Cannon Commanders v. 1.00

Take control of a cannon with great firepower. Destroy the enemies who try to disable the shield protecting your country. Customize your cannon by buying new weapons with massive firepower and crush the intruders!

This is a 4 man team game where each player controls a turret. The goal is to protect 4 generators which the enemy will try to destroy. It features:

-22 different cool weapons. Enemy getting the better of you? Load up the A-Bomb cannon and show the enemies what you are made of!
-Addon to the turret
-20 waves of enemies
-5 boss levels. There are 5 puzzle bosses, the bosses only get better at higher levels, try to make it to the end to see them all!
-A bonus level
-10 randomly spawned powerups! Each with different effects, from a simple gold gain to desctructive spells to a milkable kodo :)
-Simple AI. You may replace the player slots with computers and play with them. The computer players will shoot random targets within their range. Sell their old weapons and buy new weapons from the money they get from kills.
-Difficulty levels, there is Normal and Insane difficulties for the host to choose from. In insane difficulty the enemies will have more hitpoints, more damage and increased attack speed.
-Extra weapons only available at the insane difficulty.
-There are secret levels after the level 20. You will need to unlock them at the beginning of the map with a special code. The code is personal to each user (very simple \'save/load\' type of code with 5 characters). The code is given to you after you beat all the 20 levels in normal difficulty. Only one player needs to unlock the secret levels for all.

Comments/suggestions/feedback are welcome. Also report any bugs you might find.

Cannon Commanders v. 1.00 (Map)

Mini-Me: Imo my best map. Give it a try and comment.




Mini-Me: Imo my best map. Give it a try and comment.
Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
I played your game, Mini-Me and here is my feedback:

Good sides:
- Many different kind of weapons
- You have put some secrets

Bad sides:
- Too much text to read at the beginning, there is no time to read them all
- Terrain is awful
- You just need to mass click on enemies, it get's boring very fast
- Minor bugs: Cannons are flying in the air and enemies are going through the house

Summary: The point of the game was just to mass click on enemies so they will die. It's first fun, but gets boring fast, the terrain is not good and there is no different kind of mods, just killing enemies before you get killed.

Suggestions: You should put some more mods to make the game better, for example do a mod where enemies are trying to run from point to point. You must kill them before they do so. Also if you put a music to the game it will give some mood to the game.

4/10, ok
Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
Yeh I remember the betas killerbeast :). Thanks for your comment.

Nice to hear you liked it zt2211 :).

Aeroblyctos: Music eh? No different mobs? I cant put much weight on your oppinion when you obviously didnt bother to play the map more than 2 minutes.
I'll however address your bug reports; What do you mean by "cannons are flying in the air"? Dont understand you there.
The middle house is "empty" on purpose.
Level 40
Dec 14, 2005
Virtual any and all maps are approved.

If our map dev. mod isn't falling into that, we're in trouble ;)

The big problem with the maps right now isn't that they're bad quality or anything, it's just that they still have to be reviewed and such to make sure they fall into the 99%. If the map has already been played, (and if it falls into that 99%) then there's really no reason not to approve it.
Level 1
Jun 1, 2008
Very fun map to play with friends. We really enjoyed the variety of weapons and the unique bosses. This map reminds me of the arcades =).
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Level 3
Jun 11, 2008
Map idea was great (!) but...
1) it got boring soon after beginning. There should've been more variation. Mini-games or item management for add-on turrets or something.
2) selling guns was too hard to figure out.
3) nobody reads "Quest Log" in a game that fast and somehow I got a feeling that I should've done that.
4) I wasn't sure when I hit and when I didn't hit my targets
5) considering the speed of the game there were times when there was too much text in the screen.
6) Goliath gun didn't work against water targets.
7) confirming the hits with the most expensive gun was really difficult.

But as I said the main idea is good and refreshing and spelling was quite good, too.