Castle Fight DE Beta 3

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Enter the epic world of Castle Fight, where the greatest warriors from across the land gather to test their might and strategic prowess.
Assemble your army of knights, archers and mages and match forth to conquer the enemy's castle and claim victory.
With multiple game modes to choose from and an ever-evolving battlefield, Castle Fight offers endless hours of thrilling action and intense competition.
Will you rise to the challenge and emerge as the ultimate champion?

The Definitive Edition is the ultimate version of the popular Castle Fight strategy game.
It has been thoroughly redesigned and rebuilt to offer the most polished, balanced, and bug-free experience possible.

It features a host of improvements and restoration of features, including restored modes, fixed graphics, improved balancing, and a host of bug fixes.

Whether you're a seasoned Castle Fight veteran or a newcomer to the game, Castle Fight: The Definitive Edition offers something for everyone.
So if you're looking for the most polished and balanced Castle Fight experience ever, look no further than Castle Fight: The Definitive Edition.

For resources and/or working on the map:
Gex, Elf-Stratigo, Natac, Vamp-Pirrr, wtc[JediMaster], Max666, The_Silent, JetFangInferno, Karzama

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General Bug Fixes:
Fix Stasis Totem Lagg
Fix Furbolg Elder Shaman having weak heal
Fix Assassin only targeting very few units
Fix sync cancelling building upgrades
Fix worker being able to claim mid in -dom mode
Fix message when player leaves

-na fixes:
Disable Shrine of Destruction
Fix Tentacles attacking buildings
Fix Starfall hitting buildings
Fix Volcano hitting buildings
Fix Tornado hitting buildings
Fix Blizzard hitting buildings
Fix Monsoon hitting buildings

Additions / Reenablements:
Re-enable -it command
Re-enable -srg & -srl (Start Res Gold/Lumber)

Removed random Critters from Sides
Removed some Props with pathing from the Lane
Made Cliffs perfectly mirrored and smoother
Ultimate builder is removed from default race pool and can be opt-in via the “-ult” command
Orb of Lightning initial cooldown reduced to 10 minutes and added to tooltip
Added 30 seconds delay to ending game after all rounds have been played
Fix Multiboard Team Resources being cut off

Balance-Racial Changes:
Hydra (Lernean Fountain) 725 gold → 675 gold

Twins (Serenity) 1600 lumber → 1300 lumber, +25HP
Blood Fiend HP 570 → 625

Angry Hrim (Modern Igloo) 580 gold → 550 gold

Incubus Attack Range 530 → 520

Vampire HP 425 → 475
Vampire Lord HP 650 → 700, armor 4 → 5
Death Pit 360 gold → 330 gold, 625 lumber → 600 lumber

Fire Breath Max Damage 900
Earth Upgrade Cost 260 gold → 240 gold
Water Elemental: Spell Resist 50/60/70 → 30/40/50. All levels second attack range 120 so it receives melee buffs correctly
Linker 1600 lumber → 1900 lumber, reduced heal amount & aoe


General Bug Fixes / Additions:

- Added tooltip and new icon to rally (sync) ability
- Added “Spells” damage to armor tooltips
- Added detailed damage information to blast staff and orb of lightning
- Fix and update some incorrect or lacking tooltips
- Fix Wisp debug spam
- Fix Fountain of Blood sync problems
- Fix sync issues when canceling a building upgrade
- Fix Assassins prioritizing wrong targets
- Fix certain legendary units being resurrectable
- Fix building progress bars
- Fix broken models for Flame Gunner Sergeant, Light Tank, Assault Tank, Gyrocopter, Ballista

Balance Changes:

- North World Freezer missiles now stay inside of playable area and fly 10% slower
- North Greater Frost Launcher AoE 250 → 200
- Elemental Trapped Gale 120g, 25dmg → 130g, 20dmg
- Mech Rocket Tank Build Time 41s → 39s
- Mech Mine Layer Tank Mine Explosion partial damage radius 300 → 375
- Chaos Quill Demon attack range 310 → 340
- Human Gjallarhorn 225g, 750w → 250g, 800w
- Human Holy Warrior will always resurrect up to 3 corpses (random before)
- Corrupted Death Pit Mana 20 → 30
- Elven Obelisk of Light Damage 160 → 180
- Item Cheese 1500g → 1750g
- Item Rune of Repair 500g → 400g


Castle Fight DE Beta 3 (Map)


Map Reviewer
Level 63
Jun 4, 2009
Not sure if this works for Reforged (Button Manager v1.8.2) but could be used to turn active looking icons to passive ones for passive abilities.
Other than that, it's pretty much Castle Defense.


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Level 22
Jan 1, 2009
Other than that, it's pretty much Castle Defense.
I suppose you mean "Castle Fight", Castle Defense is a different genre of maps.
And yes, that's the goal of this version, to be the most complete, balanced, bugfree and polished Version of Castle Fight yet.
Which, according to hosting statistics, was achieved, as CF DE is now the most hosted CF version out there, by far.
New units/races/features are in development for the future.
Level 8
Apr 13, 2008
Been a long time castle fight fan. Glad to see this being constantly updated and supported. I generally like all the new changes and balances. There's just a minor bug right now regarding the blood fiend not producing unless you sync it to another building. Otherwise i do not really see any other bugs after playing this a lot of times. There are also a few things i feel strongly about regarding the change between this and the old original castle fight.

I feel that the orb of lightning should be global to avoid stalemates as much as possible. This game stalemates too much and many of the changes encourage defensive strategies rather than offensive ones. For example being able to combine the blast staff + towers + short range orb of lightning makes defending too strong.

Also, some of the new units like the Goliath and twins seem very very strong. But i could be wrong about that. Also, regarding new races, there is another castle fight version in this site as well that have a desert faction. It's pretty interesting and balanced imo, that version also have a few new cool abilities such as the vampire being able to blink attack.

I look forward to seeing more changes and I am really happy that this map is still being actively played and supported.
Level 22
Jan 1, 2009
Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the game and appreciate the updates.

The blood fiend not producing unless synced to another building is fixed in the upcoming version.

Your opinions on the changes between the old original Castle Fight and the current version are quite subjective and can depend a lot on different factors such as game modes and player skill. E.g. with artillery there are much less stalemates than without. Beginner players might not know how to push properly with the use of scrolls and double damage. Tryhard players might play forward cages to stalemate the game on purpose.
Orb being global just makes the item pretty much mandatory for both teams which doesn't seem fun. Blast Staff is almost always a bad decision.

Anyway it's always great to hear player thoughts.
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