Castle Gate

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I make this model for castle maps. There will be separated walls and towers for other parts of castle. Size of this model is large but it fits to the map.

Castle, Gate, porticullis, wall keep fortress

Castle Gate (Model)

10:05, 12th Apr 2008 General Frank: Very nice model. Will find many uses.




10:05, 12th Apr 2008
General Frank:

Very nice model. Will find many uses.
Level 1
Jul 2, 2008
Havent tested this model yet but if you could it would be awesome if you could make custom pathing so you can only go through the middle and not the sides but if not eh thats what pathing blockers are for XD. Also to make it so units could walk on top, would i use inivisible platforms? or is that not possibe.
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Level 17
Jun 12, 2007
So I'm not quite sure is there anything we have to do to set this up properly to make it so the when the gate is closed units can't go through and when the gate is open units can go through but only through the gate opening? I like the idea.

Don't know but in any case you can use pathing blockers and elevator walls for that.
Level 4
Jan 15, 2009
hello i want to ask could you make it so that they cod go trough the middle i dont no how i know how i put pathing blockers so i cant go trough sides but how do i make it so that my units can go trough the middle help plz ohh and 5/5
Level 2
Jun 29, 2009
hey i downloaded it but when i went to import it i tested it nuthin showed but a green box wat do i do is it becuase im on a mac?
Level 10
Apr 3, 2006
i cannot get units to go through the middle gate, if this part of the model design, or can u solve this by edditing the doodad settings? also do this have a gate up/down animation?

V nice tho +rep
Level 1
Feb 21, 2010
if you want the gate open. then follow these steps:
1. make a custom destrutibles, (default gate destructible) and edit it.
2. set the model to the one you just downloaded.
3. make a trigger like this one:

unit enters region <001>
Destructible- Open Castlegate <001>

make sure it is a destructible, A doodad won't work with this trigger.
if units are walking through the wall use pathing blockers around the wall except for the gate ;)
Level 5
Jun 19, 2010
Opening/closing trigger

It's similar to the Vertical one
For the vertical model, you can either rotate it or download the vertical one here. Import the Vertical gate like the Horizontal One. Then the pathing for the vertical gate are likely to:

Below is an example for triggering a gate [H] =Horizontal.
The unit beneath the gate should be relocated before closing the gate.
Some codes for udg_callgroup... can be used to polish your map.
  • Open n Close gate H Copy
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability
    • Conditions
      • (Ability being cast) Equal to Open/Close Gate H
    • Actions
      • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
        • If - Conditions
          • (Unit-type of (Casting unit)) Equal to Gate Closed H
        • Then - Actions
          • Animation - Play (Last replaced unit)'s stand alternate animation
          • Unit - Turn collision for (Last replaced unit) Off
        • Else - Actions
          • Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within 250.00 of (Position of (Triggering unit)) matching (((Matching unit) is A structure) Equal to False)) and do (Unit - Move (Picked unit) instantly to ((Position of (Triggering unit)) offset by (320.00, 320.00)))
          • Animation - Play (Last replaced unit)'s stand animation
Happy mapping.


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