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Icon made for Ujimasa's Jungle Troll Blademaster

BTNJungleTrollBlademaster (Icon)

BTNMirrorImage (Icon)

Level 14
Aug 7, 2015
Still looks like an orc rather than a troll. Trolls have long ears like elves. You see there is some sort of connection, human - orcs; trolls - elves; gnomes (or dwarves some sort of) - goblins. The icon here it's still representing an orcish blademaster.
Yeah I'm well aware of it, but I was worried I might kinda mess it up so I didn't went the extra length(because I'm a coward)

Plus I wasn't gonna recolor this one until I need it for my own map, that's why I didn't change the ears too, I thought that as long as it somehow resembles a troll blademaster it works for me

But I might just redo it if I have the time