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Continent Speed Risk v1.1d

Submitted by Attrox
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.

Hi Guys

Here is a trailer for my map:

Here is the homepage:

Shortly: It is like a Risk game, but faster and different. You start with a hero, and only he can conquer cities. No units have to stay in the circle anymore. Everything is more realistic and faster. You get a fix amount of income + some gold for every city you own. Cities can be destroyed and rebuilt.
There are three normal types of cities (city, harbour and shrine), and lots of unique and special cities with stronger units, which give more income, but they are guarded by strong creeps, or they are situated on islands which you can only reach with ships.
Your hero has some abilities, but however, this is a strategy map, and no AOS or Hero Wars. This is why the most important role of your hero is just to conquer cities, but of course, he can buy mighty items in a shop.
However you cannot just rush with your hero from town to town. You can only conquer cities that are really empty. This means that if you have some soldiers arround your city, the enemy has to kill them before he can conquer your city.

Test it out with some players (full house) and have fun!
Attrox :)

Pictures, Story, Gameplay and further information on the homepage!

show changelog


1.0-> 1.0a:
Heavy soldier got stronger (Attack 21->25; Armor 65->70)
Little Old-Kingdom-Bug fixed (tower is nearer to the city)
Tooltips fixed
Small Intro changes

New unit: Witch added to Shrine (unit with slow-ability)
New unit: Dark Giant added to Mountain Giant
Treemata Speed from 300 to 400
Treemata HP from 800 to 950
Creeps added
Rebuild of cities, harbours and shrime cheaper now, from 500 to 400 gold
Some Terrain changes and fixes
Hero can cast units now after some level ups
Intro changes (camera)

1.1 -> 1.1b
Some general Changes
Forgotten Sphere-Of-Birth Trigger added
New Item added: Claws of the turtle
Added ingame hints
Typos fixed
Added Loadingscreen
Ships cost less to encourage sailing
Some terrain changes
Leaver-Trigger added
Small other changes
QUICK BUG FIX (after only 3 people dlled this false version)

1.1b -> 1.1c
Lots of general Changes:
Every city is protected by a mercenary now, every harbour by an Admiral and every shrine by a Priest. You have to kill them before you can conquer the city. This avoids you from walking with your hero over the landscape and conquering just every city. You have to fight more now
There are high-level creeps now at stategic points like bridges. This forces you you fight longer at the place you start your game
Lots of triggers have been changed. The Victory Trigger should work well right now. Empty cities from inactive players become removed now.

1.1c -> 1.1d
Lots of major bugs fixed

Further changes:
Dragon added as creep to the Airport
Killer added as a new powerful unit to the City
Some balance changes (Flying knight more expensive etc)
New small island with hidden Items added
Some creeps were added or deleated for the game balance
Small terrain changes (for example the bridge between the Badlands and the Forest has been removed. Like this, ships can pass now)

Some Screens:

Show screens


Continent Speed Rosk, Continent, Speed, Risk, Hero, Strategy, Story, Landscape, War

Continent Speed Risk v1.1d (Map)

04:50, 30th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
  1. kidsoulex


    Dec 3, 2009
    You still dont have a hidden box...
  2. Attrox


    May 11, 2007
    I tried to, but it didn't work
  3. kidsoulex


    Dec 3, 2009
    Since i never tried a hidden box i will try now
    Hey there
    This is a hidden box

    It worked its
    Hey there
    This is a hidden box[ /hidden]
    What i did without the space on [ /hidden]
  4. Cweener


    Oct 10, 2009
    CWeener's Mini-Mod Review. #3

    I will give my full review now, or you can see my final rating at the bottom.

    Full Review of the map " Continent Speed Risk v1.1c"

    Now, the triggers.

    Your triggers have many leaks, although I don't remember seeing anything wrong with the efficiency.

    The Terrain,

    Now, notice how steep your cliff(?) is here. It should be more gradual. Also, notice you have some grass tiles underwater, grass can't grow underwater.
    You use these leaves really bad here, I'm really not sure why you did this.
    Notice the jagged looking areas in what is supposed to be a nice little river, smooth them out with brush size 5 and smooth tool.
    The poison tiles here not only look really ugly the way you used them(being so many), but really don't match any of the tiles nearby, and the bridge also looks too green and out of place next to the grass on one side, but looks just out of place next to the poison.
    A tree really wouldn't grow right there like that, and if it did the water would kind of diverge around it.Also, the water goes directly to grass, and then a cm or two away is the actual water, fix that. And the waterfall seems to come from nowhere....there's no river to create it, just falls...

    Additionally, the game actually lags a tiny bit when I scroll over some of those masses of weeds. Scale them up and delete some, or just delete some.

    Object Editor Work,
    obj editor

    Looks like simplistic work, but a lot of it. Kind of a okay but not great thing.

    The gameplay,

    Gameplay was laggy at times(due to the doodads). Otherwise it was moderately entertaining, and slightly unique.

    Last Words

    This map is not in my favorite genre, mainly because it can't be done correctly due to the low amount of tiles you're allowed to use. So you can't really create too many landscapes.
    Either way, you need to focus on your terraining, and triggering, the rest was fine. I however, cannot put an go for an approval here.
    You still have some work to do. Sorry.

    My final rating,
    1.5/5 -> 2/5 (Lacking)
    Voting for: