BUSHIDO-Faith of the Samurai

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May 1, 2008
time to show you some progress,right?

My map has gone through several states of evolution since I
released the first post to find a terrainer.

First of all the whole Naruto-Anime Theme has been canceled.
I didnt cancel it because nobdy likes it, but because I dont
want to be bound to a fixed set of characters and a fixed storyline.
But I dont understand why nobody likes Animes?
It seems to be a combinaton of:

"Comics are for kiddys thinking and
the way Animes are presented by the media in Western Countrys"

Whatever..its like food, everybody has its favorite!
This is also the reason for the new thread.

Time to present:

Bushido-Fate of the Samurai

An epic tale about war,honor and ..indeed the fate of one warrior!
14 centurys after time has begun to be counted you were born
as the child of a honorable and loyal Samurai.

The land is splitted into many regions which
are ruled by feudal Landlords, known as Daishios.
A conflict between them can easyly result in a little scirmish
or put the whole country into a state of war.

Thats why the Daishios surround themselves with loyal guards who are
called Samurai.Which means something like servant.
Theyr only sense in living is to fight,protect and at least
die for their masters.
Born as the child from one of them your fate was set at the moment you
saw your first sunrays.

The training began after you were able to stand on your feet.
In this early stage of your life they allready started to
strengthen your body and your mind.
If you would survive this punishment then, one day
you would take the place of your father..after his death.

One of the first things the young you had to learn was that there
is no place for emotions in the hearth of a warrior, a protector.
No place for friendship no place for love.
Your only sense in living is to obey to orders and to fight
the enemys of your master with murderous intend!
They took a little human and ripped everything humanlike away from him
to create a tool.

And then, protecting his master from beeing assasinated your father
lost his life and as it was decided before you were even born
you took over his place.

This is the fate of a Samurai!

So far about the Intro right now.
First Parts of the game are allready in my mind, but they will not be posted
here right know...
Would take all the fun away, wouldnt it?

SinglePlayer RPG
Mapsize is 480*480
NewGenPack and vJass used


There will be a little bit of everything in this map.Main Terrain is mediteran
Plains and Forest land.Brought to life with mountainsides, swamps, beaches and towns.
North-Western region will be snowcovered.
In South-East area Desert and dry,rocky region planed.
Even if this map is still under construction I allready plan for the future to
expand this project into a campaign or multimap based one.
Then the actual map will become something like the "middle of the world".


I will use many skripted stuff to create "realistic" roleplaying.
You navigate trough the world with the Arrowkeys and/or the mouse.
Via Dialog decisions the Player affects the behavior of his hero
and that changes the gameplay, people will be much more helpfull
in game if they hear you are the good guy, otherwise...
Accepting quests,acting honorable,killing the "right" people
I will do my best to give the player as much freedom as possible
but if he wants to, also to be able to play through a intensive and
fascinating storyline.
At least nearly everyone on the map will be "killable" if the player likes
to go on a rampage...,but killing the questgivers results in completly missing
the quest even if its a main one.
If you ever played Morrowind you should know what I want to create.


Right know a total of twelve heros is set to give the player a wide
range of different optical and character choices.
Modells are allready implemented(as can be seen on the Screenys) but
abilitys,stats, substorys and behaviour of each hero shall be different
and mapping progress will show if twelve isnt a little too much for such
a complex game.

Classes will be:

WHAT only three fuc* classes you say, but think it over.
Even if I call it thief its still a fighter with light armor.
A summoner is a Magic User who is spezialized in summoning and a
monk is a fighter who uses no weapons in exchange of speed and passive
combat spells.

Creating a character class system is as easy as taking candy from babys!
Player will choose a character first and this character will be able to become
one of the three main classes not every character can become every class.
Then some weapon/armor/ability skills and profecies are set, which define the typ of hero to start with.
In-Game new skills can be learned,weapeon/armor abilities be trained or spells be mastered.The choice in the beginning will only create a raw struct of the Character,(Fighter,Mage..) the finetuning will happen during Gameplay.


