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Chronicles of the Second War: Tides of Darkness Demo

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

¨Since the release of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne - I had a dream to recreate Warcraft II campaigns using the Warcraft III engine capabilities.
I've been creating maps and models, doing long pauses, quitting and remaking stuff for years. When Warcraft III: Reforged was released it inspired me to finish this campaign.
At that time in early 2020 new teammates that were driven by the same inner fire, contributed to the project significantly.

Chronicles of the Second War: Tides of Darkness - is the attempt to reforge the Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Campaign.

This is very complicated and challenging task because of great discrepancies between WC2 and WC3/WOW lore, different game mechanics (Naval) and big amount of chapters to make.
At the Current moment the maps for Tides of Darkness Orc campaign are almost finished and the polishing, voice acting and bugfixing process is in progress.
Since Custom campaign feature is not available yet, the team decided to release first 4 missions of ACT 1 of Tides of Darkness Orc campaign as demo maps.¨

- Tamplier777

Gameplay is vastly improved from WC2, now including sidequests, creeps and other mechanics from WC3.
- Warcraft 2 economy (prices and resource gain, no tax rates)
- Naval resource - Oil
- Naval buildings and ships
- Dual tech-trees for buildings (basic and advanced)

Custom Assets and more will feature both WarCraft II aesthetic as well as appearances from World of Warcraft.
- Custom models for most units and buildings
- Snowcaps system for all buildings in winter tileset for deeper immersion
- Dynamic weather and fog
- Bloodsplats during the fights as well as prolonged corpse decay time for more realism
- Voiced over dialogues (some still not final!)

Lore / Story will be heavy drawn from established lore in original games, World of Warcraft, Chronicles and other book series.
While there are some discrepancies when it comes to certain events and characters,
we made sure to deliver a clean, straight and presentable series of events that transpired in the second war.

- In the book Teron'gor was kiled in the assault of Temple of the Dead, and Rakmar Sharpfang survived.
Later Rakmar was sacrificed by Gul'dan in a ritual to create Deathknights.
In the campaign we switched their fates to pop up Teron, since he is more important character for the warcraft 2 plot unfolding.
Rakmar will be shown as deathknight cameo.

- In the official Lore Orgrim personally slayed the warlocks in the temple of the damned and imprisoned Gul'dan.
In the campaign Orgrim was busy with Stormwind siege and ordered Temple of the Damned siege to Blackhand sons that submitted to Orgrim after he killed their father.

- In official lore of the second war the main leader of the missions is Utok Scratcher.
In campaign he will be shown orc semi-hero (i.e. Naisha, Falric..), and in human campaign he will be a hero enemy boss during the siege of Lordaeron.

Characters from the original early games will be featured in our campaign.
- Rend Blackhand (available in demo)
- Maim Blackhand
- Zuljin (available in demo)
- Zuluhed the Whacked
- Cho'gall
- Gul'dan
- Orgrim Doomhammer
- Nekros Skullcrusher


[​IMG] no u

Q: How do I play this?
A: Download the maps unpack them from each subfolder so you have all missions from 01 to 04 place them in your Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder
Start WC3, Single Player, Custom Game and enjoy from mission 01!
Opening the map in World Editor is disabled, the campaign is Reforged HD settings only.

Q: When will the whole Orcish campaign be released?
A: There is no precise answer for this question. We have all the maps, but still need to record voice acting, fix bugs, polish cinematics, make models for the Dwarven tech-tree.
We also have jobs and families. All we can say - we are trying our best!

Q: Is this a final version? If not, when we got the updates?
A:Hotfixes and simple things can be updated soon. But major requests will be analysed and probably will be included in final release.

Q: Voice Acting, cinematics, spelling errors etc. could be better.
A: Yes, as stated in intro screen voices aren't final. We will work with professionals and passionate fans to deliver the best we can, that applies to cinematics and grammar as well.
If you're interested in Voice Acting and have a good mic setup (pod mic for example), contact ShadiHD on our discord (links below).

Q: Some missions feel a bit slow and could use more action, will you improve them?
A: Yes, we have received a wast amount of feedback, thank you all for it! Mission 01 will be reworked to an extend, making it more enjoyable.
Some other aspects have already been fixed, such as oil resource. We're trying our best to make the game enjoyable!

Q: How is the lore set up, what about this or that retcon in missions?
Mission sequence follows WarCraft II. Novels and WoW lore is used to give more depth to the story. Things like conquest of Khaz Modan will be shown in cutscenes,
same as with some other expanded or not playable lore bits from WarCraft universe.

