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BtT Frigid Wheel

Submitted by Kam
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Newest Map

This is an altered-melee that takes place post-World Tree. Features include:

-A completely new race that incorporates low unit cost with hyper aggressive tree design
-Fully integrated naval units that provide a unique channel for racial strengths
-Racial experimental units
-Custom terrain that compliments naval combat in a melee setting
-Heroes reworked so as to not be a game winning unit
-Streamlined hotkey system
-Playable over Battle Net

I would like feedback on the following:

-How do you feel about the unit composition, their roles, and usage?
-How you think the Lost race is progressing?




The following websites are where I found my custom resources:
thehubb.co.uk, wc3campaigns.com, wc3sear.ch --> hiveworkshop.com
The following people are those responsible for the above listed websites, and creators of custom material I've used:
Blizzard Entertainment, Deuterium, -BerZeKeR-, Aspard, Flame_Phoenix, Septimus, Maker, Squiggy, Mage_Goo, D4RK_G4ND4LF, Paladon, Moyack, scorpion182, Pyrogasm, Thanathos, TriggerHappy, -JonNny, hell gate, BlackHawk, Vexorian, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Mephestrial, Red XIII, Beepo, Dmitry Rommel, Michael Peppers, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Cookie, General_Frank, Cheezeman, Eccho, xxdingo93xx, Rising_Dusk, xBlackRose, supertoinkz, s4nji, Kimberly, jigrael, Debode, OgeRfaCes, dickxunder, inhuman89, KelThuzad, 67chrome, The_Reborn_Devil, NFWar, M0rbid, enjoy, Pharaoh, THE_END, Mr.Goblin, Dentothor, Volvox, Thrikodius, Hellx-Magnus, Foopad, Hanky, -Grendel, infrenus, Retera, I3lackDeath

Update Log


Balance Changes:

-Reduced Hex duration from 7 to 4 seconds, reduced area of effect from 300 to 200
-Warlock now has War Call (replaces Blood Boil), and Chain Heal

-Retribution Wagon now has a small magic attack, and Metal armor
-Rapid Chambering gold cost increased from 150 to 300
-Overwhelm replaced with Pious Hand

-Blight Growth is now AOE cast, area reduced from 512 to 256, cooldown reduced from 25 to 15 seconds
-Dimentional Eye replaced with Predictive Eye
-Incursus HP decreased from 950 to 475, model scale reduced
-Crux and Terminus combined into Terminus Crux to fit more with the aggressive playstyle
-Lost no longer have Mana Barrier
-Crimson monarch has new model/icon no longer has Vile Cocoon, renamed Stygian Monarch
-Siphon Matrix replaced with Dark Ward
-Cede now only requires a Sieve
-Cede reworked to be a sacrifice based ability
-Oppressor can be upgraded with Incinerate


-Last Stand tooltip fixed

-Footman has new model more fitting to WC3
-Replicate Drones now follow correctly when a Elite Rifleman is in a Hopper

-Well of Sorrow correclty increases the level of Impale
-Corruption has new icon
-Anguish now correclty increase upgrade cost per level, has three levels, includes Shambler
-Monolith has standard pathing
-Palette no longer allows food limit to be ignored

-Removed Iron Centurion
-Remnant removed
-Warrior custom model/icons removed
-Elementalist added at Mercenary Shop

-Numerous trigger optimizations
-Altars returned to default location in build que


Balance Changes:

-Cannon Fodder cast restrictions revised to me more precise, removed Last Stand Ward
-Battle Guide collision size reduced
-Transport can no longer hold other vessels

-Critical Sector range reduced from 340 to 325

-Dispense replaced with Eradicate
-Guardians replaced with Mana Rot on Adjutant
-Dimensional eye adjusted to a 25 second duration, damage set to 1/2 HP per second, fixed tooltip
-Forerunner mana cost reduced from 185/145/105 to 145/125/105
-Incursus HP reduced from 1200 to 950
-Leech name changed to Desecrator, scale increased, HP increased from 175 to 250, armor changed to Large, gold cost increased from 95 to 145


-Fixed Spell Shield
-Fixed areas where Submerged Argonauts could escape into shallow water
-Deploted Decimator now costs the same food as undeployed
-Bulwark model decay fixed

