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Comment about one of the questions in the spells FAQ

Discussion in 'Triggers & Scripts' started by HaploMapper, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. HaploMapper


    Oct 12, 2004
    "3) I have multiple spells that are all based off the same spell. When I cast one, they all cast. How do I fix this?
    Since they are all based off the same spell, they all have the same Order ID. Base them off different spells. This is the only way to fix this problem. "

    well certainly they have the base order id...but basing them off different spells isn't the only solution. there are only so many ways do base a spell off say...the impale spell. what is best to do (and what i use for most of the spells in all my maps) is base all of your spells (or the vast majority) off of the spell "channel". This spell allows you to change the base order ID to whatever you want, so for every subsequent basing off of this spell, just change the base order ID to the next one down in the list (make sure to keep track of which ones you've used, maybe just in one of the comments sections in the trigger editor). There's lots of different things you can change on this, like whether or not it targets units only, or is it a point target, or an instant cast (no target). then in the triggers you can call upon the happy dummy units to do what you want the spell to do, or, if it's just like, a direct damage spell, use the trigger "order [unit] to damage [unit] for [damage] using spell type [spell type] and attack [attack type]" So really...you can have hundreds of different spells, all based off of the same very flexible channel spell. A couple values that you MUST change are:
    Data - Options (change to "visible" or the button won't be seen on your character)
    Data - Follow Through Time = 0.1 (if you set this one to zero, and have certain triggers attached to it, if the hero casts this ability, then immediately orders the hero to do something else, the cooldown will not be activated, if this one is at it's default, the unit won't be able to even move, until that many seconds have passed)
    and then whatever other data you want
    the "data - disable other abilities" simply makes the unit not be able to use other abilities during the "follow through time", so if follow-thru is 0.1, "disable other abilities" should be true (to prevent the aforementioned bugging)

    One question, for anyone that's familiar with the channel spell, if you use "point target" is there any way to make it give you an AoE circle thingy? like blizzard, flamestrike, etc, all do?