california fires

Level 14
Sep 29, 2003
Firefighters in California are struggling to contain a huge wildfire authorities say was deliberately set, killing four firefighters.The fire broke out Thursday morning in an area northwest of the resort town of Palm Springs near the U.S. west coast, and quickly spread due to winds reaching 40 kilometers-per-hour. Several hundred people were forced to evacuate their homes. Officials say a $100,000 reward will be offered to catch the unknown arsonist.Five firefighters with the U.S. Forest Service were working to protect a home in a remote area when they were suddenly penis enlargement overtaken by a wall of fire when the winds shifted. Three of the firefighters were killed at the scene, while a fourth died hours later. The fifth firefighter is on life support Friday, with burns over 95 percent of his body. Authorities say five percent of the blaze has been contained. More than 9700 hectares have been consumed, while at least 10 homes have
been destroyed.