-Corrus model now has overhead attachment point, custom missile added
-Fixed missing Forerunner buff model
-Adjutant no longer plays incorrect animation when casting while in stone form
-AI correctly casts Blight Growth

-Decoy error message displays appropriately now

-The Total Score field in the end game stats now displays N/A because it was not an accurate measure due to the use of dummy units for casting spells
-Optimized how unused triggers are handled when certain heroes and races are not present
-Insane AI added
-New terrain: Typhoon


Balance Changes:

-Rig and Orc Shipyard merged, now just Rig
-Orc naval upgrades now at War Forge
-Pulverizer primary attack damage increased from 19 to 24, gold cost increased from 315 to 380, move speed reduced from 300 to 280, primary attack area of effect reduced from 225/235/250 to 180/200/220-Pulverizer
-Juggernait damage increased from 28 to 32, move speed reduced from 270 to 240
-Flaming Grog damage reduced from 2 to 1 hit point per second, no longer reduces attack speed
-Inner Strength is available at tier 1
-Transport movement speed reduced from 320 to 280, turn rate reduced from .4 to .2

-Dematerialize no longer targets amphibious units
-Argonaut primary attack damage reduced from 30 to 20, gold cost reduced from 365 to 300, move speed increased from 200 to 225, now has Rapid Chambering upgrade (lowers attack cooldown from 1.7 to 1.2)
-Human multi-level upgrades now start expensive and become cheaper, as well as have 3 levels - This was done to compensate for cheaper units and the racial passive Soul Imitation
-Hopper no longer repairs enemy mechanical units, or mechanical air units, movmement speed reduced from 220 to 160
-Drone bomb replaced with Fire Support
-Demolition Steed replaced with Demolition Team
-Battleship damage increased from 22 to 26, cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.5. hit points increased from 1700 to 1800

-Lost now use food
-Lost Essence now decays 2 hit points per second off of blight, Lost units gain 3 hit points per second on blight
-Lost naval attack upgrade bonus reduced to 3 per level, Pulverizer and Juggernaut have larger AOE on primary attacks
-Leech gold cost increased from 80 to 95, hit points increased to 175, Inferno replaced with Noxium and Burst

-Iron Cyclops replaced with Iron Automaton
-Removed Purifier

-Unit specific upgrades for Rifleman, and Berserker now at their respective Barracks


-Fixed Lumber Harvesting upgrade name
-Fixed Thorium Ranges Weapons Location

-Foundry no longer repairs enemy units
-Crew now works

-Major crash bug with Lost fixed
-Dark Torture replaced temorarily until lag can be fixed

-Juggernaut decoy no longer has an attack

-Cargo Hold no longer accepts other ships
-Tech tree percentages optimized, eliminated a number of triggers
-AI no longer uses Assault

Cosmetic Changes:

-Pillage passive button moved to 1,1, updated descritpion
-Giant Sea Turtle model altered

-Crew has new icon

-Oppressor team color improved, new death effect

-Creep poison attack no longer has the same buff icon as Envenomed Spears


Balance Changes:

-Warlock costs 75 lumber
-Dragon gold cost reduced from 780 to 630
-Mumbo Priest gold cost reduced from 615 to 480, lumber cost increased to 90
-Juggernaut hit points increased from 1968 to 2000, gold cost increased from 480 to 510, lumber cost increased from 105 to 205
-Blaster gold cost decreased from 660 to 500, lumber cost increased from 60 to 160, has Forked Lightning, Armor Piercing Shells replaced with Overflow
-Battle Guide lumber cost increased from 270 to 400
-Hex no longer targets creeps above level 5
-Supremacy Aura renamed to Horde Mentality, each Orc organic combat unit has HM, when a unit with HM kills it grants firendly units with HM a 5% bonus to attack damage up to 10 kills
-Old Horde Mentality renamed to Last Stand, now creates a timed life ward (Last Stand Ward) at Cannon Fodder target location that provides the bonus in addition to the Battle Guide providing the bonus.
-Envenomed Spears now displays a buff like other upgrades so enemy players can see what that it has been researched, fixed buff description
-Fade Step costs 50 mana at all levels

