Campaign ~ SETAI'S Revenge Recruitment

Level 14
Jan 5, 2009
Currently I am working on a campaign called SETAI's Revenge.
The Story is where theres an Artifical Intelligence that was made to battle an alien race called Serin. When SETAI won against the Serin using its army of robots it was shut down and its maker mysteriously killed.
It takes a few years after that when some of the robots start activating themselves to in order to activate SETAI and get revenge. Before SETAI is made though the humans faction called UHF (United Human Forces) was already at war with the Serin, and the UHF start losing and thats why SETAI was made.
The campaign is going to be made of three missions.
Chapter 1 - Awakening
This mission is where the player learns the basics of the Robots. At the end if victory activates SETAI successfully.
Chapter 2 - Foothold
Foothold is where SETAI works out how to make a quick easy step into UHF territory without causing a giant battle across giant systems. If successful, the Robots successfully claim a stratigic point on which they can launch a heavy attack on the UHF's capital (possibly Earth).
Chapter 3 - Revenge
In this one you engage the UHF's main fortress on *Earth, you are accompanied by some allies. When you reach a person called General Khorl a cinematic is played. I will not spoil the ending.

What types of people I need.
I need some one who can do AI, maybe two.
A good storyline maker to fix my story up and make it have sense.
A modeller or two.

If you are willing to help drop a post here or PM me.

~Crazed_seal :thumbs_up: