Brutal Winter Alternate Melee

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EDIT: 2 more updates for final release. I will be changing the map slightly, adding some neutrals around the map, changing terrain a bit, adding/removing trees in certain areas and maybe adding something special. And I will obviously fix the Hero issue and most likely change the Furbolg race, add some more units, more buildings and custom abilities for units and Heroes.

One of my first Altered Melee maps for Warcraft 3.

NOTE: work in progress (due to not being able to use my main computer in the near future, I upload this so I can update it from my second computer and finish it completely).

First Update, september 12, 2021:
Second Update, november 4, 2021:

Humans are High Elves. High Elves:
The High Elves are a spellcasting race.
Peasant (High Elven)
High Elven Swordsman
High Elven Archer
Dragon Hawk
Ranger ---> new ability: Cold Arrow Barrage
Archmage ---> new ability: Arcane Embrace
Elven Swordmaster ---> NEW hero: abilities ---> Holy Light, Howl or Righteousness, Bash and Reincarnation.
Special: Their elven farms are far more developed than the human ones, giving 15 food per high elven farm.

Undead are more balanced (for this map) undead:
Undead are not greatly changed like the other races. The Frost Wyrms are a bit weaker and they don't have access to Obsidian Statues/Destroyers and Nerubian Towers. Cannibalize does not affect Abominations and spellcasters are slightly weaker. Necromancers can't upgrade Raise dead to summon ranged skeleton.
Crypt Fiend
Necromancer (less hp, raise dead does not upgrade to ranged skeleton, slighty more attack damage and attack type changed to Piercing)
Banshee (less hp, curse debuff is now 25% instead of 33%, more attack damage and attack type changed to Piercing)
Meat Wagon (slightly less hp, attack range reduced to 1000 and cannot generate corpses with upgrade)
Frost Wyrm (less hp)
Death Knight (Arthas)
Lich (Kel'Thuzad)
Dreadlord (Dalvengyr)

Orcs are Blackrock Clan (Blackrock Raiders). Special: Pig Farm, grants 15 food but cannot put Peons inside.
Grunt (20 less hp, no berserker strength upgrade)
Troll Headhunter (280 hp)
Catapult (hp increased to 500, attack range reduced to 1000)
Raider (defense type changed to Light from Medium)
Orc Warlock (has chaos damage)
Far Seer
Blademaster ---> Mirror Image costs more mana but is stronger and illusions deal minor damage.

Night Elves are Furbolgs
Furbolg: expensive but durable units, downside is that they do not have upgrades for late game. Special: they need not upgrade their Stronghold. More expensive units with high food cost.
Furbolg Worker
Furbolg Tracker
Furbolg Shaman
Furbolg Champion
Furbolg Elder Shaman
Tribal Shaman ---> Purge, Moonson, Battle Roar and Resurrection.
Furbolg King ---> Shockwave, Thunder Clap, Thorns Aura and Avatar.
Furbolg Mystic ---> Impale (special animation), Mystic Link, Summon Furbolg, Tranquility.

Alternate Brutal Winter (Map)

Now then, I have played your altered melee. I was expecting some serious work done, at least on one of the 4 races. You only edited the default ones, changed a few and added few new units or features. There's an elven swordsman as a hero with no...
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Dec 3, 2020
Okey, map is ready for review @Alexen .
And yes, before anyone asks:
Races in this specific map are supposed to not have many units and to feel incomplete, especially races and enemies seen in the campaigns like the High Elves or the Blackrock Raiders from the Blackrock Clan (orange orc in 6th undead mission).

Next races for different altered melee maps planned so far are:
-Blood Elves (with more custom models and units apart from heroes)
- Secret 4th race :grin:


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Aug 6, 2015
Now then, I have played your altered melee. I was expecting some serious work done, at least on one of the 4 races. You only edited the default ones, changed a few and added few new units or features. There's an elven swordsman as a hero with no tooltip, while there's possible to train normal elven swordsman as units from the barracks. The ranger hero is the same from the campaign. The archmage btw is a human not an elven spellcaster. The orcs are the same from the normal melee but the downside is that you literally just removed tons of their techtree's features. Replacing the Demolisher with the old Catapult and still naming it Demolisher makes no sense. 2 of the heroes were removed. The same thing goes for the Undead, some units and 1 hero removed, the rest is exactly the same. The Night elves were replaced with the Furbolg Race. You started something here but ended up the same way. I was able to summon all 3 Furbolg Heroes without upgrading the main hall or anything. There are 4 buildings for this race, no upgrades, researches or anything for them. They have many disadvantages compared to the other races. The spells and buttons are randomly placed no matter on what I click, hero, building and so on. Tooltips missing on certain hero spells as well....sorry but this isnt an altered melee. I cannot approve it. It isnt even alpha stage. Modifying and removing few things in a melee map doesnt make it altered. Please check out some altered melee games around here on Hive and try to learn from those projects.

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