-Retribution Wagon lumber cost increased from 75 to 125
-Gryphon Rider gold cost decreased from 780 to 580
-Savant Mage gold cost reduced from 615 to 410, lumber cost increased to 60
-Battleship hit points reduced from 1968 to 1700, gold cost reduced from 480 to 460, lumber cost increased from 105 180
-Steam Engine gold cost decreased from 630 to 520, lumber cost increased from 60 to 140, hit points increased to 1100 from 1050
-Soul imitation is now passive for human organic units, lasts 25 seconds, deals 50% damage, takes 2x damage, 45 second cooldown
-Retribution Wagon has Spell Shield
-Cluster Rockets damage reduced from 17.5 per rocket to 10

-Flutter replaced with Vile Cocoon
-Chain Prison replaced with Extricate
-Quench Life mana cost reduced from 200 to 180
-Uncertain Fate replaced with Slaughter
-Void Aide hit points reduced from 375 to 320
-Lost units now cost gold and lumber with exception to workers, and units summoned from the Derelict
-Lost structure gold cost reduced by 20%
-Lost research gold cost reduced by 10%
-Consumed Gold Mine limber cost reduced from 220 to 120
-Terminus move speed increased from 40 to 80
-Mana Current now affects all friendly units and structures at level 1, and increases the bonus to 2 mana per second at level 2
-Possession replaced with Cede
-Shambler HP reduced to 550 from 600
-Nightmare HP reduced from 875 to 730
-Shadow hit poin ts reduced from 220 to 180
-Fulgor hit points increased from 120 to 180
-Monarch max mana reduced from 300 to 200
-Vile Cocoon has mana cost of 150
-Anguish now requires a Bastion for first upgrade
-Mana Barrier available at tier 1
-Aperture build time reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 360 to 280
-Overseer gold cost reduced from 340 to 240
-Sieve gold cost reduced from 310 to 275
-Stygian Bastille gold cost reduced from 320 to 260
-Essence behavior changed. Lost units now decay when off of blight at a large rate. Cruxes reduce that rate, eventually to +.5. 9 Crux's are necessary to max out the regeneration upgrade.
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 280 to 220, lumber cost from 190 to 110
-Tainted Fountain AOE decreased from 400 to 300
-Conduit lumber cost reduced from 300 to 220
-Overseer build time reduced from 70 to 35
-Abyss build time reduced from 80 to 37
-Augmenter replaced with Guardian on Adjutant
-Tainted Eye replaced with Dimensional Eye on Corrus
-Cede now requires Reliquary indead of Monolith
-Shadow/Fulgor mana cost increased to 175 from 75
-Lost organic combat units now have Mana Shield, Lost structures no longer have Mana Shield
-Lost structure maximum mana levels adjusted
-Tranfer mana now targets all units, transfer 10 mana per second, and lasts uuntil deactivated/runs out of mana/target is at full mana
-Derelict no longer requires a Bastion
-Lumber harvested per interval reduced from 7 to 6
-Mechanic's Bane renamed to Weather Bane, damage reduced from 85 to 45, targets all non-structure units
-Void Aide sells Cloak of Shadows
-Horn of Rage no longer increases hit point regeneration

-Iron Enforcer replaced with Iron Cyclops
-Greed Vault is now a third normal hero ability
-Deriviative Wealth is now an ultimate
-Inferno Stone duration reduced from 180 to 80

-Upkeep thresholds increased from 75 and 120 to 95 and 130
-Repair cost and time now correct for all structures
-Easy and Normal AI's added


-Fixed bug with Soul Imitation whereby it could drop the item it uses
-Omega Wave dummy no longer uses 2 food

-Mince hotkey fixed
-Adjutant has new sound set
-Corrected Nightmare description

-Assault no longer includes Consumed Mine Tentacles, or other special units, has a 10 second cooldown

Cosmetic Changes:

-Updated Goblin Shipyard model

-Updated Human Shipyard model
-Updated Monastery model
-Sanctuary Gem displays hot key correctly

-Executioner model scale increased
-Lost birth animation model edited so it no longer shows a gap when placed on hills
-Oppressor has new missile model for non-structures

-Decoy model changed


Balance Changes:

