Centaur Warmaiden

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I noticed that there are very few centaur models here in the models section so i created one that's sort of a counterpart of the default centaur khan.

I recommend using this hero glow attachment model made by assassin_lord if you want to use this as a hero as this model has both decay and dissipate animations. just attach this on the origin point and you should be good to go.
Hero Glow attachment

Centaur Warmaiden (Model)

Centaur Warmaiden Portrait (Model)


Arena Moderator
Level 41
Jul 29, 2008
This is really great. A solid & exciting inclusion to the woefully-lacking Centaurs. Love the armor, love the axes, and being female is a diversity win to boot. The animations are snappy & exciting, fair amount of character. Excellent. Almost too excellent for a regular unit (and would need origin/weapon/chest Hero glow; but thankfully you took the step of adding Decay and Dissipate, so thanks).

Lovely man.