD

Crimson Expedition Created by KuWe Review:
Liked it on the first try! This map is just loads of fun! Extremely addictive! I liked how you check for Afkers with the starting ready dialog, great gameplay, cooldown for spells is just right, epic fights, nice effects!
Suggestions: (Can be ignored)
But of course, more contents could be added! This map is similar to Elimination Tournament! (But with more weapons). A death match mode would be great. (People in my region are always questioning on how to achieve victory on this game, and I had to explain it countless times.) Varieties of maps to choose would greatly improve the game's replay value. The Terrain should be more polished too! Add more maps and this will be PERFECT! 5/5
Rating: Creativity: 4/5
Appearance: 3/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Mechanics: 5/5
Effects: 5/5

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Level 2
Oct 30, 2013
This map is amazing.. i wonder if you still have the unprotected version so i can look at the AI and maybe modified it to be more difficult.. pm sent thank you for this awesome map