-Bloodlust can no longer target mechanical units
-Grunt damage base increased from 10 to 15
-Dragon now has small armor
-Warthog attacks now piercing
-Warlock hit points increased from 410 to 615
-Barracks build time increased to 35 seconds
-Voodoo Temple hit points decreased from 1800 to 1600, build time increaed from 25 to 40, lumber cost

increased to 150 from 50
-Rig hit points decreased from 1300 to 1200
-Suppress replaced with Blood Boil

-Footman damage base increased from 9 to 12
-Gryphon Rider now has small armor
-Harasser attacks now piercing
-Rifleman hit points increased to 624 to 725
-Barracks build time increased to 30 seconds
-Mage Sanctum hit points decreased from 1550 to 1450, build time increased from 25 to 35, lumber cost

increaased to 120 from 80
-Animal War Training hit point bonus decreased from 125 to 100
-Retribution Wagon Structure mana point bonus increased from 25 to 75, hit point bonus removed
-Resurgence replaced with Soul Imitation
-3rd tower upgrade for Scout Tower added: Field Generator
-Scout Tower defense based reduced from 7 to 5
-Human Transport Ship replaced with Hopper
-Human cargo capacity reduced to 6 from 8
-Lancer replaced with Argonaut (Shallow water restricts submerged Argonauts)
-Pressure mine max damage AOE lowered from 400 to 150
-Barrage now allows attack on ground and air units, damage increased from 32 to 42

-Pummel now only stuns units in an area
-Derelict damage reduced from 24 to 15
-Lost workers no longer have permanent invisibility
-Metasis now has a second level, Monstrosities last 60/12 seconds
-Lost gold intake reduced from 9 to 8 per second
-Oppressor armor reduced from 5 to 3, defense type set to Small from Medium, max HP reduced from 950 to 670
-Derelict now has small armor
-Oppressor main attack now Piercing
-Siphon Matrix is now unique cast
-Nightmare hit points reduced from 1100 to 875
-Shambler base damage reduced from 23 to 19
-Brute hit points reduced from 1400 to 1200
-Razor hit points reduced from 960 to 880
-Corrus hit points reduced from 875 to 575
-Conduit hit points reduced from 1500 to 750
-Stygian Bastille hit points reduced from 1100 to 800
-Abyss hit points reduced from 1400 to 900
-Aperture hit points decreased from 1100 to 950, mana regeneration decreased from 1.6 to 1.5
-Terminus hit points decreased from 1250 to 850
-Crux hit points reduced from 950 to 875
-Obsidian Moor hit points reducred from 1200 to 925
-Essense no longer gives kill credits for structures
-Terror level 2 duration reduced from 20 (tooltip listed 15) to 10
-Brute now takes 4 cargo space
-Dark Torture redone with "1000 Needles"
-Spinal Tap replaced with Spinal Sap
-Replaced Black Magic with Mince

-Removed Keg of Ale from item drop


-Afterburn now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Transport is no longer called as part of Assault

-Peasant build lists are no longer bugged after reverting from Militia
-Hopper is no longer called as part of Assault

-Pummel now uses a GUI damage detection system to correctly trigger
-Fixed Surge description for Metasis
-Corrus description fixed
-"Must be placed on blight" sound fixed
-Palette now removes units that have insufficient mana from the unit selection. This was the only way to

maintain a spell book for proxy summoning.

-Hurl Boulder on Rock Golem now has correct hotkey
-Paradise Shoals correctly restricts Cannon Fodder

-Assault is now unique cast
-Further optimized how unused triggers are disabled

Cosmetic Changes:

-Voodoo Temple has new model courtesy of Retera
-Rig has new sound set
-Blaster has new sound set

-Footman has new sound set
-Footman has new icon
-Gnomish Inventor renamed Gnomish Factory
-Gnomish Factory has new sound set
-Church renamed to Monastery, new model/icon
-Defensive Field renamed to Defensive Ring
-Savant Mage assigned spell animations revised
-Harasser now has a missle pod

-Lost units now display correct tooltip when mousing over a selection in-game
-Tainted Fountain renamed to Tainted Eye, new model/icon

-Warrior has new sound set
-Updated Iron Enforcer icon


Balance Changes:

-Added mobile item merchant: Packbeast
-Battle Guide lumber cost increased from 60 to 270

