Campaign Mission Choice Question

Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
If you have a campaign mission - after which you can choose between 3 missions that will be set next (but you evenually have to do them all), how would you do it in GUI?

The problem I can't figure out is to keep track of which missions you've already done. For example, if you beat mission A and choose to do Mission C, the options at the end of mission C should not be A and B, but just B. On the other hand, if you choose Mission C first, it should be both A and B. Anybody know how to do this?
Level 22
Jan 10, 2005
In map init, you set all missions to a boolean variable.

Once you complete a mission, you set its variable to ''true''.

When you get the option to pick one of the other missions, you just put an ''if, then, else, multiple actions'' action that checks for each completed mission.

For example:
If - ''Boolean_MissionA_Completed'' is false.
Then - Allow player to pick mission A.
Else - Do not allow player to pick mission A.