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Chinese Food Politics (Split from OT Thread)

Discussion in 'Medivh's Tower' started by Dr Super Good, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Naze


    Nov 12, 2007
    Yes, kinda tricky, and I also agree with you.

    lI can't really see your point (were you trying to say that people might not feel the guilt of killing them because they're really easy to kill?) but interesting stories btw, lol.

    Never thought about that! I actually saw some things that leaned towards saying that mammals were the most developed emotionally (with a tendency of bigger animals having bigger EQ results), followed by birds/lizards and with fish being left behind (thus implying the cordata is the most developed in the matter). I've barely seen mentions to arthropods and other phylums. I've recently came across this study titled No Evidence for Emotional Empathy in Chickens Observing Familiar Adult Conspecies which you might find interesting.
    But in fact, we may lose a lot of information about their behaviour because they act in a very different way than us, thus reinforcing the idea of emotionless lizards/snakes or little dumb birds that don't feel the difference of being caged or free.

    Indeed! But my point wasn't that kind of tribe people that hunted in a sustainable way. The isolated people that did subsistence hunting that I mentioned were actually derived from european colonization. Also, the idea that indigenous people aren't harmful to the environment is partially true. The fact is that their impact is much smaller, but not non-existant. They still hunt wild animals and not necessarily developed the idea of respecting things like their abundance or mating season, sometimes due to inobservance or sometimes because it is a really difficult thing to notice. In the last century we nearly got half a dozen of sea turtle species extinct, due to incessant hunting came from both non-indigenous and indigenous people. Who knows how many species got extinct in the other centuries, even pre-colonization ones, as sea turtles are very vulnerable animals. Good thing is that we reverted that scenario and nowadays the only problem affecting them is sea pollution, not predatory hunting. Yay!

    D: *cries*

    May nature last long enough so that I ain't a weak old man in a harsh post-apocalyptic world, lol.