-Added mobile item merchant: Arcane Depository
-Second Wind now counts Omega Bursts
-Dash n' Slash now has a 15 second cooldown
-Reclaim works correctly
-Removed Backblast from Decimator
-Decimator lumber cost reduced from 300 to 220

-Added mobile item merchant: Void Aide
-Pillar of Wrath replaced with Terminus, attack cooldown increased from .2 to 1.5, build time reduced from 70 to 55, projectile art changed
-Lost naval now deal magic damage


-Behemoth replaced with Battle Guide in Goblin Alchemist description
-Battle Guide tooltip fixed to state that it has no attack

-Omega Wave art fixed
-Church has new soundset
-Demolition Squad chnaged to Demolition Steed

-Harbinger death effect size increased to large
-Consumed Mine Tentacles no longer count as idle workers while being unsummoned
-Conversion now behaves correctly
-Nexus Buffer has new sound set

-Iron Enforcer added as a common mercenary
-Mercenary Camp units for Frigid Wheel now have correct hotkeys

-Added building unit purpose labels to build que for fast reference and ease of understanding for first time players
-Super unit transport size set to 8
-Upkeep marks set to 75/120


Balance Changes:

-Thunder Wyvern added to Warlock (summon)
-Added cooldown to Suppress
-Supremacy Aura no longer works on friendly units
-Range of Giant Sea Turtle reduced from 1150 to 900
-Crushing Blows damage reduced from 25/50/75 to 5/10/15
-Hibernation health regeneration reduced from 20/30/40 to 5/10/15, and mana regeneration increased from 5/5/5 to 10/10/10

-Fixed Decimator collision size
-Assault Drones now die with Elite Rifleman
-Siege Engine Barrage attack cooldown decreased to 2 seconds from 3 seconds
-Cleansing Beams mana cost increased by 15
-Phoenix Rise added to Retribution Wagon (summon)
-Crew now repairs the Battleship
-Range of Bulwark reduced from 1150 to 900

-Monolith removed as requirement for Mana Circulation and Well of Sorrow
-Fixed Harbinger collision size
-Phase Shift replaced with Recompense Aura on Adjutant
-Tainted Fountain mana cost reduced to 155 from 175
-Metasis added to Corrus (summon)
-Lost town halls no longer provide 20 food, food available is now 150 for Lost by default

-Deriviative Wealth no longer activiates when Swindler is dead
-Derivative Wealth values adjusted to: 1/2/3 gold per 600 enemy gold
-Liquidate no longer targets massive organic units
-Derivative Wealth gain capped at 10 gold per second
-Vengeance Countdown replaced with Gaia Tether on Remnant


-One of Mistress's names changed
-Shaman model/icon updated, name changed to Warlock
-Dragon Roost no longer available at tier 2
-Orc Foundry has new model, name change to Rig
-Demolish has new icon
-Behemoth model replaced, renamed to Battle Guide

-Removed Rifleman model, it isn't worth the kbs
-Fixed Decimator turret not swiveling
-Added description buff to Decimator
-Savant Mage icon updated
-Critical Sector now uses circle of power model
-Comradeship no longer causes first cast lag

-Adjutant has hero glow
-Obsidian Moor selection circle enlarged
-Gameplay interface adjusted for Lost: "Summon more Rifts to hire more units."
-Spawn effect moved from Tainted Fountain to Mana Circulation upgrade on Conduit
-Mana Circulation now has permanent special effect for Conduit
-Fixed Soul Patch buff not showing on melee units
-Shadow icon updated
-Pain Lord now uses cinematic Lich with new skin
-Derelict uses same projectile as Incursus and Ravager
-Restore has new icon
-Crimson Monarch has new missile model
-Harbinger has new model/icon
-Tainted Fountain description revised
-Pillar of Wrath range reduced from 1100 to 800, minimum range removed, maximum targets increased to 3
-Mana Shield has new effect/icon
-Dark Retreat has new target effect model
-Corruption has new effect models

-Mercenary Wharfs moved, renamed to Privateer Wharf
-Mercenary Camps restored, neutral abilities and units now conform to hotkey grid
-Decoy hotkey fixed
-Fire Sale reworked to into Greed Vault

