Burning Blade 2 (Plus SFX)

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Cause I didnt like the first one enough

Also, yeah I did the model, Im not a model maker tho, I just moved and copied some particles in MDLVis

Model plus pic :



Burning Blade 2 (Icon)

The Panda
I love this one alot, the colors are wonderful and im a big fan of the blademaster.
I love this one alot, the colors are wonderful and im a big fan of the blademaster.

My mind was screaming FOR THE BURNING BLADE when I was trying to figure out an ability for him since I removed the Critical Strike as a hero ability and placed it as his innate skill, I did the first icon, I didnt like it completely, so I made this one, and the I found myself with the fact that there is no good VFX for a Burning Blade skill for the blademaster, so I made one, also the attachment has some other particles that are attached to the weapon but those are ingame ones.

PD: this skill ignites the Blademaster and all his active Mirror Images blades, causing them to deal extra true damage and apply burn damage, burn damage is a thing in my map, I'm trying to make each element feel unique:

Burn: true damage max hp dps, cuts healing
Poison: magic damage based on missing health, slow effects, some paralizing effects
Lightning: purge/root, dispeling, anti summon and anti magic stuff
Frost: some abilities root targets that didn't have frost applied to them previously (to aboid op sht)

I may define some more elements later, but I hope I can upload my map this month
Level 6
Oct 19, 2021
Hey! Both Icon and SFX look epic, but what is the second Fire SFX (on the blade's edge) on the screenshot you attached? Can't find it.
Level 2
Jan 31, 2022
When adding the doodad model, make sure the path has .mdl in the end, sometimes doodad models don't include that and then they don't show
Hi buddy, can you help me how to use this effect for BM?
I do not know how to fix the effect with BM's sword