Q: Do you guys plan to share the custom models?
A: We are, but not all at one time. Some WoW-related models will be available before campaign release.
Part of the models will be released when the Orcish campaign is finished and another part with subsequent campaigns.

Q: Is there a way to support you?
A: If you want to support us financially, you can do so via PayPal (you don't need to register, best solution is to donate with a credit card, and set a note).
Add a note when donating with the nick/name you want us to put in supporters list, or keep it completely anonymous, we'll very thankful regardless!
Under Activision Blizzard's new Policy, we cannot provide any privilege features such as early access or locked content for backers,
so everyone will get the same content at the end, but that's just ok with us!




You can follow our progress regarding models and other assets here on Hive:
WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War | HIVE

[​IMG] [​IMG]



Tamplier777 - core plot writing, modelling, animating, triggering, mapping, lore tweaking, project assembling

ShadiHD - team & project management, custom modelling and texturing, voice acting, mapping, lore tweaking, assembling

Moonman - modelling and texturing, icons, presentation & video montage

Bagysta - modelling and texturing (orc characters)

Triceron - custom modelling and texturing (unique units and characters)

  • Special thanks for Hiveworkshop members, be it resources or direct support:

    - Zenmaster PR management and lore support
    - Trolldaeron concept art
    - InsaneMonster for his research in lipsinc
    - Mr.Goblin for Logo
    - Mythic for custom HD ability models
    - Retera for his amazing Model Studio
    - HerrDave for his help with English grammar and text/dialogues reivew
    - terrio for help with triggers
    - Vulfar for knowledge sharing in modeling
    - Sunchips for animated grass model
    - Stanakin for duck model
    - antontama (for icons)

  • Many thanks for those who tested our maps first:

    - Nagax
    - Kam (aka Arcitct)
    - InsaneMonster
    - Shar Dundred
    - Mythic

  • Thanks you so much for donating to our project:

    - ThralltheOG



  • + Utok's ability renamed to Self heal with fixed tooltip
    + Chapters renamed in map info to Chapter 01-04 instead of chapter one for better sorting in maps folder
    + Mission 04 - Added Towers on the shore
    + Mission 01 - If Rend dies, he will be shown in cinematic anyway
    + Mission 01 - second goldmine will be hidden in cliffs until humans arrival
    + Mission 02 - trolls conversations - fixed long pauses between quotes
    + Mission 02 - fixed capital letters in quest requirements
    + Mission 04 - Killing kids is not necessary now but it is possible.

  • + Oil negative values fix
    + Oil UI warning added (Insufficient Oil)
    + Chapter 02 path spacing and trees cosmetic fix
    + Chapter 02 Rend hidden when cinematic skipped fix
    + Chapter 03 tent cosmetic fix

  • Mission01
    + Resources cap decreased to 10 / 15 /20 K for easy / normal / hard
    + Tweaked trigger queueing
    + Added drops of lumber when tents are destroyed
    + Smoothed camera transisions
    + Player need to train 10 grunts instead of 5 in order to be more prepared to assault on prison camp
    + Zuljin will be freed when the Tower beside him is destroyed + trigger code refactoring + camera pauses removed
    + Elven Emissary renamed to Milan
    + Disabled creepsleep at night
    + Camera timings smoothed in the intro cinematic
    + Camera timings smoothed
    + Utok animation bug fixed
    + Meryn will be hidden if he is alive in the beginning of midgame cinematic instead of the end

  • Mission 03
    + Oil rigs and oil amount quest completion bug fixed (faced by WTii)
    + Peon swap scaling bug fixed
    Mission 01
    + Quest message resources completed showed on final cinematic bug fixed


Chapter 01 (Map)

Chapter 02 (Map)

Chapter 03 (Map)

Chapter 04 (Map)

Shar Dundred
I've already had the honor of trying this campaign, so I can safely say without a doubt that I approve it & look forward to seeing its further development! A job well done!
  1. HankHell69


    Oct 10, 2020
    Greetings. Ive recently tried to download this campaign and it didn't end up being 785 MB but only about 241 MB, only 2 maps instead of 4 and the files were corrupted. Couldn't unpack them into the WC3 maps folder. Anyone help me with this I'd like to try this campaign out. Never got to play the OG Wc1 or Wc2 but now I have to chance to try Wc2 in Reforged. Let me know if anyone has answers.