  • -Window based Inventorysystem (80% done)
  • -Individual Statsystem (100% done) /Heroboard layout has to be changed, because
    more space for additional Values is needed.
  • -Creeprespawner,works completly without preplaced creeps, each creep has its own
    spawntime,-amount,and area) (100% done)
  • -3rd Person CameraSystem, option to switch between walking and looking(100% done)
  • -ComboSystem, activate this and use Arrowkey combos Tekken-Style!
  • -DialogSystem shows Dialogs as TextTags,Choices are made via Multiboard(70%)

And much other stuff, Im trying to gain as much control over
the game mechanics as possible.
(To save us time and trouble, because I dont want this Post to be filled with useless Spam!If you feel pissed for any reason please Mail or Pm me, open a own Thread..whatever.
This one is ONLY to show progress of the Project, if someone wants to offer his help or to share ideas!So:

Inventorysystem is coded by me, Idea and layout taken from TKoK
same is Statsystem blah,blah.. .
Camerasystem is NOT this GUI thing ,because it sucks, mine has much smoother rotation and is written in vJass.!

And yes,the Dialogsystem is from KaTTaNa but because of the 3rd person view, the Dialog Textags were often displayed out of view.
So I "changed" it a little which means I rewrote it and used Multiboard to make dialog choices.Its also able to fire trigger and use conditions.
Lucky me I could use many of his functions which saved lots of work and lifetime!


All Credit for Terrain goes to:

For inspiring me to make an RPG map:
Made Legend of Magnador awesome SRPG one of the few completly finished
bigger maps out there.
Crimson Creation
If I had never played their TKok map my Inventorysystem would not
exist I dont know of any other WindowSystem(exept mine,now).So you may forgive me for copying the layout of your Inventory and Statsystem.

The Japanese Heromodels are made by:

To everyone who ever wrote a Tutorial it was NOT useless,
some people REALY read them!





soraphis (Terrain)


TERRAIN: ||||||||||
SKRIPS: (Nobody knows what comes into in my mind next)
STORY: ||||||||||
SPELLS: ||||||||||
OBJECTS(Items,Units..): ||||||||||
CINEMATICS: ||||||||||

As you can see there are many empty Slots which can be filled with talented
and ambitious mapmakers who want to become part of this epic project.
Still a lot of work to do...

Interrested? Contact me:

[email protected]


Or just post here, but please no "maybe, Im interested but too busy,fist tell me this and that...stuff"Im tired of writing countless lines to explain something just to get back:not my thing!

But if you have real interrest I welcome everybody, even there is still a
agelimit minimum of, I would say 16 or so but this must be decided individualy.
There are for sure some 14ners wich surpass even a 18 years old person in intellect,but most of the time its vice versa.

Last but not least a few In-Game Screenshots.








I will update this from time to time.

mfg. BOFH


Inventory Screenshot changed


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Dec 10, 2006
You represented yourself with a lot of text,
Tho, after reading it through, I'm quite happy with what I read. The Inventory system looks great. The terrain very well done.
You've put much effort into the map and I Hope it continues on as you keep mapping,
Great Job, and keep up the great work!
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May 1, 2008
Wow,thank you all for this ultra positiv feedback!!!

But as the Credits say most of your rep should go to soraphis, because
he made most of the Terrain.

If I had Screenshoted my JassScripts what would you have said? :wink:

Just kidding..but this leads us to my actual biggest problem:
soraphis has retired from the projekt because of a lack of
"endurance" <= sorry I dont know the english word for "Duchhaltevermögen".

This means Im looking for a landscaper
who wants to continue terraining my map!

Level 7
Aug 29, 2007
This looks fantastic! Alltough I don't think the villagers on pic 3 matches the rest of the models.. Keep up the good work :thumbs_up: