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Coming Soon: Balance Wars (Army-Orientated Footmen Wars)

Level 6
Apr 4, 2005
Balance Wars: An army-orientated footmen wars map. First, what is an army-orientated footmen wars map? An army-orientated footmen wars map is one that puts the emphasis on the army and not the units. It is the polar opposite of Frenzy. Heroes are essentially reduced to support roles (they can't take on armies without an army of their own).

Now, what is Balance Wars? Balance Wars features 51 heroes (it includes the melee ones), 16 duos (I'll explain in a minute about duos and races), and 4 races. You at first choose one of four races: Human, Orc. Undead, or Night Elf. Your race determines what duos you can pick. Your race also determines if your hero can receive special upgrades. Heroes receive normal upgrades, and if the hero is the same race as your army, it also receives special ups. Duos are combos of two units that create your army. Examples of duos would be Footmen and Riflemen, Necromancers and Banshees, etc... The mix of two different units adds amazing depth to the game. As if that's not enough, there are also shops where you can purchase other units with your hard-earned gold. Battles are no longer just hack away at each other and see who wins, battles now take tactics. Should I send half my army in, engage all of my enemy's army with them, and then bring in the other half of my army to try to sandwhich him? Or should I not since the first half will be killed rather quickly and it will end up being 3/4 his army v 1/2 mine? Heroes, although weaker than in most footmen wars games, also play a large part in battles. Using an ability at a key point can turn the tide of battle. Also, some duos like the Necromancers and Banshees are special. The Necromancers raise skeletons from the dead, but the Necromancers are rather weak units, and rely entirely on an army of skeletons. The Banshees automatically use posses when they attack. The result is a duo that relies on raising the dead and stealing enemy units. Balance Wars will usher in a new era and standard for footmen wars maps.

Feature List:

-51 Heroes (25 of them are unique custom ones)
-16 Duos-
-4 Races
-Massive battles. Duos allow for far more units to spawn much quicker
-Massive depth
-Unique spells for heroes
-Purchaseable units which can bolster your army
-Numerous items for your heroes
-Convenient hotkey system for hero spells
-Innovative terrain
-Camera that is set higher than normal for a better view of the battlefield (zooming in loses it, typing -camera gets it back)

Will be released when the site: www.polarmaps.net launches.