    Edit: It works. Very impressed. Looking forward to the fixes, voice improvement etc. Rend Blackhand's voice and Utok sound perfect to me though. Great job! You guys are doing what the big dev's couldn't!
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2020
  2. Relith96


    Feb 24, 2017
    I have a question about future factions that we'll have to play with, like Kul'Tiras, the Shattered Hand clan... will they all have different upgrades and stats or they will be the same for all because of the same race?
  3. Standhaft


    Dec 2, 2015
    Okay, I meant to copy/paste these earlier, but here are my comments which I left in discord. Obviously, some of the issues were already addressed, but I am just doing a backwards search of what I posted and pasting results in chronological order. If it's unclear (since I am not bothering to also add other people's comments) then I can come back and try to tidy it up for clarity.

    There was a bit more chatting in the discord after that (SEVEN MORE PAGES LOL) but I think that covers most of my feedback on the missions themselves. I am feeling a bit lazy right this second, but looking at this mess it feels a bit messy and I think I will come back and tidy it up later.
  4. levantinh


    Nov 30, 2018
    Looks so good but unfortunately I don't have Reforged :(
    Do you have any plan on making a non-HD version for the original WC3 after this?
  5. HankHell69


    Oct 10, 2020
    Anyone have the issue of Rend invisible or just completely non-existent except his voice in cutscenes on Chapter 4?
  6. IIICatalystIII


    Mar 9, 2019
    You started up the mission and he wasn't there? Didn't have that problem. Try restarting the mission?
  7. HankHell69


    Oct 10, 2020
    Didn't work. When I did my first play through of all four missions I had no issues. Now when I try mission 4 Rend is completely non-existent. Only his voice is present in cutscenes. It's like as if he wasn't even part of the map. I'm sure if I redownload the campaign it may fix it.
  8. Goffterdom


    Oct 25, 2006
    I just played the four maps.

    Omg omg omg omg, it was amazing.

    I'm writing an in-depth feedback, where do you want me to post it? Main map thread? Newly hosted hive forum? Discord? Here?

    It can be like 2-3 pages long (of things which could be improved).

    5/5 recommended :)
  9. Goffterdom


    Oct 25, 2006
    Hey there!

    Here's my feedback. I kinda got carried away, the feedback is 17 pages long :vw_wtf:

    Download the full feedback in PDF in linked files at the bottom of this post.

    Here's the table of content:
    Table of Content
    Good points

    Improvement Areas
    Warcraft 2 Gameplay Fidelity
    Oil Management
    Advanced Building System
    Hero Abilities
    Treasure Hunt
    Navy & Hero
    Navy Size
    Map Size
    Combat Area Size
    Structure Path Map
    Mission Adaptation
    Mission Rhythm
    Resource Depletion
    Resource Management
    Hero Death
    Difficulty Curve
    Computer & AI
    Plot Introduction
    Loading Map Clarity
    Upkeep UI
    Shipyard Unlock Unclear


    Other Notes
    Hit Particle Effects
    Building Ruins
    City Destruction Ambience
    Icon Position
    Elven Frigate
    Unit Tooltip

    Here's the "good point review":
    Good points
    Interesting Plot Focus - we all want to play this part of the Warcraft story

    Modernized Warcraft 2 - while I have many things to say about this, it's great to play through the Warcraft 2 mission with heroes and modernized gameplay

    New Units & Buildings - it's almost as if we had a Warcraft expansion with the countless additions of custom sound cues, buildings, units, heroes and navy, it's astonishing, for this sole reason I’d recommend playing this campaign (props to the Oil Tanker system with the animation/sound and everything!)

    Voice Acting - while there are many "issues" as mentioned at the beginning of each map, it's incredible to get a fully voiced campaign with that level of quality

    It was incredible discovering all of the aforementioned points, and for these reasons it makes the entire campaign feel and play pretty pretty good, almost professional! I would highly recommend anyone to play this campaign just to discover what truly talented, dedicated and passionate people can make.

    Here's an extract of one of the improvement points:
    Warcraft 2 Gameplay Fidelity

    I think I can safely say that nobody cares if your campaign is not faithful to the Warcraft 2 gameplay. I assume that we care about playing that part of the story (discovering the characters, playing them) and getting what got removed transitioning to Warcraft 3 (navy, paladin or ogre units for instance). That’s what people care about imho.

