CreepFight v0.260

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This game is mostly about melee + strategy, custom heros, custom abilities, regular heros, regular abilities,

Most of the game

9 and under stepping onto the circle spawn regular units 1 - 3
Level 10s spawn Level 7s
Level 20s Spawn level 9s

Rifleman spawn level 3s
Super Rifle - Level 3s + Level 7
Footman Spawn level 3
Super Footman spawn level 3, 5

Game is still in BETA!

CreepFight v0.260 (Map)

Level 7
Mar 9, 2016
Had fun playing it with you today JarJar. I like the events that come after. At first it seemed to be too easy :p
Level 25
Oct 2, 2011
The description needs an update if it is going to comply with the map submission rules. You can use this template to make it better:
You also say yourself that the game is in Beta. According to the map submission rules, beta maps are not allowed here, but should be posted in the map development forum.

I will move this to "Substandard/Too Simple" for now, and then you can message me when the map has reached 1.0, and I'll move it back to this section.

Work on your description, and make the map reach 1.0, and we can check this out again.
Good luck! :)