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CRA v3.5

Submitted by Kallimachos
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is version 3 of my map CRA, basically made for a LAN party. It is kind of a tactical Hero Arena, focussing on specific pointst of interest.
There are currently 31 selectable heroes and 3 secret heroes which can only be randomed

Game objective

The players start opposed in two factions (Mukatash Clan - Sakatari Tribe). Their mission is to bring the points of their faction to 0, the first fraction to do so, will gain control over the temple ruins and wins the game.

Ways of reducing points are:
* Killing an inimical hero (-2)
* Killing the Lernaean Hydra (-5)
* Capturing one of the 5 circles (-1 per circle, every 12 seconds)
Note: map is pinged every 30 seconds, where the capture points are

Game modes
There are several game modes, for which a chat string has to be entered by the host (red) within the first 15 seconds.
You can combine them with each other, but only if you follow a certain order concerning the particles. here is a list of all particles and their priority (1 is most important).

1) -sm (short mode) / -nm (normal mode) / -lm (long mode) / -hm (hyper mode)
2) ko (kills only - disables the capture function)
3) ar (all random)
4) em (easy mode - more automatic gold and experience)
5) ns (no specials - disables Special Heroes when picking random)

-nmko; -smarns; -hmem; -lmkoaremns
(-sm/-nm/-lm/-hm must be entered {adding other particles is optional}, else the computer will default on -nm)

Enjoy, and plz report eventual bugs (hope i removed all of them) @map comments or via vbulletin on my channel.
>>>>>Map protected, New versions will be coming!<<<<<



v3.5 ( version 4 still under progress!!!!)
- New Hero: Rune Warrior
- Slightly nerfed Wind Hunter's 'Cyclone'
- Fixed Revive error
- Other minor changes

v3.4 ("COMEBACK"!!; fixes only; big new version under progress!!!!)
- Major coding improvements
- Reworked random hero systems
- New user interface
- Faster decay of bonus damage ganed by Windhunter's 'Raven's Mist'.
- Longer duration of Plague Knight's 'Nether Affliction'.
- Other minor fixes

- New Hero: Shadewood Vanguard
- Fixed a rare exploit with MoP's Steering cable that could cause critical error
- Added a reviving message
- Finally updated Loading Screen ;D
- Other minor fixes

- Fixed Hellbiter
- Changed UI for auto-assemble instead of wood shown
- Fised Dimension Wanderer's Ulti
- Trees are not destroyed by Bloody Gorgeousity any more
- Other minor fixes

- Fixed Trimming Bow hotkey
- New Hero: Mortar Sergeant
- New lvl 5 item: Hellbiter
- New lvl 5 item: Astralizer
- Other minor fixes

v3.1 (quite big patch)
- Fixed automatic Gold income
- Slightly reduced costs of picking a hero
- Changed creep bounties a bit
- Nerfed secret hero
- New Hero: Dimension Wanderer
- New lvl 1 item: Watcher's Horn
- New: Shop 5 with 4 new items (not higher lvl items)
- Fixed Slitting Hu's Triple Strike Icon
- New game mode: em (easy mode)
- New game mode: ns (no specials)
- Overworked game mode chat entering
- Other minor fixes

- Finally fixed all of the occuring problems when a player leaves
- Added additional Gold income to 'counterbalance' leavers
- Changed Phoenix Ranger's values slightly
- Witchcrafter's Servants nerfed again
- Decreased chance for Terra Warrior's 'Cleave'
- Terra Warrior: bigger model scaling
- Wind Hunter's ultimate does not blow away circles of power any more
- Wind Hunter's Raven's Mist slightly nerfed
- Other minor fixes

- Fixed the occuring problems when a player leaves
- Buffed Poison Revenant's values slightly
- General Str Hero damage nerf
- Terra Warrior: New Cleave and new model
- Other minor fixes

- Drastically reduced xp gain from hero kills
- Fixed the bug when a Sakatari player leaves and his char got moved to wrong base
- Nerfed plague knight's ulti 'Epidemic Touch' (higher mana cost, cd, spell instead of pure dot)
- Buffed Phoenix Ranger's 'Phoenix Tears' (Lower mana cost, Global Range)
- Buffed Phoenix Ranger's 'Searing Arrows' (Higher damage)
- Nerfed the Servants from Witchcrafter's 'Animate' and lowered their maximum amount (4>3)

- Fixed Master of Puppets' 'I am your Master' (care: timer not visible)
- Changed Battle Cleric's 'Exorcism' to make it more useful
- Inflamer's 'Instable Heat' now triggers off after 30 secs of not being attacked
- Chaos Frenzy mask's new buying hotkey works properly (F)
- Minor fixes

- Fixed Raging Zealot's Aura & added new icon & aura model
- Fixed the Horror Lord's Chaos Rain hotkey
- Changed Horror Lord's ulti a bit
- Re-fixed the angle of Tree Torpedo
- Fixed Clan Lord's ulti, you won't land anywhere now
- Witchcrafter can have 4 servants constantly
- Fixed Elemental Evoker from being able to have infinite boni
- Canged the items Gladius, Spatha and Dragonfly a bit
- War Helmet is now lvl 2 shop / Chaos Frenzy Mask lvl 3
- Fixed Poison Revenant not appearing in random
- Other minor tweak/tooltip fixes, icon/model/sound changes

- Each faction has own base now
- Slightly increased playable map area size
- New capture point Pyramid instead of throne platform
- New Hero selection system
- repick command added
- New Hero: Elemental Evoker
- New Hero: Battle Cleric
- New Hero: Centaur Hornfighter
- New Hero: Plague Knight
- Overworked item/shop system (removed almost all dota items)
- Balance/Bug/Tweak fixes
- Replaced Wind Hunter's raven Form by Raven's Mist
- You will lose gold now when dying
- plenty other small changes

Important: I removed some items and made Dota items/recipes, because it is less confusing when starting to play this map, and you know a bunch of recipes, so:
credits go to icefrog and the dota makers for those. (But now I replaced most of them)

Arena, hero, capture, points, control, teams, team, ruins, jungle, Troll, Creep, Creeps, Duel, Fight, Battle, Tactical, great, awesome, Kallimachos,

CRA v3.5 (Map)

08:45, 7th Jul 2008 Rui: Seems to be good enough for approval. Ap0calypse: 4/5 (Recommended) This is really a map worth checking out. The gameplay style is unique, being mainly a Hero Arena, with some other influences as well. You can choose...
  1. Naman


    Nov 11, 2009
    well i love the map but it seems that the whole enemy team dcs.... idk why :(
    i would give it a 4 but im giving it a 3 cuz of that
    here is replay i hope it works: http://www.filedropper.com/lastreplay