-Hero glow color fixed
-Updated game message
-Updated unit priority lists
workers, transports 1
suicidal 2
land ranged, naval ranged 3
basic melee, militia 4
mechanical siege, heavy naval 5
basic caster 6
flying support, naval support 7
advanced melee 8
special flying 9
advanced caster 10
heroes 11
experimentals 12
-Assault now customized for each race
-Assault no longer applies to casting unit
-Removed a few unused imports
-Devour, both racial and creep, no longer target suicidal or large organic units
-Feuermaim Fragment tooltip fixed
-Warrior added as a common mercenary
-New update format

Essence now applies life timer correctly, for reals
Altar of Blood no longer applies Endurance Aura before completion
Church no longer applies Soul Imitation before completion
Map names refer to maximum players
Bottomless Gut no longer takes mana from Swindler
Lost town halls now provide 20 food for hiring neutrals
Fixed Essence buff description
Fixed comma bug is several buff descriptions
Purifier hotkey fixed
Suicidal units now have a 50% chance to explode when targeted with spells, dealing 80 area damage to all ground units
Overwhelm now correctly assigns buffs and bonuses to units
Resurgence now correctly assigns buffs and bonuses to units
Added new neutral heroes: Consumptionist, Remnant
Added two new neutral units: Purifier, Decoy
Mercenary Camps replaced with Mercenary Wharfs
Added new map: Frigid Wheel
Icons for Lost race units/structures redone to be purple team colored
Added Duplicast upgrade for Derelict
Reworked Conflagration
Altar of Blood now has Endurance Aura
Blood Gorge upgrade replaced with Gash
Removed demonic Magnate model/icon
Astral Mage replaced with Valkyrie
Pronus model replaced, and renamed to Corrus
Deadeye replaced with Executioner
Pain Lord reworked
Reclamation Aura replaced with Phase Shift on Adjutant
Field of Agony and Reprisal replaced with on Soul Patch on Harbringer
Impregnable Force replaced with Flesh Mites on Ravager
Flesh Mites removed from Nightmare, no longer has mana
Reprisal (not same spell) upgrade added for Nightmare
Neutral heroes requirements bug fixed
Lost message for targeting a gold mine fixed
Oppressor armor reduced to 5 from 6, removed Scorched Touch, new projectile art
Incursus now has secondary attack for air units
Chroniker removed from Corrus (Pronus)
Teleport removed from Retribution Wagon
Serpentine Shock replaced with Voodoo Trap on Mumbo Warlock (Mumbo Priest)
Mumbo Warlock has new model
Dark Summoning and Spirit Wyvern removed from Shaman, Suppress added, model set to default
Forge and Troll Lumber Mill removed and replaced by War Mill
Farm Depot food production increased from 12 to 16, new model/icon
Gnomish Inventor model set to default Workshop
Orc Ranged Weapons upgrade no longer refers to Spear Thrower
Berserker Strength renamed Inner Strength, fixed research tooltip
Mana Shield has new buff effect
Insidious Cocoon replaced with Flutter on Crimson Monarch
Derelict moved from Stygian Bastille to Obsidian Moor
Cleaving Sword removed from Footman and Paladin
Explosive Munitions replaced with Replicate
Flare replaced with Drone Bomb
Swine Flu has new icon
Updated trigger structure to diable racial triggers when no player of that race is present
Removed medium and high resource options
Many minute balance changes.
Towers now have fortified armor, base armor of towers adjusted
Foundry repair ranges reduced by 50
Siphon Matrix no longer affects mechanical units
Fixed Drudge spelling
Behemoth no longer plays spell animations on failed casts

Warcraft II, Altered Melee, Goblin, Ogre, Mage, Lost, Throne, Naval, Navy, Troll, Lost

BtT Frigid Wheel (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Jun/13 17:16:17 Comment: [Approved] Resource Moderation - Rules
  1. Kam


    Aug 3, 2004
    Do you mean the blight? It's still there.
  2. Darklycan51


    Jan 12, 2011
    no, actually i remember playing a version of btt where the new race had some red/black type of blight
  3. Kam


    Aug 3, 2004
    I had forgotten to change the path for the custom blight in this and Paradise Shoals. It is there now.