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I've created an alternate icon for CloudWolf's Armoured Archer skin as requested by

Hope you like it, and I'm still learning painting faces that's why it doesn't look really nice.

armoured, archer, shandris, bow, female, girl, hood, green, red, redhead


BTNArmouredArcher (Icon)

15:40, 11th May 2015 Sin'dorei300: Commented. 19:11, 20th May 2015 Sin'dorei300: Much better! Approved.
The tattoo's color is too intense. It seems like she is painted around the eyes.
Her hair and her hood could look a bit more natural.
The hood seems drawn randomly and this wouldn't help u to shade the hood, nor the face.
I suggest to refine her face and then, with the desired green hue and the color option of the brush, draw that tattoo.
If needed u can darken/burn it a bit.
Her eyes need shading as well.
The shading on her face must be smoother, to not look like dirty skin.
I suggest u to observe some hooded elf pics(artworks), they may help.
Level 12
Nov 12, 2016
how is this archer Armoured ? as it says !!! o_O

anyway it looks good taking out the eye brows coulde let one use it for both a human girl or an elf and i feel it a bit to small only showing her head without the neck.