    It means that I think you should get rid of anything that just is not fun and add anything that would seem to be needed / fun in the campaign (if it’s within your reach) even if it was not in Warcraft 2.

    It’s already not completely “faithful” but I felt like I should give some examples of what I mean: add new units to the roster, add the altar/hero building, add “navy” heroes, make Oil an item stored in shipyards (instead of a resource), make less buildings (we don’t need 3 navy buildings for instance), get rid of the “advanced building”, rework the tech tree, make building pathing smaller, unlock units/tech at a different pace (and many other things).

    One prime example of this could be the will to remake the turret models from Warcraft 2. While it might sound like a great idea on paper, it just makes “scout towers” completely similar to “guard tower” graphically speaking (as they were back then). While playing it’s close to impossible to distinguish them from one another, I had to click on them to know if they had an attack or not. Another example is the use of +100 resources instead of +10, while on paper it reminds of Warcraft 2 in game it just confuses the player for no reason (it’s easier dealing with lower numbers).

    Basically I think you should get the plot, the units, the heroes from Warcraft 2 and make a modernized Warcraft 3 campaign with it. That means getting rid of everything tedious from Warcraft 2 and 3 campaigns (easier said than done, I admit).

    Hero Abilities

    Hero Abilities could be a bit more compelling, we have like two point and clicks (poisoned axe and rend), one warcry and the rest is like “don’t need to think about it” (bouncing axe, regeneration and warmarching aura). And we have a “demi-hero” which we have to focus in order to use its “point and click damage” (so, a third point and click damage) and spam his regeneration whenever it’s up (because he’s been promoted to main tank).

    With the evolution of Warcraft 3, we’ve seen crazy abilities being made with triggers (but good ability design doesn’t necessarily mean having to add code on top of it). This made players used to more complex and subtle abilities. Basically abilities that have multiple situational uses, versatile uses, abilities that should be used in conjunction, in succession or on the contrary avoid overlapping etc.

    It would be great to see more of that for both Rend Blackhand and Zul’jin. A few examples could be: Rend warcry taunts enemy units, his aura also have an activatable part which increases armor or damage bonus but has a huge cooldown, Zul’jin throws an axe which comes back to him, damaging enemies once more etc, his Tazdingo should have an impact over all Trolls and not only him (for now that’s just a “press whenever able and forget it exists” button, btw props for adding the sounds for Heroes of the Storm!). “The Pack” suffers from kind of the same issue.

    As a general rule of thumb, I’d say aura and passive alone are not interesting in general. Single damage abilities are only interesting if they are highly spammable or should be used at specific times. And ultimates should always offer a counterpart to using them (most of the time it’s simply the cooldown which is so high that using it now is a cost versus using it later on). But simply putting “The Pack” and “Tazdingo” on higher cooldown wouldn’t make them better, it would just make them worst. Because they’re not really “ultimate” material right now.

    I’d suggest removing most (if not all) abilities from the Demi-Hero and put more emphasis on creating more compelling abilities for Heroes (Heroes will demand more micro than the rest, that’s why they are quickly accessible using F1/F2 etc., but Demi-Hero are not).

    Attached Files:

  10. ShadiHD


    Mar 5, 2020
    Reforged HD Models:
    thank you so much for your extensive feedback, I've read the file thoroughly and I admire the time and dedication you've put in giving us a clear and straight to the point feedback, will leave my teammates time to read it as well when they're able

    @Triceron @Moonman @Tamplier777 @Bagysta

    now to give you good news, a lot of the feedback that you've given has already been resolved off-screen, (voice acting, dialogues, gameplay updates, pacing) and will be felt when we officially release, do take note that that what we have planned and built is much bigger than what you've seen in the demo, because custom campaign feature is lacking and that puts a severe technical limitation (for the time being).

    but some notes like removing buildings or editing tech-tree at this stage of development is not an option, (they can be improved) but not out-right changed because that would collapse a lot of things that were already built.

    as we go along with our development, so does solutions to all the addressed issues the players faced during gameplay, such as spacing, Oil, map size etc..)

    we take feedback seriously, we evaluate it, and choose what is best to further enhance the gameplay without necessarily contradicting our already implemented base for the project.
  11. Dragonkeeper56


    Jul 21, 2008
  12. Vibe


    Aug 11, 2018
    I'm looking for people who make custom campaigns on reforged.
    I found a way to make a custom campaign that has a separate tab and webm preview interface like the official campaign.
    If you are interested, please contact me.
    Try to make custom campaigns in Refrorged