BTN_Ogre_Hunter & Variations

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I made this icon for @johnwar 's "Ogre Hunter" model from the "Ogre Legion Models (Re-Classic)

This model is used in "Legends of Arkain The True Story", the chapter "The Legion" where you first recruit ogres, there is a unit named "Ogre Harpooner", which has almost the same icon, as the "Ogre Mauler". After my first conflict happened - in middle of the battle, I had hard time to find the Harpooners I trained: because it was a big battle, many units on the field, lots of things happened in very short amount of time and in very little space -. So these icons are my officaly first Icons I made to the WC3 universe. Enjoy!

BTN_Ogre_Hunter (Icon)

BTN_Ogre_HunterV2 (Icon)

BTN_Ogre_HunterV3 (Icon)