Button Manager v1.8.2

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Button Manager can create borders in wc3 style for specified file (files). Features:
- Supported file formats: *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tga, *.psd, *.blp, *.png;
- Processing multiple files;
- Importing multiple files in archive;
- Resizing images to 64x64;
- Support of non-standard borders.

+ It supports alpha channel creating (for infocards, scorescreens or specific user borders);
+ It can save both in compressed and paletted BLP formats;
+ It has special features to make resulting BLPs even smaller;
+ It supports user created borders;
+ It can operate multiple icons with ease;
+ It has some settings to customize border applying;
+ It has user-friendly interface;
+ It can open BLP2 textures.

- It works on Win compatible systems (and emulators) only.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: My antivirus says that this program is virus!
A: If your antivirus detects this program as trojan, you probably have McAfee, Comodo, eSafe or Prevx. They don't know anything about exe-optimization-by-hands and UPX. Therefore I recommend to change antivirus.

Q: What's all those BLP settings for?
A: Check butman_readme_eng.txt.

Change log for v1.8.2:
  • Extended PNG support
  • Fixed bug when saving icon with enabled transparency view
  • Fixed bug with incorrent saving in JPEG format

If you have found bugs or you have new ideas, feel free to post it in this topic.

Copyright © 2006-2010 Shadow Daemon (aka Spec).
Program uses SFMPQ.DLL by ShadowFlare

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Button Manager v1.8.2 (Binary)

14:10, 22nd Dec 2009 TriggerHappy: This is an awesome and useful to for creating icons.
Level 13
Nov 23, 2008
Dude, watch your speech, it dusturbs me.

Well, heck... here is the instruction:
1. File => Open... (opens your image)
1a. Tools => Fit to size 64x64 (skip if your image already in 64x64)
2. Press button with desired border (autocast, passive, etc.)
3. File => Save as...
That's all.
Level 1
Feb 15, 2010
Nice Tool

I am almost dying trying to find icons of some models but now that i saw this wonderful tool... within just seconds i can make icons.... oh... you're a GOD.. i would add you to my WORSHIP list... hands down.... hands down... soooo GREAT...
Level 2
Oct 31, 2008
Does this tool support transparency? When I tried to make info cards then it leaves the checkered transparent layer, as if it is colouring in itself. Any way to remove this?

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. Awesome tool anyway!
Level 2
Nov 4, 2011
Really awesome program for creating icons, really love it. Simple and creative. Do not need a lot of program and much knowledge.
Level 13
Nov 23, 2008
wow this is a great one, but i cant see a scorescreen icon, its great either way

It is located in "User borders" frame. Press F4 to open it.

Posting on thread that weren't active for a long time is against the rules, I'm pretty sure you didn't know that, please visit the hive rules to make sure that you don't break other Rules.

I don't think it applies (or should apply) to resource threads.




I absolutely love this program.

I use it constantly and I'm very happy with it.

+million rep!
Level 12
Sep 28, 2012
Hey all,
I feel really dumb about this, but where's the actual executable for this program? I've unzipped all the files, but there doesn't seem to be an actual program to open and use. I used this a long time ago, but I can't figure it out now that I've re-downloaded it.

I see DLL files, a MANIFEST file, and some LNG and TXT files, and that's about it.




Shadow Daemon said:
If have new ideas, feel free to post it in this topic.
I would have two ideas regarding this tool.

First, what about removing the limit of 64x64 ? So one could also apply borders to a 128x128 or even to 64x256, although I think it is difficult to add them to non-square images.

Second, not related to Warcraft icons, but what about an additional feature allowing to create a Warcraft tooltip-like image out of custom text with hex-code ?
Level 9
May 30, 2015

What's the point for the icon compression quality to be 50% by default in Button Manager? I always wonder why all of my icons are very blurred even though I have sharpened them.

According to logic, the small icon converted from the large image is supposed to be very clear. (of course, excluding images with an extremely large size) I figured it out after 4 months.

Maybe you should set the default value of that compressed BLP quality's parameter to 100%./Maybe you should add a reminder related to compressed BLP value which is 50% by default into your Button Manager's description. Compressed BLP value at 50% just makes the icon to be even worse even though the icon should be cool and clear.