Corrupted Ancient of Wonders (Reforged)

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Hello, this is my first skin made here as you may see, I'm not much of a modder myself especially nowadays, but from time to time I like to make some stuff like this. The skin may not be original however I'm pretty sure many people would want to use it for the sake of completing the Corrupted Ancients Tech Tree.

Edit: Updated the eye color a bit.
Edit2: Cleaned up some minor impurities.
Edit3: Adjusted the skin tone so it doesn't feel like it stands out in some parts.

-reduced the filesize
-added a texture for roots so it's gonna look even more corrupted now!

Corrupted Ancient of Wonders Diffuse (Texture)

Icons (Icon)

Root Texture (Texture)

Not too bad for a first skin :) The eyes might be a bit too bright/saturated from what I can see of the pictures but the color scheme is good and the icons look really nice.

Thank you, I tried to make the color scheme closest to the other Corrupted Ancients, but you may be right about the eye color, it feels a bit off and probably I'll work around it and see if there will be some diffirence.
Roots use a completely diffirent texture so it makes sense that it isn't entiretely the thing you'd expect, but I think even the corrupted Ancients don't use a diffirent version for roots either, I'll look and see what can be done about it (perhaps I'll improve the original Corrupted Ancients* with the texture xD)

As for the eyes, they used at first white blank spaces in the texture, at first glance I was under the impression that the eye glow was from a model and but I had a hunch to fill the blank spaces with diffirent color and the eyes did change however green wasnt exactly the thing that suited with the skin and I changed it to yellow for eyes and orange for the circle around the eyes, it does give the feeling like a glow though, sometimes just by looking at it I feel confused.
are you also going to create a "Corrupted Chimaera Roost" with eggs oozing with fel goo?

Honestly I wanted to complete Corrupted Ancients and then move on to do something else, I had obviously in mind to make a Defiled Altar of Elders aswell, but I have no plans to make "Corrupted" Chimaera Roost yet.